Our New Truth Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 12-5 - Lev

Our New Truth Part 3

From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 12-5

The Great Quantum Transition

Our New Truth Part 3 – By Lev


This is a big claim and estimation … don’t take it as my negative look on it, but I’m very careful about all the claims lately. Too many times people have been disappointed and let down by various “predictions and estimations” … but if the estimation of the next several months is true – then tens if not hundreds of millions will undoubtedly notice it. And that will be the absolute confirmation. I, personally, am more inclined to trust into the estimation than not – from my current internal standing (or “inner-standing”)…

What I noticed, however, was more of internal change. It’s like knowing innately that all will be ok, and certain futile chases in our lives seem to fall off almost overnight. Like chase for money or any material gain… I know we’re all still in very much “survivalist” mode because of the old parasitic system, but seems like priorities are rearranging in such a way where one cannot ignore certain things.

When the parasitic monetary system crumbles rapidly, I will know something massive occurred as a consequence of internal to external changes. This has the potential to realign those even more ignorant and oriented purely on materialism.

It seems also like the feeling of love is becoming truly more refined, rather than conditioned. This is mostly expressed internally within our dream state. Some things cannot yet surface fully in a conscious state, but seems like all is accelerating rapidly towards that now …


25/07/2021 at 7:39 pm

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If people do not tune in with God, his superior intelligence, knowledge, the truth, love, applying parasitic Marxist/communist ideas, retardation is permanent and progressive, people become inferior low IQ mutant monkey humanoids, creating garbage everywhere: slavery, idiocy, crime, poverty, wars, mass genocide… resulting in permanent descent to self-made Hell.


25/07/2021 at 9:10 pm

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11. Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
13. Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
Thank you for the Saint Paul quote. I have ever since the beginning of this corona deal, been constantly reminded of these chapters from his epístole to the Ephesians.


26/07/2021 at 1:09 am

It is a moment where everything becomes clear? humanity has no third choice, either follow the Light or follow the darkness, and there is no more time to hesitate. We have had all the time in the world to grow, from now on it will be the time of the general cleansing of the Earth and we can see what is happening all over the world, the Earth is in full action, and as far as I know, the worst is not yet here. The 5D transition is inevitable.


26/07/2021 at 10:39 am

It really is lovely reading about all the positive changes that are, and/or will take place. The transition to those changes is what I’m the most curious about as it does appear that, depending on the individual, it will be perceived and experienced differently.
I’m doing my best not to get sucked into MSM to keep the family environment harmonious, but because I have two young kids I wonder how this will play out for families in general. It’s possible that not each partner is ‘ready’ and nor each child is “ready”, so we could all be on different wavelengths. I’m wondering, how does this kind of dynamic play out with the upcoming changes?


25/07/2021 at 9:08 pm

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The problem for many of us is not only in our habitual thinking. We are not just stuck in a swamp of faith based on the teachings of our parents, religion, science, money, and MSM.

We do our best to remain blind, deaf, and mute to the changes that are taking place. Simply because we are convinced: what we don’t know about can’t hurt us by definition.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Blind, Deaf, And Mute

Blind, Deaf And Mute

Our New Truth Part 3

What and how, we think, will happen next? Sooner or later, we will have to wake up and accept the facts that have been staring us right in the face all this time.

These are the very changes that we so often deny for the sake of momentary peace, behind tightly barred windows and locked doors.

So far, we are consuming microwave surrogate dinners, washing them down with Cola mixed with antidepressants, like prisoners of Nazi concentration camps who once drank water with fluoride to lower the will to freedom.

This is the same fluorine, which is the main component in rat poison and in a sugar substitute named Aspartame.

While we are wallowing in the outright lies of our leaders, and the forcibly brainless dirt of our films, TV series, and reality shows with the latest generation of hype, driving our proud and all-powerful Intelligence into a damp dungeon of ignorance and deception.

We simply refuse to dot the “i”. We do not want to see and hear the calls of the Earth, fruitlessly seeking our indulgence and attention.

Clear signs of huge changes, growing all over the planet like mushrooms after rain, are already visible everywhere.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Aspartame


Our New Truth Part 3

The obvious markers point to the clear and simple truth that we have gone too far in our materialistic psychosis, bringing us closer to the very events that the ancient sages predicted -the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse is not the end. The very meaning of this word was deliberately distorted for the same reasons as everything else in our reality. Our real history is very different from the one that is taught to us in schools and universities.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Apocalypse


Our New Truth Part 3

Apocalypse means “Lifting the Veil”, “Awakening”. The same awakening that is happening now in America, Europe, and Asia – everywhere on this planet. The masks begin to fall, breaking the parasitic chains that have bound us for thousands of years.

Fortunately for us, the System that has been feeding on our fears, ignorance, and greed throughout the history of mankind is falling apart today.

It has reached the point of no return and, agonizing is conducting its final and most desperate maneuver in the name of preserving its power over us for another day, another hour, another breath…

We can sit back and wait for the Veil to fall by itself. Or prepare for its fall, and come one step closer to who we really are, who we have always been and will always remain.

To find out the truth about our nature and purpose. To accept the impossible and look out the window at a new world filled with endless joy and wonder.

A world without fear, crime, hatred, and self-denial. A world in which the energy of our consciousness is enough to create everything that we ever wanted right out of thin air.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Without Fear, Crime, And Hatred

Without Fear, Crime And Hatred

Our New Truth Part 3

That we do not need oil, gas, money, MSM, religions, and governments to enter the “righteous” path. That we can build our future with the energy of our Soul, which we were forced to forget. By The Power Of Integral Human Intelligence.

To break out of the parasitic chains and remember what was given to us by our true creator-the Infinite One.

We ourselves are One World. One Soul. One Love.

The real and only Creator does not sit in the clouds, punishing us for all our sins, and waiting for our repentance and unconditional love for It. It has no vicars and messengers, no brokerage houses with stars and crosses on their spires.

It does not require our worship, sacrifices, and prayers, which take our energy into the void, instead of directing it to ourselves and for the benefit of our children.

The true Creator is the boundless ocean of Cosmic Intelligence, in which we are all his tiny sparks, and who lives in each of us outside of matter, outside of time, outside of space.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Source's Spark In Us

Source’s Spark In Us

Our New Truth Part 3

It does not wait for gifts, and prayers from us, but kindly and gratuitously helps us in mastering reality, with the aim of endless accumulation of experience, knowledge, and wisdom to return them to It.

It is infinitely benevolent to those who choose the path of Light instead of blind faith imposed from outside. To those of us who open our eyes to the highest meaning of the Universe and take every opportunity to learn as much as possible about it, despite the ridicule of those who categorically do not want to wake up.

Even for a fraction of a second, they are afraid to imagine everything that also exists outside of Time, space and matter, as part of an Eternal Multidimensional Soul filled with Love and devotion not only to their brothers and sisters but also to the Source.

A Soul that has forever embarked on the path of searching for beauty and expanding its boundaries, to find the meaning of existence, and balance inside, everything in this world is feasible.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Find Beauty, The Meaning Of Existence

Find Beauty, The Meaning Of Existence

Our New Truth Part 3

We are boundless consciousness, caught up in the material reality of Earth to find, measure, describe and understand ourselves from all points of view that can ever be accessible.

As the wise man said, the real journey on the road to discovery is not to see new landscapes, but to see with new eyes.

Our potential is much higher than what we are told about all our lives. As in any other strategy, hiding the truth allows to rule over those who are in their ignorance.

Previously, religion taught us to know and understand the Universe and its laws. Today, it has been turned into a programmed bomb, into an ideal tool of the “divide and conquer” policy, just like money, fear, and natural resources.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Divide And Conquer

Divide And Conquer

Our New Truth Part 3

All we have to do is let the facts speak for themselves.

The knowledge we have gained in schools and universities does not give a true picture of reality precisely because someone needs it so.

This “someone” is ready to wait for an eternity until we are completely mired in our dogmas, fear, and materialism.

The true nature of our Spirit lies beyond the boundaries imposed by material reality.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Beyond The Boundaries

Beyond The Boundaries

Our New Truth Part 3

We came to this planet to search and find, to love and be loved, to believe in truth and justice, to create and grow.

We are on the verge of huge changes. And it is on us, living at the peak of this Fifth Race, that our future and the future of this planet, and therefore its children, will depend.

We can continue to passively contemplate the events taking place and wait for our Earth to give us the most final and decisive rebuff. As it did once with Atlantis for the same reasons as now.

Our New Truth Part 3 - Atlantis Death

Atlantis Death

Our New Truth Part 3

But we can also open our hearts and accept the truth, no matter how bitter and incredible it may seem today.

All this is only a matter of choice, interest, wisdom, and free will…

Our free will, or lack of it.

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