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Our Reloading - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 23 - Lev

Our Reloading

From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 23

Our Reloading – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 23 – By Lev


I wonder, what happened to all human aspects in 3D, 4D, and 5D reality? My question is how the new dynamics of the Earth’s core affect us from a human perspective, given that:

– “Transient people came out of the vibrations of 3D space but are still going into 4D, temporarily being in the simulation demo of the fourth dimension.”

– Also 3D free will was taken under the control of the Higher Selves.


12/09/2021 at 20:51

Now Earth in 4.2D, when we road to 4.8D EVENT will come.


12/09/2021 at 1:12 pm

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But it’s over and over again there’s just a blur of promises and nothing to see because it would seem that there’s a lot of talk delay always leads to something.


11/09/2021 at 12:39

Could you please give at least small thought when the so-called EVENT might happen? Can it be before 2025? Or it also could be 2050, 2300, or something?

…What’s 4.2D and what’s 4.8D? As I have seen it elsewhere, that would be amazing to have some article from him about the so-called EVENT, what stage we are in, either military will intervene on Earth’s physical plane, or what will happen. And as I have asked Lev, it is understandable that we are going to a new world. Much more beautiful. Of course, nothing is set in stone. But when is it possible for it to happen, 5 years from now, 50 years, 500 years. Because as Cobra says everything must be done until 2025 according to the cosmic and all other happenings.


11/09/2021 at 18:21 and on 12/09/2021 at 19:24


Event is not a one-time happening, but a PROCESS consisting of two streams. The first is the exit from the Cosmic Night into the Cosmic Day, or the change of Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga, or low-frequencies habitat to the high-frequencies environment.

This stream does not depend on us. It continues regardless of our wish and readiness.

The second stream is our adjustment to new space vibrations. It’s our main problem because not everyone is ready or wants to change their vibes. This is very painful.

As approaching, Event felt in the 20s-30s, as a process – began in 1975, at full swing – from 2012, highly speeded up – from December 2020.

Our Reloading - Satya Yuga

Satya Yuga

Our Reloading

DNit Telegram Channel

Aquadea - Crystal, Implosion, Vortex and Torus - Click for more info!

5D is already here and now as part of the unified 3D/4D/5D eon. And the transition to the fifth dimension HAS ALREADY STARTED.

What are Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs’ plans? If the unforeseen events will not interfere, the scenario will unfold as follows.

The first entering 5D already took place from August 15 to August 25, 2021. High-vibrational Souls passed to the new stabilizing 4D field that is transitional to 5D.

The second flow is planned from September 21 to September 27, 2021, for those who are holding the average of the Subtle Body vibrations and have a frequency expansion of consciousness, have partially loaded the Matrix 4D codes, and are aware of them.

The third stream is scheduled for December 21 – 28, 2021. It will gather all low-vibrational Souls suitable to undergo a new experience in the 4D Matrix.

Only a small percentage will leave the planet. ALL the rest will stay for the transition to the fourth dimension. We’re all going into it with all living beings.

Our Reloading - 5D Is Already Here And Now

5D Is Already Here And Now

Our Reloading

Our energies are now in an anabiosis state. They are compressed and blocked by an energy cocoon about a meter in diameter.

By extending the arms bent at the elbow to the sides, we can touch this restrictive cocoon from the inside.

All dense 3D worlds are not born but created specifically for people like us, stubborn egomaniacs.

These are the artificial, energetically low-movement, and low-life playgrounds with stagnant energy that carrying pain, illness, and death. It’s a Matrix of separateness, the finitude of being, and mortality. It was a true simulation of death in which we all were doomed by Archons to perish in the end.

Beginning from 4D and higher there are worlds, born by the Source and from the Source. They are alive, infinite, and immortal.

Our Reloading - Alive, Infinite, And Immortal

Alive, Infinite, And Immortal

Our Reloading

In them, people don’t die. They endlessly transform and rise from level to level without physical death or suffering. This is the Matrix of Life. This is how all higher consciousness in the Greater Cosmos live.

What’s going on right now?

The Matrix of Death and total deception is folding. WE ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION (!) are being prepared to switch life (or rather, lifeless) programs to the next level, to the level of free energies, to the level of infinity and eternity, to the level of Life.

Since the summer of 2021, absolutely all energies on Earth have come into motion, began to wake up, and activated. It is very noticeable on the planet by floods, volcanoes, typhoons, earthquakes, and wildfires.

Everything started to vibrate, shake, and rapidly gain dynamic potential. The energies are preparing for Veil’s breakthrough from within.

Our Reloading - New Energies Have Come

New Energies Have Come

Our Reloading

The same thing is happening in us. Our bodies are humming, pulsing, sounding, and pressing from the inside of our cocoon. Our inner energies are tearing outward.

But there is one condition. Only clean energies, pure Souls who have got rid of egoism will go to unleash their life potential, to unpack, to revitalize.

The fourth dimension is pure space. It is reserved for altruistic and light energies. They are free from selfish programs which are always aimed at suppressing Life in any form.

Now all human scenarios, all our destinies are tied into one task – transformation into new energetic Subtle-Material beings through the rise of our vibes.

Of course, some will not go to the Transition at the will of their Soul, will complete their programs, will get the remaining percentage of the necessary heavy energies, and will go to reincarnations to other 3D planets. But such people will not be many.

The majority will remain on Earth. But how can they go to the unpacking of their energies if they have no strength and desire to get rid of egoism? Taking into account, that only those who have cleared themselves of it, are subject to unpacking into the new space.

No one on Earth will be drowned by an entire continent, as Lemurians and Atlanteans once were. Exactly the opposite.

Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchy had foreseen the current situation beforehand. All the Souls were informed before their incarnation on Earth, and each of them signed a contract of cooperation. According to it, during this period we will get all the help we need – either to go or to stay.

Our Reloading - To Go Or To Stay

To Go Or To Stay

Our Reloading

Now all of us, whose Souls have chosen to remain on Earth, will go to a reload of energies. How will it take place?

A Soul, in whose energies there is a lot of egoism, but its choice was originally Transition, will change some part of its aspects of low-vibrational, dark energies with its own, only the brighter ones. Or will change with aspects of kindred Souls.

The karmic energies that do not want to transform will be forced to leave the Soul and go to reincarnation in other dense worlds. It is there, and not on Earth, that they will work off their debts. Our planet is gradually moving away from karma, is being purified.

The energies ready for transformation, on the contrary, will flow into our bodies for further evolution here on Earth. These energies have the structure of liquid Light and carry new codes of development. It is like living water for our bodies, everyone will only benefit.

People will experience relief as if a stone will fall from the Soul. So there will be a direct and gentle transfer of power from the dark energies to the light ones right in our bodies. All this is solely by consent of our Souls.

And we all, as one large planetary collective will begin to get rid of selfish destructive programs. It will be through active repentance, through cooperation for common good purposes.

After the removal of Veil from the first humans, the Transition will gradually accelerate on Earth, become fashionable, prestigious, and attractive to the entire civilization.

For complete purification of mankind and step-by-step, on readiness, disclosure of pure energies in the space of the fourth dimension, 30 years (plus or minus) are planned. During this time, ALL of us will have to pass into the fourth dimension. WITH NO EXCEPTION. Everyone remaining on the planet has signed up for it, as a Soul, in advance.

Our Reloading - All Will Pass To 4D

All Will Pass To 4D

Our Reloading

Our energy reloading began this summer. It will end by December 2021. That is why everyone expects a mass awakening of people by the end of the year.

It’s like we’re going to wake up from a morass. We will not want to go further down the path of separation and suffering. We will want something more beautiful, noble, alive, and real.

It doesn’t mean that after the reloading, we’ll all go straight to unpacking energies in December. Unfortunately, no. This would be too easy.

Our newly arrived energies, though more highly-frequencies, are not quite karmically pure. They, too, are infected with egoism, and therefore stood in line for incarnation.

For a while, Earth remains attractive for such Souls because in the dense world they can most quickly get rid of egoism if desired. In the Subtle Plane, such purification may take a lot of time. Nevertheless, the karma of these new energies is more light and cleansed quickly through good deeds.

From 2022, when the reloading is completed, there will be an avalanche of people awakening and changing from selfishness to kindness and altruism. The first signs of the ongoing energetic changes in the Souls already are seen since the summer of this year.

Our Reloading - Kindness


Our Reloading

What does it look like?

People we know suddenly, out of the blue, become nicer, more tolerant, benevolent, and non-confrontational.

An unpleasant saleswoman, who was always clinging to us at the cash register, suddenly, on seeing us, smiled quite kindly and offered exactly the goods we need.

Eternally irritated boss overnight decided not to overload us with an excessive number of tasks and not to keep more at work.

Suddenly there was peace and harmony in our family between the members who had previously been on opposite to each other for many years.

Our kids, who used to fight and bully all the time, suddenly start playing for hours and not quarrel.

They exchange gifts and not are greedy, taking care of each other in an adult way.

It happens all of a sudden. We’re not doing anything for it. And at first, we don’t even believe what we see. It doesn’t work like that. It’s like a miracle!

The tension between people will be more reduced many times over.

The very reasons for enmity and problems in an empty place will disappear, as we all loved to do yesterday.

Our Reloading - It's Like A Miracle

It’s Like A Miracle

Our Reloading

Already, changes have begun to be very sharp, obvious, and conspicuous even to the unsophisticated child’s gaze. Kids started to talk about the extraordinary things going on in their social lives. They are beginning to like each other, which pleases their parents.

Even our addressing each other by name will be in an unaccustomed affectionate manner as if we were close relatives.

Of course, this phenomenon will also be facilitated by the increasing frequency of Earth’s vibrations. High freqs and the movement of energies are the keys to shedding false parasitic programs and cleansing from egoism.

They fly off on their own, burn out in the fire of events and experiences. So, in the end, we have only preferences and help from all sides.

But masters of mindfulness, mature Souls do not have to reload energies. Only activation of already accumulated experience and physical upgrades are needed.

Our Reloading - We And 4D/5D Vibes

We And 4D/5D Vibes

Our Reloading

Those who are more evolved are in great demand.

They will have to purify and expand themselves to a greater extent, exclusively by raising the vibrations and frequencies of unconditional Love within selves.

This group is doing very well. It is the conscious ones who at this moment are the first to open into the 5D.

They do not need a reload anymore.

The revival of the energies of humanity this summer kicked off precisely with the pure, unclouded egoism Souls.

As soon as the first of the awakened ones break through the Veil, rams through their energy barrier, a chain reaction will start on the whole Earth. What one can do, all can do.

It can happen now at any moment. It can be any of us who have an altruistic Soul, live consciously, and hold a high level of frequencies in the body. ANYONE. Of any age.

Soon, someone first among us will mark a victory, remove the blockage, break through the Veil and release the living pure energies from the 3D prison into the freedom of the immense four-dimensional space of the new Earth.

Some among us will be the first to set a precedent and open the way for the rest. There will be an evolutionary shift into multidimensionality.

Our Reloading - Into Multidimensionality

Into Multidimensionality

Our Reloading

Now all of us, without exception, are being prepared for the transition to another level of reality. The life program is changing, the physical environment is transforming, and the energies’ freqs that we have to master in our bodies are rising.

The difference between the old and new programs is so great that our minds cannot even imagine yet. From the Matrix of Death, the finitude of existence we move into the Matrix of Life, to Infinity.

Within 30 years (give or take) ALL Earth dwellers will have to go through revitalization and unpacking of energy. Everyone, after cleansing their energies from egoism, will receive the right to switch the Life program and reveal themselves in the pure four-dimensional realm as a source of eternal, infinite, and living, constantly changing energies of the Source.

This transition will take place as a celebration of the Universe. No matter what we think of ourselves, it will be many times better at Source.

We will be transferred to the new 5D Earth in the most peaceful, gentle, and joyful scenario possible. If it hurts, it is only for the winning outcome of every one of us. No one will be bypassed. It is time for us to accept this road map.

More by Lev

Flares – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Flares – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Increasing Solar flares in recent weeks and months have caused northern lights in southern latitudes, which came as a surprise to many. What does all this mean for us as a civilization and the planet as a whole?

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

On Earth, the experiment with duality and complete oblivion of the Souls, conducted during the Maha Yuga (change of epochs with gradual tightening), is coming to an end. This meant that after the physical corpus death and leaving it, our Soul didn’t remember who it was and from where came on 3D Earth.

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New, more powerful SYSTEMIC energies that Co-Creators began to direct onto 3D Earth speeded up dismantling of the entire NAA, Darks and Grays’ infrastructure, stubbing all their strongholds and power sources on the Subtle Plane.

July Octaves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

July Octaves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

How will the space weather in July affect the stratified 3D reality of Earth and earthlings? In the first decade, the state of the planet’s biosphere will begin to recover after strong and prolonged cosmic thunderbolts in June, accompanied by powerful Solar jets and magnetic storms, quakes, floods and heat stroke.

Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Co-Creators deactivated and continue to closely monitor these war tools, but it didn’t deprive Darks and their crazy elite of desire to use them. For example, HAARPs, which in addition to three facilities in Alaska includes structures in

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