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Out Of The Cosmic Gate! - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Out Of The Cosmic Gate!

Out Of The Cosmic Gate! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As of Friday, October 14th, 2022, at 12:30 PM (EDT), solar flares have dashed out of the “Cosmic Gate” with great power!

At 0944 Universal Time (UT), an “M.1” solar flare occurred, and at 1014 UT another “M.1” blasted off, and at 1019 UT a “C.9” has headed out.

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The Sun Last 48 Hours

Out Of The Cosmic Gate!

The magnetosphere is inundated with plasma particles that are pressing into and surrounding it.

Neutron counts are rated as “Elevated”, while the KP Index is showing an “Unsettled” level.

Solar winds are currently slightly above normal traveling at “412.2” km/s with a reading moments ago of 422 km/s.

As we move deeper into the “Eclipse Portal” with a “Solar Eclipse” on October 25th and a “Lunar Eclipse” on November 8th, our solar system will be busy with heightened energetics—which is not unusual during solar and lunar eclipse seasons.

Magnetosphere Pressure 15 October 2022

Out Of The Cosmic Gate!

Season changes—equinoxes and solstices—also have heightened cosmic happenings as do New Moon and Full Moon portals.

However, when events on our planet from the “3d” perspective are intense, then cosmic forces are even more stepped-up in their dynamics as SOURCE performs “CCI” (clearing, cleansing, and illumination).

Earth/Gaia’s “Schumann Resonance” is stirred up regardless of what technological equipment may say when certain charts do not register the strength of the vibrational frequency and amplitude activations.

Also, an interesting phenomenon that some people are experiencing is called “Time Dilation”, which in brief, is the perception of time slowing down.

For example, someone can be busily engaged in lots of activity at work or at home, and when the individual stops, he or she is certain that many hours have elapsed, but a clock shows that only about an hour or so has gone by.

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“Time Dilation” also can occur when people awaken over and over again during the night feeling as if they have slept several hours, but only an hour or two has slipped by—and this can happen all night until morning.

The incessant sleep disturbances can cause exhaustion during the day.

However, exhaustion is also one of the many “Light Activation Experiences” (LAE) because, as has been previously discussed, the “labor” of transformation at the DNA level assisted by LIGHT as it surges into us is exhausting.

In terms of time, however, most people, are experiencing time accelerations—morning rushes into the afternoon, and the evening soon follows.

The latter situation is more prevalent when cosmic forces are enhanced as such as with strong solar flares and coronal mass ejections pushed out by fast-paced solar wind speeds.

As our planet shifts and spins on its axis with powerful LIGHT zooming in from our Sun, the Great Central Sun, the Photon Belt, and “Sagittarius A” at the center of the galaxy, and in other cosmic ways, the space/time continuum is moved forward metaphorically like someone moving ahead the hands on a clock.

The perception of “Time Dilation”, however, or slowing down can help us to be calmer as we move through the day and perhaps perform various tasks with more ease.

Yet, sometimes time will seem to be slow at a certain portion of the day and then speed up at another part of the day.

Out Of The Cosmic Gate! - Anular Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023

Anular Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023

Out Of The Cosmic Gate!

In the cosmos, there is no such “thing” as “time”.

There are gradations of darkness and light. Mankind has calculated milli-seconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. quite well in order to govern particular actions (work, school, meetings, social occasions, etc.) by studying the orbital rotations of our planet and other planets in our solar system, and as our Sun advances in brightness in one hemisphere and darkens in another, our sense of time tick-tocks along.

Mankind has thus worked with cosmic cycles to establish planetary time frames. We have such time units as “Eastern Time”, “Central Time”, “Pacific Time”, “Mountain Time”, “Military Time”, “Universal Time” (which is also “Greenwich Mean Time” [GMT]), “Alaska Time”, “Hawaii Standard Time”, “Moscow Standard Time”, “Gulf Standard Time”, and more. According to the “International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service” (IERS), our planet’s rotation is gradually slowing due to the tidal acceleration of our Moon.

Out Of The Cosmic Gate! - Spherical Time Spiral

Spherical Time Spiral

Out Of The Cosmic Gate!

This organization has various stations located in the USA (at the Naval Observatory), in Europe, and in Australia. However, the realms of “Spiritual Science” disagree about the slowing of our planet’s rotation due to ancient as well as current Divine revelation.

Time is definitely sped up, and most scientific circles know that it has, but most are following the traditional mainstream textbook teachings with no tuning-in to the HIGHER SELF or spiritual study.

In mainstream science, a person’s path or religion is a private affair and only to be engaged in once each week during attendance at local centers (churches, temples, mosques, etc.) that worship an “Intelligence” that the mainstream scientific world either disbelieves in, is unsure of, or endeavors to rival.

The TRUTH is that we are elevating higher and higher; our molecules are spinning faster; and we are being allowed to increase in knowledge along the way.

Mankind will continue to discuss history, science, philosophy, language, religion, culture, and all of the other characteristics or experiences of civilization and give time frames to events. We must do so in order to be organized in our daily affairs and to understand the past.

Yet, we must also realize that we are in a “Now” when certain aspects that constitute civilization are being amazingly transformed along with every other part of creation.

Time, too, is in the domain of SOURCE, and our poly-syllabic scientific jargon does not matter to the INFINITE PRESENCE.

The past overlaps into the “Now” and the “Now” into the future, and the future is being written but changing with every thought wave, feeling, and action.

Time, regardless of our explanations of it, is ongoing because we are ongoing because SOURCE is ongoing.

We are merely “playing-out” the “scenes” of an immortal consciousness on the “stage” of the “Infinite Theatre”.

No one can say when “Act One”, “Scene One” occurred.

Only speculation is possible. We do know, however, that we are continually “writing” both an individual and a collective “play”.

Out Of The Cosmic Gate! - Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness

Out Of The Cosmic Gate!

No awards are given for best performance by an actor or supporting actor or for best special effects or for best costume designing or for best musical score, etc.

Only blessings are given for obtaining HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS AND GREATER KNOWLEDGE.

More By Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 1 March 2023 – March Arrives – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 1 March 2023 – March Arrives – Dr Schavi

As March begins, there have been 127 earthquakes in the past 24 hours with a very strong “6.5” magnitude occurring in New Guinea—the strength probably due to the powerful constantly surging “M-Class” flares of recent previous days—especially those of yesterday—with whopping solar winds pushing them forward traveling in the 700s and 800s km/s.

Cosmic Frequency News 28 February 2023 – More Incoming!

Cosmic Frequency News 28 February 2023 – More Incoming!

Earth/Gaia is reverberating from all of the cosmic events that have transpired over the last several days and is bracing for more potent energetics to arrive if indeed the stronger “M-Class” flares start again and possibly yet “X-Class”.

Cosmic Frequency News 27 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 27 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

As we awaken early morning, Monday, 2/27/2023, we discover that yesterday’s CME impact caused a definite “G2” electromagnetic storm which was expected, and the yet coming CME is expected to bring in the highest level of storming which is “G3”.

CFN Update 26 February 2023 – Major Update

CFN Update 26 February 2023 – Major Update

The first of the two expected CMEs thought to come on Monday, 2/27/2023, has already arrived, and solar winds are strongly pushing it out traveling at a whopping 655.4 km/s.

Cosmic Frequency News 25 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Frequency News 25 February 2023 – Dr Schavi

The Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) which were unleashed a couple of days ago as other “M-Class” flaring events occurred, are carrying positive protons that are said by NASA to be moving at the speed of light into our planet’s poles, and as a result, airplanes could lose radio capability due to this strong ionization as they attempt to communicate with ground crews.

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