Pillars of Light - Information Synchrony

Pillars of Light – Information Synchrony

Pleiades 1 – Cobra – Pleiadians

Pillars of Light – Information Synchrony. By Solange Yabushita.

Sometimes it may seem complicated to understand the Pleiades 1 Messages, but other times it’s not that complex.

One of the things that hinders the understanding is our old linear thinking. Linearity is definitely a structure of the old paradigm, the old energy, and it no longer fits the new way of using our cognition.

Explaining in a rudimentary way: the synapses (information passing through thought) do not have a defined linear path within the brain.

Instead, they move around carrying the information to the neurons, which have some kind of “casual” connection to their information, to then close the circuit and complete the idea.

Here we are talking about the information regarding the “Pillars of Light” mentioned above. The reader who closely follows the messages of the blog will relate the “Pillars” quoted by P1 with the “Pillars” mentioned by Cobra, and also with the “Pillars” cited by the Pleiadians.

The Pillars of Light are also known as Tubes or Columns of Light.

On the Cobra‘s part, the information is that ” The Forces of Light use advanced technology of Pillar of Light (ATVOR), to solve the primary plasma anomaly …

Release the Old Karma

Messagge from the Pleiadians

ATVOR Technology


The Pleiadians, in this is the message delivered to Gabriel, they stated “we inform you that tubes of Light in light Blue and Violet are being installed throughout the planet in an intensive, at this very moment, in order to accelerate the Process of ‘karmic liberation“.

And, as if that is not enough, we have several recently published photos of the Pillar of Light phenomena. The “official” science has its own explanation for their existence.

This is not surprising, since we know that behind the so-called “official” science there are the dark Cabal, the Archons, the Khazarians … They all, have their explanations, for everything.

In addition, the Pleiadians said in their same message that “(…) Some more sensitive people will be able to see the installation of these tubes of Light throughout the planet, like lightning coming down from the sky and settling on the surface“.

“That’s what’s happening now.

And, one might ask what is the meaning or function of the Pillars of Light. According to the Bulletin of the Pleiadians, they “… accelerate the process of ‘karmic liberation’. This will trigger situations, for some, a little agitated, just so that karmic processes still ‘dormant’ come immediately to the fore. Naturally you will strengthen your ties with those with whom you have more ‘complicated’ karmic ties, if you do so lovingly and comprehensively. The intention is not to create conflicts, but rather to accelerate certain processes that will more rapidly trigger the rise of the Planet as a whole “.

According to Cobra “The Light Forces uses advanced Pillar Light Technology (ATVOR) to solve primary non-linear plasma anomaly using the mathematical principles of iteration“.

About “iteration,” COBRA suggest theì informations below.

Iterative Method

In computational mathematics, an iterative method is a mathematical procedure that generates a sequence of improving approximate solutions for a class of problems, in which the n-th approximation is derived from the previous ones. A specific implementation of an iterative method, including the termination criteria, is an algorithm of the iterative method. An iterative method is called convergent if the corresponding sequence converges for given initial approximations. A mathematically rigorous convergence analysis of an iterative method is usually performed; however, heuristic-based iterative methods are also common. In the problems of finding the root of an equation (or a solution of a system of equations), an iterative method uses an initial guess to generate successive approximations to a solution.

In contrast, direct methods attempt to solve the problem by a finite sequence of operations. In the absence of rounding errors, direct methods would deliver an exact solution (like solving a linear system of equations. Iterative methods are often the only choice for nonlinear equations. However, iterative methods are often useful even for linear problems involving a large number of variables (sometimes of the order of millions), where direct methods would be prohibitively expensive (and in some cases impossible) even with the best available computing power.



E come se non bastasse, abbiamo delle immagini di fenomeni di Pilastri di Luce pubblicate di recente e a cui la scienza “ufficiale” da un’altra spiegazione della loro esistenza.

Questo non ci sorprende perché sappiamo che dietro la scienza cosiddetta “ufficiale”, sono anche in azione la Cabala, gli Arconti, i Khazariani… Tutti questi hanno le loro spiegazioni per tutto.

Inoltre, i Pleiadiani hanno avvertito nel loro messaggio che “(…) Alcune persone sensibili psichicamente potranno vedere le ‘installazioni’ di questi tubi di luce in tutto il pianeta, come fulmini dal cielo che si fermano sulla superficie Terrestre“.

E’ quello che sta accadendo ora.

Ci si può chiedere quale sia il significato o la funzione dei Pilastri di Luce. Secondo i messaggio dei Pleiadiani servono ad “… accelerare il processo di ‘liberazione karmica’. Questo potrà innescare situazioni, per alcuni, un po’ agitate, per fare in modo che i processi karmici ancora ‘addormentati’ vengano in superficie. Naturalmente ci sarò un rafforzamento di legami con coloro con i quali si hanno più legami karmici ‘complicati’ se vengono affrontati in modo amorevole e con comprensione. L’intenzione è di non creare conflitto, ma di accelerare alcuni processi che attiveranno più velocemente l’innalzamento del pianeta nella sua totalità“.

Secondo Cobra: “Le Forze di usare la luce usano la tecnologia vanzata dei Pilastri di Luce (ATVOR) per risolvere l’animalia plasmatica non lineare utilizzando i principi matematici di iterazione” .

A proposito di “iterazione“, COBRA indica le informazioni di Wikipedia che seguono.

Metodo Iterativo

In analisi numerica un metodo numerico iterativo è un tipo di metodo numerico nel quale le successive approssimazioni della soluzione al problema matematico esaminato sono ottenute a partire dalle precedenti.

Ciò comporta che un metodo numerico iterativo necessiti di una stima iniziale (valori di starting) sul quale innestarsi e la possibilità che le approssimazioni convergano solo alla soluzione, ovvero che non sia possibile giungere alla soluzione esatta in un numero finito di passi.

I metodi iterativi sono un’alternativa ai metodi diretti per la risoluzione di sistemi lineari, in generale preferibili a questi perché più efficienti o più stabili, soprattutto quando si devono trattare matrici di dimensioni considerevoli o matrici sparse.



The plasma anomaly cited by Cobra, which seeks to solve, is precisely the energy implanted on the planet that triggers this state of pain and suffering to which humankind has been subjected throughout the times.

It is a subject that has already been widely explored by Cobra.

AN Conversion

Unity of Creation

In this article, for example, explains that “The primary anomaly is the root cause of all suffering, where all the negative actions of all sentient beings are in a chain reaction of generational trauma, originating from the original fall of grace, The original encounter with the primary anomaly, millennia ago, and the original experience of the deployment process in this distant past“.

However “All this will be solved as a result of the energetic intervention of the Galactic Central Sun“.

We infer, therefore, that the primary function of the coming Pillars of Light is to help in the process of liberation of mankind from what we know as implants and all other maladies related to these plasma anomalies, which holds the planet in quarantine.

The avalanche of transmuting energies that circle the Planet is notorious. The Beings of Light that accompain this process have brought abundant information about it.

There is a recent channeling by Gabriel, in which Ashtar Sheran brought a great encouragement to our life, particularly to love, so worn by the karmic energies, he said: “This is the right moment to share with you some information, thanks the intense energies that have bathed the Earth in the last few months, and will continue. You have perceived an intense acceleration of events in your life… You will begin to give yourself more attention, affection and Love, as these new magnetic waves will have a “look in” effect and value your own Innate gifts. (…)“.

Thus, we can say that we are effectively being bathed in the long-awaited energies of Light. It is left to us to surf in these waves, with lightness. And… to be happy !!!

The victory, … is of the Light !!!

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