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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day

Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Both ancient and modern spiritually -oriented persons have advised humanity about various planetary changes that would occur according to how humans govern themselves in thought, word, feelings, and deeds.

The following are just a mere few of the wisdom messages received by those who tuned-in to their HIGHER SELVES:

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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day #1

From Sun Bear, author of Black Dawn/Bright Day (1992):

Before any major change has occurred on this planet, there have been warnings. Be aware; there is always a warning. Over a period of time, I have had many, many dreams that showed the coming of the Earth changes. I saw a time when cities wouldn’t exist in their current state. During the changes, the most dangerous places will be near cities with nuclear and chemical plants. I’ve seen garbage piled high on streets. I saw the electric service out-of-order because of storms and earthquakes. I saw broken water mains and no more gasoline because of a major breakdown of the system. I also foresaw race riots in the big cities and gangs engaged in uncontrolled fighting. When there is no money to pay their salaries, the police will not be there to protect the people in the city. Police were using their guns to get whatever they want. I see the cities being hit by major epidemics caused by bad water, toxic chemicals, or other things. I’ve also seen wheat crops that had rusted.

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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day #2

From the “Book of Edras” in the Apochrypha:

Lo, the days are coming when those that inhabit the Earth shall be seized with great terror, and the way of truth shall be hidden, and the land shall be barren of faith. Unrighteousness shall be increased beyond what you yourself see and beyond what you heard of formerly. The Sun shall suddenly begin to shine at night and the Moon during the day. Blood shall drip from wood, and the stone shall utter its voice. People shall be troubled and the stars shall fall. The birds shall fly away together. The Dead Sea shall cast up fish. There shall be chaos in many places. Fire shall often break out. Wild animals shall roam beyond their haunts. Menstruating women shall bring forth monsters. Salt waters shall be found in the sweet. Reason shall hide itself, and wisdom shall withdraw itself into its chamber, and it shall be sought by many but shall not be found. Unrighteousness and unrestraint shall increase on Earth. People shall hope but not obtain. They shall labor but their ways shall not prosper. These are the signs that I am permitted to tell you.”

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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day #3

From the “Book of Mattai” (called “Matthew” in English) spoken by Yeshua Ha Messiah (also called “Jesus Christ”):

At the end of the age, take care that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name saying ‘I am the Christ’, and they will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this is something that must happen, but the end will not be yet. For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. There will be severe winters. People will betray one another and hate one another. There will be an increase in lawlessness, and love in most people will grow cold; but anyone who stands firm to the end will be saved.

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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day #4

From the “Axioms of Tehuti” in the Emerald Tablet:

When mankind shall again conquer the ocean and fly in the air on wings like the birds, when mankind has learned to harness the lightening, then shall the time of warfare begin. Great shall be the battle twixt the forces and great the warfare of darkness and LIGHT. Nation shall rise against nation using the dark forces to shatter the Earth. Weapons of force shall wipe out Earth’s inhabitants until half the races of people shall be gone. Then shall come forth the Sons and Daughters of the Morning and give their edict to the children of mankind saying: “Oh, People, cease from striving against thy brother. Only thus can ye come to the LIGHT. Cease from thy unbelief, Oh, my people, and follow the path, and know ye are right.

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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day #5

From the Holy Qu’ran:

In the last days, friends will be foes. Dealers in falsehood shall perish. Stars will become dim. Mountains shall vanish. Changes will be in Nature; oceans scattered; graves turned upside-down. Earth will be pounded to powder. Time will seem short. False worship will be exposed. Men will be in drunken riots. The guilty will be in despair. Angels will be sent. The righteous will have joy.

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Ponder And Pray As You Go About Your Day #6

From the Bhagavad Gita:

In the annihilation of families, the traditions of people are destroyed. Impiety overwhelms the entire human race. It sinks into a state of misery and unhappiness. Problems arise from weakness of Mind. People who allow their minds to dwell closely on objects of the senses become so wrapped-up in the objects that an attachment to them occurs which is binding. From this attachment comes desire for them which creates folly and recklessness. Everyone must have a personal relationship with the DIVINE.

As can be realized, the above wisdom teachings and warnings are occurring in the “Now”—the current space/time continuum.

For those who may say that the above situations happened long ago, remember, the current “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”)—and there have been many such ages over billions of years— began in approximately 4300 B.C.E.

This solar system is still in this current framework, and in fact, is in the “Twilight of Kali Yuga” when conditions are at their most critical.

Yet, it is also a time line when collective consciousness can elevate to great heights that can cancel global destruction.

Everyone must increase their “Shradda” (“Faith”) in the DIVINE SOURCE, be grateful for the ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) and the “Avatars” (“Those Who Descend”—aspects of SOURCE known from other traditions as “Angels” who are known from the Sanskrit language as “Devas” and “Devis” or “Lighted Beings” and from Medu Neter as “Neteru” or “Divine Forces of Nature).

All beings in this solar system are being given the blessing of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE in order to truly be of the LIGHT.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 14 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

This weekend further heights in wind speeds and flares are expected. In fact, all of 2023 will be filled with both elevated cosmic events as well as continual “3d” serious situations as Pluto reaches its 29th degree in Tropical Capricorn, moves briefly into Tropical Aquarius March 23rd (or 24th according to time zones), but then retrogrades back over the first degrees of Aquarius and further back over the final degrees of Tropical Capricorn and finally stations permanently in Tropical Aquarius in January of 2024 where it will visit until 2044!

Cosmic Frequency News 13 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 13 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

The comet labeled “ZTF” just discovered in March of 2022 has been heading towards our Sun for 50,000 years and made a close approach on yesterday, GLOBAL PRAYER DAY, January 12th, 2023, and it will make its closest approach by February 1st of 2023.

Cosmic Frequency News 9 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 9 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Our Sun has been blasting with “M-Class” solar flares for the past three days. Thus far, there have been about five of them. This morning, Monday, 1/9/2023, at 4:01 AM (EST), there was yet another one—“M.2-Class”.

Cosmic Frequency News 8 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 8 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Sunspots labeled “AR 3181”, “AR 3182”, and “AR 3183” have magnetic fields for strong “M-Class” solar flares and the most powerful “X-Class” solar flares according to the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)”, and they are directly facing Earth/Gaia.

Cosmic Frequency News 6 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 6 January 2023 – Dr Schavi

Just before midnight on Thursday, January 5th, 2023, at “0057” Universal Time (UT) which was “6:57 PM” Eastern Standard Time (EST), an “X1.2” solar flare burst forth from our Sun sending out with it a massive coronal mass ejection (CME) of plasma which powerfully soared into the magnetosphere.

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