TY Magdalena for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Debbie for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Healing Hands for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Stella for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Giuseppina for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

TY Patricia for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Tracy for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Danielle for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Rachel for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Galen for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Mery Ann for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Laura for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Allyson for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Anja for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Christine for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Montana Geology for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Montana Geology for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Stella for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Aaron for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Heather for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Chung for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Juliana for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Corina for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Michelle for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Kimberly for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Mery Ann for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

Pleiades 1 Messages 1-15 July - ARCHIVE

Pleiades 1 Messages 1-15 July – ARCHIVE

Pleiades 1 Messages

On this page we will report the daily messages of Pleiades 1. We’ll try to keep them updated as much as possibile. Some of these messages are quite cryptic while others seem clearer. On the website we do have few explanations for some terms and names, thoese will be highlighted by a link.

We will try to provide as many as possible explanations, but given our limited available resources it will take some time (some donations would be welcomed).

Transmissions will be in chronological order. We are eager to know if this initiative seems useful or at least interesting so we would expect some comments.

Disclosure News

Pleiades 1 Messages July 15th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Alfin*, The Wizard of Certainties being called!

Attention Árpia*, the Creator of Moments! Immediate call coming up! Required Master Projector Support: Synchronization Started … 55% (non-regressive) – Start Support.

Attention Nilun*, The Fragment Collector! Immediate call coming up! Master Projector Required Support: Synchronization Started … 50% (non-regressive) – Start support.

Attention Alfin*, The Wizard of Certainty! Immediate call coming up! Required Master Projector Support: Synchronization Started … 44% (non-regressive) – Start support.

The Harbor* Ranger in Astral Consecration: Certificate of inviolability. 80% Guarantee, 20 free will.

New departure points shown. Start close.

New protocols being delivered to conscious Terrans. Reverberation next.

Magnetic* Junction inspires astral and physical movements! 16 new “we” in physical manifestation. Approximation of “nodes”: 22% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

TOTAL call to Cristalina at 02:00/16/07/2017 – Scheduled strengthening. Invitations delivered.

Pleiades 1 in Data Collection. Next >>>> Analysis.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In Data Collection)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 14th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Zero* i in 50% US. Perfect anchorage. 100%. Immediate distribution. Purification of fields completed in Crystalline. (02:00/14/07/2017).

Zero i expressing expanded self-love. The Light Celebrates! Immediate reverberation.

Attention Alfin*, The Wizard of Certainties, prepare to receive data!

Potentiation of PVSE* Nucleus in progress. New fully implanted layer. NEW BRIGHTNESS PRESENT. Avatars confirm and confirm.

MU steeples in DIVINE RISE. Contexts being Crystallized! Final “INI” attempt to violate Magnetic Junction: DENIED! The Light Celebrates! (Finalization of Line at 100% – non-regressive).

Magnetic* Junction: stabilization in progress. Drastic final harmonization by Zero* i. Inviolability being guaranteed. Final reset at 100% (non-regressive). New Request (3D*NULL) of Zero i – Verdict: DENIED. Not necessary. Individual harmony in conclusion. FINAL CONCLUSION.

Magnetic* Junction Resistance Ensures Island Support! The Light Celebrates!

Attention Cranu-Idini*, new data sent! Immediate call to phalanx: Light Web Formation in Central Amiga Island (Brazil) – Intensive to remove resistant MiD*.

Attention IUD-IL, for data reverberated by Zero i.

PVSE* in DIVINAL Consecration. Upgrading and Enhancing Layers.

Attention Cinti*, The Storytelling Fairy, Guardian being enshrined! New layer of protection!

Those who were able to come back = with access to 4 doors. Top certification is temporarily denied. (Encrypted).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (In celebration of 50%!)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 13th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

The Mantle Bearer, Guardian of the 76 Sirian Crystals in drastic logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection at 10% (regressive).

Attention Alfin, The Wizard of Certainties, projections sent to the Terran Plan!


Attempt of MiD* local to pierece the Zero* i field – Intense mental pressure: FAIL! Magnetic Lock Present. The Light Celebrates!

Star* 9 active in Local System.

Zero* i taken to Cristalina at 02:00 14/07/2017 – Programmed strengthening.

Board of mentors increases in Terran Plane. Good omen! The Light Celebrates!

MU steeples in DIVINE RISE. Contexts being Crystallized! The Light Celebrates! (Line Finalization at 79% – non-regressive).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 12th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Árpia*, The Creator of Moments recognizing origin!

Entries to review stations authorized.

Non-collaborator MiD* capture started.

Magnetic* Junction inspires astral and physical movements! 16 new “we” in physical manifestation. Approching of “we”: 16% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

Allies* X – Unauthorized traffic in YBDA Zone. Reduce and stop. (Encrypted).


5th layer opening! “Virus* Sinus” working! 42% (non-regressive) – Next >>>> Opening of the 4th.

Conditioned see new landscapes.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 11th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Árpia*, The Creator of Moments Being Called!

Steniah*, The Star Guide Recognizing Origin!

Magnetic* Junction in magnetizing drive armature “16”. Next:% of reconnection of “we”.

Meridional MiD* release in progress. Protocol pressures guarantee Greater Plan inviolability.

Final cluster of MiD* in Zone T (Israel Astral Plane). Attention Flame of Contemplation and the like! Intensive Projection requested!

Misuk* Base violated! The Light Celebrates! Transmutation in progress: 57% (non-regressive).

Appropriate Meridional movements. MiD* in appropriate withdrawal. (12).

Past framework revision increases, as enlightenment happens!

Attention, IUD-IL, for projections of requested conditions.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 10th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Attention Árpia*, The Moment Maker, prepare for receiving data!

Steniah*, The Guide of Stars Being Called!

KANI in Martian assistance: magnetic cleaning in progress… 25% (non-regressive).

MU steeples in DIVINE RISE. Contexts being Crystallized! The Light Celebrates! (Line Finishing at 72% – non-regressive).

Attention Alpheus*! Immediate call coming up! Required Master Projector Support: Synchronization Started… 50% (non-regressive) – Wait for instructions…

Disconnected avatars request internal reconnection. Analysis of new structures in progress. Strengthening Primary Core needed.

Allies* X – Spaces for new creations vacated.

Required Magnetic* Island Grid Strengthening.

Temporary physical distancing of primary magnetic nuclei animates local MiD*. Animation is NOT a risk. Cod: 2224y – Protocol 433 – (Encrypted).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 9th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Attention Steniah*, The Star Guide, prepare to receive data!

Zero* i in recognition of new standards. Harmonization present! The Light Celebrates!

Attention Arpia* – The Creator of Moments, projections sent to the Terran Plan!

Empowerment of PVSE* Nucleus in progress. New layer fully implanted. NEW BRIGHTNESS PRESENT.

Attention IUD-IL: Magnetic support present.

Broadcasts of high thoughts piercing fragile layers! The Light Celebrates!


5th layer opening! “Virus* Sinus” working! 40% (non-regressive) – Next >>>> Opening of the 4th.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 8th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Attention Steniah, The Star Guide, projections sent to the Terran Plan!

Akash-Lotus* in logistics analysis.

Potentiation of PVSE* Nucleus in progress. New layer being implemented.

Regrouping of scattered started. MiD* attempted retaliation being controlled.

Attention LIGHTHOUSES for brief update storm.

Appropriate Meridional movements. MiD* in appropriate withdrawal. (11).

Southern Removals still in progress. Miasmic plates being removed in advance. 31% (non-regressive).

Restored points are sighted by Terrans. Hope in the NEW continues to rise.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 7th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Restorer points in Lunar Sector being installed. KANI surveillance guaranteed.

Appropriate expressions of NEW are viewed with satisfaction.

Normum*, the Hunter Archer in logistic analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 30% (regressive).

Alkina*, The Flower of Time in logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 25% (regressive).

KANI in Martian Assistance: Magnetic cleaning in progress … 20% (non-regressive)

MU steeples in DIVINE RISE. Contexts being Crystallized! The Light Celebrates! (Line Finalization of Line at 70% – Non-regressive).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 6th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Recognition of Fractals in progress.


Star* 9 present.

Anti-Love* mirrored. (Reflection at 76% – Non-regressive).

Cetaceans in process of upload (PHASE 2: FIRST MOVEMENT FINISHED) – 22% (non-regressive). Terranos prepare to receive.

Attention! Local* Allies receiving credentials. Reverberation for Systemic* Allies. Download started – STAGE 2 >>> 35% (non-regressive).

KANI in Martian assistance: Magnetic cleaning in progress… 19% (non-regressive).

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 5th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

MU steeples in DIVINE RISE. Contexts being Crystallized! The Light Celebrates! (Line Completion at 58% – non-regressive).

Fermenters – Southern – being canceled.

Zero* i consecrating Geometrics in Holy Table. Potentiators 100% activated and reverberant to Terran Plane.

Terranos recognizing Geometrics of the 13th as potentialists.

Appropriate Meridional movements. MiD* in appropriate withdrawal. (10).

Misuk* Base violated! The Light Celebrates! Transmutation in progress: 52% (non-regressive).

KANI in Martian assistance.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 4th 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

MU steeples in DIVINE RISE. Contexts being Crystallized! The Light Celebrates!

Attention Alpheus*! Immediate call coming up! Required Master Projector Support: Synchronization Started… 45% (non-regressive) Wait for instructions …

Capália*, the Lunar Beauty in logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 50% (regressive).

Zero* i in joint field. Crystal Planting: SUCCESS! Magnetic of Zero i (0i) disintegrating old field … FIELD MIRRORED !: Final reflection drive: 90% (non-regressive).

Conscious creations expand. Terranos in recognition of innate potential.

Attention! Local* Allies receiving credentials. Reverberation for Systemic* Allies. Download started – STAGE 2 >>> 33% (Non-regressive)

Shenion*, The Analyst, visiting Sector* S3T. In breakdown 98% (non-regressive). Anti-Love* present in violation attempt…

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 3rd 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Zero* i in Magnetic* Junction analysis. Old fragments present: nullification of old fragments at 100% (non-regressive). HIGH REVIEW INITIATED 100% (non-regressive).

Normum*, the Hunter Archer in logistic analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 40% (regressive).

Alkina*, The Flower of Time in logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 55% (regressive).

IUD-IL under Master Elder Projection (CADI-IL) in smoothed update. Phase 4/16 anchorage: 55% (non-regressive). 🙂 🙂 – IN UNIVERSAL HARMONIZATION. Sector 66Stil violated by IUD-IL! In mirroring…

Allies* X – New frames being delivered. Advance to special recon room.

Regrouping of sleepers started. Sector Mars 1. Earth still exists: Relevant data being delivered…

Frame of curious people expanding. Primary issues being answered.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 2nd 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Pleiades 1 in Data Delivery (updated). Terranos, attention to quantum assimilation!

Allies* X – Proceed with protocol 18. Guaranteed security.

Celestial* Spices offered to Anti-Love*. (Acceptance level: 73%). Offer is still on the table.

Refining – Barrier – Initiatic* Neutron – (Non regressive 67%).

Jerusalem* Avalon* Nebadon* / \ “>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>> (O) effected! SUCCESS! 100%. POSITIVE REVERBERATION IN PROGRESS: 55% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

Zero* i in Magnetic* Junction analysis. Old fragments present: nullification of old fragments in 100% (non-regressive). HIGH REVISED STARTED 70% (non-regressive).

Attention Alpheus*! Immediate call coming up! Master Projector Requireing Support: Synchronization Started … 35% (non-regressive) – Wait for instructions …


End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Pleiades 1 Messages July 1st 2017

P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Priestesses* manage new chains! Imminent Transformations! Core 100% reactivated!

Capalia*, the Lunar Beaty in logistics analysis. Data transfer and projection in progress. 60% (regressive).

Zero i in Magnetic* Junction analysis. Old fragments present: nullification of old fragments at 100% (non-regressive). HIGH REVISED INITIATIVE – 19% (non-regressive).

Zero* i in joint field. Crystal Planting: SUCCESS! Magnetic Zero i (0i) disintegrating old field… FIELD MIRRORED! Final reflection drive: 85% (non-regressive).

IUD-IL under Master Elder Projection (CADI-IL) in smoothed update. Phase 4/16 anchorage: 41% (non-regressive). 🙂 🙂 * 8 !! * – IN UNIVERSAL HARMONIZATION. Sector 66Stil violated by IUD-IL! In mirroring …

Attention Alpheus*! Immediate call coming up! Master Projector Required Support: Synchronization Started … 29% (non-regressive) Wait for instructions …

Pleiades 1 in Data Analysis. Next >>>> Delivery.

End of Transmission
Pleiades 1 (Leveraging Geometrics deliveries)

* Item in Glossary

Logo Sementes Das Estrelas Gabriel

Pleiades 1  Messages – FAQ

What kind of infromations is Pleiades 1 providing?

Pleiades 1 deliver accurate informatins about the events occurring on Earth surface but Etheric and Higher planes as well.

To whom are Pleiades 1 messages addressed?

The informations, most of them coded, are relesed with the intent of awakening the Earth surface populatuion and as messages to the Etheric Planes.

They are more understandable for developed Higher Self being. However, anyone should resonate with what it is said.

Does a peculiar Group of people who can clearly undertand Pleiades 1 informations exists?

No. The coded messages ca be understood more or less depending from the level fo consciousness of the reader.

These are not to be intended as special people’s messages but, instead, as a stimoulus to rise the own cosnciousness level of everyone.

How to understand the codes that are mentioned?

The encoding can be understood more or less depending on the development of the awareness of the person that reads it.

These are not intended as messages for some particular beings but as a stimulus to raise the level of consciousness and

What is the logical mental process to understand Pleiades 1 messages?

There are no particular mental processes, rather, there is the need to drop the logic thinking.

Avoid to stress yourself looking for a meaning if you cannot find one.

With an open mind, with help of the Glossary (under construction), and a constant reading of these messages, you will gradually start to understand most of the meanings.

What is the Glossary?

The Glossary is a collection of meanings of the known terma included in the messages.

We will do our best to let this Glossary grow and the ones available will be highlighted with a link.

We need some more time to develop a proper glossary, keep checking it.

Does any awakened understand Pleiades 1 messages?

Yes. Any awakened being can understand the meaning of most of the messages.

We would like to sterss one more time the concept of using your hearth while reading it.

You need to absorb, decode and retransmit these informations for the goodwill of the Ligth.


ARMY X Planet X base of the Resistance

A-D-M-P-V-S-E INTEGRATED Secret code that cannot be disclosed.

AKASH-LOTUS He is a guardian of many Akashic Recordss. Originating from a star system known as Taurus. He has passed on several other star systems, including Sirius, Vega, Andromeda, the Pleiades and others not known on Earth. He usually moves into all these systems during the rest of his physical body where he currently lives. It is constantly called in these places to help beings in their development and to teach them to master everything they hear and see. Teaching them not to talk about what you can not talk about and speak about instead of what you have to talk about yourself about teaching the balance in these things.

Incarnated at the time of Christ in the Earth Plan, he was one of his Evangelists. He was also close to Moses during the great Red Sea crossing. He led and led the Jewish people out of Egypt. Its symbol is the Lotus Flower that uses during connection to enter a deep state of meditation and contemplation.

He is called by Pleiades 1 to work on the lower Astral planes of the Earth to “Plant Lotus Flowers” and drive with great love those who find him there. When in his most harmonious state, during his walks leaves a trail of Lotus Flowers and her perfume.

He has a strong bond with Apollonius of Tiana … and also a strong bond with Mr. Xango, being able to connect with him at any time. Thanks to its unique ethics, it is often called on to engage in important meetings where the fate of planets and even whole systems is discussed, what should be done, how it should be done and at what moment. It has a great inability to show, in meetings or assemblies, focal points and explain how to work accurately. It is very respected wherever it goes. It also has a strong bond with a being that was known as Paul of Tarso (Sao Paulo).

ALFIN, THE WIZARD OF CERTAINS  Alfin is an Angelic being of the Higher Spheres of Sirius A, but also was in Sirius B. These are the two places where he worked more. He also had passages in the Pleiades, Orion and some in the Andromeda. Alfin earned this affectionate nickname “The Angel of Certainties” from his Angels friends from a well-known angelic group in the cosmos. Alfiné a very optimistic being and is always sure that something good will happen. With his many moves around the cosmos, he was always sure that everything was going to be all right.

Alfin, as a beloved Angel of the Legion of Mikael, is memeber as well of the army of Angel Gabrielus (Archangel Gabriel). He is 3 meters tall and is very imposing. Bearer of the energy of balance and harmony, he is also a very cheerful being and easily smiles even to the most serious beings. He has two large swords in each hand, one white and one blue. His wings are extremely large, almost disproportionate to his “angelic body.” His eyes are large and range from bright blue to pure white.

He began his process of incarnation in the Terran Plan since thousands of years at the request, especially, by Gabrielus. Alfin was one of the Angels who helped cleanse the Terran Plan for the coming of Jesus, the one who would bring loving truth. Alfin, among many other tasks in the cosmos was also a bearer of the ability to control time, in an Andromeda System. At the time, he gave a special Pen to a certain Storytelling Fairy… Alfin is an Angel, a Magician, a Time Master, a Cacique, a Love. It is a being that carries the energy of Faith accurately. He is the Angel of Certainties and he is the Wizard of Certainties!

He is being called by the Pleiades 1 to radiate in the hearts of all this certainty of DIVINE PERFECTION. Expand it within the PVSE and reverberate in every direction the importance of higher purposes, making sure that the path to expansion is being pursued and that nothing is out of a higher truth. Also called to go to the zones of the lower, upper astral, and physical plane and to reunite his group of Magicians of Certainties and, with his innate force, along with the strength of his Soul brother , Alpheus, to make SURE that this is the Moment, the RIGHT moment for the JUMP.


ANTI-LOVE Someone that does not serve the Light. This term is associated with purely negative entities that work more in the Pstral Plane. They could be called Draconians, Reptilians, Archons …

ARPETROMUS, THE STAR GUARDIAN   A very energetic and loving being. It’s a veritable walking energy vortex. Where it goes, it moves very intense forces only with its presence. It has a powerful magnetism capable of enveloping even the most brutish being of darkness and bringing it back to the Light. It is of Sirian nature, with passages in the Pleiades, Auriga, Antares, Orion, and, more recently, a few passages on Venus. Besides being a stellar traveler, he is a guardian of portals and treasures of the Light. In his highest expressions he is a guardian of the sacred portals that lead to the inner earth, Agharta. He is a beloved being by Adama of Telos.

This being, about two meters and twenty, has no definite physical form, but only white and blue energy, which merge in a charming glow! When he assumes some humanoid form, it appears to be two and twenty feet high, wearing a pearly white overalls, with the image of a huge blue sword on the front of the outfit. The hilt of the sword extend through his open human arms and the tip ends at the height of the basic energy (chakra). In the center of the forehead he has a bright blue star with seven smaller white stars surrounding it, and seven even smaller blue sub stars coming out the white ones. He has large blue eyes, larger than humans. The hair are long blonde.

In one of his many incarnations he was next to Amenophis III, where, on occasion, he met the so-called IUD-IL, one of the advisers of Amenophis. And he also met Dranu-Aporis, also one of the advisers of Amenophis III. Incarnated also alongside Osiris, as one of his guardians.

At the time of Jesus, he was a Roman soldier named Julius. On many occasions he went as far as Jesus preached the gospel of love and, “hidden,” Julius watched the preaching. Julius was present in the house of Zaccheus, when Jesus healed a paralytic. There, he also met the one known today as Eliar Flours.

He is being called by the Pleiades 1 to regroup his guardians and form a powerful protective vortex in every Terran plan and Solar System to finalize, definitively, the action of the forces of darkness in this system. There are about 70 thousand guardians of his phalanx scattered on the etheric and physical plane of the Planet.

He is being called upon to anchor Sirius’ energy, invoking all the powers entrusted to him (Julius). Called to connect completely to the energy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who have been watching him. Jesus, personally, will be giving him this cosmobiography in one of his exits of the body, and every member who join this phalanx will receive this consecration with Jesus. Called to, definitely, take on his garment of Arpetromus to magnetize and completely disintegrate the darkness of the face of the terrano plan.

AVALON Great Mother ship under the command of Valiant Thor. Val Thor, coming from Venus, was several times on Earth and also met with President Eisenhower.

ALFEUS An angelic being, Ray of Archangel Mikhael and Archangel Gabriel. It is the perfect interaction between these two energies. He is a both a warrior and an announcer. He has beautiful white wings with light blue tones.
He is an announcing being, belonging to the great legion of Mikhael and Gabriel working simultaneously with both of them. In his galactic outfit, he is a member of the Ashtar Command team, also with the task of announcing the new guidelines. He receives the instructions lovingly and passes them on. he is also a interdimensional portals guardian.

ATTRACTOR POINT It’s a kind of quantum device, an attractor of negative forces. In a vision was like a small black hole in the center of the Solar System, and the tiny dense particles being sucked in. It is as if this attractor were a sink, cleansing the Solar System of impurities (negative forces). A large magnetic cleaner that attracts everything that is not vibrating at a certain frequency.

ALKINA, THE FLOWER OF TIME  Alkina is a beautiful being of Devic Energy, coming from a kingdom in the Andromeda Galaxy. She has recently incorporated the Pleiadian, Siriana and Arcturian energies into her being, so she can these groupings exterior shape. She has a very special healing task inside the Siriana fleet. She works by channeling the energies of Nature and transforming them into potions of healing. It also has a strong connection to the energies of Vanula, The Potions Fountain and Cinti, the Storytelling Fairy.

AKASHSSA A beautiful being of gentle nature like Prana. It has strong connection with Andromeda, Poseidon and the constellation Delphinus. During his many lives, he had the opportunity to share its magic and enchantment wherever he went. It has the ability to communicate telepathically with cetaceans, as this is also one of its origins. Notify easily with the principles and the sirens of the great oceans, both terrestrial and aquatic worlds in other systems. He has an intense bond with the Whales of the great oceans of the Delphinus system and other worlds of water. He is teaching skills to younger beings (children) and expressing their magic charms.
he has a special ship with a capacity of three crew members. One of them is always on his side, In his current incarnation is about one meter eighty two meters and twenty high, He is a mystical being and has the ability to take humanoid form. And when in aquatic worlds
he becomes a beautiful radiant siren. he has one of its complementary souls who are currently living in the world of water Delphinus, currently in the form of Dolphin. He’s been called by Pleiades 1 to focus on the great oceans, with telepathy, to call his oceanic cetacean family and exchange information necessary to help them in building the Crystalline Grid of the planet. They, the cetaceans, are anchors and developers of the crystal and magnetic energy. He has also been called to help the large cetaceans to ensure the protection of the great records stored in their fields, and to prevent the evil forces to take possession of them. He was also called for, his charm and vocal vibration, to attract negative entities to be captured and brought to the recovery ships. (These entities are “mesmerized by his charm” and fall in the trap mounted by the Light Forces. This being blessed acts as a ‘ “bait of light”).
He is also one of the responsible for the anchoring of the Goddess in the local world, where currently he resides. And the Goddess listens in all his calls.

AVENOT SYSTEM Is a MiD data transfer system. A type of security system for communication between them by VoIP and Satellite. The Forces of Light infiltrating secret agencies have hacked all these systems to make sure we’re always aware of MiD plans. The more these systems are hacked, the more information about MiD negative frames is launched on the Internet, in principle, in alternative media.

ALLIANCE X They are beings of Planet X that help the Resistance Movement. These beings are among those who maintain permanent communication with COBRA, who is one of the terrestrial representatives of the Resistance, Pleiadian contactee in service with this Movement. Planet X is one of the “things” that are hidden among the large areas of constellations that appear masked in Google Sky.

ÁRPIA – THE CREATOR OF MOMENTS She is a beautiful being of crystalline energy, which does not belong to this Local Universe. She came here thousands of years ago to help developing the souls of this reality. She is an Angelic being belonging directly to the angelic phalanx of the Archangel Samuel. In this Universe, as she descended down to the dimensions, from the original 14th, she passed through the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and within other systems not very known on the Earth. Especially in Sirius, she had a very significant role when she participated to several great meetings, where it was present the one who, in the Terran Plan, would have been called Jesus. This being, Árpia, was one of those who helped to create the MOMENT for the arrival of Jesus in the Physical Terran Plane.

This being does not have a defined physical form and presents, almost always, just like a ball of blue light or bright pink, very intense. Rare are the times in which she appears in her highest expressions, with a humanoid form and, when she does, it seems made of porcelain because of her perfection. Her eyes are like two pink suns and have the whole body gleaming in a beautiful pink with light blue reflections.

She has been in the Terran physical plane for a long time, since Lemuria, where he has incarnated several times as Priest of the Pink Light. In one of these incarnations, in Lemuria, she was also part of “THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE CRYSTAL ROSE” where were present those called by Pleiades 1 of Silvestra, The Lunar Priestess and Multidimensional Warrior and Norú, The Guardian of the Tower. She also incarnated several times in Atlantis and was nearby, more precisely in the Court of Light of that acquaintance of the Great Fraternity in Serapis Bey and helped him to bring the Flame of the Ascension to Luxor in Egypt. Not by chance, in her highest expressions, she is guardian of the Temple of the Ascension of Serapis Bey – Luxor, Egypt.

The Moment Maker is a being who, as the name says, creates the appropriate moments for souls to experience what they need to experience. She is a creator of Synchronicity. She is a creator of perfect movements for necessary situations.

Let’s say: two people need to meet in a life to deal with certain unfinished business. Arpia and her court of Rosa Angels come into action to make this MOMENT happen. If two Twin Souls must meet in one life to unite their bonds forever, after a long elliptical journey, Arpia and her court of Angels create the perfect mathematical movements for this encounter to occur. Moreover, they also create the proper movements so that there is no interference, or maybe they create it so that there is, and those souls learn the necessary lessons.

When you ask the Arpia and the court of Angels Rosa to help you in some situation, saying “Dear Arpia and legion of Angels Rose, help me to be more tolerant”, do not be alarmed. If necessary, Arpia will be able to create MOMENTS for you to exercise your tolerance and not necessarily give you “hand-in-hand” that virtue, it is not given, it is conquered through soul experiences. To have the energy needed to be more tolerant, MOVEMENTS will be created, which will make you have more strength to face situations in a more empowered and firm way that will naturally trigger internal tolerance.

She is being called by Pleiades 1 to gather all of his newly formed Rose Angels on the surface and immediately begin to create MOMENTS blessed for humanity. She is being called to go into the astral zones of the Terran Plan and prepare some of her Angels, who are in the lower areas, “fallen,” long ago, and warn them that timely MOMENTS will be created so that they will incarnate again and do what they came to do on the Terran plane: CREATING POSITIVE SYNCHRONICITIES. There are about twenty thousand Angels of this legion on the planet, between the upper and lower astral zones and the physical plane. Arpia should create moment od Synchronicity to make these angels able to recognize themselves, each other and together, to create a SINGLE MOMENT for humanity: THE MOMENT OF ASCENSION.


BASE MISUK Negative force base installed in Japan, with extensions in South Korea and North, and with representatives in China and Taiwan. The negative forces – the main responsible for this base – are the etheric archons and some other entities called “Sexus”. This base had the function of accommodating sexual depraved and it’s where rituals with children were done. The people involved in this physical and etheric base had the intention, with these rituals, to satisfy their imbalances. It was also a portals for the entry of extremely negative and sexually addictive entities into the physical plane, to also occupy human bodies and use it as an opportunity to feed on the energies generated by rapes. Many rapes carried out and publicly known have been inspired by these entities. When they cannot directly occupy the body, they “completely expell” the inhabiting spirit, they magnetize the mind of the occupant, obstructing him and making him sex addicted. Obviously, not everyone who has this problem of sexual addiction is properly influenced by these entities, but there is a need, as quickly as possible, those who are in these conditions, to seek help, not to serve as a portal for these entities of the 4th lower dimension, who wish to enter 3D body. This base is being dismantled by the Light Forces. All PVSE Phalanges are being immediately called for dismantling it, as well as its extensions. In particular, at the request of P1, 7 phalanges are being called at the front line: The Flame of Contemplation, IUD-IL, Shenion The Analyst, Alfeus, Etnya Solaris, Cranu Idini, and Akash-Lotus. The other phalanxes, with all their Christic powers, are being called to give support to the front line.


CAPALIA, THE LUNAR BEAUTY She is a beautiful being of Lunar Energy, member of a group of Lunar Priestesses. They came to Earth thousands of years ago to anchor the energy of the Mother Goddess on the Terran Surface. She went through several systems of this Galaxy, (Milky Way), Pleiades, Sirius, Aldebaran and also by the system of Rigel. She was also present in the aquatic kingdom, where she experienced a few times the mermaid dress. She is very loving, peaceful and is currently 100% connected with the Lunar energy. force which it represents on the surface.

In her Capalia expression, as a member of a powerful group of Lunar Priestesses, she is about six feet tall, white, with large blue eyes, very delicate hands and feet, blond and shiny hair. It is very similar to Galadriel, from The Lord of the Rings movie. There is something peculiar about her, she always keeps her left hand glued to her chest, the palm of her hand on the heart, always in this pose while doing everything with her right hand. Why? You will know in the following paragraphs…

She has a very special ability that she uses whenever necessary, when she goes out “alone” on some occasions in rescue and enlightenment missions. Each phase of the Moon gives her a specific power. Are they:

New Moon: She can quickly and easily renew any environment, bringing you to a new cycle, new experiences, new opportunities, new relationships. In the Village, (paragraphs below), she was always sought by many people who had their private affairs locked and immobilized. She summoned the forces and was able to clear all the negative barriers that prevented the person from being able to move to new movements.

Crescent Moon: Whenever it is in this projection, she was (when on the Terrana surface), called to help farmers with their plantations. Just passing through the plantations, she could accelerate the process, incredible as it may seem, and help make the production 100% profitable.

Full Moon: in this projection she has a very special ability: she simply changes her form. from a beautiful priestess to a very old lady. She does it at times when she enters spiritual caves where black wizards interact and architect against the inhabitants of Earth.

Waning Moon: The Lunar Beauty, in her movements, enters the darkest valleys with a so beautiful and charming look, that not even the grossest being can ignore her beauty and sweetness, becoming totally paralyzed. To these dense realms, in her beautiful and enchanting dress, she sings among those dense and violent entities. They, as if by magic, are approaching and listening her as if they were hypnotized. When they reach a distance of about a meter they are surprised by the other priestesses who, as if by charm, come from behind capalia and capture them with magnetic energies. It’s a beautiful rescue job. Although it may seem a violation of free will, this work is authorized by the Higher Self. Again, Some accept to go to the Light after feeling the relief of their pains and sufferings; Others choose to remain in their pains.

Today, this young woman is being called by the Pleiades 1 to incorporate the Captian force on the surface and bring all her transcendental baggage. Being called to invoke the Lunar Force and its companions Priestesses for the movement of Lunar energies on the Surface. Called to go in the astral and even physical zones of the Terran Plan and move the forces of the four Moons.

By the time you receive this information, you will have all the strengths of your entire inheritance in the process of downloading. A cover will be placed on it, the cover that made by Capalia. It may have some “collateral” effect, as if a feeling of warmth in the back, especially at the nape of the neck. She is also being called to open up more to his channel of clairvoyance, where she will help many souls on the planetary surface and in the astral. He has a deep connection with the so-called Archangel Michael and with that one called Nefertiti, and she can call them whenever she wishes and they will answer promptly. Being called also to form her grouping on the surface, where, through meditations following the forces of the 4 moons, will bring powerful Energy of the Light to Earth.

CRYPTOGAMOS Specialists in codification/encryption. They work for the Confederation and teach classes on security of data and quantum physic. They are beings that act from the 7th to 9th dimension. They were called by P1 for a precision work in the Solar System. They are 3 meters high, slim, with big blue/deep black penetrating eyes. They have no hair (at least I did not see them with). Most of this specialized grouping belongs to the Essassani race (the same as the Bashar belongs to. And unlike Bashar, which is short, they are very tall). The entire Essassani civilization is based on unconditional Love, ecstasy and joy accompained by their enthusiasm. They consider every individual in their society equal. They are extremely enthusiastic. They ahve an incredibly fast mind, a fun intelligence, a loving heart and, of course, a deep understanding of reality. In their third eye there is an active and pulsating white light. They are very active-minded beings. When they pass on some thought to another being it is like a gigantic block of information, and not all beings are able to grasp and understand everything quickly. They are also responsible for creating “optical illusions,” so that certain entities with negative intentions will not disrupt the plans of the Light. On one occasion, this group defended a planet from the attack of a negative fleet. They created an optical illusion, “putting” in place of the planet just a black hole. Of course, it was just an optical illusion! This is just to give an idea of ​​what they can do. Some of them are nowadays embodied in Terran bodies and, not by chance, they are specialists in information security. One of them is close to me, right now. His name is ” Atoni-Cryal “, a name that represents his vibration on the Terran surface. He says:” Terranos, it is an honor to be able to serve. We could convey a very extensive message to you, but let us summarize in a few words: LOVE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREATEST SECURITY THAT YOU WILL HAVE IN ANY SITUATION”. When one of them is approaches any other being, be it Terran or not, one immediately feels the active radiation of these beings. It’s like if you’re becoming mentally more agile, as if everything around you were happening at a rapid pace, as if you were accelerating a movie, but with a full understanding of what’s going on there. Imagine if you watch a movie of three hours long, accelerated enough to see it in 10 seconds!

CELESTIAL SPICES  Divine opportunity to surrender to the Light

CINTI or SHIMMERING The Stories Teller Fairy She is a beautiful Devico being, who has worked in various Star Systems, especially Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades and has been present on Earth since its creation billions of years ago. She is part of a natural Devic world located near the Ursa Mayor. She is a beautiful fairy of about fifty centimeters height, and in this realm she is known as Shimmering (or Cinti). She has an extremely affectionate, quiet and extraordinarily sensitive nature. She is a being that, despite she’s fifty centimeters in Deviche’s clothing, has the ability to assume the desired size. She uses her kindness to touch the hearts of many. She is extremely beautiful, with blond falling hair, green and blue eyes changing according to its mood. She has a wand that is not really a wand but a white feather that she received from a vollage chief in a far-off system, similar to the movie Avatar world! She is an innate narrator. She was called on many occasions where there were conflicts and even though the fight was really bloody she began to tell stories, beautiful stories … of the systems where she had been. With her magic, sweetness and joy attracted everyone’s attention to her and, in some way, ended the fighting. Of course, she only uses this ability when she is fully authorized by higher forces so as not to interfere with the freewill. A great urgency is needed to be authorized to use that power. When in the lower dimensions she can easily delay or advance the time and give the clear feeling, to who’s in that dimension, that it’s going too fast or too slowly. She specialized in this skill with the help a beautiful being from the Andromeda Galaxy called “Alfin”. She has been called by Pleiades 1 to incorporate Sparkling Magic into your astral areas and, with permission, use her gift to stop the time, to relieve the pain of those who cry and the pain of the most dense regions. At the same time, she helps these consciences to pay attention to the greatest story of the Galaxy: the transformation of the Planet Earth into a Galaxy jewel. her function now is to delight with her joy and magic both the Astral Plane and the Physical Plane, and invoke Devic energies for the restoration of the Earth’s flora and fauna. She was also warned by Pleiades 1 of “not abusing her gift to stop the time, to gain or lose it, when on the surface …”. She remains the beautiful fairy tale but extremely faithful to the Light.

CRANU-IDINI He is a being from the Galaxy of Andromeda. He has been in various other systems bringing his energy of joy and his healing gifts. He has the innate ability to dismantle negative “webs” just by the wiggling of his hands. It easily masters magnetism and can, if he wish, create “webs” (spider web type) of Light to protect certain environments. In many of his galactic missions, he was called by the Light War forces and, with his abilities, created Webs of Light to capture negative entities and take them to the Recovery Ships. When in Andromeda, he is about five feet and a half tall. He has a special ship with three crew members. Incarnated several times on the Earth and in a special one, very dear to him, was among the disciples of Merlin. where he improved his magnetic gift. His presence in disharmonious environments is requested by Father/Mother God to bring physical, emotional and mental balance to all. He is being called to radiate his power in the lower astral zones of the Planet and to create Webs to catch the negative entities and to help in the final cleaning of the planet, which precedes the quantum leap. You will be getting strong updates on your DNA and will begin to have percentages of your Akashic released as you open inwardly, freeing yourself from negative Terran webs. The Being who was known as Merlin will be in this garment, radiating and showing some things…

CRYSTAL Magnetic Fairy of the Thousand and One Faces. It is a beautiful being of a Magnetic Kingdom of Fairies, quite different from the usual ones.We can imagine her as a Fairy Warrior. She is very close to the Archangel Gabriel and Michael. Her Kingdom is not known on Earth.She had experience in many other known to us. She was in the Pleiades as a Pleiadian and in Sirius as crew member of the Magnetization Crystalline. She was also in Rigel trying to solve a very complicated issue.
They are always in a group of seven and are affectionately called The Seven Srystals.
Their main function is to give loving magnetism in the hardest hearts. The interesting thing about these fairies is that they do not have wands. Their crystalline gaze have the same function. They also wear a crystalline veil over their heads, that protects them when they come down to the densest areas of each region. These veils give them also  the ability to quickly change their appearance. When they fully remove the veil theu immediately disappear, reappearing wherever they decide to.

CADHI, THE SOLAR PRINCE In its highest expression, heis a creator of worlds, In deep connection with the Elohim, in particular, with the Elohim Tranquilitas. He is in connection, deep connection also with the Solar Lords Helios and Vesta. Helios – Lord of the Dawn; Vesta – Mother of the Eternal Cycles. Heis a direct ray of these consciousnesses. He has a strong connection with the Pleiadian System. He is being called by the Pleiades 1 to bring the energy to the passivity to the Terran surface and to the planes of the lower astral, through the enchantment produced by his vocal cords.

CRYTANUS There is a very distant galaxy that none of the Terran telescopes have been able to capture yet. It’s a Crystal Blue System where beings are of a pure crystalline energy. They are transparent, in a crystal blue tone. Their eyes emit a soft blue light, slightly different from their bodies, which have a deeper blue. They were called by the Forces of Light, the Pleiades 1, to act in this Solar System, especially in the Terran plane. Their functions are to anchor the energy of compassion in the heart of the Terrans. They are also specialists in Geology, although their system does not have physical worlds, only energies. They live by singing universal mantras and emitting the energy of compassion throughout the cosmos. Since countless years of Earth they inhabited that system, but at that time it was dense. There were solar systems, many billions of planets, moons, all that is known in the Earth science today. There were also many wars in that region. Trillions of years passed… until they completely transcended all that, and totally crystallized that system, ascending to 14th Dimension. Then to 16th, and currently working on the 17th and 18th. Only two of them are currently incarnated on the Terran physical plane. One in the Himalayas, and one in North America (they did not tell me who they are). Two others have been incarnated for some time, one was Mother Tereza of Calcutta and the other was known as Father Cicero Romão Batista. Some will incarnate on the Terran physical plane from 2018. Strategically in Brazil, USA, Italy, Japan, China, Peru, Venezuela, Australia, Holland, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, Ireland, Egypt, India, Israel and Russia. They are also art and music lovers and extremely charitable and peaceful. Their approach to the Terran plan will cause a wave of compassion, triggering, in some cases, waves of deep repentance if someone has done something that has harmed another, inspiring reconciliation. There will be great reverberation in the heart chakra, and with each breath you will feel as if you are breathing bright blue energy that will lead you to the deep ecstasy of compassion and oneness. They arrive at the Local System in their blue crystal Merkabas and reverberate their energy throughout the system, especially in the Terran plane. Their code is “Cre-no-aaaaaaaaaaaaa. HummmmmCreaaaaaaaa “. It is like a greeting, an invocation, a mantra…  The name corresponding to their vibration is Crytanus.

ELIAR-FLOURS, THE ARTIST He is a Creator. It can be said that he is a Master Architect and Engineer, and more. He has a connection with the Elohim, especially the Elohim of Grace. He is in onnection with all the elementals of the worlds where he has been. He also has connection with the lineage of beings known as Equitumans. He partecipate in the creations of whole systems and planets, together with his grouping and with the elementals, to give the necessary beauty to that planet. They create separations of dry portions (separating continents, countries, etc …). They work so that mountains, waterfalls, caves and other nature’s systems have their harmonious positions. These are powerful energies beings and have a greately developed creative capacity, thanks to their primary connections with the Elohim and the Solar Lords. They can easily get into a space and begin to visualize something that soon will manifests. When in the higher planes, they arrive in systems being created and, as if they were drawing a picture in a canvas of Light, they begin to materialize what they “draw in the picture”. Each fingertip can be seen as brilliant Light. He is a great Celestial Artist and, with his grouping, has embellished many worlds of many systems. His grouping is responsible for aesthetically harmonizing the Inner Earth. He is a Universal Artist, an Architect, a Heavenly Engineer, and all other synonyms. It also has, of course, the ability to “erase”, as one wipes out scribbles on a blackboard, the intentions of the darkness. His hands are pure energy with 4 specific tones: Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue and can easily erase any dark intent. Once, in a dense worlds, he was taken to a negative astral zones, largely dominated by black magicians. At his arrival, he sat on the top of a mountain, extended a canvas of Light, made a prayer invoking the Elohim and the presence of all the universal elementals, calling for the Solar Lords, shook both hands and he began to erase all that negative scene. Just as you erase with a eraser scribbles on a blackboard. The forces of darkness in that environment became enraged and began casting spells upon him, which wiped them out before they reached him. Finally, he created a garden with beautiful colored roses, lakes, beautiful trees with colorful leaves, and a beautiful flush opened up when the sun had descended there. He saw all the beings who once tried to attack him, lying on the grass and breathing softly, as if delighted and in pure peace. When on the big mother ships, he is always called to decorate the environments with its multicolored energy. In addition to the skill with his “hands”, you can hear him sing universal songs, and you can see the air coming out of his mouth in the form of radiant colors and, likewise, creating beautiful and fragrant environments. It is being called by the Pleiades 1 to anchor, in the lower astral zones and on the surface, the energy of the artistic creation, radiating the energy of beauty and Love. He has been called to go in the black valleys where the shadow and the imbalance form sad and devastated landscapes, so that he can incorporates the Universal Artist and recreates the picture, giving happy and illuminated tones. On the surface, it is called to places where density is evident, to anchor his artistic energy and transform that environment into a beautiful green field with beautiful colorful flowers. If there are sentient beings in this environment, they may even feel the breeze and the smell of the flowers, even if in the three-dimensional environment seems nothing have changed. He is a being that naturally exudes the scent of jasmine.

EMARCAUCOS POINTS They are Portals on Earth that lead from one place to another, just like the tunnels of time travel. There are several active points around the planet. Physically they are invisible, but if the person knows that there is an Emarcauco Point (I do not know why P1 uses this name), and deos some body movements, he will access other spaces/times.

  1. If the person rotates 3 times clockwise and 3 times counterclockwise, they will be taken to some other Emarchuco Point on the Planet (another location that has this active point), moving in the geographic space.
  2. If the person rotate 3 times counterclockwise and 1 clockwise, he will be taken somewhere in the past, where his mind is most connected.
  3. If he turn 3 times clockwise and 1 turn anticlockwise he will be taken to the future. A future where his mind, at that moment, is more attuned.

It is very serious and there are reports of people who “happened to be” above these points, made these movements involuntarily and, as a result, were “pulled” into the “Tunnel”. One of the places in the world where there are many Emarcaucos Points is London in some “old” streets, specifically. In Paris, there are a couple of specific active points, which I will not cite here for obvious reasons, but there are also other points dotted around the city. Budapest (Hungary) is another full spot of active Emarcaucos. In the USA there are only two points. One in Sedona and the other in Washington DC (not by accident, in the basement of the White House.) Benjamin Franklin became aware of this. Ireland is another location of many active Emarcaucos Points. In Brazil, there are 6 points in 6 specific cities: São Tomé das Letras / MG, Brasília / DF (which, not by chance, one of the points from there is programmed to bring to the Old Rome, this point is below the Alvorada Palace). Other points are disabled. It has in Rio de Janeiro / RJ (I will not cite the point) and São Paulo / SP (which I will not mention the point). Foz do Iguaçu / PR and Curitiba / PR. Another point of great potential is Mato Grosso do Sul, but it is also disabled at the moment. There are, of course, several other points in Brazil and in the world that it is simply impossible to cite everyone here. There are points that are disabled and the reason for the deactivation is the negativity of the community that tried to go through several points. Feelings that bring to the closure are ambition, revolt, selfishness, bad faith, personal negative interests, violence, greed. Some people may ask, “So why Brasilia, where there is a lot of corruption, is still active?” Honestly, I don’t know; I still haven’t had that answer (but surely there is a reason, and it’s a very serious one). As the Forces of Light advance, these blocked points will begin to open and interact with each other in perfect synchronicity. As human beings become spiritually more mature, they will begin intuitively to find the Emarcaucos Points, and may even find one within their own home. Never know! And, of course, with its high energy, they can help in activating all the Points scattered throughout the Planet. There are very high in consciousness human beings that can create an Emarcaucos Point where they want. One of them was Saint Germain. Another one very well-known by the Brazilian northeast people, is Father Cicero. Obviously, Jesus, Muhammad and many other Masters also mastered and knew these points. Consciousness is growing. growing is the inreased ability to deal with things using subtlety and intelligence for a higher purpose. Do you have a higher purpose?

ETNYA SOLARIS She is a Solar being, purely energizing and conductor of joy. She is a ceremonial being. She is esponsible for preparing great events in spiritual plans. She is known in the Great Central Sun, as Etnya, the Solar Brightness. Her energetic signature is known wherever she goes, as she radiates the pure solar energy.
In many meetings, where the situation is very serious, Etnya bringing the energy of lightness and joy, softening the “tensions” and making all smile only with her presence. Inside the great motherships she is a crew member of the Arcturian Army, she is 1,6 meter tall, when in a meditative state rises to more than three meters.
She ncarnated several times in the physical Terran plane, in Atlantis, Mu, Egypt, and at the time of the of the Ascended Jesus. She is by nature an integral part of the monastery of Master Jesus. She is much sought in the spiritual plans to teach children of various star races, where many of them call it Nya.
She is much loved by the Essenes, where in one of her enlightened lives she was present in the sacred rituals of consecration. She consecrated many beings, bringing the energy of Aton in their hearts, and unifying them to the Sun God. She has an intense connection with Aton, being able to call him whenever she wishes. She is one of his rays on the Terran surface.
She has beeen called by Pleiades 1 to definitively incorporate her solar energy into the Terran surface, as well as to go in the lower astral zones and carry the energy of joy. Especially to go to places where there are depressive and suicidal souls, and bring there her solar energy glow and anchoring the energy of Atton. When she says, “I AM ETNYA, CARRIER OF THE SUN OF LIFE AND I HONOR THOSE WHO I REPRESENT”, an intense energy from the Galactic Central Sun will descent upon her, which will reach her Crown Chakra, passing through the Sun, and stopping in the Heart Chakra. And from there, rays sparks out, and every ray represents the endless opportunities to be happy and thank life. It is a solar master, the Sun itself in Terrano’s body.

FLASH FROM CENTRAL SUN Ray of Light that will leave the CENTRAL GALACTIC SUN and reach the heart of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, thus promoting a wake to the true US ONE. It’s an event announced ages ago. Christ and so many other Masters announced it.


GUARDIAN OF TIME The Guardian of Time has the function of unifying the ages, the generations, to help enlighten the timelines. The Timekeeper is the one who holds the magic of time, who can visualize and extract any energy from the Passed Time and bring it to the Present to enlight what is needed to be enlightd. hi is not Soperior nor Inferior,  he is only one of the representatives of the magic of the unification of the temporal lines. He can, if he wants and is harmonized, access the Akashic Recordings and illuminates it using the old energies.

GUARDIAN OF REGISTRIES – LOCAL UNIVERSAL AKASHIC RECORDS KEEPER He is a Magnetic Being and. Initially his mission on the physical plane, would not be to access and keep the  Akashic Records of this Local Universe. This access was given to him due to his commitment in the Physical Plan where he has the task, as well, of Gathering Starseeds. This being has the support of the Ancients of Time and Akashic Records, as well as the Cetaceans. In tune with these forces, he can bring any Akashic Record of this Local Universe (and also of other Universes) only by projecting his consciousness into the specific frame, as long as it has a higher purpose. He has a deep connection with the Guardian of Time, and they work together from the very outset. Hiss purpose is to harmonize and illuminate the past time lines needed, as well as integrate the future lines into the present timeline.  This being is already known by many and, despite having several names, the Pleiades 1 calls it ZERO I.

HARBOR RANGER (Captain Dhodi) An organize and member of the Precise Calculation Star Group. He is an interpreter of codes and calculations in the Galactic Language. He can be also called “Eye of Horus.” He is directly connected with this being and if you close your eyes, you can visulizzare him, you can also look through his eyes and know what happens at thousands of miles away. He is a Ranger and Observer by nature.
He is a Solar Being, of the Order of Horus. He operates in various expressions, some of which Pleiadian, Siver Fleet or Ashtar Command and has a deep energetic connectionwith those who are called Guardians or Blue Birda (Blue Avians).

INFRASOUND C3 One of the mental control systems of the surface population. Weapon used by “air” and MiD, always for purposes of mind control. This weapon i used to keep the People on Earth under control and acting according to their wills. It tries to suppress free will by inducing people to think that they take all their decisions based on their own wills, but in many cases they are influenced by subliminal infrasound and ultrasonic waves. To reduce the effects try to lower your vibration frequency, in particular the emotional vibrations. It tries to suppress the people’s will of fighting against the control of the darkness.
The expression 1/7 means that there are, at least in Zone T, seven (7) systems operating in that region and, in a NOTE from Pleiades 1, they mention “Infrassom C3 1/7 successfully deactivated over Zone T” – meaning that the “part one” of this system was deactivated/dismantled by the Light Forces.
There are ways to avoid the onslaughts of these negative technologies by also using other technology and precisely the Pleiadians’ Tachionic Technology.

INITIATIC NEUTRON Do not confuse with the neutron of physics, nor with the veil mentioned by COBRA, – the negative plasma layer. In the initiatory language, Neutron is the name of the force – an energy that divides the Vibrational Plans – separating them as if they were the walls that separate the rooms of a house. The Initiatic Neutron is active until the consciousness is high enough to cohabit with the parallel realities / other vibrational planes. Such a barrier is maintained until the being reaches a certain level of consciousness to be able to interact with the other realities without “bursting.”

INITIATORY NEUTRON Not to be confused with the Neutron’s Physics, nor with the veil mentioned by COBRA, the negative plasma layer. In the initiatory language, Neutron is the name of the force – an energy that divides the Vibrational Plans – separating them as if they were the walls that separate the dependences of a house. The Initiatic neutron is active until the consciousness is high enough to cohabit with the parallel realities / other vibrational planes. Such a barrier is maintained until the being reaches a certain level of consciousness and be able to interact with the other realities without “bursting.”

JERUSALEM Third Mother Ship for triangulation.

LOCAL ALLIES and / or SYSTEMICALLIES  Local means a local grouping, from a specific area where trusted being of the Forces of can be authorized to participate in high-level meetings. In these meeting the topic is about the Earth’s and Galaxies’ situations . These Allies are generally extremely ethical and incorruptible beings. The Systemic are, in a sense, the expansion of the Local as theidr duty is spreading the message they receive from authorized local.

MiDMinions in Distress – stressed, disturbed, restless minions in imminent danger …. The bosses of the negative, or something like that.

MAGNETIC JUNCTION It’s a node part of uniqueness. Every human being is a node that joining with other nodes form the structure the magnetic grid around the planet. The network that will support and sustain the evolution of energy of the Planet and Humanity.

MAGNETIC ISLAND City of Curitiba, Brazil

MIKANU-AVUL (or MIVU), THE MEDIATOR He is a being from a system of Green Worlds.He specializes in medicine and food through the most subtle energies. He knows every property of plants and fruits, knows how to take good care of physical systems, always giving vitality through the potions he makes using what nature has to offer. In one of the Green Worlds of the myriad worlds of his system, he is also a wise and mediator. In his civilization, when there were conflicts, he was called upon, through his wisdom, to listen to the parties involved and find the best solution.

MIDUNUS He is a lightwarrior by nature,  with male magnetic polarity. In many of his incarnations in the Earth plan, he has been known to have the power of ten men. Midunus is about four feet high, he is very strong with penetrating gaze. He usually dresses like a warrior. His eyes are like two balls of fire and he has a golden sword. He partecipated in the development of the Pleiades and helped to end several galactic wars. He was in Andromeda and has a specific dwelling in the constellation of the Lira. He belongs to a race that is not fully illuminated, but in severa thousands of years have reached the link to the Supreme Source. The present mission is to help his race to reach the Light. He integrated in his self the gifts of ancient Atlantis and Mu. He has started various sacred rites in his various incarnations on Earth where he had brought the healing power, which is naturally irradiated by his presence. The combination of Warrior and Curator form the perfect potion for the enlightenment of all those around him. He has a direct link to the Tibetan Portals, as well as with the Healers and Magnetizers Masters. He became acquainted several times in the Earth Plan, on one occasion was a well-known general of terrestrial history of which I do not know the name. He incarnated among the great Pharaohs and was a trusted security guard and servant. In one of these incarnations he was beside Tutankhamon, as one of his guards. At that time he met a being of the Pleiades known as Vithor, Archangel Michael. At that time the Pharaoh was a pioneer in the process of mummification, longing to be eternal. In the study of these mysteries of life beyond body death has often participated in rituals to achieve this goal. He has acquired a deep respect for Anubis. He was also incarnate with a feminine appearance when, on one of these occasions, he was a well-known Catholic Madre Superiora in Italy. He was also among those known as Clarisse, whose leader was Clara from Assisi. He has learned the White Magic in his many incarnations in Egypt and the ability to extract the healing energy from herbs. He is also a healer of the Nature. When in the great galactic battles, hewas often seen alongside Ashtar Sheran. Always at his side in many missions in the cosmos as well. He often led the Army of Lightwarriors into dark spaces to save souls swallowed by the darkness of anti-love. He also gained great ability to walk from dark environments and can easily enter the darkest ones and return unharmed. In every invocation he makes he is immediately heard by his army, which is patrolling around the Earth, in their Terriestrial mission. He is infinitely assisted by Anubis, Osiris and Isis, as well as by the Ascended Masters, especially Djwhal Khul, and he can count on them at all times. Dear Kuan Yin has a deep affection for Midunus, because on one occasion she and a group of beings were in serious danger and when Kuan Yin invoked the Light Protection Forces she was immediately enslaved by the Midunus Army. He is called by Pleiades 1 to balance the two forces, Authority and Healing, and heal the lower astral planes. He is a natural born leader and healer. He was called to invoke the forces of Anubis, Osiris, Isis, Djwhal Khul and Kuan Yin on the Earth’s surface, in order to bring spiritual balance and awareness to all the inhabitants of the physical plane. He will call all these forces on the Italian soil and plant the Pillar of Light within the Basilica of St. Peter.

MINAJI GROUP Group of positive interdimensional beings that have physical bodies materialized on Earth. (They are not properly “incarnate”, they use the form that is appropriate for the moment). They are always watching the great behind-the-scenes movements in order to guide and instruct for good, helping in the development of humanity as a spiritual and expressive race in Love. They usually operate in the following areas: Japan, South and North Korea, China and Taiwan, where they maintain their secret bases, one of them is on the mountains and I am not allowed to talk about. When in human forms they are so beautiful, they look like porcelain, skin and appearance, they are so perfect!!! These beings can take any physical form they want, as well as to go in any part of the Solar System in their own Merkabas. Obviously, only very trusted people are allowed to attend their meetings in the mountains, and when some “ordinary” human, with a glance, suspects they are “different”, they can quickly make the human change their thinking. It’s a form of protection. When some human “by chance” are approaching one of the entrances of their mountain bases, they make him unconsciously  change their way. They do not trust human instinct much. Only a few people on Earth had personal contact and get to know who they are. One of them was the well-known Mother Tereza of Calcutta, Kuan Yin, Confucius, Lanto, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and of course some very pure and ethical human beings have had the opportunity to contact them and consciously receive their guidance. They can cure some diseases with just one touch. They are very beautiful beings and are making themselves available to the PVSE groupings in the intensive dismantling of the Misuk Base. The name “Minaji Group” was their request to create a certain vibration which allows them to be more attuned to humans. They also assist in the activation of the third eye and the human ethical-moral development. They aim for an interaction with humans, but they do not trust them completely yet, and they ask that everyone reading this information pray for an ethical and loving world. They say, “It will be a pleasure for us to look into your eyes and see the Moral Light of your true angelic nature. For centuries and centuries we have been watching you, human beings, and wishing you to awaken to loving unity, remove any moral deviation of your personalities – and thus enable physical communication with people like us. And of course, to recognize yourselves as you are: equal to us. Until then, we remain hidden to avoid the imbalances that cause… worship. We trust that we have an ally there, not a fan, our love and apajak (reverence)”.

NATYLA-HA, The Nynph Guardian of the Seven Bright Lights  She is a being that originates from Alcyone, the great star. It was on Sirio, the Pleiades, Andromeda, Arcturus, the Orion constellation and Auriga/Capella. In the astral areas she is also a member of the Tupinambá tribe, whose leadership is a dear person who, when incarnated between 1500 and 1600, was a great leader of an Inca tribe known as the White Silk Arrow. Natyla-Ha is also a fragment of Gaia’s own consciousness, the spirit of Earth. He has a deep bond with the Devic Kingdom and can easily connect with this kingdom with one breath. She also belongs to the Marian fleet. In her Devic expression, she looks like a beautiful transparent crystal like a white sun. In her hands she brings three beautiful white flowers, each with seven petals: two of these flowers are in the left hand and one is on the right. Her eyes look like two blue diamonds. Her hair is white gold and diamond falling on her shoulders. In the center of the forehead has a blue crystal, which looks more like a Merkabah. There are seven bright spots on the planet and Natyla-Ha is one of the responsibiles to keep these seven points, which have their own specific functions. Each point is linked to a cosmic succession.

  • Point 1: Vortex near the Nile river in Egypt, connected to Sirius, bringing the old Syrian heritage to the surface.
  • Point 2: Vortex in Hawaii, bringing the historic heritage, the Pleiades energy.
  • Point 3: Vortex in Australia, especially Uluru, and bring the energy and heritage of Arcturus.
  • Point 4: Vortex in the Netherlands, located right in Amsterdam, Andromedan heritage.
  • Point 5: Vortex in Brazil, a particular point in Brasilia that carries the heritage of the Auriga constellation.
  • Point 6: Vortex on Mount Fuji, Japan carries the legacy of Orion, in particular of the Three Marie.
  • Point 7: The core of the Earth’s vortex, where all human history is stored, is reverberating in the planetary grid: the inheritance of human purity and the whole force that triggers full planetary transformation.

This point is the most important. Every positive action of humanity is stored in this vortex and that is why many scientists worked for dark forces to penetrate the core of Earth. Many did it unconsciously, under the command of invisible negative beings, their intention were to implant a black stone at the center of the Earth (not to be confused with the Cintamani of Light). These beings are hindered by Natyla-Ha and her grouping. They are responsible for keeping these seven points perfectly connected and preventing violations and avoiding disturbances to the power that flows from these points. These are linked together, in sync, forming a single powerful vortex on Planet Earth, called Crystal Vortex. The connection of these seven points guarantees the physical non destruction of the Planet Earth and the inviolability of our divine inheritance. Ensures that the Sacred Crystal in the Heart of Every Human remains inviolable. Even with heavy low vibrations on this planet, it allows every human being to remember his divine inheritance. To ensure this and maintain this synchrony, these seven points reverberate to another 170 “minor” points on the planet. And they all are synchronized. One of the powerful beings that helps to keep all this synchronization is Mother Mary. Natyla-Ha has incarnated several times in the terrestrial physical plane: she was close to Maria Magdalena; Also near the first Clarissa, in Assisi; Under the reign of Amenhotep III, was very close to him, known as Gilukhipa. She was also close to the one known as Manoel da Nóbrega which is the same spirit as Emmanuel, Chico Xavier. She has a deep bond with the Kingdom of Fairies. She has been called by Pleiades 1 to incorporate all her cosmic patrimony and strengthen the seven points of the planet. Called to pick up his phalanx and increase the strength of Seven Points and the 170. Called to join Devic forces to complete the restoration of the flora and fauna on the physical plane, allowing the “extinct” creatures to return to this reality. Many of them, who could no longer resist the violence of some Terranos, asked Gaia to remove them from three-dimensional plan from the presence of terrestrials, she obeyed. Many of them want now to come back to interact with Earthlings. A magnetic security grid – which will be formed by the decree invocations created by Natyla-Ha and the Devic company – will help create the necessary protection. Also called for the creation of new bright spots throughout the Earth, both physical and astral. Also called to check the Ley Lines and ensure their complete operation.

NEBADON Great Mother Ship coming from the Star System of Antares. Antares a red supergiant in the constellation Scorpius. Nebadon is part of the Light Forces.

NOVA AURORA A peaceful planet, that has exploded 65 million years ago, in the Constellation of Lira. The explosion occurred in the midst of an intense galactic war. A group of negative beings called Harmites/Harmitians, in possession of advanced technology, planned to dominate that entire system illuminated by two suns.

The native forces of that region fighted the negative beings to defend their system, but in the midst of the war, using a plasma weapon, the Harmites struck one of its suns. It blown up in a Supernova and the nuclear wave destroyed the three planets of that two-sun system. One of them was Nova Aurora; The other two were colonies. Before the explosion, many Aurorans fled the planet into the Pleiades System and from there spread to other places in the Galaxy.

From the Lemurian age, many Aurorans began to massively incarnate onto the Terran surface, than the become aware of the presence of some of those Harmitian beings who destroyed their System. Some Aurorans took the opportunity to interact with those Harmitians and, as very loving beings, to embrace them in a pure gesture of forgiveness. Others, not so much so.

Much of this confrontation is what is being seen between Palestinians and Israelis. There are amny on both sides, Aurorans and Harmitians. The positive Aurorans has long sought to contain these clashes, embodying as Palestinians and Israelis in an attempt to pacify this old feud. One of those Harmitians who parteciapted tho te dstruction of the Aurora System, is the one today known as Benjamin Netanyahu. A great soul of Aurorans is known as Malala Yousafzai.

There are, at the moment, massive incarnations of positive Aurorans in that region and they will bring definitive peace to this confrontation. In addition, Pleiades 1 asks all Terrans to support the incarnate and disembodied Aurorans who are trying to pacify that region. Due to the intense negativity of some Harmitians, a powerful negative has been growing in the area, which ultimately attracts not only Harmitians and Aurorans, but also other beings with an instinct toward violence. That region is now in subject to and intense projection of Light to be completely healed.

To conclude, it is clear that many Harmitians have already ascended to the Spheres of Light and have helped the peaceful Aurorans in resolving this situation.

The fragments, both physical and astral of Nova Aurora, which are falling on the Terran plane, will become like crystals of peace and hope. They will also awaken the Aurorans still asleep, and intensify the Light in the heart of the awakened Aurorans, both in the astral and in the physical Terran planes. They will help pacify the hardened hearts of some Harmitians and fertilize the Terran plane with the energy of Nova Aurora, which was a planet of pure Love and splendor.

NORTH BASE / PROGRAM SolSuper-2 It is an area in the etheric plane where are made experiments to create super soldiers. The program is called SolSuper2. The intention is to genetically modify beings and to turn them into super soldiers completely at the mercy of the orders of their superiors. Virtually, they are like controlled robots. Initially these modifications were made to some etheric entities (transformed into negative warrior beings), and then were inspired by the secret surface negative agencies.

There are other zones like this, both in the etheric and in the physical palnes, the Light Forces are working for their liberation. The North Base is just one of them. The majority of the etheric beings recruited are beings with weak minds, inclined to negativity. They are offered improvements such as strength and power, and of course they are seduced and put at the disposal of experience. In the physical plane, it is practically the same, some of them are kidnapped and threatened if they do not collaborate with these programs. They have their families and loved ones threatened if they do not accept the participation. They are handpicked by these agencies, which have certain technologies capable of detecting certain types of DNA and natural abilities, which facilitates the development of the experience.

NILUN, THE COLLECTOR OF FRAGMENTS He is a Being of a Devic Kingdom, highly developed telepathically and very loving. He have all the affection throughout the Deva Kingdom. His kingdom is from the galaxy of Andromeda, a cluster of eight (8) small planets, three of which are to illuminate this system. It had passages in several other systems, Sirius, Vega, Orion and a longer time was in the System of the Pleiades, from where it went to Terrano System, thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago it was also in the oceans, wearing the dress of a prince of the seas, (like the Mermaids).

In one of his robes, it is a Beautiful Elf that works with other beautiful Elves and Fairies in a work of collection and defragmentation. Collection and defragmentation of Fragments of Souls!

For thousands of years, in many stellar systems there have been many nuclear explosions. These explosions affect not only a physical realm, as it did with the Terran system in its world wars, but affect a whole system. Nuclear explosions are not only dangerous for destroying the physical, but also severely aggravate the astral realms. When there is a nuclear explosion and a physical being dies, it also has its soul damaged. In the explosion, besides the destroyed physical, the soul ends up being fragmented in the explosion, as if they were thousands of pieces, a “rain of glitter”. Is very sad. That is why the high spheres are very rigid when certain non-spiritually advanced civilizations begin to develop this weapon. This is what happened to the Terrano System when they discovered the bomb. The humans were immediately warned not to use this weapon. “Of course, terrestrial humanity had no maturity at all.

Not only do nuclear explosions affect souls by making them fragmented, but also the relationships between beings. When you enter into dramatic relationships, where there are disputes and sufferings and your bodies of pain interact, where there are loving relationships in which partners constantly fight and only unite for sexual intercourse, know that there is soul exchange, Fragments. If you give your partner parts of you, and he is not worthy to have parts of you honoring, dignifying and giving parts of it to you in a loving way and in a loving exchange, there is a problem. Relationship is a constant “love exchange,” it is a “give love,” it is “the other receives and gives back love.” If not, there is problem, there is fragmentation. This is something that happens naturally, especially in sexual intercourse. There is an energy exchange, because pieces of you go to the other. And if it is an unworthy relationship, there is suffering and fragmentation.

Many Terrans are afflicted by being shattered when they end a loving relationship, or even a friendship, or break ties with a loved one. The feeling is that your pieces have gone away. That’s because you gave parts of yourself allowing them to go, in an unworthy way.

Everyone knows that you should give love without expecting anything in return, but you should not confuse this with allowing yourself to be vampirized. A vampire is also a process that fragments your soul, steals your energy, as in “blocks,” making your soul fragmented because the vampirized energy of you is yours, not the other. How many people have already vampirized you! And, know: there are thousands of pieces of you scattered around. Take them back. Empower yourself and decree that you want to take back all the energy that has been taken from you and that you want everything to come back to you again

Giving love without waiting in return has nothing to do with allowing yourself to be drained. When you are completely defragmented, in a loving and harmonious state, you give love to the other and this donated love “does not need you,” because from its inner source flows a river of endless love. But when you are, in a way, disconnected from your inner strength, your inner love, your self-love, (which happens in most Terran relationships, when one wants the other to complete and nourish it) -there, Yes, there is room for fragmentation. You give up waiting to receive because you think it will only be complete if the other also gives you. Then all the problems begin. When there is complete love interaction between beings, there is no risk of vampirehood. They both really love each other; Both, by themselves, are complete; They do not need to steal energy from each other. They exchange each other and equally give and receive energies in a beautiful way, so that their fragments become one. While a fragment travels to meet the being, in the middle of the path it merges with the fragment that comes from the other being. They merge, become one, and divide again as they continue the journey to the other being in an exchange activity. It’s a beautiful thing to see. (That’s what I, Gabriel, now see with the spiritual vision that God gave me at the moment). There is no theft there. It is love interaction, the most intense.

Accidents, childhood traumas and many other issues also end up fragmenting the soul, making it incomplete of itself.
Further explanations were needed here to better enlighten readers about the magnificent work of this loving Being and his Dévic Grouping. This Being has as primary function to help in the collection of these fragments of scattered souls and to return them to their owners, promoting the complete defragmentation of the Soul. When a Terrano decrees that he wishes to have all of his fragments back in the tone of Divine Authority and Love, this group of collectors quickly works in harmony, collecting all the fragments, whether they be on the Terran Plane or any other system, To give back to your due Being. It is a beautiful work done throughout the Galaxy, and beyond.

In its highest expression, this beloved Being of Dévic Nature not only collects fragments of Terran and Galactic souls, but systems of whole worlds. When there are natural explosions in certain systems, and there is a great fragmentation of matter, it meets with its grouping to organize all the fragments, in a harmonious way.

This particular group is responsible for keeping the beautiful rings around Saturn in a harmonic way. Not only of Saturn, but of most of the planets of the local Solar System containing rings. But, they have a special affection for Saturn, where some of them have had some lives.

This beloved Being is in constant contact with the beings of nature, consciously or unconsciously, being able, when in consciousness, to call them at any moment. He is so loved by them that he is often given surprises … He has recently received a few surprises and will continue to receive. For the skeptical Terranos, it may seem “silly,” but deep down in their soul, they know where they come from.

Often your devic friends honor he with fragments of little things of nature, for example, small balls that may, surprisingly, fall from a tree when you pass through that place. They do this and laugh lovingly, honoring them.

Nilun has a strong magnetic connection with that call from Cinti, The Storyteller. Just as it also has a magnetic connection with that known as Eliar-Flours, having been found for thousands of years in the Andromedan System. He met with 0i (Zero i) the first time in a meeting, when the Terrano Plan was forming, and Nilun was informed that one day they would meet again on the surface of that Planet. When he was in the seas, he also met with Cadhi, Magic, The Flautist and Akashssa.

In his usual deviant garb, when he is in the astral zones he wears a garment that looks like a green overcoat darker and brighter, with buttons as if they were pearls of the sea. It has very pointed ears, a penetrating and greenish look. Hair in a dark tone, but when in contact with solar energy they become lighter, platinum blond. There is a particular gesture that I will describe as follows: when you are observing something carefully, you let the head fall slightly to the right in a movement that shows attention and curiosity . He likes to walk barefoot and his feet are always beautiful and bright. He’s reasonably tall, with his six feet. It has the ability to turn counterclockwise and disappear into a bright green cloud. It has more special abilities, among them, is hypnosis. Use it only when needed, and always to protect some environment of not very loving visitors. He looks deep into the eyes of the invader and paralyzes him with his gaze, shows the palm of his right hand to him, and he becomes paralyzed. It has a very particular perfume too, which when it arrives in some environments is quickly known. If it is an environment where darkness prevails, all who are there, fall asleep.

He is being called by Pleiades 1 to assist in the complete defragmentation of the Terran System at this final moment, which precedes the leap from Terran reality to high vibrations. Called both in the astral and in the physical plane to help beings defragment their souls, lovingly returning to them their lost parts in spacetime. Called to gather in the astral and physical all those of his group that for some reason are lost of themselves. He is receiving powers of invocation from P1, which will quickly bring any lost soul fragment. He will be receiving in his telepathic channel the powerful invocations that, when made, will move a power coming from his kingdom. Called to reassure the Terran hearts, from the astral and physical, giving them the tranquility that NOTHING IS LOST. This is your motto, Nilun.

PVSE Portal Vórtex Sementes das Estrelas

PRIESTESS A group of souls, mostly female on the physical plane. This energy is not restricted to just a select group, but it is a comprehensive force of any feminine, or tuned masculine, being on Earth Physical Plane. Within this Group there is a specific movement, they were together in Delphi (Greece), Venice, Rome, Milan and lived in the vicinity of the Great Vesuvius in the Gulf of Naples, Italy, performing great healing work using white magic. Many of them, at that time of the huge Vesuvius volcanic activity died during the erupted. At the time, many of them were nearby performing chakra alignments with many people in that region. Pleiades 1 has requested the creation of a comprehensive space where all those attuned to this energy come into contact.

PORTAL EX, MOBY AND ANTHA These are portals of entry and exit of certain areas of the Plasma, Atheric and Astral planes of the Earth. The Army (Special Rigel) are beings from the star Rigel (they are positive Reptilians) that tried to prevent another army of negative Reptilians from entering the Solar System to try to rescue other negative Reptilians trapped in this System. Pleiades-1 prevented all this and subsequently authorized the Positive Armyto enter some areas of the Earth System in quarantine, to assist in capturing some negative entities, who have been trying to hide from the Forces of Light. EX Portal is located in Tibet Astral,” MoBy “is in Africa, especially in South Africa and Antha is in Japan. They are like little escape gates of certain negative entities. Of course, these gates are now well monitored by the Light Forces. The arrival of the Reptilian  POSITIVE will only reinforce these portals. The MiD, who are trying to leave the Terrano plan, are trying to hide in these gates, They will not be able to escape. There is a massive search for the Forces of Light in all the zones / hiding places for these entities that try to escape, and the siege has been closed, more and more. There is no hiding place that the Forces of Light do not have access to.

PORTAL X New portal opened for the Aharthans for a direct access to the Earth Sugface. It is parte of the new contact protocol.

PRO-LOVE Awakened beings: Lightworkers, Lightarriors , Bearers of Light, Spiritual Guides. ALL THAT SERVE IN THE LIGHT.

QUANTUNS:  The Blue Fire of the Great Prince Michael or Blue Wisps. Small blue glow at the base of a more yellowish fire, very small to the humans eyes, almost imperceptible. Visible in the forests like little balls of blue fire Their function is to illuminate the dark and disintegrate the negative currents that surround the planet.

SENTINELS Beings of Light who control each movement of the entities of darkness. All their plans are known to them. None of these minions can get a hiding place without the Sentinels knowing their whereabouts, neither speak nor think, anything, all is known by the Sentinels. Hence, the Light Forces are always one or more steps ahead.

SECTOR S3T Lower astral sector where crazy / negative scientists develop (or try to develop) nanotechnology with negative purpose, and send it to the surface. This area extends beyond the technology, here they attempt to create negative microorganisms that can infect biological organisms on Earth, including the wildlife, with devastating effects.

SHENION THE ANALYST Member of the Sirius corps that operates in the 6th, 7th and 8th sector. This group is made up of highly developed beings, psychologically and with very high concentration levels. Shenion is an expert analyst of biological nanotechnology and micro-organisms, a true luminary in the field. This analysis technology was created by this group, a technology that is used in many other systems and worlds. The analysis technology cleanses from micro-organic and negative nanotechnology contamination. This technological system is composed of a hollow cylinder through which transit those who need to go down in certain more “contaminated areas”. Here they are analyzed by the system created by the analysts and the analysis carried out by Shenion controls every little detail that can be “out of place” or untuned.

SILVESTRA, THE LUNAR PRIESTESS AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL WARRIOR She is a very enlightened soul and and a gigantic force. She is a stellar traveler and walks through the systems with a court of powerful priestesses, each carrying a spear of Light that looks like made of diamonds. She has long been in the Pleiades, also in Sirius A and B. She is one of the sustainers of the Goddess energy at this moment on the planetary surface, and her connection to the Lunar energies keeps her in close tune with the Goddess.

STAR 9 It’s a gigantic Crystalline ship. One of the main functions of the crew of this ship is to maintain security in all quarantine, preventing the escape of entities that are within the barrier that surrounds the entire Solar System. The creatures of this ship are humanoids and measure around 3 to 4 meters high. They are slim with large eyes, slightly larger than the humans. They wear silver jumpsuits glued to their body. They have four fingers on their hands and feet. They are powerfully empath and can paralyze the action of beings with negative intentions just with their penetrating gaze. The ship has about a billion consciences and is about the size of Jupiter.

STENIAH, THE STAR GUIDE Steniah, The Star Guide, is a very loving being, dedicated to sustaining the energy of the Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds, Rainbows and all Starseeds that have made themselves available to incarnate in the Terran Plane to assist in the process of transition to the higher spheres. A natural being of the Pleiades that acted with its multiple expressions also in Sirius, Andromeda and, currently, throughout the Local Solar System. At her highest expressions, she is about two and a half meters tall, large blue eyes anda light blue skin. Her long hairs are also light blue. At the tips of the fingers she has lights, similar to those that appear on the alien’s finger from the movie “ET”.

On the head, she has an ornament like a tiara and, in the forehead, a blue crystal similar to a Cube of Metatron. Not by chance, she is also responsible for installing and maintaining the Metatron Crystalline Grid on the Planet. When Prince Mikael left the Galaxies gathering the Starseeds for the great mission, she was on his side. When those seeds said “yes” to the call, she took them to special points, where they were given instructions for the mission. She coordinated the descent to the density of these subtle and loving beings, doing all the preparation and being responsible for All the positional logistics of the Star Seeds. She, with her court of Light, guides all these Seeds to the strategic points and helps them in their processes of incarnation.

Millions of years ago, she saw the entire development process of the Solar System. At the time, she met Zero i and his court of Masters, who were already preparing to descend to the density. In one of these moments when she was preparing the descent of a vast number of Starseeds in the time of Lemuria, thousands of them were receiving the last instructions when she saw, in the midst of about two million beings, a special soul! His eyes met in the midst of those thousands of Beings. It was his Twin Flame. She saw that her Flame would descend into density, and at that moment she decided that she too would descend and incarnate on Earth. And he came down to stand by his Flame, not caring where the Planet was. She just wanted to be on the same Planet.

Steniah is being called by the Pleiades 1 to awaken in the heart of stellar souls embodied the sweetness of Love and understanding in this Terran Plane. She, as very loving as she is, has committed herself to helping all Starseed souls who incarnate on the physical plane in order to be an immense loving and patient beacon. One of its greatest virtues is the loving understanding of the most hardened souls, and is being called by the Pleiades 1, precisely, to calm the hearts of the Star Souls who have not yet been able to understand some of the harder souls. She is being called to act very sweetly with these most hardened and needy souls so that the Star Seeds will see her and have her as an example. Also being called by Pleiades 1 to join Cinti, The Storytelling Fairy, and to be the supervising the “Crystalline” Grouping.

T Zone: Israel Etheric Plane

VIRUS SINUS  A code of Light placed in the negative matrix. In this case, specifically for the dismantling of the layers of negative plasma that prevent, or try to prevent the entry of pure Sunlight and / or the Forces of Light. It can even prevent the entry of telepathic thoughts of Light of the Supreme from the Higher Levels. The word “virus” is used because, in this case, causes an “infection” (positive) in the negative matrix and starts the collapse. This code, Sacred Geometry Microscopic is designed by Sirius A.

VIRUS 1/7 MAGNUM  Virus 1 of 7 within the fraudulent banking system – Function: Causing system malfunctions and preventing transactions via SWIFT and other fraudulent means of theCabal. A computer virus inserted by the Light Forces to gradually overthrow the old system and prevent the Cabal to continue to use the world’s money for their plans.

X440-Z9 Blue galaxy, origin place of IUD-IL and CADI-IL. See related information.

ZERO or SEEDREAACK 0I (ZERO) he is a Being Magnetic overflowing with Universal Love. He came from a Magnetic Universe not yet known on Earth. His name is SeeDreaack 0i (i Zero) is a celestial code: 0 = units within the command. i = is the expansion energy. Representative of the primary energy of creation. Zero, when his name is pronounced in the lower astral planes and on the surface, disintegrate any negative currents. The code also identifies the multiverse. Zero has recently received an update to be applied in his energy field, this update is known as ULT (Universal Love Transmitter). He spent 170 (one hundred and seventy) terrestrial days receiving energy directly from his Magnetic Universe, which allowed to update directly on the Earth surface and become one of the direct transmitters of this magnetic energy, from their magnetic universe, to Earth.

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