Our Inner Work Part 1 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

Our Inner Work

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Our Inner Work Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – By Lev


I think (and feel absolutely first and foremost) that possibly the most obvious “symptom” of being in 4D – at the moment periodically for many – is when many would feel blissful and happy … without an obvious outside factor or reason.

All of this transition feels like an accelerating process now for a decade and even more. Like when you unplug the bathtub and water whirls in… the furthest water will seem undisturbed, but the water closest to the drain will rapidly shift through. In the same way, we have approached and are already in the shift, the “filters” process.

Now it’s a stabilization process to de-anchor completely from 3D and transition fully into 4D, and later in 5D. And nothing of this is exactly universal for everyone, because of various timelines and paths. For example, someone on a positive timeline would immediately pick up the new capabilities and opportunities if something global and massive scale occurs. While for someone on a more negative one, it would feel like a destructive process they have been oblivious to. For one, it would be a “salvation”, for the other, “damnation”. But it would be what they created for themselves…

We will probably witness more “glitching” of the reality… this “glitching” would mean not only the fluid space-time oddities but also just plain conclusions to obvious global happenings. Things will become “weirder” for many. Sadly, I’m witnessing massive stubbornness from certain people (even those who are close to me) unwilling to change themselves for the better. I’m aware I cannot and shouldn’t influence them, it’s their path… 2022 is going to be crucial and completely a breaking point for many.


Our Inner Work, 02/01/2022 at 10:12

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How does it feel to be able to see 4D? I’m not angry, but these days, situations that stimulate me have become more frequent, so I once get angry in my mind with realizing it and then disappear immediately. Does this mean that I can be rolled back in 3D again? (Angry or annoyed feelings) I soon regain peace by meditating or taking a deep breath.


Our Inner Work, 01/01/2022 at 23:52

I see anger in a different light. We have all been taught it is not socially proper, but anger at its core is pointing to a break of a boundary. Many a time, not always, we get angry because of a violation of a boundary. Now, what do you do with that energy? Is the million-dollar question. Do you use it as fuel? As an agent for the chance.

I live in a land filled with volcanoes, many of which have erupted in my lifetime, I see that as Earth getting rid of excess energy. Same with tremors, how is Gaia to do it? Same as anger .., of course, it is wise to vent it out in the safety of our homes or nature. Nature I find has been for me the greatest catalyst and ally. Just stepping into a forest calms me down. I speak from my experience, anger has been a long companion of mine. Great teacher too. When not clear, anger is tied up to fear and control.

We must be careful not to go into spiritual bypassing while we transit. All these emotions have a place. Bypassing them, not acknowledging their presence, is at times like neglecting all those orphan parts of ourselves, sending them back to the dungeons of the subconscious where they do more harm.


Our Inner Work, 02/01/2022 at 15:31

“Those who have obtained the Light Codes should not only raise their vibrations further but also distribute the Codes telepathically among conscious people in the form of informative thought packets.” The truth is that I do not know what dimension I am in, and I am not very worried about it, I have said it more times here.

My heart has hurt, it hurts, and before the denial of the people I endure pangs in the present, I try to respond from that now dissolving any apprehension in me, I train myself to enter deeply into stillness, in the presence of the convulsions of others. I have noticed greater amplitude and understanding of what surrounds me, I feel the fears of others and I understand many times the place from which they can be dissolved for all.

I try to live as much as possible in solitude, but I have family and people I work with. Realizing the omnipresence in others is what makes me raise the vibrations above the ordinary. There is omnipresence in all souls, no matter how asleep they are, so I feel it. I have to find that point of unity. Omni creativity does the rest.

My feminine energy finds, not seeks. The quantum leap finds me more times finding than searching. The search caused me restlessness, and when I feel that, I still feel responsible to enter into calm, and it is there that my heart rests and a truth that becomes expansive. I do not know if I am sharing packages of thought, but I know and feel when they look for my look and a part of them calms down, I have serene satisfaction for the duty fulfilled…

I feel that kind of vibration is high, but I know nothing about measurements. It is not always possible of course. I feel that we still grow in some respects against the third dimension. And I also see that the role of each soul is different in forms and times. But sometimes there are aspects of the texts, where I feel that the higher dimensions are sublimated, and there is no leisurely reflection on how to discern and channel the search for the best timeline. I do not feel that we should live this moment as an escape or something will be closed in false, we would go back to walking in some aspects. Thank you all for sharing.

Virginia Fernández prieto

Our Inner Work, 02/01/2022 at 15:31

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There is nothing wrong with feeling angry if we clearly understand its causes. Now it is most often caused by the natural reaction of our body to the rapidly changing energy environment. The organism at the cellular and atomic level can’t keep pace with vibes change so quickly and reacts with anger.

On the one hand, this is his defensive reaction. On the other hand, a tool that burns everything in us that prevents us from switching to 4D.

Our Inner Work Part 1 - Fourth Dimension

Fourth Dimension

Our Inner Work

The 4-dimensional space itself is at 4.0D-4.05D today. There are many frequency floors in it, and most importantly, it is TRANSIT before entering 5D.

It’s a strictly gradual and individual process. It’s TRAINING GROUND to learn how to keep our vibrations above 1000 Hz for as long as possible.

If we roll back to 3D, that’s fine. It’s just that at the moment we have to continue focusing on our inner work.

In 2022, Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee plan to completely transfer Earth to the fourth dimension, activating it by 100%.

For each of us, it means a very serious inner work to adapt to frequencies of 1000 Hz and higher to enter and stay in 4D.

Our Inner Work Part 1 - Enter And Stay In 4D

Enter And Stay In 4D

Our Inner Work

The active part of the Transition will continue until March 23, 2023. By this date, its fairway will be closed and the next phase will be opened.

All those who have switched to 4D should be fully stabilized in 4D. Those who have rolled back into 3D must do the necessary transformations to fully comply with the conditions of the 4th-dimensional field.

There, on the 4D Earth, we are very much needed now, but in an adequate state and energy form. Through us, by our existential fields, the final structuring of the 4D Earth takes place.

It is we, the people, who can do it. It’s like settling in a new apartment or house. They can build it or offer it to us, but without furniture, plumbing, and other amenities. Therefore, in a new place, we will have to make it habitable.

We participate in this work more unconsciously, at the level of intuition and super consciousness, our Higher Self. Mostly at night, in a dream.

The 4D field is completely new. It wasn’t on our planet before. We do not come to 4D for everything ready, as once, in the future, we will move to a fully prepared 5D Earth.

The rolled back in 3D can’t take part in this work yet. Their main task now is to fully meet the required criteria in the remaining time till 23 March 2022.

Our Inner Work Part 1 - The Rolled Back In 3D Can't Take Part Yet

The Rolled Back In 3D Can’t Take Part Yet

Our Inner Work

All of us will be guided by Mentors from the Subtle Plane and our Higher Selves. But soon many of us will be freaked out, transients, especially. Those who stayed in 3D are not being touched now.

Of course, they are also undergoing their morphing, changing along with Gaia. After all, planetary changes entail the transformation of the entire Earthly reality, of all organic life.

This is an inevitable process. But it does not proceed as intensively as the transformation of transitioning into 4D. To it is added the metamorphosing of the body for life in the fourth dimension.

They include a group under the conditional name “the Transition Guardians “. These are Lightworkers who, in addition to the described processes, participate in the formation and stabilization of the Earth’s Ascension, i.e. the activation of a single whole-fractal eon – the common field of 3D/4D/5D planetary Logos.

There is also a “Transition Vanguard “. They passed the required minimum of 4D transformation earlier, and on December 21, 2021, a new file was uploaded to them for the next stage of changing bodies.

In the initial format, they emitted vibrations at the level of 4.1D – 4.2D. By the uploaded file it is raised to 4.5D. But it’s not the limit. Now many of them are being tested for 4.8D and higher. The experiments are made in vivo with a short-term immersion in the fifth dimension.

A transformational file is a model, our future image, what we should become soon. It is arranged as a self-charging crystal. Into it is loaded the program of changing our bodies to a certain level, to a certain date, and also is charged the energy that emits vibes necessary for the restructuring of our corpus and Subtle Bodies.

Our Inner Work Part 1 - Changing Our Bodies

Changing Our Bodies

Our Inner Work

How long will the transformation and adaptation to 4D continue?

It’s different for everyone. Someone will rebuild earlier, someone later. A lot depends on individual factors.

The tentative completion date is scheduled for March 23, 2022. At the moment, Lightwarriors are actively involved in all Transition works.

Unfortunately, our physical body does not easily withstand all this. Of course, there is no threat to life, but … Starting from December 21, 2021, many of us spend more time in an incapacitated state, in a dream or half-asleep.

The periods of wakefulness are accompanied by off-the-scale vibrations, migraines, hours of nausea, total body itch, stomach cramps (the restructuring of the gastrointestinal tract is in full swing), hellish dizziness…

All that is especially aggravated when we are stretched, raising the assemblage point to the 4D level. Then it is impossible to walk, the horizon is floating, we can only stand holding on to something or lie down.

If at this time we are strolling or doing a jog, we begin to stagger in all directions, we urgently need to look for a foothold. An inadequate state when we don’t understand where we are, on what planet, what happened yesterday, and what needs to be done today. It became especially difficult to return to reality after waking up.

The only consolation is that it’s a New Year’s holiday, and when we are in such a staggering state on the street, others do not look at us disapprovingly…


(To be continued)

More by Lev

Galacom Update 15-21 January 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 15-21 January 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom and its ground teams continue to transform 3D Earth, considering this as the most important task today. On January 15-21, 2022, they conducted some new operations. The first of them took place in a mountainous area of one of the European countries (the name is not disclosed for security reasons).

Our Vibes Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Vibes Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 16, 2022, new statistics were received on the Transition of Souls to the 4D that took place during the December Solstice. Recall: 50% of Souls from the total number of their carriers on Earth, or about 1.943 billion people, have been transferred to 4D. The same amount is left in the 3D. Such equilibrium is necessary to maintain the balance of the planet’s energy fields.

Our Vibes Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Vibes Part 1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

2022 will complete the transformation begun in the last century on the Subtle Plane. Many of us will fill and some will see the meaning of change and our role in the new world. They will realize at last that this is now a different planet, and there will be no going back to the past.

Operation Dark Goddess – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Dark Goddess – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The battle is going on. Dark Forces are still very strong, sleek, and shifty in using the Light for their survival. Especially, when they entered and gobbled men as possessors. Operation Dark Goddess, which was conducted by the Light Forces’ ground team, gives additional info about it.

Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Body – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Earth has reached a new level of change. There is a sense of radical transforming in the air. On the Subtle Plane, new energies demolish all Earthly ossified structures. The frameworks in which we lived, and which we had been building for a comfortable existence, seemed to us to reliably ensure stability, daily routine, relationships of a certain type with certain roles, lifestyle, habits, traditions, and rituals come apart.

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Upgrading – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

January 2022 is an ideal time for a deep revision and a thorough reset of our fundamental values, concepts, and mental attitudes. Of everything, we used to rely on when making decisions about our long-term goals and personal life.

Afterword – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Afterword – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

By January 5, 2022, many ground teams of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers disclosed a lot of new info on what happened during and after the mass meditation on December 21, 2021.

Our Inner Work Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Inner Work Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On January 3, 2022, at 17:28 CET, the Galactic Committee transmitted another information about the Transition to 4D and a brief assessment of the current situation on Earth. Galacom focused its info on the topic that Co-Creators now consider the most important for earthlings – on the factors necessary for entering and staying in 4D.

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