Positive Life Shifts Happening - Part 3 - David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening – Part 3

Positive Life Shifts Happening – Part 3. By David Wilcock. Notes compiled by Joan Wheaton.

…size doesn’t exist and time doesn’t exist. All past present and future moments exist simultaneously in this geometric pattern (the Merkaba). That’s very trippy.

The Merkaba is one of the most basic patterns of vibration. So, if there is only one shape that the whole Universe is made from, we can make it out of vibration.

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And that means the Universe itself is made out of vibration, which means it becomes a lot more important to incorporate vibration into your spiritual practice.

Sacred drumming, sacred chanting, listening to music; music that uplifts you, this is actually crystallizing your soul.

We’ve now got scientists capturing photons on an individual level. They know exactly what those photons look like.

And as they do this, this is the form they get (shows slide of a photon appearing as a Celtic cross).

When we take this shape, which we know is what a photon looks like, and then we superimpose the Merkaba on top of it, what do you think is going to happen? They line up.

The Celtic cross is a 2D flat image of a photon. The big reveal that I had from looking at all this stuff was to fundamentally understand that this so-called ‘amplituhedron’ (a quarter of the image of a Merkaba) was misnamed.

This one thing that the whole Universe is made from IS the photon.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Merkaba - New Earth

Merkaba – New Earth

Positive Life Shifts Happening


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Positive Life Shifts Happening - Amplituhedron 3D

Amplituhedron 3D

Positive Life Shifts Happening

A photon is made from individual packets of energy and is how light travels.

Photons are individual ‘particles’, is you will, of light. They are vibrations in nature, they have the same shape as those vibrations that I was showing you, that appear in water, and there’s only ONE photon the whole Universe is made from.

The Bible was right. “In the beginning, let there be light, and there WAS light”. Kaboom, there it is! That’s a sign of a highly educated and scientific opinion that you see in the Bible, based on reality.

So, everything in the Universe, all of the atoms, all of the molecules, all of the stars, the galaxies, they’re all simply vibrations of one photon. The whole Universe is really just a single photon in a bunch of reflections.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Merkaba 3D

Merkaba 3D

Positive Life Shifts Happening

Now, this also iterates into the science of consciousness. If the only thing that exists in the Universe is that one photon, that’s all there really is, and YOU are a product of that photon.

Your body is made from this thing. The photon is conscious because you are conscious. When you actually utilize your awareness to think, that is the awareness of God/Creator. The awareness of the Creator is YOUR awareness.

The first photon fractalized into the first star, which we call the primordial Sun; that’s the original star, the first star the whole Universe budded out from.

It buds off more and more stars that become the first galaxy, it buds off other galaxies and the whole Universe essentially flowers into being. It’s kind of like the idea of the Big Bang, but not exactly.

So, again the first star buds off and fractalizes into a galaxy, the first galaxy fractalizes into a super-galaxy, and if you’ve seen all my work, you know that I show all of the stars in the Universe making one big gigantic galaxy.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Fractal Universe

Fractal Universe

Positive Life Shifts Happening

That is not normally talked about; the holographic aspect of it. If the whole Universe is really just made from this one geometric pattern, the pattern is a photon. And, what about your consciousness, what about thought itself?

This is one of the things I’m so excited about; a stunning breakthrough; it has confirmed our entire scientific model (discovering the amplituhedron). It’s SO amazing. This work only came out last year on April 21, 2018. I first saw it on the Science Alert website.

Why are all the galaxies in the Universe on a big flat disk? It’s not a big sphere, it’s a flat disk. It’s a giant galaxy that the whole Universe coalesces into.

(David reads from a slide, quoting from a researcher): “The human brain created structures in up to 11 dimensions. We found a world that we had never imagined.” Now what is actually going on here? You have a bundle of neurons on the left, and then on the right you have this strange computer-generated diagram.

What they actually found in this particular study was that our conventional idea of synapses is wrong. What is the whole idea of the synapses? How does a brainwave form?

There are two cells and they have these little branches that come together, and then chemicals have to be secreted into the gap. When that happens, electricity can pass through, and that’s what causes consciousness.

These synaptic connections are not supposed to be related to other areas of neurons; in other words, there is only an electrical connection between one synapse. It’s not like when one synapse fires there’s another one that’s maybe fifteen cells over on the right that fires simultaneously. That’s what we thought.

It’s WRONG. As it turns out, the bundled synapses fire together in bundles. And the bundles have a geometric shape!

This slide is a computer-generated diagram of the geometry that is forming in someone’s mind in real-time; spinning and twisting around, as they think. There are bundles of neurons; they are all working together (he points to the diamond/tetrahedral-like shapes in the image).

The neurons themselves don’t even seem to matter because the geometry is moving and twisting. So, you have these groups of synapses that are firing in the presence of an energetic pattern, and it’s really the energetic pattern that determines which ones fire!

Here is your bundle (they call it a reconstructed micro-circuit), and then down here (points to slide) you see what they are calling ‘clicks’; these are groups of neurons. In this case, they fire together in a pentagonal shape.

The most basic pattern that they see all throughout the brain is the Merkaba (the tetrahedron). What do they mean by “dimensions”? This is where it gets a little confusing, because they shouldn’t use that word.

What they call dimensions simply means that the number of different bundles of neurons fire off simultaneously. So, remember the original headline said the human brain can create structures in up to 11 dimensions.

What this means is, that they have found, already, geometric patterns in which 11 different bundles of neurons fire simultaneously, in the presence of this weird, weird, geometry.

Well, if they could get a little more research in, they’ll find that there are also bundles of 12; this I’m quite certain, and at that point you have the basic shape that we’ve all known and loved, if you’ve followed my work, called the icosahedron.

So, trip out on that for a while; the idea that, as I talk to you, these geometric patterns are forming in your brain, and they are rotating; they’re twisting around.

Look at the complexity of a real-time map (shows a slide) of someone’s mind as they are thinking, and the way the geometry twists and turns around inside their brain as they are having thought.

It’s amazing! Because guess what? Your mind works fine, you don’t have to worry about whether this is going to work, it just works. Like, we didn’t know about gravity, right, but it was working just fine before the apple fell on Newton’s head! (laughter).

This is a quote from the paper: “There are tens of billions of these geometric patterns standing around even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. Remember what the geometry actually is; how we defined it in the beginning? it’s a vibration.

What do you think is going to happen if you’re meditating, with all this geometry banging around, tens of millions of them inside your brain? You think it’s possible it’s going to get more structured, more regular, more crystallized?

The Law of One was right! You can crystallize the way your mind is working, you can have larger geometric patterns iterating in your brain, fractalizing and staying consistent. What they say in the Law of One is that as you do this, you are harmonizing with the mind of God.

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Positive Life Shifts Happening

If you could meditate so well that all the geometry inside your head stayed one-pointed; the one-pointedness of mind, you could construct a perfect Merkaba inside your brain.

This is why they advise, in all the sacred mystery schools, to visualize sacred geometry, because if you think about it, it actually helps it form.

The more that you are transforming the vibrations in your mind and in your soul into a Merkaba, the closer you are to pure love, because the vibration of that geometry IS the vibration of love.

The Universe was made from love and light, so that shape represents pure love. It’s gotten way distorted, but that was the original intention. S

o, that’s a trippy thought, too, because what happens with the Tibetans?

If they spend 13 years having nothing but loving thoughts, if they can hold that Merkaba shape in their brain long enough, they not only get to ascend, they’re not just going to 4D; they go straight back to the Oneness.

Now you can start to understand that this is the scientific validation that we never had. Of course, the ET’s knew this all along.

We only can just now scientifically validate why meditation is important and how meditation is fundamentally transforming the energy in your body into the pure energy that the cosmos itself is made from. That’s a very exciting thing!

We know that the geometry affects matter, and this is where Robert Moon comes in. He was one of the guys who was a founding father of the nuclear bomb.

So, if anybody had studied matter enough to know how to make a nuclear explosion, you better believe he’s qualified to solve the mystery of what IS matter. What does it look like?

What he discovered was that this is what is going on inside every atomic nucleus (he shows a graphic). This is so amazing, and I’ve talked about it at great length.

If you look at the cube (at the center of the atom in the graphic) what are we looking at? Each of these corners of the cube, in his model, represent a proton.

In Robert Moon’s model you don’t need neutrons. The neutrons are only there to hold everything together, to keep balance, and they are not necessary. Just get rid of the neutrons. It’s simply a mathematical thing they added in because otherwise it would fall apart.

They didn’t understand vibration, they didn’t understand this hidden structure of the cube that holds the sides together, so each of these lines (the octahedron surrounding the cube in the image) basically represents a neutron, if you will. You don’t really need to worry about the lines; all you need to do is to look at the vibration.

There are lots of different atoms in the periodic table. What you do is you count the number of protons.

So, hydrogen has one proton, then you have 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 protons (these are very unstable, they will immediately have a chemical reaction, they will turn into something else; they will bond with another atom.)

But then, you get up to eight protons and all of a sudden it becomes totally stable. You can throw it into other things and it never has a reaction. It stays intact. That’s because the cube has this vibrational unity.

As we go out through this hierarchy, as we start adding more energy to the atom, the next shape that you get is the octahedron, and that becomes silicon. Silicon has a certain number of protons, which I believe is 14, and then you’ve got another stable shell.

When you look at silicon, you can look inside the nucleus of the atom and see an octahedron and a cube inside (he changes the slide to show a better image; it’s a diagram of the ‘geometric atom’). (It looks like an origami rose with a cube inside; my comment).

That becomes iron, and iron is the only magnetic metal. What we’re now learning is that the nuclei inside the iron core, the core of every nucleus, because it gets this beautiful soccer ball type of shape, it can slip around, and that’s why you can magnetize iron.

You stroke the magnet across an iron nail and it will start to become magnetic, because you’re taking all these little guys (points to parts of the shape in the image) and making them roll around in the nail; you get them all aligned in one direction, and now it becomes magnetic.

Last but not least, we have the dodecahedron on the outside of the atom (in the diagram) and that’s how you get palladium. Palladium is very strange because if you drop it in heavy hydrogen it vibrates very fast and creates heat, which they call cold fusion.

Nobody knows why cold fusion works, but the answer lies in solving the mystery of the atom.

I knew that we were onto something with the electrons, because, even in the conventional diagram of how they think electrons work (this is all mathematical abstraction based on theoretical models) you can kind of see some geometry there (points to slide).

Positive Life Shifts Happening - Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Positive Life Shifts Happening

There was a guy online, Dr. John Baez, that discovered that there is this shape in the electron-clouds that nobody had seen before. All you have to do is make one basic assumption.

He says, “In quantum mechanics, the position of a particle is not a definite thing (we call it a wave function). That says how probable it is to find a particle in one location. But it also contains other information, like how probable it is to find a particle moving at any speed or velocity. The particle has no fixed location. Take the hydrogen atom and look at the wave function of the electron.

Question #1: “Can we make the electrons wave function have all the rotational symmetry of a dodecahedron? (the wonderful platonic solid that looks like a soccer ball with 12 pentagons on the spaces). Can we actually do that? Can we make a wave function where the electron would have a dodecahedron symmetry?

He says, “Yes, in fact it’s too easy. You can set up your wave function to look like anything you want. Let’s make the equation harder. Like everything else in quantum mechanics, we don’t know the speed, it can be uncertain (angular momentum means speed).

You can never make all three components of speed and angular momentum have a definite value at the same time. However, there are lots of wave functions where the strength of the electrons speed, the magnitude, is completely well defined.

This naturally leads to the next question, first posed by Gerald Westinthorpe. The question is, “Can you take the wave function of the electron, give it a definite size for its speed, while having all the rotational symmetry of a dodecahedron?” The answer is yes.

So, bear in mind, these guys are fundamentally overturning all the assumptions of that stupid “Bohr” model (where the atom looks like a little atomic solar system). Can we make it look like a dodecahedron? Yes, by fixing the magnitudes of the speed; setting the wave function up that way.

Question #2 is a real solution that’s too silly to even seek to bother with. It’s a spherically symmetrical wave function, and if you set it up that way, it doesn’t change under all types of rotation (because these other scientists in the past thought that electrons were particles that they had to move around in an orbit, thinking it’s going to be like the solar system, they imposed that assumption upon the math.)

They said, “We’re looking at electrons; they have their own orbit in their own little orbital cell. We are only going to make wave functions that force it to look like that. We are trying to ‘force’ the atom; we’re not listening to nature, we’re not listening to what it really does, we are trying to force it to do what WE want using math.”

Let’s just get rid of the idea that the electron has to have an orbit; let’s just say all of these so-called electrons are perfect spheres. Let’s define that mathematically. Let’s just say we don’t know if they’re really electrons or not, let’s just make it spherically symmetrical. Why did nobody do this in the first place? It should be that way; it’s obvious.

When we do this, we have to figure out the simplest non-trivial solution. Greg Egan figured it out and here’s what it looks like. All you have to do is make the math around the nucleus, where the electrons are, into a sphere. It’s so simple. The electrons in the atom look like a dodecahedron (he shows this in a slide).

Up until now, we’ve all been brainwashed. We thought the atom looked like a little solar system. It’s wrong. This is the solution that fits with our model. Remember that this geometry originates as a vibration.

So now we not only have the nucleus of the atom looking like a vibration, we have the electrons looking like a vibration. We can get the solution by using the six lines connecting the opposite bases of the dodecahedron, creating the image of a wave function oscillating between two possibilities.

If you’ve ever had a (high) fever; if you’ve ever ingested psychedelic drugs, you’ve probably seen something like this (he points to the image).

Little did you know that you were seeing the intrinsic structure of the Universe. It’s so amazing, because this is what’s really going on, this is what atoms look like.

If people want to be able to manipulate matter, like Jesus, how are they going to do that? Just like it says in The Matrix, there is no ‘green spoon’, there is only yourself.

You become the spoon and the spoon bends to your will. If you see geometry, if you feel the geometry and you’ve gotten good at visualizing it, you can control matter. It’s very, very exciting!


Positive Life Shifts Happening – Part 3

…stay tuned for Part Four

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

Positive Life Shifts Happening

David Wilcock

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