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Our Revelation - From 3D To 4D And 5D - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Our Revelation

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Our Revelation – By Lev

How to understand at what stage of awakening each of us is at the moment? How many such stages are there? What do they consist of?

In short, there are seven such stages, and each one differs in its energy-informational content.

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The First Stage

At this stage, our feelings, thoughts, and perception of the world are fully subordinated to fear and hopelessness. This is how we react to the current crisis on Earth – political, financial, social and, most importantly, Spiritual.

We are completely at the mercy of the lower chakras’ vibrations, radiating the energies of panic and uncertainty about the future. It seems to us that the ground is slipping away from under our feet, because the familiar world is collapsing, and we see only a gloom ahead.

Our Revelation - Only a Gloom Ahead

Only a Gloom Ahead

Our Revelation

And there are a lot of people like us on Earth. It is on us that the System and its stooges make the main bet, and do everything to consolidate scare in our Souls.

Therefore, in all mass media we hear, see and read only negative and frightening news. They create a toxic energy-informational field around us, which we constantly fuel from the inside, and the System – from the outside. It becomes an impenetrable sarcophagus for Light, in which we rot and die alive, seeing only an abyss of despair, and no one and nothing can argue us out of this.

For human Souls, that abyss is a tragedy. But for low-vibration phantoms, biorobots, clones, embodied in human bodies Reptiloids, Draconians and other negative races, as well as carriers of two Souls (theirs and of possessors) it’s normal and very comfortable.

If there are two Souls in us, then, sooner or later, its human part leaves our physical body. It understands that we are no longer able to awaken in such a short time, couldn’t enter the fourth and fifth dimensions.

This happens especially often with those of us who have already taken the so-called “vaccine”. It is people who are embraced by nothing but panic fear, imposed by the System, who are waxed first.

As a result, an alien genome contained in the “vaccine” is added to our energy-informational field of SCARE in all its manifestations. That further distorts us, leaving no chance to get out of the emotional and mental prison in which we have put ourselves by our free will.

It’s impossible to explain anything to us – our vibrations are so low and our thinking is formulaic. But this is our free choice, and others should accept it without condemnation and aggression.

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The Second Stage

At this stage, revelation occurs. Gradually, the truthful info about what is happening on Earth begins to reach us. Even official sources dare, bit by bit, to tell us about the abuses and abhorrent underside of the System.

Even if we are used to drawing information exclusively from TV, we, willy-nilly, begin to think and understand that not everything can and should be believed unconditionally.

As we perceive information that is unusual for us, new horizons open up before us. They help activate the chakras of higher vibrations and lead to a hitherto unknown world, where everything is not so unambiguous and familiar to us.

The more such info we receive, the richer our inner world becomes, and the more voluminous is our vision of Earth’s events. Since the external always reflects the internal, our progress up the chakra “scale” allows us to better see the cause-and-effect relationships in our own life and in the world as a whole.

For example, when the third chakra becomes more active, self-esteem and self-respect are revived in us. But since this chakra has low vibrations, at the same time we often experience aggression and condemn the perpetrators of the crisis on Earth.

Our Revelation - Third Chakra

Third Chakra

Our Revelation

​On the physical plane, this translates into our endless discussions of negative phenomena and world events, which further strengthens the negative energy-informational background around us.

So far, we see everything in black and white, not taking into account the many shades and nuances that our life is full of. And most importantly, we unconditionally consider ourselves a victim, without even thinking about whether it is our fault that the events around us take such a negative and tragic turn.

In fact, everything that is happening now on Earth is a consequence of the slave psychology of many of us who obediently accepted all the terms of the System. This is the reason that everything on the planet now going according to the toughest scenario.

Unfortunately, our passivity and Spiritual apathy left us no choice but to awaken through shocks. But even they couldn’t open the eyes to those who are not ready for it yet.

Our life is remaining under the rule of the lower chakras, creating an insurmountable barrier to expanding the worldview and the ability to compare facts and events. But still, we have taken a small step forward, which means that our Soul has an opportunity for further awakening.

The Third Stage

At this stage, we begin to realize a new reality. Usually, it happens to those who already have a well-developed fourth chakra and its corresponding mental body.

Our consciousness, although it resides in the third dimension, is already can perceive information that goes beyond the 3D System. First of all, this refers to the Spiritual side of our life, which is gradually beginning to displace the familiar and cozy material side.

Our Revelation - Fourth Chakra

Fourth Chakra

Our Revelation

We perceive the scrapping of the System as inevitable, because we understand that it has reached a dead end, and is no longer able to change.

We begin to look for answers to our numerous questions in alternative sources of information and refuse to draw it from television broadcasts, ceasing to trust official channels.

In our minds, we have already drawn an invisible line between our past life and the emerging new one. We still don’t understand what it will bring, but don’t want to go back to the old one anymore.

So we are approaching Spiritual awakening, although we are still at a crossroads. It is at this stage that we most need help and support, because a lot now depends on our environment and on who will meet on our way.

As a rule, at this time, from the Subtle Plane, Guardian Angels and Spiritual Teachers begin to interfere more actively in our lives, sending us signs and hints, and people who can help us on the physical plane.

Any step we take towards the Light, even the most timid and insignificant, does not go unnoticed. Especially now, when each Soul makes its most important choice: to continue life in 3D or to make the Transition to the fourth and fifth dimensions in their physical body.

Our awareness of the new reality is a springboard for us to take off Spiritually and expand the boundaries of knowledge of the world. The more info we receive on Earth’s future, the more our mental body is thinned, and the more voluminous its energy-informational space becomes, freed from the clutches of official narrative and deception.

Our Soul is emerging from the trap of the obsolete material and mercantile world, and is gradually approaching the world of the Spirit, where not Earthly, but Universal Laws reign.

The Fourth Stage

At this stage, our mass revelation takes place. There are a lot of people like us, but we emit different vibrations, so everyone goes through Spiritual awakening strictly individually, at their own pace.

Now we have well-developed fourth and fifth chakras, and their corresponding mental and causal bodies. Thanks to it, we can introspect, and better understand the cause-and-effect relationships of events in our lives and on the entire planet.

Our Revelation - Fifth Chakra

Fifth Chakra

Our Revelation

This is our big step forward on the path of Spiritual development. We no longer blame others, but try to see the source of all the troubles comprehensively, analyzing what, when and why went wrong, and whether our fault is that the System took away our freedom and forced us to play by its rules.

We have got rid of apathy and slavish psychology, and self-esteem comes to the fore, which no longer allows us to obey the rules and instructions of the System, which go against our desire and understanding of what is happening.

Now, we are not afraid to openly express discontent, and we go out to protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities, defending our independent civil position. We are really concerned about our future; not only its material side, but also the Spiritual one. Like air, we need inner freedom and the ability to run our destiny.

Many of us have managed to defend our right not to take miracle drugs named “vaccine” even at the cost of losing our jobs, falling under other punishments and restrictions.

Methodically and scrupulously, we seek and find confirmation of what we ourselves know and feel in alternative sources of information. It is no longer possible to impose someone else’s opinion on us and force to go against what our Soul has chosen.

Our energy-informational field is growing every day, becoming more and more saturated with truthful data and high vibrations, which is backed by our self-respect, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, the desire to run our own life and to get to the deep essence of what is happening now on Earth.

Our mass awakening is already in full swing, gaining momentum every day and thereby bringing the fall of DS and its poodles, still trying to implement the plans of their masters.

And the more numerous we are on Earth, the more intensively the energy-informational field of our planet is saturated with high energies from within, on the physical plane, from its inhabitants, who managed to free their Souls from the 3D concentration camp.

The Fifth Stage

This is the beginning of our creative activity. We approach it when have fully realized the enormity of the events taking place on Earth, the change of epochs, the breakdown of the existing obsolete System and its replacement with a new one, although many of us still don’t quite understand it.

Not everyone is aware that Earth is moving into 4D/5D at full speed, and the impact of new energies, increasingly displacing low-vibration radiation and the matter of the three-dimensional world.

What is happening to our consciousness can be called an intuitive epiphany under the influence of a powerful high-frequency stream, pouring to Earth from the Galactic Center.

Our Revelation - Galactic Center's Energies

Galactic Center’s Energies

Our Revelation

We can no longer sit idly by, but start to look for a way out of our inner Spiritual crisis, as well as the external one, which is deepening more and more every day, wreaking havoc in all areas of our lives.

We have already activated the fifth chakra and the causal body as much as possible that pushes us to assert ourselves not only by words, but also by deeds, participation in creative work.

We enter the Internet; create blogs, independent channels, sites and television programs that run counter to the official media, which are in the hands of the shadow government. We already have the courage and determination to do this, because we are tired of being afraid and groveling before the authorities.

In the first place for us are feelings of self-esteem and inner freedom, which we are eager to share with others.

Of course, not everyone can maintain the high quality of their work, because many of us still experience emotions of aggression, irritation and condemnation of the rulers.

But the fact that we are trying to convey the truth to people, to open their eyes to those who run the world, to their true plans for humanity, is already a huge step towards destroying the 3D System and building a new just society on Earth.

Since there are more and more of us on the planet now, the general energy-informational background of humanity and Earth is beginning to change rapidly for the better. By awakening our immediate environment, we are replenishing the ranks of people who have begun creative activities for the benefit of everyone, thereby bringing closer their Transition to 4D and 5D.

The Sixth Stage

This is the stage of uniting all those who, thanks to inner work, have reached a high level of vibrations, and managed to get past the previous five milestones.

Many of us have partially or fully activated the sixth chakra, which allows us to see a holistic picture of the world and not divide people by racial, national, religious and other characteristics. For us, the expression “all people are brothers” is not an empty sound and not beautiful words, but a guide to action.

Our Revelation - Sixth Chakra

Sixth Chakra

Our Revelation

By radiating pure, high-frequency energies, and having extensive knowledge about the events taking place on Earth, we spread them further, creating a powerful energy-informational field with a wide range.

It can happen consciously and unconsciously when we meditate, pray, or participate in the Light Forces operations. The impact of such actions is enormous, since the filling of humanity and the planet with Light comes simultaneously from the Subtle and physical plane.

Now we understand that energy and information are inextricably linked. Each of our thoughts and any info, from whatever source we receive it, always carries this or that energy. In the same way, we, without realizing it, receive energy-informational batches, which we unpack to the best of our intellectual and Spiritual capabilities.

Today, they are pouring down on us as if from a cornucopia – from like-minded people, from alternative media, from other dimensions, because, as Earth enters 4D/5D, the Veil between the dense and Subtle Plane is thinning.

The high freqs’ energies upgrade our consciousness. But the batches, which we receive, have an even greater impact, since they affect the perception of the world, directing our thoughts in a creative direction.

Our mind is completely cleansed from negative thoughts and emotions. We begin to unconsciously feel oneness of everything that exists, and to perceive all people as equal inhabitants of the planet Earth, our common home. Here, we all have to build a new life after the final zeroing of the System and its metastases in all countries and on all continents.

The Seventh Stage

At this stage we reunite with our Galactic family. Those of us who reached this milestone are at the highest level of understanding of what is happening now, not only on Earth, but in the entire Local Universe.

We have already opened all the upper seventh chakra and activated the pineal gland. We are able to receive information from the Subtle Plane in the form of claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairaudience and enter into telepathic contact with cosmic Light Forces.

Our Revelation - Seventh Chakra

Seventh Chakra

Our Revelation

The new, more saturated energy-informational batches are transmitted in different ways, taking into account our emotional and mental characteristics. To some of us are shown images or plots, which we need to understand. To others, info comes as insights, instant answers to questions, and a clear realization that they are true.

The thirds receive information in the form of messages. But in this case, there are a lot of pitfalls, because when we enter the Subtle Plane with our consciousness, we plunge into the densely populated astral world. According to the Law of Attraction, those inhabitants who have a similar level of vibrations are attracted to us.

When communicating with the Subtle Plane, we must always remember that the pure information of the Light Forces comes as energy-informational batches, which we have ourselves to decipher.

Few are still able to raise their vibrations to this level. Therefore, most often we receive info from astral entities: someone from the highest level, someone from the middle, and some from the lowest.

As a rule, astral entities give us information, dictating it, not allowing co-creativity. Well knowing our psychology and love of sensations, they like to stuff it into us to the bursting point and even predict the dates of significant events on the planet.

In fact, the variability of events is so great, and so many different circumstances affect them, that it’s impossible to foresee them all.

Therefore, if we have a communication channel open with a Subtle Plan, we must be very careful and cautious. Do not try to get info while in an irritated, inharmonious state, and it is better not to initiate contacts with beings living on the other side of the Veil.

Friendly Galactic races and the light Forces will contact us themselves, if necessary, and when they see that our vibrations allow us to accept true information and, most importantly, that we can correctly understand the energy-informational batches transmitted to us.

Gradually, with increasing vibrations, more and more people could come into contact with ETs. The Galactic family will share with us the experience of living in high dimensions, first telepathically, and, as Earth moves into the fourth and fifth dimensions, physically.

This process can be compared to climbing the ladder of Spiritual development, where each step has its characteristics. The higher we climb the more active our chakras become and the thinner the Subtle Bodies. At the same time, the energy-informational field surrounding us rarefies and widens.

Our Revelation - Rarefies and Widens

Rarefies And Widens

Our Revelation

We are also changing, because when we hear our Soul and intuition, we connect with the Source and the Absolutes. We go beyond the three-dimensional world, overcoming the boundaries of the fourth and fifth densities.

All this happens gradually. So far, a significant part of humanity is in the first stage of revelation, which means that they remain under the System’s run. It slows down the Transition.

But not everything is so bad. One awakened is worth hundreds, and sometimes thousands of those who have not woken up. Thanks to brave catalyzers, the preponderance of the Light Forces on the Earth’s physical and the Subtle Plane is already undeniable.

The pure energy-informational space, which brings the truth and the highest vibrations, already covers the entire planet. As the frequencies of Earth and humanity as a whole rise higher and higher, we will soon cleanse and heal our Soul and body by the Divine space, which is constantly replenished with new energies, dissolving everything dirty, dark and obsolete in us.

The situation on Earth will explode not the way the DS and its figure-heads planned to do it. Will be blown up all lies, hypocrisy, betrayal and corruption, which deeply rooted into society and the elite in many countries.

Unfortunately, it won’t be without pain and suffering, but it will be the LAST gavel to the parasitic System which is sucking the Life Energy out of us and our planet for so long.

This is the final fight, the last Darkness before Dawn. We are on the threshold of great events, and everyone can contribute to Light Forces victory. Many have already realized it and are actively involved in the battle.

More by Lev

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Rematch Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

While is being finalized the preparation for disclosure of Co-Creators and ground team’s new ops in three Asian countries, wish to give Mad props to DNI moderator. In particular, for his patience with commenters, which never tire accusing him of having “totalitarian type of thinking with a very low vibration and (that he) cannot tolerate freedom of speech and other points of view.”

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