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Pleiades 1 Messages February

Pleiades 1 Messages February

Pleiades 1 Messaggi February

Pleiades 1 Messaggi February 2017. The February archive page fro the daily messages of Pleiades

Disclosure News


Pleiades 1 Messages February 28th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

IUD-IL under Master Elder Projection (CADI-IL) in smoothed update. Phase 2/16 anchorage: 91% (non-regressive). In performance: Sector 20/1 – Cauterization 98% (non-regressive) – (!!) – (!!)

Kanuuu in a new approach to Zero i (0i).

Aquarius anchoring new look.

Magnetic Junction severely violated! Warning for new reset! New Zero i (0i) request still under review …

Shenion*, The Analyst, on a visit to Sector S3T*. In dismemberment 70% (non-regressive). Anti-love present in the violation attempt …

Impending 6th layer collapse! Virus Sinus* working! 35% (non-regressive). Next >>>> Opening of the 5th.

Pleiades 3 reverberant.

Attention Guarannys on the Terran plan, immediate reverberation after sending data!

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In support of Crystal projections)

* Item in Glossary


Pleiades 1 Messages February 27th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Quadreta Spectrum Breached with Success!


Feminine Love is Happy!

Quantunus retuned in area  Lat: 4° 16’3.73″ S Lon: 15° 17’30.99″ E (Brazzavile).

Remagnetization in Progress.

Spheres are sighted as a VICTORY sign!

Sums guarantees the necessary framework! MiD* does not support tampering!

Attention Terranos for sightings of SIGNS.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In Light Celebration)

* Item in Glossary

Quantuns Congo Brazzaville

Quantuns Congo Brazzaville


Pleiades 1 Messages February 26th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Arcturian quantum discs sighted!

Sentinels* deliver packages to Pleiades 1

MiD* aquatic bases in desolation.

The layers dissolve as the true life manifests itself.

Guarannys happy with data reception!

Attention All Magnetic Fairies, projections sent to Terran Physical Plane, and received! Attention to Universal Call!

0i (Zero i) in joint field. Crystal Planting: SUCCESS! Magnetic of Zero i (0i) disintegrating old field … MIRROR FIELD !: Final reflection d

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In support of Crystal projections)

* Item in Glossary


Pleiades 1 Messages February 25th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Priestesses anchor and reverberate the Grater Purpose: reverberating primary status.

New Terran phase is seen with emotion by exteriors.

Attention Crystal, The Magnetic Fairy, attention to data reception!

Zero i (0i) attention  for data reception.

Cetaceans in the uploading process – 75% (non-regressive). Terranos prepare to receive.

Attention! Local Allies receiving credentials. Reverberation for Systemic Allies. Download started – STAGE 1 >>> 75% (non-regressive).

MiD* advertisements have no more effect.

Alfeus remagnetizes T.Set 1.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In support of Crystal projections)


Pleiades 1 Messages February 24th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Attention Crystal, The Magnetic Fairy, projections sent to the Terran Physical Plane!

Yaldabaoth in UNIVERSAL DISSOLUTION. Wait for % … The Light Celebrates!

The Guide (Atruz-zzz) in a new logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 60% (regressive).

Reverberation package “The Reprogrammer” in progress >>>> 45% (non-regressive). STAGE 1.

Pleiades 1 expressed a new individualization (Guarannys).

Infrassom C3 2/7 in deactivation on T Zone*: 75% (non-regressive). Next >>> 3/7.

Anti-love mirrored. (Reflection in 63% – Non-regressive).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Adhamantinos on reception!)

* T Zone: Israel Etheric Plane


Pleiades 1 Messages February 23rd 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Solar Projection in Kundalini Function. 100% of 72h. (Awakening of Souls) SUCCESS! Wait for next move!

Magnetic junction severely violated! Caution for new reset! New request to Zero i (0i) under review…

Lemurian Rose installed at Lat: 15° 59′ 13.47″ S  Lon: 47° 8’32.61″ W *

Adhamantinos mounting base on Terran System Lat: 4° 16’3.73″ S Lon: 15° 17′ 30.99″ W * – Next >>> 7 REVERBERATING POINTS.

Guarannys sending data to the surface. Zero i (0i) in reception.

Field Flowers descend from Heaven … Attention receiving data.

IUD-IL under Master Elder Projection (CADI-IL) in smoothed update. Phase 2/16 anchorage: 89% (non-regressive). In action: Sector 20/1 – Cauterization 96% (non-regressive) – (!!) – (!!)

Magical fairies ask for space …

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Adhamantinos on reception!)

Base Adamantini Oceano Atlantico Ascension Piano Eterico

Adhamantinos’ Base Atlantic Ocean Ascension – Etheric Plane

Base Rosa Lemuriana Brasile Piano Eterico

Lemurian Rose’s Base Brasil – Etheric Plane


Pleiades 1 Messages February 22nd 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

The Guardian of Time* in a new logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 28% (regressive).

Solar Projection in Kundalini Function. 80% 72h. (Awakening of Souls).

Avalon and Nebadon in 5% (regressive) – Reverberation felt – Final Approach to Triangulation – Waiting for “time”.

Jerusalem 6% (regressive) – Reverberation felt – Final Approach to Triangulation – Waiting for “time”.

.Crossfire is no longer seen!

The Guide (Atruz-zzz) in a new logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 65% (regressive).

Boreals are no longer boreal.

Adhamantinos establishing the base on Earth System! Next >>>> Geographic Location.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Adhamantinos on reception!)


Pleiades 1 Messages February 21st 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Pleiades 1 in Data Delivery.

Solaris & Solaris continue docking at Sol Maior.

Solar Projection in Kundalini Function. 40% 72h. (Awakening of Souls).

Higher Priestesses anchor and Reverberate  Purpose: Recognize Primary Status.

Celestial Spices offered to anti-love. (Acceptance level: 55%). The offer is still on the table.

Sector 4/9 of Base 23T in deprivation: 69% (non-regressive). Zetas invited to withdraw. The Light Celebrates! Next >>>> 5/9.

The Guide (Atruz-zzz) in a new Logistics Analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 70% (regressive).

Regressions started successfully. 4/4 Immersed. SUCCESS!

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Adhamantinos on reception!)


Pleiades 1 Messages February 20th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Magnetic junction severely violated! Attention to the reset! Request to Zero i (0i). Verdict: Denied! (Fruitless).

Impending 6th layer collapse! “Synthetic virus” working! 29% (non-regressive). Next >>>> Opening of the 5th.

Refining – Barrier – Neutron Initiative – (Non regressive 55%).

Fairy tales are real. Terranos recognize and recognize.

Pleiades-1 in Data Analysis. Next >>>> Delivery.

Kakunuia-ta: TRIUNFAL ARRIVAL! The Light Celebrates! >>> Contacts with Locals Started.

Yuthi in a new approach to Zero i (0i). Waiting for movement to contact …

Solar Projection in Kundalini function. In the next 72 hours. (Awakening of Souls).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Adhamantina on reception!)

Logo Sementes Das Estrelas Gabriel

Pleiades 1  Messages – FAQ

What kind of infromations is Pleiades 1 providing?

Pleiades 1 deliver accurate informatins about the events occurring on Earth surface but Etheric and Higher planes as well.

To whom are Pleiades 1 messages addressed?

The informations, most of them coded, are relesed with the intent of awakening the Earth surface populatuion and as messages to the Etheric Planes.

They are more understandable for developed Higher Self being. However, anyone should resonate with what it is said.

Does a peculiar Group of people who can clearly undertand Pleiades 1 informations exists?

No. The coded messages ca be understood more or less depending from the level fo consciousness of the reader.

These are not to be intended as special people’s messages but, instead, as a stimoulus to rise the own cosnciousness level of everyone.

How to understand the codes that are mentioned?

The encoding can be understood more or less depending on the development of the awareness of the person that reads it.

These are not intended as messages for some particular beings but as a stimulus to raise the level of consciousness and

What is the logical mental process to understand Pleiades 1 messages?

There are no particular mental processes, rather, there is the need to drop the logic thinking.

Avoid to stress yourself looking for a meaning if you cannot find one.

With an open mind, with help of the Glossary (under construction), and a constant reading of these messages, you will gradually start to understand most of the meanings.

What is the Glossary?

The Glossary is a collection of meanings of the known terma included in the messages.

We will do our best to let this Glossary grow and the ones available will be highlighted with a link.

We need some more time to develop a proper glossary, keep checking it.

Does any awakened understand Pleiades 1 messages?

Yes. Any awakened being can understand the meaning of most of the messages.

We would like to sterss one more time the concept of using your hearth while reading it.

You need to absorb, decode and retransmit these informations for the goodwill of the Ligth.



ARMY X Planet X base of the Resistance

A-D-M-P-V-S-E INTEGRTED Secret code that cannot be disclosed.


ANTI-LOVE Someone that does not serve the Light. This term is associated with purely negative entities that work more in the Pstral Plane. They could be called Draconians, Reptilians, Archons …

AVALON Great Mother ship under the command of Valiant Thor. Val Thor, coming from Venus, was several times on Earth and also met with President Eisenhower.

ALFEUS An angelic being, Ray of Archangel Mikhael and Archangel Gabriel. It is the perfect interaction between these two energies. He is a both a warrior and an announcer. He has beautiful white wings with light blue tones.
He is an announcing being, belonging to the great legion of Mikhael and Gabriel working simultaneously with both of them. In his galactic outfit, he is a member of the Ashtar Command team, also with the task of announcing the new guidelines. He receives the instructions lovingly and passes them on. he is also a interdimensional portals guardian.

ATTRACTOR POINT It’s a kind of quantum device, an attractor of negative forces. In a vision was like a small black hole in the center of the Solar System, and the tiny dense particles being sucked in. It is as if this attractor were a sink, cleansing the Solar System of impurities (negative forces). A large magnetic cleaner that attracts everything that is not vibrating at a certain frequency.




CELESTIAL SPICES  Divine opportunity to surrender to the Light

CRYSTAL Magnetic Fairy of the Thousand and One Faces. It is a beautiful being of a Magnetic Kingdom of Fairies, quite different from the usual ones.We can imagine her as a Fairy Warrior. She is very close to the Archangel Gabriel and Michael. Her Kingdom is not known on Earth.She had experience in many other known to us. She was in the Pleiades as a Pleiadian and in Sirius as crew member of the Magnetization Crystalline. She was also in Rigel trying to solve a very complicated issue.
They are always in a group of seven and are affectionately called The Seven Srystals.
Their main function is to give loving magnetism in the hardest hearts. The interesting thing about these fairies is that they do not have wands. Their crystalline gaze have the same function. They also wear a crystalline veil over their heads, that protects them when they come down to the densest areas of each region. These veils give them also  the ability to quickly change their appearance. When they fully remove the veil theu immediately disappear, reappearing wherever they decide to.


FLASH FROM CENTRAL SUN Ray of Light that will leave the CENTRAL GALACTIC SUN and reach the heart of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, thus promoting a wake to the true US ONE. It’s an event announced ages ago. Christ and so many other Masters announced it.


GUARDIAN OF TIME The Guardian of Time has the function of unifying the ages, the generations, to help enlighten the timelines. The Timekeeper is the one who holds the magic of time, who can visualize and extract any energy from the Passed Time and bring it to the Present to enlight what is needed to be enlightd. hi is not Soperior nor Inferior,  he is only one of the representatives of the magic of the unification of the temporal lines. He can, if he wants and is harmonized, access the Akashic Recordings and illuminates it using the old energies.

GUARDIAN OF REGISTRIES – LOCAL UNIVERSAL AKASHIC RECORDS KEEPER He is a Magnetic Being and. Initially his mission on the physical plane, would not be to access and keep the  Akashic Records of this Local Universe. This access was given to him due to his commitment in the Physical Plan where he has the task, as well, of Gathering Starseeds. This being has the support of the Ancients of Time and Akashic Records, as well as the Cetaceans. In tune with these forces, he can bring any Akashic Record of this Local Universe (and also of other Universes) only by projecting his consciousness into the specific frame, as long as it has a higher purpose. He has a deep connection with the Guardian of Time, and they work together from the very outset. Hiss purpose is to harmonize and illuminate the past time lines needed, as well as integrate the future lines into the present timeline.  This being is already known by many and, despite having several names, the Pleiades 1 calls it ZERO I.


HARBOR RANGER (Captain Dhodi) An organize and member of the Precise Calculation Star Group. He is an interpreter of codes and calculations in the Galactic Language. He can be also called “Eye of Horus.” He is directly connected with this being and if you close your eyes, you can visulizzare him, you can also look through his eyes and know what happens at thousands of miles away. He is a Ranger and Observer by nature.
He is a Solar Being, of the Order of Horus. He operates in various expressions, some of which Pleiadian, Siver Fleet or Ashtar Command and has a deep energetic connectionwith those who are called Guardians or Blue Birda (Blue Avians).

INFRASOUND C3 One of the mental control systems of the surface population. Weapon used by “air” and MiD, always for purposes of mind control. This weapon i used to keep the People on Earth under control and acting according to their wills. It tries to suppress free will by inducing people to think that they take all their decisions based on their own wills, but in many cases they are influenced by subliminal infrasound and ultrasonic waves. To reduce the effects try to lower your vibration frequency, in particular the emotional vibrations. It tries to suppress the people’s will of fighting against the control of the darkness.
The expression 1/7 means that there are, at least in Zone T, seven (7) systems operating in that region and, in a NOTE from Pleiades 1, they mention “Infrassom C3 1/7 successfully deactivated over Zone T” – meaning that the “part one” of this system was deactivated/dismantled by the Light Forces.
There are ways to avoid the onslaughts of these negative technologies by also using other technology and precisely the Pleiadians’ Tachionic Technology.

INITIATORY NEUTRON Not to be confused with the Neutron’s Physics, nor with the veil mentioned by COBRA, the negative plasma layer. In the initiatory language, Neutron is the name of the force – an energy that divides the Vibrational Plans – separating them as if they were the walls that separate the dependences of a house. The Initiatic neutron is active until the consciousness is high enough to cohabit with the parallel realities / other vibrational planes. Such a barrier is maintained until the being reaches a certain level of consciousness and be able to interact with the other realities without “bursting.”




JERUSALEM Third Mother Ship for triangulation.


LOCAL ALLIES and / or SYSTEMICALLIES  Local means a local grouping, from a specific area where trusted being of the Forces of can be authorized to participate in high-level meetings. In these meeting the topic is about the Earth’s and Galaxies’ situations . These Allies are generally extremely ethical and incorruptible beings. The Systemic are, in a sense, the expansion of the Local as theidr duty is spreading the message they receive from authorized local.


MiDMinions in Distress – stressed, disturbed, restless minions in imminent danger …. The bosses of the negative, or something like that.

MAGNETIC JUNCTION It’s a node part of uniqueness. Every human being is a node that joining with other nodes form the structure the magnetic grid around the planet. The network that will support and sustain the evolution of energy of the Planet and Humanity.

MIKANU-AVUL (or MIVU), THE MEDIATOR He is a being from a system of Green Worlds.He specializes in medicine and food through the most subtle energies. He knows every property of plants and fruits, knows how to take good care of physical systems, always giving vitality through the potions he makes using what nature has to offer. In one of the Green Worlds of the myriad worlds of his system, he is also a wise and mediator. In his civilization, when there were conflicts, he was called upon, through his wisdom, to listen to the parties involved and find the best solution.


NEBADON Great Mother Ship coming from the Star System of Antares. Antares a red supergiant in the constellation Scorpius. Nebadon is part of the Light Forces.

PVSE Portal Vórtex Sementes das Estrelas

PRIESTESS A group of souls, mostly female on the physical plane. This energy is not restricted to just a select group, but it is a comprehensive force of any feminine, or tuned masculine, being on Earth Physical Plane. Within this Group there is a specific movement, they were together in Delphi (Greece), Venice, Rome, Milan and lived in the vicinity of the Great Vesuvius in the Gulf of Naples, Italy, performing great healing work using white magic. Many of them, at that time of the huge Vesuvius volcanic activity died during the erupted. At the time, many of them were nearby performing chakra alignments with many people in that region. Pleiades 1 has requested the creation of a comprehensive space where all those attuned to this energy come into contact.


QUANTUNS:  The Blue Fire of the Great Prince Michael or Blue Wisps. Small blue glow at the base of a more yellowish fire, very small to the humans eyes, almost imperceptible. Visible in the forests like little balls of blue fire Their function is to illuminate the dark and disintegrate the negative currents that surround the planet.


SENTINELS Beings of Light who control each movement of the entities of darkness. All their plans are known to them. None of these minions can get a hiding place without the Sentinels knowing their whereabouts, neither speak nor think, anything, all is known by the Sentinels. Hence, the Light Forces are always one or more steps ahead.

SECTOR S3T Lower astral sector where crazy / negative scientists develop (or try to develop) nanotechnology with negative purpose, and send it to the surface. This area extends beyond the technology, here they attempt to create negative microorganisms that can infect biological organisms on Earth, including the wildlife, with devastating effects.

SHENION THE ANALYST Member of the Sirius corps that operates in the 6th, 7th and 8th sector. This group is made up of highly developed beings, psychologically and with very high concentration levels. Shenion is an expert analyst of biological nanotechnology and micro-organisms, a true luminary in the field. This analysis technology was created by this group, a technology that is used in many other systems and worlds. The analysis technology cleanses from micro-organic and negative nanotechnology contamination. This technological system is composed of a hollow cylinder through which transit those who need to go down in certain more “contaminated areas”. Here they are analyzed by the system created by the analysts and the analysis carried out by Shenion controls every little detail that can be “out of place” or untuned.


T Zone: Israel Etheric Plane

VIRUS SINUS  A code of Light placed in the negative matrix. In this case, specifically for the dismantling of the layers of negative plasma that prevent, or try to prevent the entry of pure Sunlight and / or the Forces of Light. It can even prevent the entry of telepathic thoughts of Light of the Supreme from the Higher Levels. The word “virus” is used because, in this case, causes an “infection” (positive) in the negative matrix and starts the collapse. This code, Sacred Geometry Microscopic is designed by Sirius A.
ZERO or SEEDREAACK 0I (ZERO) he is a Being Magnetic overflowing with Universal Love. He came from a Magnetic Universe not yet known on Earth. His name is SeeDreaack 0i (i Zero) is a celestial code: 0 = units within the command. i = is the expansion energy. Representative of the primary energy of creation. Zero, when his name is pronounced in the lower astral planes and on the surface, disintegrate any negative currents. The code also identifies the multiverse. Zero has recently received an update to be applied in his energy field, this update is known as ULT (Universal Love Transmitter). He spent 170 (one hundred and seventy) terrestrial days receiving energy directly from his Magnetic Universe, which allowed to update directly on the Earth surface and become one of the direct transmitters of this magnetic energy, from their magnetic universe, to Earth.

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