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Physics And Metaphysics - The Importance Of Spiritual Science

Physics And Metaphysics

The Importance Of Spiritual Science

Into The Deeper Realms!

Physics And Metaphysics – The Importance Of Spiritual Science. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Since 1964, the Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory in Oulu, Finland has been monitoring neutron activity.

In brief, a neutron is a binding energy that holds the nucleus of an atom together. It is actually a type of sub-atomic particle “cosmic wave” – a plasma – like energy current which carries radiation. It also has no electrical charge.

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​For several months, the neutron count has been registered as being “Very High” on Earth/Gaia. In fact, cosmic waves have reached what scientists call a “space age high“.

Solar winds can cause these neutrons to soar into the geomagnetic field (outer region) of Earth/Gaia and eventually into its magnetic field (inner region).

Physics And Metaphysics - Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory

Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory

Physics And Metaphysics

Then the ECC or the “Energy of Consciousness Currents” (the vibration, frequency, and quality [governed by collective consciousness]) of the planet fluctuates as well as does the strength and power of the planet’s life force.

DNit Telegram Channel

Earth/Gaia tosses and turns, moves up and down as “She” is pushed and pulled attempting to throw-off disturbances.

This is the “basic science” of cosmic occurrences. However, there is a “spiritual” phenomenon to this as well.

Physics And Metaphysics - Energy of Consciousness Currents

Energy of Consciousness Currents

Physics And Metaphysics

For many eons, Spiritual Scientists/Mystics have taught that human thoughts have an electrical charge or vibration which is transmitted into the ethereal realms where particular cosmic forces receive the messages and send out certain energetics such as solar flares, solar winds, cosmic waves, etc. which clear-out disturbances to the planetary fields (inner and outer) of Earth/Gaia and invite elevations of human consciousness so that disturbances caused by human misuse of free will can be mitigated.

At the same time, DNA is re-structured, transformed, made to be multi-stranded. Creation is given powerful pulsations of LIGHT.

On the other hand, Spiritual Scientists/Mystics taught and still do teach that human emotions are magnetic charges or vibrations which, along with the electrically-charged thought process, create material, i.e., earthly experiences.

Thus, in thinking about the quotation by Rene Descartes that “Thoughts are things“, it should actually be “Thoughts AND feelings are things“.

Physics And Metaphysics - Vibration, Frequency, And Quality

Vibration, Frequency, And Quality

Physics And Metaphysics

When a person has a thought about something, a particular emotional response is registered about the thought, and together a physical manifestation occurs.

For far too long, humanity has primarily lived, however, by its ability to think in logical fashion, to analyze data, and to be traditionally scientifically driven. In other words, the electrical charge of thought has been of primary importance. Emotions have often been scoffed at as unnecessary “fluff“.

If, therefore, neutron counts have gradually been increasingly higher over many decades, and if they carry a magnetic energy, then this would indicate that feelings are becoming more paramount than just logical thought.

This is why the Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) and the Fourth Chakra (Heart) have been tremendously activated in humanity over time, and these activations are becoming even more profound in this time/line.

These activations are upgrades, and although the symptoms of this upgrading are uncomfortable, and tend to manifest as nausea, digestive upsets, anxiety, heart palpitations etc., they are necessary as the strong life force of SOURCE LIGHT “scrubs” the physical vessel’s cellular memory.

All aspects of the nervous system also surge with this cleansing energy of LIGHT.

Physics And Metaphysics - The Importance Of Spiritual Science

The Importance Of Spiritual Science

Physics And Metaphysics

The discomforts are because emotional traumas of the past and current time lines are being eradicated. The LOVE and LIGHT of SOURCE must now become the center of attention.

For those who remember the “Star Trek” television episodes of the 1960s, Dr. Spock of the Starship “Enterprise“, who was a Vulcan, would need to be upgraded from his “logic only” electrically-charged characteristic to also having “emotional responses” – a magnetic charge. The imbalance of “logic only” without regard for “feelings” is not the way of the “New Golden Age“.

The magnetic field (inner core) of Earth/Gaia is moving towards a shift. This is a sign to humanity that it too must make a shift in what is truly valuable.

How one “feels” is important too – not just what one thinks! How many “Earthlings” “feel” compassion for what “Mama Earth/Gaia” goes thru every time “She” is pummeled with earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, fires, floods, etc. due to humanity’s misuse of free will (which requires the electrical charge of “thought“) causing tamperings with Nature; hatred;, division; toxicity of water, soil, and air – all of which then require an answering back from the cosmos whose cleansing actions have been orchestrated by SOURCE?

We must understand the “metaphysics” of what is occurring both on Earth/Gaia and in “Her” home galaxy of the Milky Way as well as the “physics“.

We must realize how potent electrically-charged thoughts PLUS magnetically-charged emotions are to creating a world of PEACE, HEALING, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, and all of what most of humanity “claim” they are seeking.

Who have you appreciated today?

What are you grateful for today?

How have your emotions been the projection of your thoughts ?

How have both your thoughts and feelings created certain experiences for you?

Are you ready to receive greater SOURCE LIGHT?

Consciousness is non-local.

It is not centered in the brain which is a storehouse of images.

It is the totality of the metaphysics of our HIGHER SELF – the SOUL – which is connected to SOURCE.

Receive the LIGHT! Be more magnetic!

Physics And Metaphysics - Goddess Vortex

Goddess Vortex

Physics And Metaphysics

Earth/Gaia is becoming more magnetically-charged! “She” is shifting “Her” inner field. “Her” science frequency of 7.83 recently dipped to 7.33 then to 7.26 and back up again to 7.83 cycles per second. “Her” amplitude or “power” or “strength” is changing too.

She” will not allow human folly to continue to disturb “Her“.

There is definitely a metaphysical component to each physical happening on Earth/Gaia.

Rarely is anything as it seems on the surface. An awesome transformation is being done.

Certainly learn of the science of magnetics and geomagnetics, but also learn of the “meta-science“, i.e., the “metaphysics” of magnetics (our inner beings) and of geomagnetics (our outer beings)–of thought and feeling.

Become whole.

Shift with the planet.

Appreciate the LIGHT!

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