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Our Tuning - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 15 - Lev

Our Tuning

From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 15

The Great Quantum Transition

Our Tuning – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 15 – By Lev

Not only do we, raising our vibrations, try to work with 4D/5D, but the new space actively works with us through our Higher Self and Co-Creators.

How does it happen in practice?

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Our Tuning - We And 4D/5D Vibes

We And 4D/5D Vibes

Our Tuning


The following is a story that describes the similar experiences of many pioneers into a new dimension. For convenience, the narrative is done in the first person.

It all started at the beginning of January 2020. I went to bed and suddenly the Energy vibrated in my lower abdomen. I have felt energies for a long time, and before that, they came from outside.

But now some movement started from inside the body. I was very curious about what would happen next.

The energy went down my legs to my feet. There was a feeling that I had some channels in my body that had not yet been used, and that they were out of order for the time being. And so the Energy slowly began to open up these channels, vibrating.

That night they worked only on my feet. I woke up and recorded that the Energy went down to my knees, then to my calves, and so on, until it reached the soles of my feet.

The next night, the Energy went the same way from the lower abdomen, but no longer down my legs, but up my body.

In the same way, some channels were opening up. When the body vibrated up to the shoulders, the Energy went in the same manner to the hands up to the palms and fingertips.

Our Tuning - Up To The Palm And Fingertips

Up To The Palm And Fingertips

Our Tuning


DNit Telegram Channel

It went on like that for a few days. It was all unusual and fun until the whole vibe got to my head.

That’s where I got scared. My mind was pounding in my skull like a fly on glass, and my eyes flashed before me not the best scenarios.

When the brain first vibrates like that, it’s no time for jokes. I just yelled into space:


And immediately I got an answer:

“Fifty-fifty, as you take it. You want a disease, you die. Or you want it to be a body rearrangement. It’s your choice.”

Our Tuning - Vibes Got To Head

Vibes Got To Head

Our Tuning


After pumping the ducts, they went to the muscles. Everything was the same way – from the lower abdomen, first down the legs. Then up through the body.

One night they worked on the spine – shook every vertebra from coccyx to head.

The whole night I woke up and just recorded where the work was going on. Some vertebrae the Energy was going through quickly, some were “picking” for a very long time.

I calmed down a bit, even got used to falling asleep in these sensations, and in principle, it didn’t even bother me to sleep. I relaxed and let the processes run their course naturally.

Until it reached my head again. And then my mind floundered: WHAT’S GOING ON?

A couple of nights I kept the Energy out of my head. And as I was clamping down it was painful. The answer was the same – 50/50, and it didn’t bring relief.

That’s when they told me: CATERPILLAR – KELL – BUTTERFLY.

In the morning I immediately went on the Internet to watch a video of HOW a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

Our Tuning - From Kell To Butterfly

From Kell To Butterfly

Our Tuning


The video that first popped up to me threw me into a stupor. I honestly don’t know if all butterfly species have this process or not.

From fairy tales and childhood impressions, I naively thought that the caterpillar wraps itself in a web, wrapping a cocoon around its corpus. And there, in silence, it quietly grows its wings, reformatting its body.

In the video, the caterpillar just secured its body to the twig, and … Here we go. Its body swelled and hardened into a chrysalis, and a butterfly was being conceived inside. Then it calmly crawled out of the burst chrysalis and flew away.

So on Earth, from one creature emerges an entirely different one than before.

I UNDERSTOOD. I no longer asked the unnecessary question WHAT IS GOING ON? I just relaxed and let the Energies pass through and integrate into my body as they needed to.

I’ve been in this process for a year and a half. There have been all sorts of things.

Sometimes when I woke up, I realized that my body was undergoing surgery on some organ. Something was being tampered with, something being rearranged, even co-tuning with my brain.

Our Tuning - Let The Energies Pass

Let The Energies Pass

Our Tuning


From time to time something was tweaked in the brain, so co-adjusted with the working of this organ.

There was a period when my skin became so sensitive that painful sensations arose from touching my clothes.

Sometimes they wouldn’t touch me for weeks. After a couple or three days, I would involuntarily start to listen: “Why has everything stopped all of a sudden?

They worked not only with the body but also with the Soul. It was tough. For myself, I called the process “turning the fur out”.

It feels like you’ve been turned inside out and physically exposed. On the outside, there is no thick skin but bare nerve endings.

I used to howl in pain, not physically, but from the nakedness of my Soul.

There was a time when at night I felt like I was A TRACTOR IDLING. I had the physical sensation of jumping up and down in bed.

I lifted my hand and watched – no, my hand did not twitch or tremble. All the vibrations are going inward, on a cellular level.

Our Tuning - On A Cellular Level

On A Cellular Level

Our Tuning


The hardest part was when they worked with my head. It is not easy to negotiate with own mind. When it begins to rush around, it does not hear the arguments of reason.

I learned how to knock it out and send it to sleep in the back of the brain. Otherwise, the muscles begin to clamp, and this only ends up hurting more.

It was also very difficult to trust. To trust the New Space that is reshaping us.

This is a personal matter. Everyone chooses to trust Space or run to the doctors, trying to find the cause of change in them.

I have had such examples over the past year and a half. When a person in a panic runs to get all possible tests, and the doctors just shake their heads.

Once again, if a person is sick, they should be treated. But if there are incomprehensible PROCESSES with the body it’s worth listening and looking closely at what’s going on first.




Our Tuning - As Of Worked All Night

As Of Worked All Night

Our Tuning





I was so used to the vibrations inside my body or parts of it, the humming in every muscle or the buzzing in my head, that I wasn’t surprised about anything in particular. I was curious – what’s next?

By June, I noticed that the vibrations in the body had harmonized. The movement in the body had become holistic. That is, it’s not just a muscle or a specific organ that is being worked on, but the entire body as a single organism.

And then, already in July, there was new work going on all night long.

It felt like they were DROPPING my hard shell. They worked with the etheric body, that tightly envelopes our physical body. It was shaken out.

I physically felt that it was swelling, softening, becoming not so static, but softer, more flexible, less dense. In the morning I felt a particular fluidity of my energy body.

For the next few days, it felt like the body was breathing. In the rhythm of the heart, the body expanded, and then returned to its parameters. After loosening the dense shell, it was checked for stretching.

Our Tuning - Etheric Body

Etheric Body

Our Tuning


The next step was the interweaving my physical body into space. Energy from space entered my body, passed through it, and came out.

And so it was for quite a long time. It felt as if strings were being pulled through my body from the surrounding space, connecting me to it.

After that, in the following days, I caught myself in an interesting sensation. Usually, I only felt the energies working when I was calm. But here I was walking through the city, listening to music through my headphones, and I have so swept away into a new reality that when I came to a traffic light I turned my head around in bewilderment – where was I?

Our Tuning - Where I Am?

Where I Am?

Our Tuning


Of course, I returned to the physical world and concentrated to cross the road.

Suddenly, I felt a familiar vibration. Only it was not my body that was vibrating, but the space around my body, in a radius of about 30-40 cm around me. I even slowed down to fully experience this new state.

A few days later, I was allowed to feel it again. I was in the vegetable garden and suddenly realized that an energy cocoon had formed around me.

I froze. The boundaries of the cocoon could be felt physically. It had widened a little, and its radius was now about 50-60 centimeters. I could feel the boundaries.

After that, I have been stretched in all directions again for several days. I lay there and felt my body breathing, expanding each time.

Working with my body has gone to a new level in the last few days. It feels like the body has been PREPARED to accept the new structures.

A white flame-like substance embedded itself in me. It spilled out in liquid, thick heat, through all the channels of my body.

Our Tuning - White Flame Substance

White Flame Substance

Our Tuning


Generally speaking, waves of heat have been sweeping over a lot of people lately. And it doesn’t depend on whether you’re male or female, or on your age.

White flame is not to be confused with a wave of heat, they are different sensations. It is the sensation of a wave of hot air around the body.

The white flame works inside the body, too, if you point it there. It’s a dry heat. But these are the new structures that come, and it’s up to you to decide whether to let them into your body or not.

I don’t remember after which job, I asked those who work with me:

“My physical body has been preparing for over a year now. It is good that I do not panic, but observe and trust the new Space. But what about the others? After all, not everyone, without an awareness of what’s going on, can endure it all, and for so long? “

To that I got an answer:

“When the time comes, many who are walking this path will go through all the stages almost instantly – like you. The main thing is that some are ready to accept it and step fearlessly into a new space.”

And as an aside, a new message from Argorians’ space squadron command, taken on August 11, 2021, at 10:35 AM CET:

“We entered a dense stream of supersonic particles in the membrane filter structure between dimensions.

Watch how you feel. Blood pressure and energy fluctuations will increase.

Our Tuning - In The Membrane Filter

In The Membrane Filter

Our Tuning


Volcanic eruptions are at their limit, tectonics is intensifying.

Unfolding parallel worlds work to give away plasma.

Souls are leaving the planet to materialize new species in their place. The planet renews its gene pool.

Wildfires, floods reshape the landscape of the planet, clearing low-frequency accumulations.

Nature gives up the plasma and gets a new one, energetically adapted for Earth life in a new vibrational orbit near the star Oryx.

The world is changing, renewing all life on the planet, according to the energy parameters of the New World.

It means that there will be new species of animals and plants, a new civilization, and the dawn of Mother Earth.”

More by Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Why do the Souls incarnate on Earth in the twins? Their share in the total number of births continues to grow. Compared to the 1960s, it increased from 1.18% to 2.78%, i.e. almost by 2.5 times. In the early ’80s, one case of twins accounted for every 80-90 births, in the late 90’s – already in 40-45 births. Similarly, in the early 80s, triplets were born in one in 6,400 births, and in the late 90s, in every 800 to 1300 births. Today, more than 100 million twins are living on Earth.

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Is It Important In What Way Conception Occurred? Ivf Or Natural Way? It all depends on the core’s structure. If the Soul’s core is strong and formed, it makes no difference. If its structure is unstable, then IVF may destabilize it even more. It will need to pay more attention to the baby. If the mother is conscious, this is not a fundamental concern.

The Soul Of Our Kids – Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Soul Of Our Kids – Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

It’s a unique document for all of us. Especially for moms-to-be, and for those who don’t want to be a mother. The post is a transcript of a telepathic conversation with a child in the womb in the 7th month of a mother’s pregnancy. This conversation may differ from the chat with other children due to the individual peculiarities of each living being.

Operation 5D Grid Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 5D Grid Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Activation of Earth’s new 5D crystal grid on October 22, 2021, started luminosity of the planet that like a Star radiates its own Light, has sharply increased its general vibration background, accelerating all transformational processes. Thanks to the Absolute-like Merkaba, Earth now receives and absorbs more Source’s quantum flows of high frequency and power.

Operation Karma Of Wars – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Karma Of Wars – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Immediately, almost without interruption, after the last Operation 5D Grid (see DNI, October 29, 2021), Co-Creators connected Lightwarriors’ ground team to the new op. Together with Guan Yin, they were instructed to begin the complete elimination of another huge deposit of Evil – the karma of wars and war crimes accumulated throughout mankind’s history.

Focal Point – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 29 – Lev

Focal Point – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 29 – Lev

November 2021 ushers us in a special karmic period, the FOCAL POINT of our transition, when some of our long-term programs come to an end and others are formed. The activation of the new 5D crystal grid, the increased energy flows through it from the Central Spiritual Suns of the Local Universe, the Milky Way, and Helios, the tripled intensity of Earth’s core radiation – all this and much more will give special power to the stellium’s impact on us in November.

Operation 5D Grid – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation 5D Grid – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Yes, the VERY BIG happened indeed. On October 22, 2021, at 11:11 AM CET, the planet’s new crystalline 5D grid – an Absolute-like Merkaba – was launched to full power. It was done what Dark Forces were most feared of and tried with all their might to disrupt or stall at any price because this 5D energy structure is lethal for them.

Argorians Update 27 October 2021 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 27 October 2021 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On October 27th, 2021, at 11:47 AM CET, Argorains’ fleet that relocates Earth in new 5D vibes orbit in Gerios Galaxy conveyed the following info: “Attention, the commander of the squadron’s ship is in touch. We have entered the energy-pulse space of the third quantum filter of the sixth (out of nine – LEV) cascade between dimensions…

Operation In China Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation In China Part 3 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Before the final cosmic operations in Guilin, Co-Creators had emphatically recommended that Lightwarriors take a closer look at the mountainous part of the area. Such an opportunity was presented during a cruise on the Li River. While they were viewing the picturesque landscape with clairvoyance, the group ran into a surprise. They understood why their High Curators had given them such advice.

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