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Release And Breathe The New

Pleiadians – Release And Breathe The New


Pleiadians – Release And Breathe The New. By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians report that the energies of Eclipse of 21/08 are still in full swing.

Special energetic waves are provoking intense emotional cleansing in many ways. You can be brought into situations where your major weaknesses are challenged in order to face your fears and insecurities.

It is an opportune time to go into deep meditation and ask that whatever is stored in you that needs to be released come out immediately to be purified.

Do not be alarmed if, “magically“, you began to be provoked just “in your wound“.

There’s an interesting point. Your Higher Self may have made the choice to nudge the “swarm of bees” stored inside you so that everything is released in order for you to be clean to receive the new energy.

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The Pleiadians say to trust your Higher Self and meditate in order to facilitate the process of liberation.

The Eclipse’s still-present Energies will be helping considerably in this.

Love and Blessings, Gabriel RL

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