Our Monad Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Our Monad Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Our Monad Part 2 – By Lev

As Disclosure News narrated earlier, Souls incarnate on Earth from a multitude of Monadic streams (families) moving in the Greater Cosmos through special channels (see – Disclosure News, Operations in Germany, Part 2, 11 December 2021).

Our Monad Part 2 - Monads' Streams

Monads’ Streams

Our Monad Part 2

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To incarnate, they pass through the Sun (Portal), enter through the North Pole into the channel leading to the core, and exit it to a Subtle Plan in near-Earth space. Here they are preparing to enter the human body at its conception, or to move into an already existing corpus, by agreement replacing the Soul that was in it.

Monadic flows differ in the dimensions of habitat and origin, the structure of the Souls’ Matrix, programs and many other parameters. There are Monads whose manifestation bodies are planets, stars, constellations and entire Galaxies. They inhabit the highest dimensions and materialize on Earth for special missions.

There are Monadic flows in the worlds inhabited by Dark, Gray and Light civilizations. The first two reside in eons no higher than 5D, the latter in any dimensions.

The Matrices of Monads also differ. In some, the core, a small orb of blue plasma with a Spark inside, is covered with a hexagonal grid. The surface is divided into many cells – honeycombs. From its each corner, rays go inside, folding into a cone. The sharp end of it is immersed in the golden radiation of the core.

Our Monad Part 2 - Monad


Our Monad Part 2

Every cell is designed to be filled with new experiences (info-energy), usually in one or more incarnations. After that, the Soul rises to the next level of evolution. This scenario is also used by technogeeks, Gray and Dark civilizations, whose Hierarchies are very tightly control the entire process.

In the Highest Monads, the experience condenses as a new layer on the surface of their orb. Such Souls are endowed with full freedom to perform a specific mission or other tasks in 3D.

The Souls’ landing and takeoff “decks” on Earth also differ. Some, as noted above, enter the nascent or ready-made human body. Others begin gaining experience with the elementals and consistently move through the stages of minerals, protozoa, plants, animals and humans. Upon completion, they continue their evolution in energy bodies.

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Still others do not descend to the physical level but carry out their program from the Earth’s Subtle Plane.

This is the general situation in the coming Cosmic Day of the Great Quantum Transition, in which ALL scenarios of the incarnation of Souls are active.

Our Monad Part 2 - All Scenarios Are Active

All Scenarios Are Active

Our Monad Part 2

Even in the millennia of Cosmic Night, this process didn’t stop, but totalitarian patterns of incarnations absolutely prevailed.

They were tightly run by the Archons, Dark and Gray civilizations that still cling to life on our planet by all means. As a last resort, they do not abandon plans for a nuclear war under a false flag.

How did their patterns work?

As usual, much has been borrowed from the Light Forces but remade to meet the needs of negative and technogeek’s races.

They built a rigid Hierarchy of levels. Each was closely interacted with the lower and higher floors of the pyramid.

There were a hundred such floors on Earth, grouped into ten clusters with its set of programs, and the Soul had to go through each to climb to the next floor.

If one incarnation was not enough, the Soul was forced to “make repeat a year”. The technological process impels to recycle the info-energy of a specific range until a s specific cell of the Matrix is completely filled.

Usually the Soul incarnates in the physical world not for the sake of a simple existence, but always has a purpose for which it comes to Earth. These goals are diverse, starting from their development, providing the planet with energies of certain frequencies, and up to maintaining the energy balance of the Greater Cosmos.

All these aims are partially achieved in each incarnation. Many goals with their partial fulfillment are combined into a common program of Soul incarnation.

Everything develops according to the scenario, and each return to life is a program that sets the Soul to process and accumulate the new info-energy for further self-upgrading; and for the Highest Monads – to ensure the development of the planet and the Universe.

Most often, the Soul enters the body at the time of childbirth. While the body is being formed in the womb, the Soul is in the aura of the mother, perceiving and assimilating the future conditions of existence.

Our Monad Part 2 - Mom's Aura

In Mom’s Aura

Our Monad Part 2

Sometimes the fetus is born dead. It means that Soul decided not to enter this incarnation for some reason, and returns to 4D to choose a more suitable option for its embodiment.

There the Soul picks up the new future parents.

How the process of incarnation does occur?

The mental body of the fetus is formed in the womb before the physical corpus begins to shape.

It is a medium for fertilization of a female egg.

The mental body is made on the basis of the etheric body.

It serves as a receiving antenna for signals coming from the outer, Hologram layer of the planetary Matrix.

Under impact of its ultrasonic pulse signals, egg fertilization programs and the further development of the baby’s body start to work.

The structures of body matter are formed as a medium for the indwelling of Spirit and Soul. The Spirit moves in first in the form of the elemental of air, fire, water, or earth, under which a new person would be born.

The Spirit encompasses all the power structures of the body in turn and if necessary. The movement of the body, its emotional reactions are run by Spirit.

Then the astral body is formed. It connects the new person with the energy system of the planet.

All Subtle Bodies are finally formed during the organism maturing. The energy for this is radiated by the already formed cells of the physical body, and the programs are initially embedded in their cores so that they perceive the Intelligence l-gamma particles from space.

Our Monad Part 2 - Subtle Bodies And Chakras

Subtle Bodies And Chakras

Our Monad Part 2

After a person is born, his environment and programs change. He makes the transition from the enclosed space of the womb to the planet’s space. 91 days, or 2184 hours, a new person copes with new temporary programs, connecting to all channels of Earth.

Only after that, the Soul takes its designated place and begins to carry out the task assigned to it.

The Soul, the size of a pigeon’s egg, settles into a baby, compacts in self the data of the previous incarnation, and leaves open only one Matrix cell for receiving new energy-information.

It flows from space into the each cell’s core, and through the chakras goes to body energy channels, brain centers and other organs, and only after that settles in the Soul.

The fate of man kick-offs. The Soul starts to study the world and itself in it from scratch. Then everything develops strictly individually. But a typical path is divided into seven-year stages and looks like this.

In the first seven years of life, parents actively intervene in the incarnation program.

From the age of 7 to 14, the programs of the society are laid but to a lesser extent than the parents downloaded and fixed.

From the age of 14 to 21, there is a rethinking and consolidation of the information received.

From the age of 21 to 28, there is an intuitive choice of the further path.

From the age of 28 to 35, the self-affirmation lasts.

From the age of 35 to 42, awareness of what is happening to the Soul is manifested.

From the age of 42 to 49, a certain stage of Soul development is reached.

From the age of 49 to 56, the Intelligence changing is underway (either it upgrades, or has frozen in the early stages of development).

After 56 years, either degradation or the growth of wisdom begins, as the final stage of the average life expectancy in 3D.

Sometimes a person lives up to 100 years or more, but in rare cases he has wisdom and pure thinking. Lives like a vegetable. How to evaluate it?

In this case, the Spirit supports the body to acquire additional knowledge for itself.

The Soul never works only for only for herself. Improving, she always participates in the life support of the cosmic organism and Earth where she is located.

Our Monad Part 2 - To Support Earth And Universe

To Support Earth And Universe

Our Monad Part 2

On the Etheric Plane, there are centers built by several cosmic civilizations to send their inhabitants to incarnations on Earth, supervise them during their lifetime, and then get the Souls back after the death of the physical body.

After 2-3 days from man pass away, his etheric body separates from the physical and dissipates in space.

After 3-9 days, the astral body separates – it goes through seven astral layers of Earth and leaves certain energies in each. Then the purified components are introduced into the Subtle Plans of plants and animals.

After 9-40 days, the mental body strips off and disintegrates. It passes through seven layers of the Mental Plane and puts energy in each; after that the purified parts are sent to the Subtle Planes of animals.

All near-Earth’s Subtle Plane is divided between the races of Sirius, Canis Major, Pleiades, Cygnus, Orion, Draco, Zeta Reticuli, Ursa Major, Alpha Centauri, Gemini and other constellations and stars.

Separate centers exist for mammals, birds, fish, and one for the plant kingdom.

For each Soul, a program of target settings is compiled in the form of situations, during which a person will necessarily master, accumulate and produce the necessary energy for self and the Higher Worlds.

Every situation is designed to process certain types of energy. For example, participation in military operations is aimed at developing qualities such as fearlessness, courage, ingenuity. A person learns to defend himself, to be compassionate, to help, to set common goals above his own, etc. And these are all positive energies.

If a person takes out of this situation the emotions of hatred, fear, betrayal, cruelty, inhumane treatment of their own kind, then these will already be accumulated energies of negative qualities in the Soul.

Our Monad Part 2 - During The WWII In Ukraine...

During The WWII In Ukraine…

Our Monad Part 2

The Higher Soul will understand the senselessness of killing each other for imaginary goals and false ideals, and it will already rise above this low situation. She will have the third qualities, the highest in relation to the first two. And so any situation, involving a person in actions, contributes to the appearance of certain thoughts, feelings, forces him to act in some way, and this is all the accumulation of energies.

A man cannot get around these situations. He can enter them in different ways, but can’t avoid them. Since many people often try to choose the easiest and most profitable way for themselves, without thinking about what their Soul will be filled with as a result, they make mistakes that lead to the repetition of the same events in a new life.

The Monad does not accept negative energies. They remain in the Subtle Bodies of a person, and after his death they are shooting off together with the physical corpus. A person has lived his life, and the cells in his Soul’s Matrix have remained empty.

Only high-quality info-energies are let in. And once the incarnated one has not earned them, then, he is brought back to life again to the same situations. And they will repeat until he does the right thing, and thus, through the right decision and the right actions, he will fill the Matrix with the required stuff that will help him rise to a higher dimension.

Our Monad Part 2 - To The Next Dimension

To The Next Dimension

Our Monad Part 2

Energies form the Soul’s qualities. Why does one individual have many talents and the other none?

Because the first one was constantly engaged in his improvement and learned everything he could.

Due to this, he developed those energies that morphed into qualities that manifested themselves as certain faculties, abilities.

Talents don’t come out of nothing. The Soul perfects it from life to life.

Qualities determine the character, inclinations of a person and his fate.

Sow a feeling – harvest a thought; sow a thought – harvest an act; sow an act – harvest a wont; sow a wont – harvest a character; sow a character – harvest a fate.

When life is wasted, the complication of situations begins, and fate becomes tragic. A person should remember that life is not given for idleness and pleasure but for perfection, and every step should enrich with something positive, a new. The meaning of life is in the constant improvement of the Soul.

In each next incarnation, the memory of the previous one is blocked, since the Soul SHOULD NOT REMEMBER how she acted in similar situations before, BUT ACT CORRECTLY AUTOMATICALLY.

When the memory of the past is disabled, and the purpose is not communicated to a person, it is unknown how his Soul will behave.

And she acts the way she was filled with in a previous body life.

If she has acquired more negative qualities, they will work in the situation; and if there are more positive ones, then first of all the automatism of the correct reaction will manifest itself.

Retribution for mistakes or crimes in a past life is incarnations in a disabled child, from birth or by diseases.

But often, it is a conscious choice of the Soul, as a voluntary self-test; or to take upon self and work off the karma of parents and other family members.

Our Monad Part 2 - Taking Upon Self The Karma Of Parents

Taking Upon Self The Karma Of Parents

Our Monad Part 2

The Soul’s perfection consists of many small and large progressive pieces that it develops in each incarnation. Without new achievements, the reincarnations’ is senseless.

The achievements or degradation that the Soul acquired by the end of the previous program, serve as a starting point for it in a new embodiment. With what the Soul has finished, it will begin anew, continuing its way.

The main reason for repeated incarnations is the shortcomings of the Soul and its deformed Matrix, and the mechanism of return is laid in the program itself, in the human Causal Body, where the experience gained accumulates.

The new program necessarily includes previous achievements, continuing to enhance them, and correcting those degradation distortions that the Soul made earlier.

Due to constant mistakes, many Souls progress very slowly, and therefore they perceive that in the new life they endlessly return to the same things.

In fact, the infinity of the return is conditional. For each Soul, reincarnation in 3D ceases when it passes the last, 12th, sub-level of the third dimension.

Dark and Gray races put their changes to this mechanism. They built the 100-level system on Earth, so that the upper floors exploit those who are in the lower ones.

In this system, each middle level serves as an energy translator for the higher plan and a consumer of the energy of the lower one. And thus – from the first level to the last in the Hierarchical pyramid.

Our Monad Part 2 - Pyramid


Our Monad Part 2

The operation modus of two adjacent plans is as follows. According to its needs, the upper floor programs the work of the lower. Individual scenarios descend on it through Souls sent from the Earth’s Astral and Mental Planes.

Souls serve as mechanisms for the transformation of energies required for the higher levels of the Hierarchy. The Souls receive payment in the form of energies accumulated in their Matrix and ensuring their existence.

So the entire 3D world is supported from the inside. But it also has its global program that combines all Souls’ scenarios and adjusts to its goals. The Dark Hierarchy keeps a sharp eye on their interconnection.

The global 3D program is more stable compared to personal, short-term ones. Due to them, the three-dimensional Matrix constantly adjusts its work, forcing the embodied Souls to produce energy for the higher Masters. The latter dump their dirty energy to them which the Souls are forced to recycle.

The purified and produced new energies are taken up. The higher level takes a part for itself, and transfers the rest even higher, sometimes having previously subjected it to special processing that increases the properties of energies.

The lower level in 3D is put in conditions under which it cannot live and work if energy is not supplied to it from above through egregores. But the upper level also cannot exist if the inhabitants of the lower world do not produce the necessary energy for them.

Our Monad Part 2 - Egregore's Channel

Egregore’s Channel

Our Monad Part 2

There is always more energy coming up than going down. This is the expanded reproduction and the reason for the short life of earthlings. They are only consumables for the Dark Hierarchy. And it’s the bottom of ALL events on Earth today.

The Souls of many people, forcibly turned into collectors and filters of negativity, are so overflowing with it that they become its generators. They would have drowned in these impurities long ago if there was not a constant cleansing help of Co-Creators, Higher Light, and friendly cosmic races.

As DNI narrated earlier (see – Our Channels Part 2, Disclosure News, 22 May 2022), they partially annihilate the excess of astral and mental dirt in the Sun, and partially dump it into the inner Earth. One of the races living there burns imperil, and the combustion products are thrown into space through volcanic eruptions.

Negative entities, still controlling Earth from the Astral and Mental Planes, and continue penetrate to the surface and control people. Staying in 4D and remaining invisible to a person, they are embedded in his Subtle Bodies and completely subordinate his consciousness and will.

These parasites are fueled by human energy, so they need contact with him. Using the Universe Law – A Greater Potential Subordinates a Smaller One, possessors constantly push a man to negative actions.

They cannot change his program or impose theirs on him, but they know well how to take advantage of situations. When a person goes through a situation according to the incarnation program, they always direct his feelings, thoughts, and actions to the most terrible deeds.

Obeying suggestion, a man emits negative energies which they feed on and maintain their existence. And a person degrades, because by his free will and choice freedom, he decides towards the low, not the high.

Penetrating into the Subtle Bodies of a person, Possessors merge with him so much that they begin to speak by his voice, turning their carrier into an evil and aggressive man. This metamorphosis binds him even more tightly to the vampiric 3D System. Men are turning into obedient zombies of whom the ruling classes are staffed today.

Our Monad Part 2 - Possessors


Our Monad Part 2

Anyone can resist astral and mental parasites. It is enough to show willpower and not succumb to provocations, keep the thoughts, feelings and actions clean.

Spiritual practice is a powerful protection. Prayers and mantras create a high energy discharge that hits the parasites like a powerful electric current. Unable to stand it, they leave the human body.

They can’t go beyond 3D. Their influence does not extend above not only because of the protective shells built around the planet, but also the predominance of high consciousness and energy potential in 4D/5D men.

There are many dying Souls on Earth today for various reasons. Most often, this is the loss of their Spirit, the connection with the Source. Such a Soul is completely subordinated to the petty desires of power, money, and pleasure, which turn it into a leaky container. All the previous accumulated knowledge and experience of past incarnations flow out of it.

If the mind does not develop and becomes small and lazy, and the Soul does not work, then both fade, weaken and do not grow. The Spirit is wasting away.

Many slow down their ascent. Succumbing to temptations, laziness, toss away their lives, committing crimes, making wrong choices in situations, they throw themselves back hundreds and thousands of years.

Nobody needs an empty Soul in the highest dimensions. She sinks to the very bottom of the Universe, to the hell of chaos, to start all over again in the 1D world. Sometimes this does not happen either, and then the Soul is split into elementary particles.

Our Monad Part 2 - In The Dark Or To The Light

In The Dark Or To The Light

Our Monad Part 2

When a person degrades, but the Spark in his Soul is not extinguished, he is decoded completely; the Matrix is cleansed of accumulated dirt. When the planet envenoms, only partial decoding is performed, those parts that have been filled with negativity are cleared.

This is what is happening right now before our eyes. After that, there will be a complete replacement of programs and a restructuring of all the energy shells of Earth.

The new program eliminates dependence on the 3D Matrix and its Masters. This is done by additional constructions on the Subtle Plane that will no longer allow low entities to penetrate into the world of people and run them.

Low plans could influence only those who want it, that is, almost the entire current “elite” and its Dark puppeteers. But they are doomed.

All the highest moral values for humanity remain in force. Moreover, they became imperatives. Such categories as kindness, mercy, unselfishness, love for others, nobility are all the highest qualities given for the incarnation on Earth.

Today, the gradual growth of consciousness of many is a reliable protection against everything low. This is very important not only for the man and his Soul, but also for Co-Creators who are not indifferent to the fate of Gaia and all the Souls and Monads’ manifestation bodies that our planet hosts.

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The Tips – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Argorians Update 19 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 19 June 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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The War Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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The Heat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The Heat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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The War Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The War Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

As Disclosure News described, on the Earth’s surface, the current WWIII is only a weak reflection of a large-scale and fierce space battle on the Subtle Plane. Earthlings are involved in it through egregores, and it’s egregores that are fighting there – Light and Dark, as well as Dark and Gray among themselves.

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