Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

Platinum Fleet

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs – Platinum Fleet. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here!

We return, Allies Comrades, with an information pack on the movements of this realm in which, every day, an irrefutable transformation can be observed.

Transformation in all areas, from politics to religion, from science to faith.

Here are the times predicted by your enlightened prophets, Comrades! Hallelujah! Nothing can stop this change of ages!

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Although recently the bumbling sappers attempted again to unleash a nuclear movement, they inevitably fell into the trap of their own arrogance, when the critical mass of awakes chanted the “mantra” with their one voice: “it is false“, thoroughly disempowering wars.

Several reasons lead the bumbling crooks to use Syria as an attacking point. One of them was that there are interdimensional portals that the cheaters are trying to use to escape the Planet, and recently our ground allies have taken over these portals, completely shutting them down and prevented the use by the cheaters, which led them to complete revolt.

Syria Pentagram

Syria Pentagram

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

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The bumblers thought: “Let’s go with it, we break in, we take the portals back and, by breaking in, we’ll start a world war. We let them kill each other and flee away from the carnage.” Oh … No, no way “smart guys!” Not anymore! 😀

It is increasingly proving that the old tactics of the bumbling sappers no longer work, since most of their world leaders, though using their own agendas and sometimes refusing to cooperate with us, know that the Peace is Peace, not war.

To create false motives for invading a country and provoking its allied supporters it does not warrant a war as before, as it is increasingly obvious that the more a country or person is persecuted for their media communication it become obvious that “that tree is getting stones so that its sweet fruits will fall“.

Syria Halafian Pottery

Syria Halafian Pottery

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

The only purpose of the bumbling controllers is to make the population blindly believe that it needs to be defended from the “bad wolves.” Comrades, do not fall in the trap and use discernment! You must already be masters in this!

Comrades, as things become clearer, you begin to realize that, over the ages, you were led to believe that you were safe in the hands of some of your leaders, when in fact they used you as an escape routes to other stellar systems, using you and your vibrations of fear and insecurity to open their portals out of this realm.

This is one of the reasons for so much pain and war in the Middle East! The more pain, the more energy to open their backup portals, and in this area you will also find one of the most powerful positive portals on your Planet!

They try to always do the greatest work in the shortest time, opening their portals, closing ours and breaking it, starting a war!

Oh… It was the time when this was fully sustained and supported by your vibrations, Comrades allies, but now, finally, you are really opening your eyes!

A summary of this point: their portals are in our hands, our portals are very active and a nuclear war completely annulled, in every way and, we repeat and we will not be tired of repeating it: IT IS USELESS TO TRY SOMETHING OF THIS TYPE, WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT, PERIOD.

As the roulette continues to spin, more bumbling members continue to “fall” and leave the Planet to follow their destinies where our fleets are waiting for LONG CONVERSATIONS… It is certain that the withdrawal protocols of MiD from your Planet continue to be followed and, as the “Bell rings”, more than one leaves the stage of this kingdom.

Recently, you have seen and will continue to see the departure of bumbling saplings, as their attempts of body cloning will in no way be allowed. You will see, in the not too distant future, many of our allies who were recently killed by MiD, to return and continue to give their plots of help for the redemption of this Kingdom!

Hallelujah Hallelujah! Older protocols are being replaced with new ones! The ancients superficially allowed the blunders to return in cloned bodies and continue their tricky plots.

Our arrival and the implantation of the higher protocol of the heavens ruled by our Elder Masters and their SELVES ensure that cloned bodies are only used by souls of high frequencies, as the time for cheating has come to an end in this kingdom and playing the “change of body” is no longer so much fun for the bumbling sappers.

Cloned bodies used by souls not committed to the redemption of this kingdom will cause this body to “die” in forty-five days. A high vibration is now required to sustain life in that body. So, do not even try and prepare a new body to give to Mr. George H. W. Bush. This is the last body he will use in this realm.

Bush Senior

Bush Senior

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

Comrade Allied, we have recently seen turmoil in your country, Brazil, in which we have the immense honor of working directly through our boy channeler (Gabriel RL).

We have seen your politic in major readjustments and leading many of you to internal chaos. Oh, fellow comrades, how often do we have to say that the hatred and fury that you generate against any being that is in the creation will only come back to you in the form of waves and more waves that will hinder your progress as a whole?

Oh! We can see some twisting their noses at our truth, but certainly they know, intimately, that THE WAY TO PEACE IS PEACE and the way to NOT CORRUPTION is NOT TO BE CORRUPT.

Corruptibility begins when you violate your own peace of mind in angry observation of the external movements about deep karmic adjustments. These often have no connection with your soul plan, but, engaged in collective thought-form, corrupt yourselves and deviate you from your higher soul plans.

Another point is that if you do not want corruption to stay, be honest in all your steps, starting by not crossing a red light and not being outraged when you take a speeding ticket. Oh, we know some will want to throw rocks at our ships for our express truth! 😀

If so, you will only be showing your corruptibility, because if you can not hear/see another truth without losing your peace of mind, you are also unable to judge anyone else, be it an influential politician or the neighbor who dropped the trash at your door.

Comrades, you will NOT be harmed when you are incorruptible, in every way. It is a law, Comrades, “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar…” – said the Master of Love.

One last point here, Allies comrades: your country is one of the great illuminated portals for fraternity. So your high vibration will sustain it!

What Is Happening In Brazil?

What Is Happening In Brazil?

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

The rhythm, dear allies, will continue to accelerate and, inevitably, all of you will also be immersed in these agitations, both internal and external! The question here is how long you can stay in the eye of the hurricane without losing your peace of mind, because at this time, the way you behave and deal with situations will be of great importance and have great visibility!

If you want to help in this project, Comrades, work your own instincts and old ways, as they will have no place in the new kingdom that is being born!

The era of “cut their heads” (“The Queen orders typically Cut her head! But Alice is not scared…“) is gone, and the new kingdom will be based on mercy and loving discipline!

We are sure of the truths of our Old Masters that guarantee the legitimacy of our words and, of course, their hearts also attest, although some get angry because of their own personal movements. We know that, deep down, you know the seriousness and truth of these messages.

Peace will continue to expand, dear ones, as we have said, and we are happy when you have proof of it with your own eyes, after we have predicted so many times!

The Girl And The Dragon Boy

Noise Only Noise The Girl and the Dragon Boy – Read More

Portals in Syria Brazil and Departure of MiDs

Dragon Boy, boy… he’s growing, huh? We keep our eyes on you, Son of the Stars! Keep closing old cycles and opening new ones, otherwise, as we have already said, we will intervene.

That’s enough for now! There will be more information coming. Be ready! We will inform you more and more, as our Elderly Masters will authorize us! We continue with our important reports about certain moves!

Comrades, know: when the Heavens entrust you with a protocol, they seriously trust your inviolability to do it! With each inviolable fulfillment, you acquire special certifications to go further, beyond and beyond! You are assuring the change of ages in this realm, and nothing else can make you change that focus!

Know, comrades! You are watched without interruption! Call us any time, without ceremony! Oh gosh! We are working with you, we are allies, know this!

Each day, a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We say this, always based on the Certainty of the Heavens! We see the broad picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty!

A new world is being born, and even if all the curtains have not yet been fully erected, when they will be, it will be spectacularly fantastic! Believe in us, dear Comrades! We’re seeing everything from inside the curtains! We know what wonderful is coming up!

Hosanna! Hosanna! The heavens are truly in celebration! We know that our truths resonate with your truths because, deep down, it is ONE. That’s why we’re together! That’s why we’re in sync! That’s why there are sync information!

Hallelujah, little girl of the synchronicities and all of you who guarantee that they will happen with the force of your wills! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Hello, hello, Budapest! We’ll give a “hello” Someone out there? It would be a pleasure to stop in the air for a Selfie! 😀 We want our Youtube videos! We love to see each other there! 😀

The borders are being cut! Unification is coming! Love will prevail! The heavens have decreed it, and so it shall be! This is not a simple will of ours. This is a DECREE! Know that, Comrades!

Oh, dear ones! Know that the countless Fountains and the Endless Prosperity of the Heavens, in fact, are yours!

We will return when appropriate! It’s good to talk to you again! It always is!

See you around!

Gabriel: Grateful, beloved Comrades of Light!

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There will be a shifting of the poles. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make fotr the eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas... The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the blink of an eye. The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.

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