Our Personal Solar Winds - Dr. Schavi

Our Personal Solar Winds

Balancing The Third Chakra

Our Personal Solar Winds. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As many people know, solar winds come from the Sun of our galaxy, and their normal speed is between 300 and 400 km/s (kilometers per second).

This amounts to several million miles per hour. Periodically, solar winds travel above 400 km/s and have been as high as between 500 and 600 km/s in recent months.

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When such strong winds occur, they surge into the magnetic and geo-magnetic fields of Earth/Gaia and create activations which manifest as powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other weather phenomena.

Creation upon the planet, which includes humanity, is also affected by solar winds and their attendant results in the form of physiological, mental, and emotional challenges which are actually, as has been discussed in previous articles, adjustments to and alignments with higher vibrational frequencies of the planet as it soars with faster energetics and receives enormous amounts of LIGHT.

As the planet sends messages to, and receives messages from, the entire cosmos— we also transmit and receive.

Our Personal Solar Winds - Solar Wind - Artist Concept

Solar Wind – Artist Concept

Our Personal Solar Winds

DNit Telegram Channel

Both Earth/Gaia and we too have telepathic consciousness. One of the most activated parts of the human physical vessel during this current space/time continuum is the third chakra—the solar plexus–known from the Sanskrit as the “Manipura” (“City of Jewels”).

Its entrance is at the navel, and it physically governs the stomach, the digestive system, the liver, and the pancreas.

Our Personal Solar Winds - Manipura


Our Personal Solar Winds

Our Personal Solar Winds - Manipura


Our Personal Solar Winds

When imbalanced, it can cause issues of anger, aggression, egoism, fear, anxiety, selfishness, fanaticism, and a general lack of peace in daily life.

It is also the area where our willpower is tested in numerous ways.

Thus, our personal “solar winds” can shift, and swirl, and soar throughout our auric fields causing challenges to our meridians (our personal “grid” lines or “nadis” which comprise our nervous system which travels throughout the physical vessel), our personal vibrational frequency, our cellular records, our molecular structure, our atoms, our subatomic particles, and every other aspect of our “being-ness”.

With so much occurring currently on the planet (as it has in earlier historical ages) relative to the experiences of human civilization such as political, sociological, philosophical, historical, cultural, and religious paradigms, it is not surprising that many people report constant feelings of irritability, full-blown anger, anxiety, digestive problems, nausea, bloating, etc. which can then manifest as other physical conditions which require healing or energetic balance.

When we are properly balanced, LIGHT can move through us more gently and not need to force its way in and around us. In other words, whether it is realized or not, LIGHT IS ARRIVING, but because of our free will, it can be resisted or not. Thus, although we can choose to resist, when this is done, it is a refusal to accept the spiritual leveling-up that is being offered to us by SOURCE.

Why does the acceptance of SOURCE LIGHT come with the side effect of uncomfortable “activation symptoms”?

It is because of eons, ages, and centuries of imbalances lodged in cellular records or cellular memory due to various types of disharmonies of our own or our ancestors’ thoughts, emotive responses, words, and actions—all of which have served up a “toxic” meal which must now be “purged” away, and the purging can be intense.

Remember these two metaphors:
1.) A baby is born after several hours of uncomfortable labor, and
2.) In terms of technology, we are being “downloaded” with LIGHT in order to be “upgraded”.

However, we can always be comforted during these “activations” by the realization that SOURCE is at the helm of our ship of re-birth and controls our LIGHT “downloads” by teaching us some of the ways in which we can more easily handle the process.

In this case, the focus is on the third chakra.

Ancient healers taught about each chakra as having a specific ray of energy appearing as a color.

The color of the third chakra is yellow. Whenever certain foods are ingested that match the color of a certain chakra, this helps to balance it.

In the case of the third chakra, such foods would be, for example, lemons, yellow squash, yellow bell peppers, etc. There are a plethora of foods that are yellow.

Further, gemstones and crystals have been employed since ancient times for their healing benefits because they have a vibrational frequency—a type of consciousness—which attunes us to a perfected state.

One of the most powerful stones for the third chakra is YELLOW AMBER.

Our Personal Solar Winds - Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber

Our Personal Solar Winds

Amber is not actually a gemstone or a crystal. It is tree resin.

The oldest Amber has been found to be 320 billion years of age in the Baltic region.

Amber began as a type of substance that oozed from a type of ancient Evergreen tree. As it slowly flowed out, insects became trapped in it, and today, the remains of these little creatures can be seen in some kinds of authentic Amber.

Our Personal Solar Winds - Baltic Amber Necklace

Baltic Amber Necklace

Our Personal Solar Winds

It takes millions of years for Amber to harden. Its healing ability is due to it containing succinic acid which is most potent in the Amber’s outer arena.

The succinic acid is a type of oil which moves into the human body because of bodily heat.

Amber soothes aches and pains, heals anxiety, restores depleted energy, alleviates depression, helps the wearer to achieve relaxed sleep at night, balances the endocrine system, cures thyroid issues, heals the heart (even though this is a fourth chakra organ), and heals all of the challenges of the third chakra.

Although Amber comes naturally in a variety of colors (red, deep brown, reddish-brown, orange, green, black, etc.), the largest percentage of healing succinic acid is found in the lighter-colored pieces that look like butterscotch or caramel candy.

It can be worn as a necklace, a set of prayer beads, a bracelet, a ring, or earrings.

In whatever manner it is chosen to be worn, it must touch the skin so that its oil, which is not truly detectable, can go into the pores of the skin and into the cells.

There is a type of Amber called “Copal” which is not fully-ready Amber because it is far less than millions of years old and is only a few thousands of years old.

Thousands of years seems like a very long while to the average human understanding, but if true strong Amber is desired, then the pieces that are millions of years old must be sought out.

Amber can be mimicked by plastic being colored yellow or orange or by beeswax being mixed with plastic, and sometimes, dealers who are not reputable will place the remains of insects inside the substance while it is being manufactured and later sell it as Amber.

Authentic Amber floats in water that has sea salt in it. It can also be tested by warming a needle and gently pushing it into the piece. If it goes in easily, it is Amber.

Thus, to employ an oxymoron, Amber is “softly hard”. If the piece is too hard, and the needle has to be nudged in, it is most likely unreal.

Authentic Amber has a soft pine tree fragrance.

However, I do not recommend damaging precious Amber by pushing holes into it. Just be sure that the Amber is being sourced through a reputable dealer.

In terms of the essential oil to rub onto the third chakra, YLANG-YLANG is recommended as well as AMBER oil.

They both assist in the balancing of the issues mentioned, and they also lower elevated blood pressure and balances hormones.

An ancient mantra for the third chakra is: “AUM RAM RAMAYA SWAHA”. The pronunciation is: OHM- RAHM- RA -MY- YAH- SWA- HA.

It should ideally be recited on a mala of 108 beads. The ideal mala would, of course, be one made of Amber.

If Amber is unavailable, CITRINE is an excellent crystal to use instead. Whichever choice is made, a piece of Amber or a piece of Citrine can be placed on the third chakra twice per day for approximately twenty minutes while reciting the mantra several times and envisioning SOURCE LIGHT enveloping the area.

Our Personal Solar Winds - 1 - Muladhara

1 – Muladhara

Our Personal Solar Winds

Taking two or three drops of “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flowers is a further help with issues of this chakra. It can also be rubbed onto the solar plexus as well as placed into warm bath water.

Humanity is noticing issues with all of the main chakras—from one to seven—from the “Muladhara” (“Root”, “Foundation”) to the “Sahasrara” (“Thousandfold”).

We have hundreds of other chakras. Seven of them, however, are considered as being the major ones. Yet, the solar plexus, in recent days, weeks, and months has seemingly been quite activated.

Humanity has a need to use its willpower correctly so that love and appreciation for all of Divine creation can be realized.

People familiar with the chakra system might think that love and appreciation is the domain of the fourth chakra—“Ananhata” (“Unbroken”) which governs the heart, thymus, lungs, and circulatory system.

Yet, it is the third chakra into which SOURCE has recently been sending LIGHT in tremendous amounts.

Let us consider that the phrase SOLAR PLEXUS refers to SUN. Therefore, this area is our SUN CHAKRA.

If the SUN of our galaxy is sending forth powerful solar energetics, it makes sense that the “SUN” of our physical vessel, which is our “Body Temple”, would also be involved in the process of similar “winds” and “flares”.

Our Personal Solar Winds - Sun Chakra

Sun Chakra

Our Personal Solar Winds

We have a type of “SUN” within us. Like the SUN of the cosmos, it is becoming more magnetic, and thus, more capable of receiving necessary “messages” so that we can correctly send out the strength, the love, the peace, the joy, and all of the goodness of SOURCE—of which we are comprised—into all of the planet and out into the galaxy and perhaps into galaxies beyond this one as we more fully embrace our “Galactic” citizenry.

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

Some time ago, people were interested in acquiring the texts I often refer to in my articles. Thus, for anyone who is interested in detail, here is one of the best companies from which to obtain books about ancient Vedic wisdom. (Click on the image)

Upanishads - Ancient Vedic Wisdom

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