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Our Body Part 2 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

Our Body Part 2

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Our Body Part 2 – By Lev

This post continues a topic touched on earlier in DNI (see – Our Body, Disclosure News, January 12, 2022).

Participants in the third wave of Transition to 4D after December 21, 2021, continue to discuss their experience.

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Our Body Part 2 - 4D Entering Experience

4D Entering Experience

Our Body Part 2

It is very different and depends on the spiritual level of every person. Some have been working successfully with the Subtle Plane for a long time and are now deciding whether to stay in 4D for good or to continue shuttling between dimensions. They have switched to the programs of the fourth dimension, to a new timeline, changing their density.

For others, forced to return to 3D because of residual karmic remnants and instability of their high vibrations, this is a reminder to continue the inner work, to raise and hold their frequencies at a level no lower than 960 Hz, or better yet, over 1000 Hz.

For thirds, it is the task of further transforming the physical body and consciousness to prepare for one of the next transitions of which there will be many. This is the largest group of transients.

On December 21, the density of the fourth dimension switched on in our space. Today both 3D and 4D are working densities. This merger has been very stressful for many.

Especially difficult, despite the long preparation, and already several months of release from the personal Veil was the increase by one octave in the tone of the sound of their body’s cells.

We will have 12 such moves, according to the number of stages in the fourth dimension (in our Local Universe, each of the twelve dimensions has 12 frequency layers).

Why is the term “octave” used? It’s because the frequency shift is reflected in the sound, in the tonality of our energy.

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The octave is the basic musical interval between neighboring sounds. Subjectively, by ear, two sounds separated by an octave are perceived as very similar, although they differ in pitch. In an octave, the frequency ratio between the sounds is one to two.

So it is with our body. Outwardly, in one move, the body does not seem to change; it retains the same shape and outline. But the internal content of dense matter in it has already morphed its quality quite significantly – one to two!

Our Body Part 2 - Octaves


Our Body Part 2

And now multiply these changes by 12, by the number of moves we have to make. This is how we will gradually begin to “pass through the wall”, change the gravity, ours and of objects, teleport, and much more…

The Transition of energy and matter into 5D has been launched and is not retroactive. In the future, there will no longer be 3D and 4D on Earth, only the fifth dimension will remain.

On the physical plane right now, nearly 2 billion people had their personal Veil removed, and their bodies have the fourth-density of various levels. 

And the process is taking on greater and greater proportions.

In February 2022, the transitioned people expected a big upgrading in the settings of their physical bodies for the tasks of the fourth dimension. Adjustments are made by the Higher Curatorial Civilizations under the guidance of the Galactic Committee and Co-Creators. Each of us has our personal Curatorial System.

The same Veil is removed from the planet. The Veil is a force field of neutral black RIR energy between the physical world and the Subtle Plane.

On the quantum level, the Veil separates not only the dimensions but the seven levels of Consciousness manifestation (or principles of Creation). These are:

1. Super-consciousness. It is called the Quietude, the Absolute, and Higher Intelligence. It is consciousness in the form of Immanence, cognizing itself in this form.

2. Sub-consciousness. This is the first layer after Immanence. It is Light, Vibration, and Primordial Energies. It is the consciousness in the form of Light emissions, of subtle vibrating impulses, thoughts conceived but not fully realized.

3. Consciousness. This is Thought, Word. These are already conscious thoughts. The Self-consciousness that emits Light impulses.

Our Body Part 2 - Consciousness Awakening

Consciousness Awakening

Our Body Part 2

4. The Run of Consciousness. This is a level of Active Movement, Thought Creation, Thought Form Construction, Creation of Space and Time. This is Consciousness in dynamic creative movement at the level of thought and energy.

5. Subtle Matter. It’s a Consciousness that cognizes itself through immersion in the Thin- Material Plane.

6. Neutral matter. This is a buffer zone between the Subtle and physical planes. Consciousness is manifested as a force field in the neutral state. The frequency of vibrations of neither the Subtle world nor the dense one.

7. Dense matter. It’s a Consciousness that is aware of itself by immersion in the physical plane.

Our personal Veil used to occupy quite a large space between the two levels of Creation – the Subtle Plane and the physical world. Now, the Galacom is blurring it with frequencies of higher dimensions, thinning it and reducing its size. And soon it will not exist on Earth, there will be no frequency barriers separating us from 5D.

Our individual Veil will be taken off, too. This is done by the Mentors, as each of us is ready. In general, all changes in our physical bodies during the Transition are done only by the Higher Light Forces. We do not have access to the readjustment of bodies (at the level of Creation).

Why? Because not all of us at the level of consciousness are sincerely open to accepting high-frequency energies of the fifth dimension in our physical bodies. We all still have very different body attunements.

It’s like the Sun. Someone likes it bright and warm, tends to be in it all the time, and to live in the south. Some people like the moderate Sun of the Mediterranean. And some do not tolerate the heat and direct light, feeling bad and hiding in the shade.

Now, into 4D were admitted those who have upgraded their consciousness and purified the bodies from karma, and for whom the individual Veil was removed.

Our Body Part 2 - Our Veil

Our Veil

Our Body Part 2

After that, they move on to the next stage: a gradual infusion of the Subtle Plane energies, beginning in the fifth dimension and above, and the integration of these energies into the personal life system, body, and the surrounding living space.

The most basic indicator for the removal of the Veil is the READINESS AND DESIRE to move at the mentality and Soul level, the conscious intention to transfer all their work, all their experience to build a society of Oneness and free cooperation of all with all. And it means to sacrifice one’s Ego (all thoughts, opinions about oneself).

We may have the mistaken impression that the Veil is being removed only from people crystal-clear energetically, with absolute health and no financial problems.

This is welcome, of course, and every awakened person, as they become free of the built-in programs, comes closer and closer to those qualities. But these are the side bonuses. The main ones are mentioned above.

But it doesn’t happen every time. While we are in the intermediate 4D, we are simultaneously operating on two timelines, and are forced to experience both the events of the departing third dimension and the events of the nascent fifth. And it’s all occurs simultaneously. And so we cannot be completely pure at this stage of the Transition.

All those who are transitioning are still having problems. There is no need to concentrate on this. We’ll get rid of it as we get established in the fourth dimension.

Everyone still has some kind of plug-in programs and etheric implants through which we share our energy with this technogeek civilization. So far, it has been our payment for living in 3D, albeit a passing one.

Many programs have been installed in us through social engineering over many lifetimes, and have germinated in our body at the level of instincts. If, for example, we have bad habits that we can’t get rid of despite our efforts, this is a wired program. If we are afraid of something, although there are no real reasons for it, it’s the same…

As we get rid of attachment to 3D in our lives and readjust our thoughts, feelings, plans, and desires to the goals of the fourth and fifth dimensions, all these parasitic mechanisms will fall away on their own. Though not without our efforts to consciously and systematically cleanse ourselves.

Our Body Part 2 - Implants


Our Body Part 2

Now the mechanism of taking away our energy at the level of the four-dimensional planetary grid has been eliminated. We now have to consciously dissolve the previously implanted 3D programs with Light. Dissolve them not all at once; we will have to make many approaches.

How to remove the implant programs?

These etheric clots can be detected by inner vision right up to the location. For example, if we banal overeat, or get irritated at a certain person, even for no reason, look for the parasite in the solar plexus and below.

Or if we can’t stop the mind even at night, it can be caused by the implant in the right hemisphere of the brain.

When we find a connection, we have to direct all our attention there. Just look at it. All parasites fear the presence of an observer. For them, it’s like fire.

But first, we must consciously and clearly declare the breaking of all harmful contracts with the old 3D Matrix. It will show strong resistance, provoking us to destructive reactions and behavior, reactivating previous programs.

But the new 4D space is already materializing as a result of invisible beams being picked up by our brains, sent to our subconscious from the fourth dimension. Neurons receive the sent impulse in the form of a three-dimensional visual picture. Depending on the degree of our 4D vibrations of the main and reserve Subtle Bodies, we gradually begin to perceive ourselves in the fourth dimension.

Our consciousness and high vibration shell are now learning to read out data and be aware of themselves in 4D, where simultaneously in our memory resides the 3D Matrix, its programs, and space.

Our Body Part 2 - Learning To Read Out Data

Learning To Read Out Data

Our Body Part 2

Each person transitioning to 4D has an individual adjustment in their perception of themselves in the new world. It may not always be accompanied by 4D visual pictures due to the presence of familiar 3D reality in our consciousness. As our vibrations increase, this situation quickly goes away.

Many who remain in the 3rd dimension have a vibrational burning sensation and an urge to act. They are eager to take their first steps into the new 4D space but don’t know how to do it.

Among them are a lot of various gurus’ victims. To make money on the transients, these gurus through their sites offer practices and methods of creating Portals for transferring into 4D. There are many such communities, and they are growing like mushrooms after the rain.

This is the agony of the Dark Forces who promote dubious services and promises access to 4D, infecting more preys with distorted knowledge, leading them away from their true purpose in life, thereby subjugating and guiding incarnate Souls to their ends.

At the moment, the highly vibrational 4D Matrix continues to condense in our material space. For those who choose to remain in 3D, this densification, which has reached 53%, makes impossible the transition and rebirth in 4D filled with fourth-dimensional consciousness.

In the 4th dimension, Co-Creators embed and tuned in men’s Subtle Bodies the microcrystals having properties of transistors or thyristors (multilayer semiconductor switches), similar to emerald, ruby, and other colored faceted gems.

They serve to regulate energy flows during the stabilization of the human Subtle fields and 4D space.

Many who have entered the new world perceive themselves differently, especially children and teenagers. Therefore, for their adaptation, the Curators set crystals in them.

As kids grow spiritually, the crystals will dissolve on their own.

Our Body Part 2 - Microcrystals


Our Body Part 2

How soon each of us will be in the 4th dimension? It depends only on the level of Spiritual development of our Soul and the degree of our Subtle Bodies readiness through inner work.

Based on it, events in our life will line up along which the “Higher Self” will lead us either in the three-dimensionality or in 4D until the complete merging of our consciousness into a single high-vibration energy field.

In this space of Oneness, personal beliefs, convictions, and other three-dimensional definitions of self, life, and world order are erased as irrelevant.

That means:

Notions of oneself, of one’s reality, as it were, are no longer valid. They cease to be meaningful and are no longer true at all. We collectively move from three-dimensional programs into a space where the laws of the Absolute apply without distortion or refraction of the former reality;

The purity of the manifestation of the Universe’s Laws becomes all-encompassing. And everything that we knew about ourselves as a person with certain properties, qualities, perceptions, beliefs, habits, is nullified.

This is Transition. We part with ourselves and gain real selves, existing based on Purity (i.e., without distortion) and Simplicity (i.e., without the clutter of the 3-dimensional personality).

It already manifests itself, for example, in the fact that we stop giving importance to the opinions of others about us, about events, about anything at all. We stop reflecting on life.

In the space of Absolute Knowledge, there is no need for analysis. Being in its flow, we will strengthen our emotional stability, a state of balance, and harmony. And even our indifference but of a different nature. Indifference=Balance of Divine Order, i.e. Equality of Souls. The absence of perception of Evil as a negative manifestation, and Good as its opposite.

We move into a space where we need to be present and contemplative. In this space, we are absolutely safe.

Our Body Part 2 - To Space Of Absolute Safe

To Space Of Absolute Safe

Our Body Part 2

On January 23rd, 2022, at 7:55 AM CET, a new Earth monitoring summary is received from the Siriusians’ Lunar Base at 23D:

“In the area of the Giza pyramids plateau, centered waves of red-brown energy URBAH (transforming any matter on the planet) mixed with blue-green FERIDO flows (influencing the brain structures of people by magnetic impulses) intensified.

Beams directed from the control panel on the Lunar Tracking Station correct the work of the pyramidal complex, including through the citadels of the main pyramids emitting the red- crimson MAGMIR energy. It forms the received information from space for purification and adaptation for the 5D.

Energy is pumped into the upper atmosphere to condition, purify, extract, and sort plasma. It erodes energy barriers to improve the planet’s overall background.

Watch how you feel. Sharp variations in atmospheric pressure carry cold air masses from the North Pole to the European and Asian parts of the continent.

Incoming Galactic energy flows carry neutrinos and enter the planet’s ray network system, distributed along the equator, making changes to the planet’s Axis shift programs. Gradually the tectonic plates of the Pacific Basin come into motion. Active underwater volcanoes relieve the tension in this region.

The climate change is not only due to the movement of the Axis but also to the heating of the Sun’s atomic core and the entrainment of power within the planetary crystal, to synchronize with the new energy range of the Orix Star in the Gerios Galaxy, where the 5D Earth is being moved into a new vibrational orbit.

Our Body Part 2 - Earth's Core (Crystal)

Earth’s Core (Crystal)

Our Body Part 2

The planet increases its power which is gradually reflected in its physical appearance. Expansion of all its structures and channels to accept more energies of the Source, as well as the removal of unnecessary, accelerates unpleasant moments while mitigating the consequences.

Information about Planetary Ascension is very important for understanding quantum processes. This applies to anyone who carefully reads the Argorians’ updates.

There are already many golden spheres in the fourth dimension that work with each incarnate person. Open your mind to receive new info and programs for the Transition into the fourth dimension. Take your chance, think broadly, freely rise to the New World, and we will help you.”

More by Lev

Flares – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Flares – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Discoveries – From 3D To 4D And 5D

On Earth, the experiment with duality and complete oblivion of the Souls, conducted during the Maha Yuga (change of epochs with gradual tightening), is coming to an end. This meant that after the physical corpus death and leaving it, our Soul didn’t remember who it was and from where came on 3D Earth.

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Reformat – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New, more powerful SYSTEMIC energies that Co-Creators began to direct onto 3D Earth speeded up dismantling of the entire NAA, Darks and Grays’ infrastructure, stubbing all their strongholds and power sources on the Subtle Plane.

July Octaves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

July Octaves – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

How will the space weather in July affect the stratified 3D reality of Earth and earthlings? In the first decade, the state of the planet’s biosphere will begin to recover after strong and prolonged cosmic thunderbolts in June, accompanied by powerful Solar jets and magnetic storms, quakes, floods and heat stroke.

Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Co-Creators deactivated and continue to closely monitor these war tools, but it didn’t deprive Darks and their crazy elite of desire to use them. For example, HAARPs, which in addition to three facilities in Alaska includes structures in

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

We stubbornly try to help out humanity, believing that everything is already clear to us, and therefore don’t doubt our rightness. We think that the more strongly we radiate outwards, the better.

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