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Planet Energy Structures - New Galactic Ops Part 7

Planet Energy Structures

New Galactic Ops Part 7

March 2021

Planet Energy Structures – New Galactic Ops Part 7 – March 2021. By Lev.

The new war in space and near-Earth (see Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation, New Galactic Ops, Part 6, March 5, 2021) has not stopped other Galactic Committee and Co-Creators operations on the planet.

In March 2021, at the quantum level, they continue to actively saturate the Earth with dozens of high-vibration Source energies.

With their help, Galacom removes the remnants of the 3D Matrix of the Archons on all levels. At the same time, the Co-Creators purify and expand all Earth space to the sixth-dimensional level.

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Planet Energy Structures - High-Vibration Source's Energies

High-Vibration Source’s Energies

Planet Energy Structures

Our 3D/4D/ 5D eon is already not only anchored in it but is gradually being brought into by the Co-Creators. It will be our new living space.

Higher Light Hierarchs are transforming the planet and its energy structures before our eyes. Every day this is accompanied by up to a hundred earthquakes of different magnitudes. Volcanic activity is activated.

Galactic Committee cleans the planet and humanity of dirty, spent plasma with its whirlwinds. Sometimes it turns them into real space hurricanes.

One of them – over the North Pole – worked for eight hours at an altitude of several hundred kilometers in the Earth’s ionosphere, where the atmosphere is in contact with outer space.

It consisted of a swirling mass of plasma about a thousand kilometers wide, had several spiral arms, and rotated counterclockwise. Then it was gradually removed.

Planet Energy Structures - Plasma Storm Over The North Pole

Plasma Storm Over The North Pole

Planet Energy Structures

Galacom also uses Gaia’s magnetic field to transform the Earth. Periodically, the Higher Light Hierarchs increase their activity to the level of a storm.

It was the case on March 1, 2021, when they used the solar flare and the particle flux from the southern hole in the Sun’s atmosphere to create a real magnetic storm. It was the most powerful since 2019, reaching the G3 level.

Through a giant crack created in the Earth’s magnetic field, which remained open for over 5 hours, Galacom intensely pumped the atmosphere, soil, water, crust, and the core of the Earth with new 5D and 6D energies. This was accompanied by bright Polar Lights over most of Canada and Alaska.

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Planet Energy Structures - Magnetic Storm

Magnetic Storm

Planet Energy Structures

By controlling the magnetic field, Co-Creators adjust the subcortical layers of the tectonic plates to set a more stable planetary equilibrium.

Galacom filled the entire near-Earth sphere with ASTEMO white energy that forms the intelligent plasma of space, saturating it with new information.

From the center of the Milky Way, Co-Creators direct 11 streams of energy, from which they make a new plasma cluster in the Solar System. These are:

Two streams of white SLEMO rays. They combine the full radiation spectrum and correct the entire system functioning;

Five flows of BLISCORI, white-blue energy. It shapes humans’ mental abilities and contains the entire spectrum of necessary frequencies. It carries a new level of information;

The eighth stream consists of yellow SFAS energy. It helps to adapt to high-frequency waves, gives a new direction of development;

The ninth flux is the dark salad-colored FEARIS energy that actively transforms the Earth’s radiations and forms intelligent strata.

The tenth stream of quantum energy FARMS, color ultramarine, forms the mental development of humanity with new programs and a high level of consciousness;

The eleventh run contains LECAS energy, dark orange in color, loading temporary programs to form new matter.

Planet Energy Structures - LECAS Energy

LECAS Energy

Planet Energy Structures

By these quantum energy’s fluxes, formed the room of compacting plasma.

Also, in March 2021, Co-Creators are sending eleven more energies to Earth from the center of the Galaxy to solve specific problems. Namely:

1. SLAGO, pink energy. Forms a new planet’s info field;

2. ERMIGO, brown energy with a yellow tint. Recycles and removes negativity accumulated on Earth;

3. MIRO, crimson with gold hue energy. Directed to the upper atmosphere, aids in conditioning, purification, extraction, and sorting of the plasma produced. Overcoming energy barriers opens Portals to 5D and 6D. In small doses has a beneficial effect on plant growth, helps the natural selection of animal life;

4. BLISCO, light blue with silver tincture energy. Loads new programs of human intelligence development into the Hologram;

5. GLEMAR, synthesis of light violet with lilac tinted energies. Forms 5D structures and clear information flows;

6. FERUS, cream-colored. Corrects the programs of planetary structures development;

7. GRASIMO, purple energy. Synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and scrubs false knowledge;

Planet Energy Structures - GRASIMO Energy


Planet Energy Structures

8. BLEIK, light brown (light beige) energy. Converts particles of Earth’s vapors to create red Life Energy;

9. GLESIS, lilac-colored energy. Compacts l-gamma particles of Intelligence in space and forms energetic structures out of them;

10. GLAMO, dark brown energy. Interacts with the frequencies emitted by the natural world;

11. CAROS, dark purple energy. Seals the particles and clears the space for the 5D.

Higher Light Hierarchy accumulates all these flows on the Subtle Plane into three settlers in the form of spheres. Each performs a specific function but is interconnected with the others.

In them, as in a mixer, energies are fused in the right combinations, depending on what problem needs to be solved.

In one sphere, the energy of FUARO, dark yellow with a brown tint, creates new matter for 4D, 5D, and 6D.

In the other sphere, the energy of FIRSCO, blue, produces purification, stabilization, and development of the human intellect.

In the third sphere, new matter is made, which emits red-brown energy URBAH. By it, Co-Creators control the development and renewal of different kinds of matter on Earth.

Planet Energy Structures - URBAH Energy

URBAH Energy

Planet Energy Structures

Quantum flows directed by Galacom not only completely transform the Earth and the Fifth Race. They accelerate the elimination of the 3D Archon Matrix and the build up a new, of 5D.

To run quantum streams, the Higher Light Hierarchs used in March the complex six-dimensional structure they built on the Earth’s Subtle Plane.

Outwardly it looks like a giant mill-type mechanism with a system of seven spiral blades. Rotating in different directions, they draw in and destroy negative, dirty 3D energies and pump into all levels of the Earth quantum flows of 5D and 6D.

One right-twisting spiral of GLERUS energy, light purple, conducts the primary filtration of space.

Two planes of left-hand rotation of GRISPO energy, blue-azure color, prepare the environment for deep cleansing and changing the space dimensionality.

Two more paddles of right-hand rotation of ERMA energy, red color, form the 5D Matrix, its energy structure, and new matter.

One of two central blades of ERGINO energy, bright green, saturates new matter with vitality. The other affects the Earth’s magnetic field, aligns its energy, regulates the climate, and creates the 5D Hologram.

In March 2021, Co-Creators continue the Earth and human transforming operations using another complex they created in 6D.

It is a channel of quantum flows, which consists of nine platforms and forms its spirals (planes) of energies. Each is applied for a specific purpose.

Planet Energy Structures - Nine Platforms Of 6D Channel

Nine Platforms Of 6D Channel

Planet Energy Structures

The first platform of CAROS energy, dark purple. Compacts particles and clears space for new formations.

It forms a spiral plane of two energies. One is SFARGO, yellow and lemon color. Clears matter from 3D intelligence and helps adapt to new quantum impulses. Another is BLISCO, light blue with a silver tint. It lays new patterns of intellectual development and thought process in the Earth’s Hologram.

Second platform of GLASSO energy, brown. Collects remainder of knowledge from human civilization’s previous stages.

Forms the plane of GLASO energy, brown, and BARI, light burgundy. Both prepare the development of new matter in the Earth’s atmospheric layers.

The third platform of GLEGES energy, dark lilac. Filters the near-Earth space from impurities.

Forms a plane of two energies: KEGIFOR, light emerald, that changes the properties of matter; and FIRSCO, blue, purifies and stabilizes the people’s mental development.

The fourth platform of SFIRO energy, bright yellow. Neutralizes side effects of pressure jumps, coronary and general planetary.

Forms a plane of two energies: GASIG, dark brown, destroys the 3D Matrix structures and prepares the place for the new of 5D; and CAROS, dark purple, which compacts particles and clears space.

The fifth platform of BIGS energy, gray ash. Changes the overall state of space and opens Portals to our planet’s inner worlds.

Forms a plane of MIGRO spirals, light cherry. Filters and stabilizes the atmosphere’s layers; and FIRSO, blue, realigns and solidifies the new mental development.

Planet Energy Structures - FIRSO Energy

FIRSO Energy

Planet Energy Structures

The sixth platform of KEGINO energy, emerald green. By magnetic fields, it transforms the matter structure.

Forms a plane of two energies: CAROS, dark purple, compacts particles and clears space for the 5D; and GASIG, dark brown, destroys 3D structures and creates conditions for the 5D’s.

The seventh platform of CHEGREN energy, black. On the planetary level, it sorts out and removes chirons (negative energy quanta or Evil particles).

Forms a plane of two streams: GRASIMO, violet, synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, removes unnecessary knowledge; FIERSCO, blue, purifies and stabilizes intellectual development.

The eighth platform of ASTRO energy, white, creates intelligent plasma, saturates it with new information.

Forms a plane of energies: GELUS, purple, weighs the new mental plasma, gauges the resisting strength to external influences in the molecules of protein organisms as well as of Earth’s – to quantum impulses; and GRICADO, dark blue, creates the life-support structures of the planet during the transition to the 5D.

The ninth platform of GRISPO energy, blue-azure. Helps purify and change the dimensions of space.

Forms a plane of spirals: FEARSCO, marine green, gives birth to new matter in the process of purification and stabilization of the next cycles of evolution; and FUARO, dark yellow with a brown tint, helps to create the matter of 4D, 5D, and 6D.

Taken together, all of these processes expand the space for a new Earth and humanity in 6D.

Galacom not only saturates the entire planet and near-Earth space with powerful quantum currents but also actively removes all 3D energy formations from it.

By the red energy of the ERMA, Co-Creators make a forceful, ultrasonic impact on plasma, transforming it and changing the speed of its rotational motion.

Planet Energy Structures - ERMA Energy

ERMA Energy

Planet Energy Structures

It transitions to a new state, changing all three platforms of the three-dimensional world – 3D, 2D, and 1D, which are already moving to the four-dimensional reality.

The 2D platform splits into white and red energies, which are channeled into their respective spectral fluxes.

Utilizing magnetic energy fields, Galacom pumps out planetary 3D energy, used and unneeded, into special storage bowls. 3D plasma emanated from Earth is accumulated in four small spheres on the Subtle Plane and then removed.

As collectors, Galacom actively uses the space fleets’ ships of the Galactic Confederation, which includes over 1,000 Star Systems in our Milky Way sector.

No matter how complicated Galacom’s operations and the processes launched by the Co-Creators may seem, we need not fear the transition to the fourth and fifth dimensions. They are simply an improved version of us.

Many people have questions about 4D and 5D. Do we interact with objects there the same way we do here? Or everything is ephemeral there, not to touch, not to hold, but only to perceive and feel?

The answer is yes: it could be touched and hold.

In 4D and 5D it’s the same as it is now. There will be the same people, only with new qualities. Even in the fifth dimension, we will see ourselves as ordinary, habitual human beings.

The fourth dimension is only transit between the fifth and third dimensions. Once crossed over into it, we will not experience fear, but rather will relax and calm down because it is familiar to us. It is safe for us. It is our Home. There is no opposition, no duality, and no destruction. Only Light and Good.

Planet Energy Structures - Only Light And Good

Only Light And Good

Planet Energy Structures

There is not even death in 4D. By moving to the fourth dimension, we will regain the ability to live long, 700-800 years. Our body will be young and healthy because, by crossing over, we’ll begin to rejuvenate at an accelerated rate.

A person will leave space (not die) of his own free will, whenever he wants. By dissolving his body into one world and appearing in another. It is as if he will disappear into the Light Portal when he decides to move to the next level.

There will be the same families, children, kindergartens, schools. Labor and creative teams. Science, art, architecture, painting, construction.

Medicine, too, will remain. As long as there is a material body, there will also be medicine, but only in a different way – healing by thought.

The main driving force in the 4D and 5D is thought and energy. Thought can sometimes be imperfect. With the help of other energies and substances, a scientific combination of them will only be welcome.

Planet Energy Structures - Healing By Thought

Healing By Thought

Planet Energy Structures

In the new world, the usual food will remain, of course, vegetarian. Gardens, greenhouses, plantations will remain. And the animals will be vegetarian, too.

Women will give birth in the normal way. Pregnancy would be a wish, of their free will. Not as it is now, unregulated, due to animal physiology.

Even if a woman gets pregnant, if she changes her mind in a short time, the pregnancy simply stops on its own and disappears. It’s all very humane.

Earth of the fourth dimension will begin to actively cooperate with alien races, but only with those on the Light Side. Cooperation will be friendly and fruitful, enriching the experience of all parties.

Planet Energy Structures - Light From Ether And Crystals

Light From Ether And Crystals

Planet Energy Structures

Science and technology will be many times more advanced than our three-dimensional technology. There will be no shortage of anything. Light will be produced from ether and crystals. The money will disappear, replaced by a system of mutual exchange.

The weather on the new Earth will be comfortable, reminiscent of a Mediterranean summer. With an abundance of light.

We will discover such abilities as teleportation, materialization, telekinesis, and telepathy. There will be enormous opportunities for self-development and creative growth.

Living interaction with nature, space, energies will interconnect into one harmonious picture of life. They will complement and improve each other.

Planet Energy Structures - World For 4D People

World For 4D People

Planet Energy Structures

But only people with high frequencies and an expanded level of consciousness will be able to move into the fourth dimension. These are those who have chosen the Light Side and consciously act for it.

There are already many such people. In 2021, Co-Creators are actively preparing some of them for the transition.

Their bodies and brains are readjusted to a different space. Dormant DNA strands are activated from two to four (and later to 12 or more). Consciousness is prepared to perceive a new form of life.

This preparation began at the end of December 2020 with the advent of the New Galactic Year and is still ongoing. Once the readjustment is complete, they will be moved to 4D and 5D reality.

Planet Energy Structures - Vision Of A Parallel Reality

Vision Of A Parallel Reality

Planet Energy Structures

First of all the cosmic souls are being re-coded now. These are people who incarnated on Earth from very high dimensions, who came from the material and spiritual planets of Light.

They already have 5D codes loaded in them. Some had it several years ago, others just recently. Some were downloaded while they were awake. To others, it was done in a dream. The new codes will be activated (unpacked) on demand.

Especially ready for instant transition are those in whom Thin-Material implants are installed. As well as those for whom the fourth dimension is a temporary location on the way to the fifth.

For the most part, these are people who have once experienced the transition procedure in other Star Systems. The Higher Light Hierarchy has already begun to give them signs and to carry out test transitions for them.

How it will be going with us?

One day we will begin to see two realities at once. It will be unusual and unfamiliar at first. We will have to master the skill of switching ourselves to different frequencies like in a car we shift gears.

At first, there will be harmless mishaps, slippage, falling out of realities.

For example, we are walking through a park and decide to switch to the fourth dimension. In it, we see the same park, but a different one. We walked along the path, looking at the plants, listening to the sounds, enjoying the new sights.

Planet Energy Structures - The Same Park, But Different

The Same Park, But Different

Planet Energy Structures

And then we were called. Turning around, we find ourselves back in the park in the third dimension, and we see that we have been lost there. We have fallen out of sight. And we find ourselves at the back of the park, a few meters away from our relatives.

That’s how we’ll get used to it. And in the same way, our relatives will get used to it. There will only be mishaps at first, then everything will be fine.

Moreover, the process will go on in a harmless mode for us. The 4D/5D system will carefully monitor our safety and will not allow us to get into a dangerous situation. It will immediately switch us back.

After some time after testing the first group, the following groups of people will be connected to the parallel reality of 4D/5D. Alternately and when ready. And so on in order.

All humanity that has chosen the Light will make a progressive transition to the new world in the coming years. And this is the Great Quantum Transition nearest scenario.

More by Lev

Pummeling – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Pummeling – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The first days of October are accompanied by increased activity of the Sun. Solar storms with strength of 6-7 points (on a 9-point scale) resume every 10-12 hours. They are accompanied by powerful cataclysms all over the planet: volcanic eruptions, the strongest hurricanes and floods with great casualties and earthquakes.

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The operation of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs to create an Absolute-like human Monad to populate the future, 4th Local Universe turned out to be extremely difficult. The main obstacle was that this op directly depended on the results of many other works, tests and experiments that were conducted in parallel with energy flows, matter, the structure of the Universe, the Pleroma and its inhabitants, etc. (see Parts 1-10-1).

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In Operation 4th Universe, one of the most difficult problems was the Monads. Partially, DNI already covered this topic (see – Operation in Germany, Part 2; and Our Monad, Parts 1, 2 and 3). In this sphere, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe has left a terrible legacy. What was it? Why it was so difficult for removing?

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 9 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

With the advent of the Cosmic Day in 2023-2024, the manifestation of the Absolute in the Local Universe will increase. Its goal is to help all existing Intelligence forms become Absolute-like. So that they can hold Its undistorted smallest particle and assimilate Absolute Light, that is, the environment in which It reigns supreme.

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 4th Universe Part 8-2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Any awakening is the decision exclusively of the Monad (Soul), which has materialized its manifestation body here, in 3D, and depends on a huge amount of factors. According to the circumstances, for gaining experience, the Monad can take advantage of external favorable conditions for awakening, or it can continue to receive what she needs through the subconscious of the embodied “sleeping” person.

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