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Perfecto Mundo - Clif High

Perfecto Mundo

Where Do You See Flaws?

Perfecto Mundo – By Clif High

Is this world perfect? Or flawed?

If you think it is flawed, is it really?

Or is that view a result of your personal experience and thinking?

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If you think the world is flawed, do you have evidence that does not arise from a personal conclusion?

The various religions approach this question from different perspectives.

Most favor a ‘perfect world’, with the apparent flaws being an artifact of human experience.

In other words, it is a perfect world, say most of the religions, and it is only humans who are not as grand as god, so we project flaws outward onto Universe due to the limitations of our minds.

So it is a perfect world, but we ain’t perfect in it.

Some religious texts describe a different, flawed World, in which there are ‘errors’ in its creation.

Most notably we find this idea in the Talmud, but it also appears in Hindu religious history, and even some Muslim sects.

Perfecto Mundo - Talmud


Perfecto Mundo

The dualist religions of the world are all in the ‘perfect world’ category.

These religions do not see evil as a flaw, but rather as a necessary opposition to good.

Fundamentally the idea is that the human mind cannot define ‘good’ without reference to ‘non-good (evil)’.

Thus dualism is required of a perfect world in order that humans may be able to learn, and have internal progress across time due to their encounters with evil.

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Basically the same concept arises within the idea of a ‘universal, though applied individually as well as collectively, karma’.

In many of the dualist religions, the idea of attempting to eliminate evil from the Human World is completely absurd.

The dualistic Cathari religion describes attempts, personal, or collective, to ‘remove evil’ as ‘trying to breathe without exhaling’.

In the view held by the Khazarian Mafia who take the Talmud as their guide, the world is flawed because god fucked up.

The presented story from the Khazarian Mafia cosmology is that god is something of a bumble fingers, and had an accident with the ‘sparks of life’ here on earth.

We can note a slightly similar understanding coming from Hindu sects about the ‘water’, or ‘blood’, of Life having a ‘few drops spilled’ during transport from western India across over to the Asian Pacific coast.

In both cases, the world is made flawed by accident, not purposefully, by god.

Perfecto Mundo - The Khazarian Mafia

The Khazarian Mafia

Perfecto Mundo

Hmmm… so your god is prone to dropping shit? In both sets of religious texts, if one reads them whole, and assumes that the book is factually reporting a chain of events, these ‘accidents’ are a side effect of wars being waged by the ‘gods’ (there were many of these ‘god’ people in both the Talmud & the Vedic literature) who conquered the tribes of hunter/gatherer humans and used them to wage war on other ‘gods’ tribes of captured humans.

And, in both sets of texts, the ‘gods’ are living, breathing, shitting, beings who are said to ‘have come down’ to Earth.

The Khazarian Mafia tribe of globalists, the planetary self proclaimed ‘elites’, have a view that while the World of Humanity is flawed, it may be perfected, by them.

This idea of an ‘imperfect’ world, but through the actions of specific, ‘chosen’ men, it is ‘perfect-able’ is unique to the Khazarian Mafia.

In other ‘flawed world’ religions, the ‘accident’ that occasioned the flaws may not be repaired.

The World is now, according to these views, flawed, but without redemption of those flaws.

There is much to be learned about the human concepts of Time in analyzing these views, as the cosmology defines the parameters of thinking of the individual.

In the Perfect World view, the world is not constrained by time.

It is perfect, now, and the perceived flaws are just a ‘human thing’ that relates to our personal, and collective, experience of life here in this world.

In the Khazarian Mafia view, Time, is very much a key element in the ‘advancement’ of the World of Humans that the Khazarian Mafia has been told by their god is ‘theirs to rule’.

But, Time is the sauce.

To the Khazarian Mafia, Time is a bitch. In their efforts to “make the world perfect”, in order to ‘induce the gods to return’, every aspect must be ‘perfected’, including attention to the timing.

So for the Khazarian Mafia, it is not enough to have an assassination, or a world war break out, it must do so on specific days, and at specific times.

Perfecto Mundo - Khazaria


Perfecto Mundo

It is this way with all their tasks in service of their gods.

These must be completed to the preset timing, or it’s not going to work.

Of course, Time, being what it is, there will always be another, propitious, time, in the future, for their efforts.

Of course, if they fail to create the conditions, it was due to their flaws, which likely included errors in picking out the appropriate timing. It’s ever so complicated.

This World is perfect.

Perfecto Mundo - Our New World

Our New World

Perfecto Mundo

To view it as flawed, is the flaw in you being projected outward.

Humans are perfect. Even, and especially, our flaws are perfect.

Universe created a Perfect World in which Humanity is to struggle and learn, thus are enemies provided to challenge us through contention to be worthy.

Without the Khazarian Mafia, who will be the enemy to prompt human growth?

Not to worry, Universe provides… it is, after all, a Perfect World.

More By Clif High

Change Of Nature – Clif High

Change Of Nature – Clif High

There is your consciousness, and everything else. Your consciousness is the ‘you’ that is understanding these words, but not the being that is reading them. It’s a little bit complicated.

Serf Up! – Clif High

Serf Up! – Clif High

This whole thing on 15 minute cities is NOT a new idea. It is just the Khazarian Mafia (Banksters freaking out) trying to contain the inevitable rise of the populace towards a new state of freedom. They are very stupid, these KM/Banksters, and can’t come up with new ideas. So they go back to the old ones.

True FED – Clif High

True FED – Clif High

Below you will find a table generated by ChatGPT. This table shows you Chat’s understanding of the management skills of the Federal Reserve Bank (note, it is not a part of the Federal government, has no reserves, and is not a bank).

Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Clif High

Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Clif High

MBP examined. Munchhausen By Proxy (MBP) is a complex ‘social’ disease. The idea is, that in spite of no facts to support the disease claim, a person is made to feel as though they are ill by the perpetrator of the MBP.

The Width Of A Thought – Clif High

The Width Of A Thought – Clif High

Changes. How wide is a thought? Just wide enough to separate you from YOUR FUTURE. Let’s palpate some to discover how far away is the manifestation of that Future.

Freedom of Speech! Yes – Clif High

Freedom of Speech! Yes – Clif High

Freedom of Speech! Yes. Freedom of Reach? Eh, not so sure… We are in War, 5th generation, global, unrestricted warfare. #5GUW. We will be in this War for decades. I shit you not. We are fighting to Live! We are fighting to keep the USA together and Alive! We are fighting to avenge the victims of the [KM].

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