Path To Multidimensionality - The Great Quantum Transition

Path To Multidimensionality

The Great Quantum Transition

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

The reason for this Path To Multidimensionality post is a Star Soul’s comment to The Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops. (DNI, 9 Sep 2020). Or rather, questions in it:

As soon as a quantum leap – we will sleep for a few days of darkness and Wake up in another world where our bodies will be lighter the world will be other and we are for someone else disappear in the 3D world? And each will have two attendants? so it’s then 4 d dimensions! switches off the magnetic field, etc. Or, on the contrary, the world will plummet to the zero points we’d fall asleep and then the world will unfold in a new way and will overlay the two worlds?

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The Great Quantum Transition is in full swing, and all of us – Star Soul, myself, and others – are already living in a new dimension of the combined 3D-4D-5D Eon.

Even official science, despite the Dark Forces’ ban and strong opposition, found the courage to declare it publicly.

The planet without warning already lives in another dimension…

In 2003, an important experiment was launched, which lasted for 10 years – until 2013. Atomic scientists worked hard with the hydrogen atom, observing and studying the proton. The experiments were related to the refinement of the proton radius (Zemach Radius).

Path To Multidimensionality

Path To Multidimensionality

As a result, the incredible was recorded: the proton decreased, then again became the usual size. It was pulsing!

At first, scientists thought that they were wrong in their calculations, that the proton changes under the influence of components from outside. But even the most outspoken skeptics were forced to admit that the proton had taken on a new meaning. The discovery was made that the particle was reduced by 4%.

Everything has changed – its speed, rotation, direction, diameter. At first glance, you’d think the proton had changed, nothing! But after it, all organic matter began to change, because it consists of hydrogen. The density of Matter has changed.

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Think about it, our bodies are also built from hydrogen! This means that the metabolism of bodies now follows a different law. Chemistry, physics, biology, and all other Sciences are changing imperceptibly. The body changes. Hormones respond according to different laws. Neural networks show completely different responses. Regardless of our desire or unwillingness, there will be nothing more in the old way.

The other particles followed the proton. What was considered unshakeable by official nuclear physics appeared in a completely different form. It’s like we’re already aliens on another planet.

Path To Multidimensionality - Proton Bohr Model
Proton Bohr Model

Path To Multidimensionality

The laws that were known before 2013 suddenly stopped working, because the density of Matter has changed. This discovery of many laboratories in the scientific world made scientists all over the World unite, forgetting all the strife.

They are no longer afraid of the Dark Hierarchs and Black Archons, their tacit dictates and imposed rules, what is considered correct and permitted in science, and what is heresy, conspiracy, delirium…

About ten leading Institutes of Atomic physics, reactors, and laser technology rechecked each other, but all the time they came to the same, new value of the hydrogen atom.

Judging by the Laws of 3D reality, this is impossible. However, physics began to reveal new dimensions. This is confirmed by astrophysicists’ calculations of the multidimensionality of our Space.

During the Great Quantum Transition, the proton went from one energy level to another. At the same time, it behaves like a Neutron star – it was big, but it became small.

We, as it turned out, live on a different planet, where all the Laws known to the mankind now work differently. Scientists find evidence at every step. Modern Laws are the World of the Past!

Recent years have been particularly rich in radical scientific discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, which have been showered like a cornucopia.

The German Spitzer telescope, which is several orders of magnitude more accurate than the famous Hubble, is flying in low-earth orbit. He saw the infrared radiation of the Galaxy, which is 60 times brighter than usual. We know infrared radiation, and here, ultra is a new physical term that means even deeper into Matter.

The ordinary electromagnetic scale, which is presented in physics textbooks and reference books, has increased by three octaves in the infrared range and three octaves in the ultraviolet.

We have six octaves more.

This is how Matter was discovered, which, as the Dark Forces’ scientific minions claimed, does not exist and never did. But now it has appeared, and physical devices can detect it.

Path To Multidimensionality - German Spitzer Telescope
German Spitzer Telescope

Path To Multidimensionality

Another discovery… Official scientists knew, and all were afraid, that our Solar System was moving into a Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way. It was unclear what would happen next.

There is no Black Hole now! This astrophysical object has disappeared.

Scientists were very scared. The discovery was classified and removed from the Internet two months after the announcement.

What happened? It turned out that the Black Hole is a door that we have passed through, and the door closed.

But, instead of a Black Hole, another Object appeared. This is also a scientific discovery, and it is called a Magnetar – a Pulsating Star, but not a pulsar.

This Star sprays a liquid magnetic field in all directions – a substance (not plasma) that has no name yet. It is conscious, and reasonable, consists of granules. Granules are small, at the level of elementary particles, and large, for example, the size of the Earth.

At first, the Magnetar was heard in the radio band, and then it was seen using optical devices.

Thus, we found ourselves on the first floors of a Thin Plan, in fact, in the Next World, with which all of us can only be congratulated.

Frequencies are different and organic matter is different… This should not frighten us in any way. Our bodies open up on their own.

And now, the Magnetar lit up-blue light…

Back in 2005, neuroscientists recorded sensational changes in the human hippocampus. The hippocampus is a major component of the brain of humans and other vertebrates. Humans and other mammals have two hippocampi, one in each side of the brain. The hippocampus is part of the limbic system, and plays important roles in the formation of emotions, the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long-term memory, and in spatial memory that enables navigation, and generates a theta rhythm when holding attention.

This area is called the Blue or Blue Spot. It has long been known, but it was not paid much attention. Well, you never know what a person’s brain has…

And suddenly, in the summer of 2014, this Blue Spot in the brain lit up, and immediately all people on the planet simultaneously with the Magnetar’s Blue radiation!

Path To Multidimensionality - Halo of Jesus Christ
Halo of Jesus Christ

Path To Multidimensionality

The hippocampus is projected onto the human’s Life Point on the Subtle Plane and above. This blue light, if you squint, is sometimes visible as a silver halo above the head.

Now the hippocampus is a new organic body that pulsates in tune with the Magnetar.

This is a single system, they have one basic rhythm – the waltz.

The basic rhythm of our Local Universe is also a waltz, in different versions, in different octaves. The octave on which the Blue Spot waltz is performed, and the Magnetar in the center of the Milky Way, works on a new scale, including three new octaves.

It turns out that the energy spectrum of the new hydrogen discovered by scientists is completely different from the spectrum of the old hydrogen.

This spectrum is an infrared color, deeper than the infrared color. It is this range that has become the leading one. We live and do not know that we perceive completely different energy spectra. And it all goes back to human consciousness.

The time has come that we were told about – even in this life, you will find yourself in a Subtle World where everything is controlled by thought. If one wanted to, he moved the chair, if he wanted to, he took off… But we have not yet reached such a concentration of thought and self-awareness.

Path To Multidimensionality - Golden Halo
Golden Halo

Path To Multidimensionality

In this regard, other fantastic phenomena began…

The first basic phenomenon is the glow of a halo on a person’s head. Before the Great Quantum Transition, it was gold. This is how he is depicted in the saints ‘ icons. It was owned only by Masters because there was a very hard magnetic field around the Earth.

This rigidity held back our genetic structure. Now, this field is no longer rigid, it has become completely different. It is very soft and tender. And at the same time very strong, like a spider’s web. The gap is stronger than steel.

An important transformation occurs with Proteus – the spatial energy, the creative principle of Creation, the Source of Life.

This is one of the aspects of Akasha where our higher aspects go. Proteus is in every molecule, in every atom, while remaining invisible and intangible. It serves as a bridge between nerve cells and mental forces (power of thought, creativity, Reason).

Now Proteus has gone into incarnation. This has become our new nervous system. It is saturated with the light of Proteus.

This is a completely different nervous system. We stopped seeing in three dimensions. Our eyes have changed.

For the last 26,000 years before the Great Quantum Transition, everyone had a so-called blind spot in their eye. This is the optic nerve that goes deep into the skull. It was plugged with a special protein tissue, like a plug.

The blind spot covered three-quarters of our spherical vision. We don’t see a Black Hole. Since the brain levels various nuances, it creates the illusion that we see everything.

The presence of a blind spot allowed us to live in a 3-dimensional Space created by the Dark Hierarchy, limited and rigid. This was their condition for our incarnation on Earth.

With the acceleration of the Great Quantum Transition, the blind spot began to dissolve and disappear in the eye. Now we have access to a vision of multi-dimensionality. This discovery of a planetary scale is recognized by scientists in all countries.

The Thymus, the sacral thymus gland, has changed. Now Proteus accumulates in the thymus and then splashes all over our thin nerve channels. The solar and lunar meridians of the physical body are activated and changed.

Proteus’ immune surveillance has changed. Previously, the immune system worked with inertia, slowly. Now it instantly tracks and reacts to every human thought and emotion. It became very important to be able to think.

Think before you think. Everything comes true immediately, here and now. And most importantly, it became clear – why…

Path To Multidimensionality - Thymus

Path To Multidimensionality

Following the change of the body – the amygdala in the Hippocampus area. It switches to conscious perception. Before the great Quantum Transition, this organ was the “house of fear”, it was ruled by the limbic system. And the limbic system is “hit” or “run”, like in animals.

Now the amygdala is being transformed at the level of the cellular mechanism. Instead of” hit “and” run”, conscious perception of the current moment begins to appear. Reasonable. Do not sit and be afraid, think: what will it be like there?

Now everything is as it is received: I will come and sort it out. That is, to Live Here and Now.

We don’t need to know how to do it. Our new organics do it themselves.

You don’t sit in meditation, you don’t eat only vegetarian food, you live as you have lived, and the organic changes itself. In other words, your Higher Self has permitted you to radically change your current consciousness.

We used to be responsible for our actions. Now we will learn to be responsible for our thoughts.

Old packets of neurons will dissolve in the brain. How does this manifest itself in everyday life?

Old packets of neurons are all materialized habits that have entered our blood and flesh at the autopilot level. All we do mechanically is take a match, put the kettle on, light the gas…

Path To Multidimensionality - Amygdala Hippocampus
Amygdala Hippocampus

Path To Multidimensionality

Everything that we have been used to since childhood and that we are no longer aware of materialized, we often do actions and do not notice – how.

Now comes the pseudo memory loss. It occurs when a person is not exposed to any external influence.

For example, you are sitting at home in a calm state and suddenly one day – I don’t remember anything… This will last for a moment, 3-5 seconds, and you will re-enter your current life. But at the same time, you turn off some old packets of neurons, old knowledge.

For example old childhood habits that you no longer need, you are an adult and the situation will not happen again. In terms of energy, they were in the structure of the brain. Now the brain is free of these old habits.

Now you don’t need all this, and this is a large energy reservoir. Pseudo-forgetfulness is freeing up space for the new. It is filled with the new and, at the right moment, you just start to know something novel. Clairvoyance Comes.

We didn’t have this before the Transition. We had to go through the School of Life, gain experience, gain knowledge. Now the experience appears itself as an Absolute’s GIFT!

Up to a certain point, you don’t know what else you have. But a situation happens, and you start to use the ready-made experience. Saves time saves energy, and much more…

You find that you see the situation not from one side, but several at once. And you see it not to evaluate or judge, but simply as information.

For yourself, accept that when you have pseudo-forgetfulness or something like sclerosis, take it completely calmly and know that this is not a disease, but a Planetary Transition.

And this is only the first stage.

Tawa the Hopi Sun Spirit and Creator

Tawa the Hopi Sun Spirit and Creator

Path To Multidimensionality

Time has changed, energy has changed, and our perception has changed. We become the multidimensional beings that were originally conceived by the Creator, Absolute, and all the Higher Light Hierarchs.

Many discoveries are being made about our thoughts and feelings (see DNI,  New BioEnergy Weapon Of Mass Destruction-COVID-19 Part 1,2., 14 August 2020). For example, a link has been established between depression and osteoporosis. This was done by the University of Jerusalem, a series of discoveries. It turned out that the more depressed a person is, the more their bones begin to soften.

The peculiarity of our time is that you can make your medicines, and what you need.

For example, take a jar, pour water from the tap or consecrated, or ionized, any. Take a piece of paper and write – this is my medicine for depression, I recover quickly. Write it and put it under the jar, and put the jar at the head of your bed.

Remember that all this should be done with humor. Wake up in the morning and have a drink. The water changes its structure. Such experiments have already been performed. A sample of the water structure was carried out – it turned out to be different.

Everything depends on the depth of consciousness, on faith. Everything happens at the level of children’s perception. The easier you relate to modern reality, the faster and better it will turn out.

Did you know that laughter changes your mind? Light, like children’s laughter, goes to Creation. These are the same vibrations that resonate with the blue Magnetar in the Center of our Galaxy.

To laugh is to resonate with the cosmos.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of painted mimes on the street? They knock people out of their shells.

Smile at yourself in the mirror more often.

The world split up during the Great Quantum Transition. We are now standing in the gateway – there are such and such among us…

Someone needs material evolution – to live only for money, in violence, in negativity. They have gone to their level of consciousness. It’s easier for them to die than to change.

Others chose a different Path and level of consciousness, the Path of internal evolution.

There is a physical and mental shift – we stop seeing each other. We can pass through each other without noticing and without any discomfort.

This is the division of Reality – some to the left, others to the right.

Those who have chosen spiritual evolution will think before they think. First, we will step on the rake, gain experience.

How to use the new reality that has already come?

To begin with, just know.

Path To Multidimensionality - Magnetar

Path To Multidimensionality

There is a magic phrase – everything works out in my reality. It is easy and simple to say your wish.

This is not an affirmation, it does not need to be repeated for a long time. The main thing is to feel what you are saying and learn to trust the Universe.

This can be applied in relationships with children, to well-being, public institutions, transport, information, buying what you need…

On Our Path To Multidimensionality, a lot of the new amazing discoveries are waiting for us.

And success to all of us in the Great Quantum Transition.



Path To Multidimensionality
The Great Quantum Transition

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