Our Heart - From 3d To 4d And 5d - Part 25 - Lev

Our Heart

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Our Heart – From 3d To 4d And 5d – Part 25 – By Lev


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Regarding the search for certainty.

I feel that it is a personal fact, and has to do with resigning and gaining present time and presence in acting. It is difficult to see one’s intention unless one can observe responses to action from the moment the action is born.

That precision in self-observation is gained through meditation. Especially with the meditations that have to do with training the etheric body to be anchored in feeling, without following the fluctuations of the environment. It is feeling how children feel.

It is interesting to know your intention and that happens when you are in deep contact with your Soul. Anchored in one’s own Spirit, one sees the ways of acting when they arise. Learning to be in the sacral that point from where the action that is the anchor of all bodies arising, is learned.
I understand that in 3D knowing your own intentions was a chimera, but now the movement arises like a wave in a pond, and one can choose to increase the response that is born and almost to the second or rectify it.
Asking questions about our own states helps us to be able to discern the timeline in which we want to be, and it is precisely that moment to choose that requires resignation, always if one chooses an answer others are left in the pipeline, and they can never be Given two answers at every moment, one always wins over the other. Fooling yourself into justifying the answer given is the problem.

To be aware of this movement now you have to renounce your own noise and anxiety second by second… The man who has a purpose generates violence. Of course, we all ask ourselves questions, but not all of us generate the same anguish wanting to have an accurate, immediate answer that is only possible from knowing and knowing each other and in passing.

In general, when energies fluctuate impressively as they do now, I have a motto that is to hold my brain to feel the soles of my feet while walking, and also not to put more noise where it is already too much, nor more movement where everything changes every moment.

Years ago I had a teacher whom I channeled, who used to tell me in a tremendous voice: LET TIME COME AND EVERYTHING WILL GO.

Today I know that it is an absolute truth, everything goes and everything arrives, and it is an incessant movement, there is only something still in oneself and it is where we must learn to direct ourselves all the time, the seat of BEING IN US.

Good luck, peace, harmony, and love to everyone here, thank you all for sharing…

Years ago I started studies of quantum medicine, and I did not understand anything, I simply looked through all those books from time to time, one night after a time the light came on, and that took an order that at that very moment had a meaning for me. That day is when the anxiety of understanding had already been exhausted. Since then I practice that, I simply approach the information without requiring anything from it, and it does not take away an iota of being able to discern what feeds my Soul and what does not.

Virginia Fernández Prieto

22/09/2021 at 11:11

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What prevents us from receiving and perceiving the flow of new information that comes to us? After all, in all of us, there is an inherent ability to get true info, regardless of time, space, distance…

Why do we have blinders on our eyes and our head does not capture, or distorts, or rejects new information?

The simplest and very convenient answer for us is this: it is due to the implants, nanos in vaccines, chemtrails, and dozens of other means of influence and control of the 3D Matrix and its shadow creators.

Our Heart - Our Blinders

Our Blinders

Our Heart

It is extremely frustrating for us to admit that even though we perfectly know about it, understand how it works and for what purpose, we use it as an excuse and a reason not to change anything in our 3D self.

It is even more traumatic to find out that our personal Higher Self, consciously and willingly, went to experiment with its body manifestation (i.e. us) here, in this dimension, on this planet for getting a new experience.

And now this Higher Self of ours is trying to argue with our 3D being which called itself our intelligence.

Our mind is sure that we should not give power to our hearts. There must be only the master – the reason. We should not live by feelings and heart because it’s the cause of all our troubles and disasters.

Our Heart - Mind And Heart

Mind And Heart

Our Heart

Our Higher Self objects – there has to be a balance, a harmony. It explains:

“I came here as a being with limitless capacities. But I lived on Earth thousands of lives as a person who has no possibilities except his body and heart.

And I realized that we were wrong. I experienced pain, great heartache. Even having infinite capabilities, it is impossible to understand the human Soul with the help of the mind. It is possible only by heart, by feeling, by experiencing everything personally from the school of hard knocks.

We are wrong and have been wrong in looking at earthlings and Earth from the height of our infinite dimensions. We need to listen with our hearts to people, to the planet, to the entire Universe.”

In our Higher Self are embedded feminine and masculine fundamentals. But our mind rejected the feminine hypostasis to “not distort” the pure streams of knowledge by such silly things as empathy and compassion. Thus it tries to remain invulnerable, eternally calm, in a state of complete sanity.

Our mind has a fear of the feminine because it is afraid of losing itself, its freedom of choice and free will.

Our Heart - Feminine And Masculine Fundamentals

Feminine And Masculine Fundamentals

Our Heart

Feminine and masculine energies in our Higher Self are not our mind’s private property.

They belong to other dimensions of the Subtle Plane and are the golden energy of creation and the blue energy of Earth (birth).

We, as living crystalline beings, are carriers of both these true, primordial energies.

Now, in transition from 3D to 4D and 5D, plasma energies are emitting from this central crystal of ours.

Our energy structure is unfolding.

It, silver in color and nearly dimensionless, is expanding across the entire planet. Our crystal, as the Crystals inside Earth, is waiting to be fully unlocked and activated.

The Earth’s crystal radiates concentrated blue energies. They flow into crystals on the planet’s surface, forming a unified network.

Through this network, blue energy saturates the Earth’s shells and space, and Gaia is transformed into a planet of shining blue that breathes like a living thing.

Our Heart - Shining Blue

Shining Blue

Our Heart

The crystals scattered across the planet receive blue energy and are activated from within, despite external blockages. It is we that set these blockages, consciously or unconsciously.

We do not need to seek or receive permission from anyone to undo these blockages. We installed them ourselves because we think we are not yet ready to accept our new possibilities. A lot of people like us right now think the same way.

But all of us can change it – to start listening to our hearts. And to do that, we have to break the cocoon around our hearts in which they have become stones.

We locked the hearts up ourselves in the hope to get rid of frequent regrets about treating people too well (and continue to do so). Like the last straw, we grasped at the belief that good attitudes are not valued.

Our mind prompts us: “Others begin to appreciate you only when they invest themselves, and not when you give yourself away. People are used to taking kindness for weakness. It is better to be callous and heartless than to pay the high price for your naive openness and cordiality. Be a cynic and not care about everything.”

That’s how we are taught to think, to live with a sealed heart. It hurts, but we begin to realize that we were wrong. We can’t close our hearts, but have to keep them open. And to receive, we need, first, to give. This is the tip our hearts offer us.

Our Heart - Our Closed Heart

Our Closed Heart

Our Heart

Of course, we heard and knew about it. But now, during the Transition, we are experiencing and understanding better how it worked, and how it should work.

Not all of us have completely unstuck from previous beliefs, and not fully learned the lessons.

It still seems to us that nothing has changed. It’s one thing to understand, but it’s another thing to learn to live in a new way, to treat people differently. Re-learn to believe that feelings can be real and sincere, that not everything in our time is only to have an ax to grind.

Seeing so much filth around, it’s not easy at all to feel and think otherwise. And yet, no one should ever regret being too kind. Any such thought is barbaric.

3D System forces us to become animals for hiding from our pain it caused. But thus we shut ourselves off from happiness.

Gradually, with great difficulty, we come to the understanding that without working through these moments it is impossible to move forward. It turns out that we have fled/avoided solving many problems and tasks, the lessons that our Higher Self, our Soul has chosen in this incarnation.

In fact, we were running away from ourselves, playing what those around us expected of us.

Our Heart - Hiding From Self

Hiding From Self

Our Heart

Now we have come down from hovering in the clouds to the ground, or from imaginary worlds to this physical reality. We are taking a fresh look at ourselves and others with deep awareness and comprehension. With love and gratitude.

This is what Buddhism calls being consciously in the present moment, to be here and now.

We come to understand, on a deep level, that we are all going through our lessons here, both us and our loved ones. We need to honestly accept and go through them, not run away or avoid them.

There is no need to stop others from going through their lessons. All we can do is give them love and understanding.

Each of us came to Earth for solving OUR PERSONAL problem or mission. If on the planet there are 7 billion “us”, there are 7 billion personal problems and missions to deal with.

We are not in a position to judge the dealing’s speed. We begin clearly understand that it depends not on billions but trillions of internal and external issues and factors. It helps us to definitively get rid of victimhood and sacrifice programs.

One of the lessons of our Souls here is that we should not take much of someone else’s self, sacrificing our own desires. We should simply allow others to go their way according to their programs, free will, and freedom of choice.

Our Heart - Allow Others Go Their Way

Allow Others Go Their Way

Our Heart

Another lesson is to realize our inner strength, our value, to learn to assert ourselves with confidence. This lesson helps us to understand that we need to take care of ourselves first, to restore our strength, and only then to help others.

And finally, the most important lesson brought due to our closed heart, to the prohibition on wanting and being able to love and feel.

Our Higher Self wanted to understand how it is to live without love and feelings. Our Soul was programmed to excessive control – everything and everyone should be as I want because I know better.

The inability to accept others as they are, the failure to understand that they have their own way, their own lessons, their own mistakes, and they won’t be perfect the way we want them to be.

We saw that our excessive, intrusive control was preventing family members, especially children, from being independent. We had fear of loving and being loved. Many of us still have a lot of work on it.

Now we are more clearly aware and feel the mirroring of this world – what we emit (positive or negative), the same we get. So it’s up to us to zero our negative programs and blocks.

Our Heart - Good Or Evil - Everything Comes Back

Good Or Evil – Everything Comes Back

Our Heart

Gradually we become conscious of our power, our ability to harmonize others and the space around us.

We learn not to react automatically, as before, anger to anger, irritation to irritation, etc., but to become aware that our negative energies, first of all, are killing us, and for our survival, we need to send/emit as much love and harmony as we can.

We feel that we have come back to ourselves, have connected with our heart and Soul, and can now hear them. It is they who are our center, our core, very stable and empowering.

Often, but not always yet, we open our hearts, radiate love, and perceive what we get in return. And see what happens when our heart closes.

This is a clue as to what we still need to work on. Learning to recognize and not react when something negative comes from the outside. Or when unprocessed programs are activated inside of us.

We learn to keep an open heart for as long and as often as possible. We see how important to constantly practice and maintain the unity of the Soul and the Spark in our hearts.

Our Heart - Keep Our Heart Open

Keep Our Heart Open

Our Heart

In these periods we feel very different energies and emotions – real happiness, wholeness, and strength.

We rejoice in everything and everyone around us. We feel love and gratitude that they are there for us and that we are living in this beautiful world now.

We come to understand the great value of this life right here and now on planet Earth. It’s a school, and a great, priceless experience. An experience of our open hearts.

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