Our Crystal Body - From 3d To 4d And 5d - Part 14

Our Crystal Body

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Part 14

Our Crystal Body – By Lev


A spectacular change which I imagine will begin to be visible in real-time. All the factors in the game added up are immensely positive.

Still, everything is going to be hard. I wake up in the middle of large atmospheric mass movements, and with a great stir in the body. With windy winds, in a season that here would not touch this, and rains that I sense are coming with great devastation. No there is another to seek refuge in our being and anchor energies to sweeten these experiences for the majority as far as we can and trying to maintain an unbreakable unity with one’s own internal balance.

Virginia Fernández Prieto

07/08/2021 at 18: 46

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It is absolute reality, everything is always under the control of the Absolute, everything…Awakened people see the order in what looks like disorder or chaos. Each person is in the right place at the right time, nothing is in disorder…

I am very excited to see what will happen next. The experience on Earth is extremely difficult and extremely beautiful at the same time. May the Light of the Almighty be with us to guide us to our salvation and the salvation of humanity…

Our role is to keep our vibrations high, on a personal level, without being influenced from outside, without waiting for a Savior, without looking at a calendar for a date, the miracles come after the purification of the Earth. The golden age is coming, and the 5D is reality more than our current reality.


05/08/2021 at 22:38

When you live in a prison, you have nowhere to choose from true science, knowledge, good food, free energy, advanced technologies, truly healing holistic medicine, etc., because they are hidden. It is a game of oiled cards. And then, I wonder, where is the free and conscious choice? When technology is used to influence your decisions and thinking when the climate is only part of the war, where is the freedom to choose?

It seems cruel to me to say that the situation will get worse and the military will not intervene for the “sheep” to wake up. I consider it a wonderful decision that the free will of those who did and promoted evil on this planet was taken. They should not have been given so much freedom from the start for so long.


04/08/2021 at 16:25

We are human beings, and we are brothers and sisters to each other. We are all connected no matter what kind of people we are. We are still soul mates. We are human.


06/08/2021 at 17:21

How do you wake up the already walking dead? What’s left of them? Traumatized, blind-sided, and chemically poisoned. You beat a child into submission, that’s the result…submission. We never had a chance from the get-go. Humans need human hearts to assist and understand, far too much protocol and hierarchy upstairs the” up high” being highly questionable. I believe only the prime creator can help this situation. God help us.


05/08/2021 at 07:14

We are not sick, we are not aligned, and we are out of the vibrational tuning with some blockages. The appropriate intention plays the role of a tuning fork and bringing emotional, mental, a spiritual disorders in order.

In reality, we are very powerful if we are aware of our own power. We don’t need …technology at all, but kind of speed up the process until our consciousness reaches a certain maturity…

I trust everything is so perfect and in full resonance for the Supreme Good of All. Let’s put the Faith to be our Beacon in this, looks like a challenging, time.


06/08/2021 at 11:48

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Many of us have begun to notice that Subtle structures visible to the naked eye are crystallizing around our bodies.

Are we turning into crystals? What are we preparing for?

It’s our crystalline body that is intensely forming. Light is getting ready for manifestation.

Our Crystal Body - Our Crystalline Body

Our Crystalline Body

Our Crystal Body

In recent months, the transition to 4D/5D has accelerated. The physical dense matter is poised to a quantum switch to a new state of a more rarefied, decompressed substance.

It is signaled on August 8, 2021, by the new crop circle in Hampshire (see photo). The four-dimensional level dissects 3D energy and space and takes them to a new stage of development. The disconnected stage is enclosed in the annular vacuum of the planet.

Our Crystal Body - Crop Circle In Hampshire, UK

Crop Circle In Hampshire, UK

Our Crystal Body

We are entering a phase of Hour X when important and surprising things are about to happen.The decompaction of our bodies means the gradual loss of a part of its substance.

And where does it goes when leaving a dense body?

The unnecessary part of dense energy, the heaviest, and spent, is annihilated. It will not be needed more in the 4D/5D.

A certain part of this substance remains in our dense body to maintain it. 

But for the new physical body, we don’t need as much of it as we had in 3D. The excess energy flows smoothly into our etheric body.

Our physical three-dimensional body decompresses, becomes less dense, less heavy. And the etheric body, on the contrary, thickens, becomes heavier and manifests itself from the invisible contour.

Our Crystal Body - Subtle Bodies And Chakras

Subtle Bodies And Chakras

Our Crystal Body

The two bodies align in substance, like water in locks, and become a single volume.

In terms of the size of the space we occupy, we become one-third larger, although the physical shell retains its usual appearance, remaining at the level of the former boundaries.

Given that we are energy, a torsion field, electricity, we will evolve further on this principle.

The next step is to align in density the energies of the etheric and astral bodies, and then the astral and mental bodies.

Ascension is the dissolution of dense forms into higher divine spheres and the expansion of one’s living space.

Our Crystal Body - Into Divine Spheres

Into Divine Spheres

Our Crystal Body

Over the past millennia, we lived in a very dense world. It was separated from the Source, from the Subtle Planes, from the Light civilizations.

We were enclosed in a very narrowed living space. There was no Light coming in. We lived in darkness.

Now the reverse process is in full swing. Now we will dissolve, expand, and decompress our world.

For it, we need the Light of Source, which loves structure, order, and harmony.

For the Source’s Light to flow through our physical bodies, the Subtle crystal mechanisms are formed around our bodies in an accelerated manner.

Our Crystal Body - Source's Light

Source’s Light

Our Crystal Body

Simultaneously, the same crystalline structure is created around the Earth. Our crystalline structure will be woven into the planetary one, creating a single Light crystalline network of Earth and people.

Electricity, the Light of Source, will soon be flowing through this network. It is how Light prepares for manifestation on Earth. The New Earth is up for manifestation in the Light.

At the moment, right now, Galacom is connecting everything ready for the unified Light crystal network – people, some animals living in the wild (not pets), high-frequency trees, high freqs locations at the bottom of the oceans, Power Places on the surface, etheric Light Cities.

As it was described earlier in DNI, this unified structure is 45% ready to go. As soon as 50% is achieved (the point of no return), it will be turned on the “switch,” and we’ll see a completely different space in an instant.

It would be volumetric, floating, and colorful; sparse, very alive, and dynamic.

The new world, along with the loss of some of its substance, will lose its former rigidity and become softer and more malleable.

Our Crystal Body - Sparce, Very Alive, And Dynamic

Sparce, Very Alive, And Dynamic

Our Crystal Body

As opposed to its predecessor, it will give us a structured, orderly, balanced, and secure existence.

In the first moment, we will see only a small part of the renewed space, closer to us in frequency, but even it will impress us. Whoever sees it will freeze on the spot in admiration.

What does our crystal lattice, by which we are woven into the unified network of the Earth, look like?

Previously, on the Subtle Plane, it looked only as of the basis of the frame, its skeleton.

It was a primitive, no-frills form: a grid of tubes and centrosomes. The tubes had a cellular, transparent, porous structure.

Our Crystal Body - Former Crystal Grid

Former Crystal Grid

Our Crystal Body

The tubes were connected by small transparent cells with a core inside.

Centrosomes are larger, round nucleus cells that have several branches of tubes attached to them. This is how it used to be.

A couple of months ago, the framework started to change. First, it became more manifested. Many of us see it right in the air around us.

Wherever we go, this superstructure comes with us. As we stop or turn around, the superstructure slowly turns around and stops too.

Second, it became softer and more complex.

Our Crystal Body - New Structure

New Structure

Our Crystal Body

Freestanding large planet cells resembling transparent plasmoids appear in the light grid.

There are also plasmoids of blue color.

They do not change their position.

They always stand in the same place as the crystal frame at any time of the day.

Some of the tubes began to curl into cellular patterns similar to foliage ornaments.

The new structure is lining up in a new crystalline pattern. Like a flower.

Many new elements have been added, different in strength and brightness of lines.

Star clusters appeared on the background of the central trim, like celestial constellations.

Very similar to this drawing.

Our Crystal Body - Large Planet Cells

Large Planet Cells

Our Crystal Body

Our Crystal Body - Blue Plasmoid

Blue Plasmoid

Our Crystal Body

It looks like a rose, only without a stem, or a water lily, slightly stretched horizontally.

Our Crystal Body - Like A Flower

Like A Flower

Our Crystal Body

All this together makes up our crystal transparent Subtle pattern. The crystal of our Soul. Our Light crystalline body.

It is activated before the planetary Light communication network is turned on, and before the approaching removal of the energy barrier between the visible and invisible worlds.

As soon as electricity flows through the network, the visible Light will refract through the crystal structure formed in us and give out incredible Light pictures into space.

Each one is individual in strength, form, and beauty. The laser show will begin on a local and planetary level.

From beings consuming Light, we transform into Beings of Light, plasma generators, foci of Northern Lights.

As black holes are transformed into Light pulsars, so our new bodies become conductors of pure energy.

Our Crystal Body - Northen Lights

Northen Lights

Our Crystal Body

The Earth crystallizes according to the same scheme. It is embedded in the Galactic network on an equal footing with other Star systems and the Central Sun of the Milky Way.

The beautiful new Earth is preparing for the manifestation of its Soul Crystal, its Body of Light. And everything will dissolve in its radiance.

Through the unified Galactic network, our bodily shells (without intermediaries) will have access to various vital resources.

These are free energy, higher-level matter codes, power, healing, information, sensory insights, and creative capacities.

This is the connection to the Galactic Community, to the Central Sun, to the Intelligence of the higher dimensions.

We can, with our collective intentions, amplify the energy, focus it, and direct it as we wish.

Our Crystal Body - Focus And Direct It

Focus And Direct It

Our Crystal Body

What else does the Body of Light give us? It is a crystal-based vehicle for teleportation. And it is the possibility of longevity.

It is through the crystal structure that the body receives the rarefied energy of immortality, changes our being, and forms a new Subtle physical body.

To embrace Divinity is to embrace immortality within ourselves. While we remain in physical form, we have already surpassed physicality. Many of us just haven’t realized it yet.

The new crystalline structure permeates our body, and its fulcrum is in our heart.

Why the heart?

It is the bridge between the visible and invisible worlds and is equally sensitive to them.

Our Crystal Body - Bridge Between Worlds

Bridge Between Worlds

Our Crystal Body

Through the heart center, we connect to the planetary and Galactic network of all living beings. We are self-organized by our bodies into a living interplanetary Internet.

And it is through the heart of each being that the distribution and refraction of Light into the surrounding space will take place.

We are marching by leaps and bounds into the fifth dimension. And Galactic Committee and all space friendly races are already waiting for us there.

More by Lev

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The Final Countdown – From 3d To 4d And 5d – Lev

In December, all planetary cycles carry powerful energy of great completion, summing up. Therefore, the last month of the year is the time of getting the deserved results, and not only for the past year but also for a longer time, up to 18.5 years. This is a month of very powerful energies. Dark Forces and Higher Light Hierarchy are actively fighting for their steering.

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Our Awareness – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The fact that we, out of our old habit of three-dimensionality, are often stiff, internally aggressive, fearful, unbelieving, and vehemently rejecting anything unusual for us (including the posts in DNI) are all signs of our lack of personal acquaintance with the Source field, with the field of Higher Intelligence through awareness.

Operation In Germany – Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation In Germany – Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

In Germany, the ops of Lightwarriors’ ground team were directly related to the tasks they, along with Co-Creators, were undertaking during Operation Black Sun. Namely, the elimination of the remnants of this Archons’ infrastructure on the Earth’s Subtle Plane. One of its key centers on the planet was Castle Wewelsburg in the northeast of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

Support System – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Part 32 – Lev

At first, there were all sorts of dark gray clumps and conglomerates in near-Earth space. Then, from outer space came a quantum flux as thick rain and color like steel with dots which resembled sparks but solid. Then, flushed a stream of Light, white and very bright. It turned golden with sparks. Everything was powerful, strong, and large-scale. Only purity and grace remained. It looked amazing.

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 27 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

A new message from the Argorians’ space fleet on November 27, 2021, along with their info in previous days, adds to the latest Galacom Update. The design shows more details on how the Argorians’ squadron is now processing 3D Earth by quantum energies while it is transported into a 5D vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, closer to the Central Sun.

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Galacom Update 26 November 2021 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The protective blue dome was removed from the Earth. Now, in its place, in the background of emerald green energy, there is a wave channel of the light yellow power field. Two quantum fluxes filled with bright green spectrum energy are connected to the channel. In the channel and outputs are installed the light lilac energy filters and two magnetic fields.

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Lofoten Monsters – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

This dramatic op followed two others, in Norway (see Light Forces Operation in Sweden and Norway) and Zimbabwe. It was targeted to the destruction on Earth’s Subtle Plane of one of the most dangerous Black civilizations of our Local Universe, dubbed the Lofoten Monsters.

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Duality End – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 31 – Lev

Our children are not bodies, but the Souls which have incarnated on Earth 12-14 times in the Fifth Race alone. Now, all of them are already adults and make decisions by themselves. Beginning in the 2000s, new Souls come to Earth in waves – Indigos, Crystalines, Radiants, then, Plasmoids beings will incarnate.

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