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Our Ergegores Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

Our Ergegores Part 3

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Our Ergegores Part 3 – By Lev

Galacom and friendly space races are very seriously dealing with the problem of Dark egregores on Earth.

As helpers, they use starseeds, incarnated on the planet for various missions. During ops, for security purposes, Higher Curators gradually unpack their paranormal abilities and the memory of previous incarnations.

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Our Ergegores Part 3 - Starseeds


Our Ergegores Part 3

The task of such starseeds is deep penetration into all-important structures where Dark egregores have taken root. Missions objective: to reveal their mechanisms of control and running the Souls, interaction with negative civilizations on our planet, and to improve methods of combating them.

Here is a unique story of the starseed.

She was infiltrated into a large company of the military-industrial complex.

The chronology cover approximately four months, shows well how egregores act at the micro-level in global corporations, banks, foundations, and international organizations.

The story is narrated in the first person.

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Octopus

From the first days at work, I have had a constant desire to escape. I can’t find a place for myself, as if I’m being torn apart from the inside. I looked at my workplace on a Subtle Plane. What I saw struck me.

Near my chair next to the computer desk is a huge Dark octopus-shaped egregore, clearly not friendly. It said that everything is fair and squarer, like to all others here, soothing socialization is given for you, your energy – for us. I went into the CEO’s office. Saw a similar octopus…

I feel the transparent energy implanted by the egregore drying up inside me, flowing away. It disguised itself, adapted like mine. It merged with me, introduced obsessive thought forms, and caused confusion. This energy functions only in low vibrations.

A funnel appeared in my brain, blocking, distorting the connection with my higher aspects, and refracting their incoming flow. The same funnels on the palms, in the lower abdomen.

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Our Ergegores Part 3 - Dark Egregore

Dark Egregore

Our Ergegores Part 3

All the spaces around my inner crystals are clogged with a substance similar to cotton wool. Everything is done in such a way as to block the connection with my multidimensional bodies, the Higher Self, and if it does not fully work, then at least distort it as much as possible. I see everything through the veil that covers the frightening reality at work.

The colorless entity planted in me by the egregore (everyone in the work team has one) constantly whispers what a wonderful place this is, how many advantages there are. I should be proud to be involved in such an important company for the country.

On my left leg is a construction placed on a Subtle Plane by an egregor. A prosthesis implanted in the kneecap. In it loaded a self-destruct program that will be activated if I want to cut off the egregore. Bones disease would begin; they would quickly break down.

Such a thing clings to fear. Exactly where a person has fear blocks, they implant their plug-ins. That’s why it’s so important to be transparent, unemotional. The most strong fear is to lose your life…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Colleagues

Today, a mid-level manager came up to me and began to talk about his difficulties in working processes. At that moment, an egregore connected to me and gave him an answer through me.

When I felt the connection to the egregore’s channel, heavy energies like a slab crushed me. My consciousness was rudely pushed aside and egregore spoke by my voice.

The colleague who addressed me entered a trance when the information went (his pupils dilated) because in addition to a direct answer to the question asked, he received a package of encoded data that will unfold further.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Egregore's Channel

Egregore’s Channel

Our Ergegores Part 3

I don’t like this intrusion. It feels like I’m a soulless machine. Vibrations, of course, decreased, there was weakness, nausea. How so? I want to say: what the fuck?

They wanted to show me that it was easy to make me a pawn, a tool. To be honest, I’m scared right now…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Higher Self

I found a pink crystal still alive in me. This is a creative zone. But at work it was put to sleep, reconfigured to the frequency of the egregore to give it my vital energy.

My Senior Curators activated the crystal, it began to grow. I feel pressure on the top of my head. It removes the blocks I have set to avoid the fear of seeing reality, the fear of seeing.

I have a blue star-shaped watch in my right hand. This is a reminder of my Higher Self that there is no need to hurry. Upon reaching a certain readiness, I begin to regain memory.

It is impossible to stop this process. Every time in other incarnations from that moment on, I started to go ahead, trying to instantly embrace all the opportunities that opened up, to speed up the implementation of the plan outlined by my Higher Self.

At some moment, the expansion of consciousness reaches a point where the awareness of oneself as an individual is almost erased. Being in this body ceases to be a lesson. And the physical feeling of oneself for the Higher Self comes to another plane.

The watch on my hand should remind me that there is no need to rush to remember and activate my multidimensional capabilities…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – CEO

Today, on a Subtle Plane, I again looked at the top management of the corporation. During the meeting, I saw that several entities sitting in their physical bodies at the table are interconnected by transparent tubes with a diameter of three centimeters coming from the second chakra, through which dirty orange energy flows.

Its source wasn’t visible; they were closed on each other by these wires. And this energy made the entities as if drunk, they laughed, jumped on the table.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - They Laughed And Jumped

They Laughed And Jumped

Our Ergegores Part 3

On a Subtle Plane, one of them handed me the same pipe, as if it offered me a hookah to smoke. Interestingly, several entities did not see all this fun. They looked around, they were wary, but they didn’t see anything! I wonder what kind of substance it was. And even more curious is this difference between directors…

In each of the team members sits an entity that is placed by an egregore. I see that during the meeting the entities are hovering overheads. And only one of them is the main one. The biggest and all the others look through its eyes.

One of its functions is to turn people into biorobots. It also has its Master, who visits the office from time to time. During the meeting, I saw that he is aware of his power, knows how to control it, and easily suppresses the will of people.

The official CEO of the corporation is a shallow person. There is no power in him. He is disconnected from the dirty orange source and the egregore. He won’t be here long.

Now he’s hiding behind my back. I’m like an intermediary between him and the rest of the team. Through my field, he reads out information from his subordinates, who no longer obey him.

He kept his Soul but it feels like a very small one. He will be asked to leave after some time. He will perceive it as a collapse, but it is the salvation of his Soul.

Only after leaving the egregore through pain, he will be free. That’s why I can’t help him. It will be “eaten” and thrown away. The essence that is embedded in him leads him into the abyss. It restricts and distorts all info that comes to him.

When the CEO gets angry at someone and shouts, he loses his strength and then is exhausted. When his first deputy gets mad at someone and bawls, a funnel appears around him, into which energy is drawn from everyone who is nearby, replenishing his resource. All others are emptied.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Gets Mad And Bawls

Gets Mad And Bawls

Our Ergegores Part 3

And I also understood the reason for his unusually sharp mind, the ability to find extraordinary solutions. At the moment of solving the problem, he connects to the egregore who dictates what to do, and only then ponders the tips.

I remember how a new employee was introduced to the CEO at one of the meetings. And suddenly an entity came out of the boss and began to scan this employee. Now I understand that it was the egregore’s scanner.

Colleagues, more precisely, entities, inserted by the egregore, on the one hand, are just transmitters of information, emotionless, and shallow, on the other, are obedient performers…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – The Owner

A couple of days ago, the top in the hierarchy for our corporation approached me and introduced himself: The Owner. He read out the information from me as a batch and left. I have no more fear, this is already a victory. My vision is expanding.

During the cleaning, I pulled out of my body a black thing, a thin film in the shape of my body, with an activation point in the area of the third eye.

It was the Owner’s special “gift”, the implant to break me, at his wish, for taking me out of the game. When activated, I would be bent in half from the pain (psychological). He put it personally on the Subtle Plane when I slept.

I clearly remember this moment. My space woke me up as best it could by turning on and off the phone that was charging, making a loud sound. I woke up in a cold sweat from the feeling of someone’s presence in the room on the Subtle Plane. But he didn’t lose his head: said hello and left.

When my Higher Curators were removing the implant, the Owner felt it and tried to influence me. I was taken bad, everything swirled, swam, but a clear understanding came that he had just attacked me.

I began to mobilize my willpower, my Spark. I realized that this is the only way the most powerful defense works: not an appeal to the outside but my inner power, laid down by the Source.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Violet Flame

Violet Flame

Our Ergegores Part 3

I activated the violet flame, it’s is my native energy. My Higher Self constantly fills me with these energies and heals me, regenerates all my Subtle Bodies, so the impact of the egregore does not become fatal.

Thanks to the powerful energy, my defense has strengthened, my physical condition has normalized. It made a huge impression on me!

At work, on the Mental Plane, I was offered to join the leadership group. Immediately I began to have dreams in which its members shared with me their secrets, details of their personal lives.

It was the Owner who came up with the idea to play with me. To captivate me, hoping that it will be interesting for me to know their secrets, and thus control me.

The Owner is languishing. He is looking for something that will help him evolve. The entire territory of the corporation, which is a huge impenetrable bunker on a Subtle Plane, tenaciously holds him, does not allow him to rise higher to develop. I don’t know how to help him.

Later, I realized why the Owner wanted me to attend high-level negotiations, where there was no need to keep a protocol and witnesses were undesirable. Like a receiver, tuned to all channels at once, I catch the thoughts of others, but I perceive them as my own. I just understand their wishes, answers, further arguments. And the Owner reads out them through me. Now I am connected to the entire info-field of the corporation, and he uses it in full…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Closed Zone And Biorobots

There are places on the territory where I do not have access. My field does not penetrate in but goes round. What is in these prohibited areas is still a mystery to me. They are located in the largest concentration of workers. But the top management is removed from there.

Later, my Higher Curators informed me that it’s one of the sites of the Gray Race on Earth who arrived here several centuries ago. Their Keeper guards this territory. At the moment, this duty is given to the corporation Owner.

The Grays are interested in this territory, not men. Its value is determined by artifacts that are hidden from me. The territory is carefully protected; there are several levels of access.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Greys


Our Ergegores Part 3

The memory of the current Keeper (i.e. Owner) is blocked, he is only aware of his power, uses it with might and main, but he is thrashing around. This is the longing of his previous incarnations, he wanted to go further, evolve. It turns out that his purpose is only to be the Keeper of an important territory for the Grays, but he dreams to rise higher in development.

This duality shatters the entire energy structure of the surrounding space. My Higher Curators used this opportunity to infiltrate me here. And, as it turned out, I’m not the only one.

They carefully protect my consciousness, as the ships of the Greys are constantly hovering over us. I see them on a Subtle Plane.

An interesting point: I feel everyone who is in the ships has a single field of consciousness. And only in the Keeper/Owner, in addition to the general consciousness, the individual component, that wants to evolve, responds.

And now I am very interested in why this territory is so important for the Grays, what is so secret it hides. And secondly, I will probably have a new level of interaction with the Keeper/Owner. I would like to understand how to help him…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Souls And Biorobots

I see the office of the person who is the main energy entity in our corporation after the Owner. There is a queue of young boys and girls, almost children, in front of his door. I feel their Sparks, they are alive, but as if in a daze. Everyone is with an air of abstraction, “sleeping”.

They take turns entering and leaving empty. Their Spark is gone, they are biorobots. Such a shifter: they slept with a Spark, were in a daze, and now are cheerful without a Spark, “woke up”.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Morphing In Biorobot

Morphing In Biorobot

Our Ergegores Part 3

This member of the management elite is endowed with the ability to transform sleeping Souls into biorobots. A living Soul will not survive here for a long time, it will leave by itself. And the sleeping one, in a dense cocoon, is easily processed.

For the Soul, a sleeping state causes pain. The transformation into a biorobot is very painful. The Soul quits the body this time. What they are doing is redirecting energy exchange.

Now I understand why this guy, who turns people into biorobots, does not tolerate me. He is powerless to put me in the same state. He can’t do anything to me.

Yesterday at work, all the equipment around me failed, at once. My presence began to cause undisguised irritation among managers…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Dark Web

My Higher Curators showed me how an additional connection was activated in the corporation in the form of a Dark web on a Subtle Plane. Many groups are employed in production, each has a chief. So the web has strengthened this bond submission.

If necessary, it can be easily activated, and the person will obey without any questions. The CEO got sick, dropped out, couldn’t stand the strain.

All employees of the corporation are divided into groups of 7-10 people, in each group there is a senior to whom the members of the group report. These seniors also form groups with their superiors, and so on. In each of them, the egregore embeds itself…

Some movement began on a Subtle Plane. I saw black silhouettes unloading crates into the space of the corporation. The same silhouettes stretched Dark web wires everywhere. The chief engineer runs the work.

The Owner no longer appears, now he calls the CEO to himself who now has a hard time…

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Dark Web (Vertical And Horizontal)

Dark Web (Vertical And Horizontal)

Our Ergegores Part 3

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Incompatibility

After removing the plugs, implants, settling in, it became very difficult for me to be at work. Staying there hurts my Soul badly. And I understand that everything, that my Soul sees, my consciousness doesn’t fully percept.

The entire territory of the corporation is not only an impenetrable bunker but also a maze. To get out of it, saving yourself, you have to work hard. They don’t let their slaves go just like that.

I have no fear of the Owner, but the very understanding that I am in an iron trap surrounded by creatures with heavy energy and empty biorobots, under the constant influence of the darkness, is stressful. This is unbearable even for expanded consciousness. The Soul experiences extreme pain in such low vibes.

Now I am protecting my consciousness with a dense vacuum shell so as not to merge with the toxic field…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Chemistry

I decided to trust the space and balance its vibrations. And a miracle happened! For the first time, it was not my vibrations that decreased, but it was possible to increase the vibrations of space. This is a breakthrough for me. I did it!

My Higher Self instantly confirmed its presence, trembling, joy. On the same day, a very young boy came up to me at work, I felt his living Soul. I felt that he did not know why he was attracted to me, inexplicable chemistry for him.

That same night, I was shown in a dream why. I saw that he went to his boss, asked for leave, wanted to leave the corporation. He shows him the contract and says, serve the whole term first.

Then the boy asks for the opportunity to go to the doctor and shows his left leg, which is all crushed, literally into mincemeat. And I understand that this is the same program that I had (the self-destruct program turns on when a person wants to get rid of egregore).

The boss tells him: that’s because you dated her (me). I wake up and realize that the Soul of this boy is asking for help. But how can I help him?

A couple of days later, another colleague comes up and asks if we’ve met before. For a year now, he can’t get rid of the feeling that we know each other. On the same night, in a dream, they show me this person through the prism of digital codes.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Digital Codes

Digital Codes

Our Ergegores Part 3

The colleague got the same assignment as mine. He was also adapted and infiltrated to work with a military egregore and has full access to the entire space of the corporation (I have only limited one).

And another program is encoded in him – to make the hidden visible. I saw how on the Subtle Plane, when these codes are activated, the space around him changes, as if it turns out, glows, uncovering its hidden and vulnerable sides.

Then I thought that if this program is not activated yet, it can be turned on. And at that moment I wake up and see that the chandelier is violently swinging above my head, and is about to fall on my head. I try to move but felt that I can’t do it.

Suddenly, it dawns on me that the chandelier should be hanging to the left, and not over the bed, which means I’m still sleeping. And then I wake up completely, although the sound of the chandelier swinging sharply rings in my ears for a long time.

I understand that it’s is a warning not to touch this employee who is convenient for egregore. But he’s an infiltrator just like me. The program is activated in any case when its time comes. And also, if the egregore threatens me, it means that I indeed can affect a lot of things…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Greys

Next to me now all the time there is a new entity, assigned by the Grays, which continuously reads out information from me, passes it on. I wondered: do entities have the right to influence me, slip me their implants, and so on. The entity next to me did not respond, then, I ascended to another space on the Subtle Plane, where those who give it instructions were.

They explained to me that by agreeing to work for them, I accepted all the rules, gave the go-ahead for any intervention. I said that I forbid any influence on me. Answer: there are soldiers-performers, they should be there and do their job. If you see them, then control them yourself; we will not change the system work because of you.

It was a military egregore of the Greys technogeek civilization. I felt brave and strong to myself. I wanted to gain experience: how will my Spark remember itself in a situation of almost complete disconnection with me and the Higher Self.

I wanted to do everything myself. It was supposed to be a lesson for one incarnation. But my Spark was so rewired that it was almost completely cut off from me in several embodiments.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Spark


Our Ergegores Part 3

The life scenario was always the same: the events of my life were formed so that I lose more and more faith in myself, and therefore the chance to remember myself. My whole life was under total control.

I am terrified when I see what is going on at work. And I am being threatened, intimidated. I understand that my thoughts are controlled. Like in a horror movie, I start rushing, bumping into walls, screaming.

I feel as if all the power of the egregore envelops me, squeezes me, tries to crush me. I realized that this is how I am being influenced, through the suggestion of thoughts. They are not mine. I’m already free. And only disbelief in my strength holds me back.

And I begin to believe in myself. I feel powerful support, I’m not alone. On a Subtle Plane, I run up and fly through the wall, and fall into the white space.

Immediately, I was picked up by three Higher Curators. My body could no longer withstand the powerful currents that passed through me. It was very hard physically for several hours. In the evening I was healed, the pain was removed…

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Mission

I came to life and finally felt what it was all about – freedom. I finally completed the task I once set: in a situation of total control and separation with a Spark, I woke up.

Higher Curators who infiltrated me into the corporation for monitoring and total control planted a time bomb in it. The military egregore and its entities can’t do anything to me anymore; they can’t even remove me now.

They only try to minimize my influence, more precisely, through me, for which they hung their magic signs in my office after an urgent repair.

I am embedded here to balance the space. It’s not just about people. I realized that I was interacting with the environment, transforming it.

Now I get why I couldn’t do it earlier. As long as they had me on the hook, they could get rid of me, intimidating and hurting me. And now, having revived my Spark, I am safe and doing what I came for – changing and holding space. Thank you, friends, for helping me to come to this!

This morning I was walking through the square and saw that I have a huge body. It looks like an enormous energy column, light purple, with a diameter of several tens of meters. That’s why the only place where I’m most physically comfortable is in nature, glades, and plains. There I don’t feel any obstacles squeezing me.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Light Purple Energy Column

Light Purple Energy Column

Our Ergegores Part 3

I went into my office, felt a familiar discomfort, and, having looked at my big body with my inner vision, I allowed it to take up as much space as he needed.

I expanded, it became easier for me to breathe, the flows instantly intensified. And then a miracle happened: I was simultaneously in my office and the adjacent premises and on the street at the level of the sixth floor. For a minute I was even afraid of heights. My consciousness was everywhere where my field was. It was magic, it was extraordinary!

It turned out that, having expanded once, feeling free, I no longer need protection. It’s uncomfortable and unpleasant like wearing tight shoes.

My field, dissolving in space, easily passes through itself any energy without holding anything in itself. 

Thus, being in an expanded state, I am in harmony with a space in which there is simply no danger.

The energy space at work has changed. I feel that I am suppressing heavy vibes with my field.

This is a new experience for me, insanely interesting! It will be my new creativity in its purest form.

A woman came up to me, her Soul cried for. She was saying something, not important, I wasn’t listening.

I touched her Spark, and it was what she wanted.

When she left, I felt her peace.

Even, there was no conversation.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Touching The Spark

Touching The Spark

Our Ergegores Part 3

I finally discovered how I can help people. I can connect to the Dark web stretched everywhere, I have access. I can use it for linking to Souls that are ready for awakening. I tried and felt them, it’s so beautiful, and they vibrated with me. I felt their pain and saw that they are alive. It’s like a Christmas garland. Such a living space, I’m happy!

Another one came up, it’s incredible. I touched his Spark, this has never happened before. In these moments of connecting with the Dark web and touching the Spark of another person, the link with the Higher Self was activated, I was just a conductor of the necessary vibrations.

That same night I came out of my body, and Higher Curators showed me how I could apply for help, how to change the dimension at will, and a feeling of my strength came. And it’s all because I started working with emotions. I didn’t think it was so connected!

After several practices, when it was possible to detect the re-flashing done in the corporation and disconnect from egregore, everything began to change. Most importantly, my fear is gone. A feeling of silence came. It is in the inner silence that vibrations are born in the solar plexus. And the perception of myself as a Spirit came.

The ultimate pleasure is to be more like my former self, huge. Then the exits beyond Earth started, the same controlled and conscious from beginning to end. Silence outside the planet is a special pleasure!

Yesterday I was working with corporation space. I poured a stream of golden energy all the way to work and the entire surrounding area. All the service-pipes burst there, and fountains of cold water broke out and flooded all the rooms. They even showed it on the TV news. Thus I cleaned the environment.

Our Ergegores Part 3 – Returning To Self

For me, all that is only beginning. Coming out of the body, I become a huge light purple or lilac field, horizontally filling the space. When I rise above Earth, I become a stream.

Being in space, I instantly begin to expand. And then the connection with the individual consciousness is lost. The bigger became my Spirit, the smaller I Am.

Expanding, I embrace the planets, vibrate with them. My Spirit feels the esurience of this state. I don’t have such trips when you know the names of planets, dates, historically important and interesting. My experience is a state of a new being.

I realized what it means to enjoy life. Physical life is wonderful. Any sensations, starting with the ability to inhale, feel the wind blowing on the skin, the peckishness, the taste of food, even pain – everything brings joy, pleasure.

Our Ergegores Part 3 - Joy Of Life

Joy Of Life

Our Ergegores Part 3

How wonderful it is to live in this body. It’s so cool to experience different emotions: delight, tenderness, irritation, impatience.

I’m in the flow. It rushes around me, through me, spreads much higher and further than the physical body. Space rings, responds. The more I accept the physical world through this body, the stronger the connection with myself on the Subtle Plane.

Through the feeling of the body, the acceptance of its reactions, there is a returning and expansion of self. And most importantly, the awareness of its capabilities in carrying out any missions assigned by Co-Creators.


(To be continued)

More by Lev

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Builders – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Whatever’s going on, the construction continues non-stop. For it, we left the Central Sun, remaining in its state, in which earlier returned. This time, we exited it not as the core of a planetary system, but as a part of metagalactic energy axis, around which a multitude of subsystems with their own dynamic laws, tempo and rhythms move in different directions. And we felt again how the Universe pulses.

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Milking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Let’s not be under any illusions: the 3D System and Power Pyramid will fight to the last, even are doomed, for saving their animal farm and dairy cattle, meaning all earthlings. After Darks invasion of Earth, causing the pain was the main tool to syphon the vital energy for them.

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Feat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After leaving Earth, Christ returned to his status as the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch and Co-Creator of our Local Universe. Today, He continues re-building the latter and Earth with His brother, who passed to the Light Side.

To Whom It Concerns – From 3D To 4D And 5D

To Whom It Concerns – From 3D To 4D And 5D

It’s indeed hard. Powerful quantum flows have dissected the deep layers of our Soul’s memory of destroyed worlds in other dimensions eons ago. And now, when pictures of their death with all closest to us emerge from the depths of subconscious, it causes unbearable suffer.

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Unhooking – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

If Co-Creators and Galacom are so might and smart, and have so powerful tools for spotting and zeroing NAA’s low-freqs generators that block our enter 5D, why they don’t cut these installations off?

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

May Sorting – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Following the previous months, the energies of May, by their powerful vibes, will continue to sort people for different dimensions. We have remember that the planets, Sun, Stars, Constellations and their stelliums are not only emitters of own freqs, but act as repeaters and “colorers” of thousands and millions of the Greater Cosmos’ radiations unknown to us.

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