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Others Minds - The Great Quantum Transition - From 3D To 4D And 5D -Lev

Others Minds

The Great Quantum Transition

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Others Minds – By Lev


I am going to explain as far as I can some states that I live… and I would appreciate some light on those that I need clarification… I will try to summarize and not make this heavy.

I have dreams in which I feel that I am working on things, integrating and healing, (This has been happening for years, now it is almost daily). Those, in which I feel that I am on a mission, and I wake up having to do discernment exercises, I see people who seem every day to me, just waking up I have to reflect and let go, even the emotional residuals, because in the ordinary dimension, in the one I inhabit, those people do not exist, but for me they are absolutely familiar and I even know that I have a life with them, they are brighter, and they also smell good…
Other days something happens and I feel that it is exhausting or distressing what I bring back. There was a duel for a very close person (one of my children), I went through tremendous pain and I felt it as if it were happening, when I got up the pain persisted, I did my best to find out about his condition, I called him and he was fine. The mind relived the pain again, each body muscle had to be loosened, because they resisted the emotions even without intention on my part, I tensed with pain. That pain was lodged somewhere in my conscience and I don’t know what body, with mine I was doing a cleaning job.

The mind returned to pain and you had to do conscious yoga exercises to restore each muscle… (It’s funny; he is the twin of another child who did not live). Hours later, my son came home to visit and fell asleep in my bed, soundly, restoring something, as a precaution I did not tell him what happened, because I could not give him an explanation.

There was a day that I saw myself in another dimension in the dream, and I knew that there were a lot of other ways to live the life that I have already lived, without guilt; it was absolute awareness without attachment to what I did. I really liked that depersonalized vision of me…it’s hard to explain but there was no need to belong to any dimension or idea…There are also nights of not sleeping (there are sounds that are difficult to integrate, but I work on them…

I also feel that there are timelines that are closing, because there are persistent emotions that I lived with in the past months, it seemed that they were never going to end, that they suddenly disappeared… On the other hand, there are sticky emotions that persist, they have their own charge even though they have been seen and worked on, and we will have to be patient until they dissolve. I live all this as a work responsibility, and sometimes I dream of a simple mind, which is not yet time to enjoy… I’m tired!!!

Of course I don’t think it’s just my things and I know that fatigue is everyone’s thing, even Gaia herself, I sometimes tell myself, and I don’t know where that certainty comes from.

In the morning meditation I felt my consciousness living in two spaces at the same time, one bright, light and detached, and my body with some of those emotional charges lived in a still vulnerable and distressing space, it was a cellular consciousness, you couldn’t work just by recognizing tensions, because it was another molecular space…. It made me think of the two spheres that appeared days ago in one of the posts. But I couldn’t integrate both spaces; it helped me nonetheless to contemplate that state without trying to do anything about it… I felt at peace recognizing those two aspects.

Virginia Fernández

01/03/2023 at 17:18, Others Minds

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Everything described above is a state of Transition to 4D/5D, a very complex mix that consists of many emotional, mental and physical aspects, as well as problems. Among them is empathy, because of which we are unwittingly vulnerable to negativity of others who are around us. No matter how we protect and cleanse selves, this substance is VERY sticky and accumulates imperceptibly.

Others Minds - Very Sticky

Very Sticky

Others Minds

The second serious issue of empaths is their ability to unconsciously and consciously hear thoughts and feel emotions not only of loved ones, but also of absolutely unknown men about whom they have learned from the news. With the environment’s frequencies rise, this capacity increases and adds the psychological burden, especially during the intense quantum tides and Solar storms.

Remnants of karma in past lives also can affect, which remind of themselves with obsessive thoughts, dreams, diseases and their psychosomatics. It can be personal cycles of periodic ups and downs of energies, and intrusions from outside… The list of causes may be long.

As Disclosure News highlighted earlier (see Transforming, DNI, 12 March 2023), at present, all the air planes of the Earth’s atmosphere have switched to elevated vibrations and impulses. The old, very dense and heavy three-dimensional space is thinning, and the new one, condensing 5D, rapidly increases its potential and conductivity thanks to incoming quantum flows’ impact.

DNit Telegram Channel


Others Minds - Elevated Vibes And Impulses

Elevated Vibes And Impulses

Others Minds

Not everyone withstands it. The psi fields, compressed into a funnel, ignite emotional and mental tension, provoking psychosis. That manifests as a growth of aggression, hatred, crime, lies, drug addiction and degradation of people. In this situation, it is especially difficult for those whose senses and perception’s acuteness are sharpening. For illustration, here is a bit of candor of one mom, narrated in first person.

I’ll try to describe everything very briefly. I used to live an ordinary life and worries – family, relatives, troubles, problems, work, friends, etc. But not so long ago, on the TV news, I saw a report about how a schoolboy killed classmates, a teacher and a police guard. That’s where it all started.

In the morning, when I came to the office, I was overcome by a feeling of terrible hopelessness, unbearable loneliness, and lack of air. Something incredible started in my head, the thoughts were confused. The heart was jumping out of my chest…And all that because of the memories of the arrested teenager. I felt incredibly sorry for him. The guy really wanted to go home, but of course no one let him go, and from this thought I had a lump in my throat.

Then I cried half a day at work, calmed down a little only in the evening, but the terrible depression intensified. The next morning I had to take a day off. After taking the child to school, I felt even worse. When I stayed alone, the disrepair repeated with even greater force, I had to call my folks. I was shaking physically, my head was in chaos, and for several days the pupils of my eyes were of different sizes.

The parents didn’t leave me alone for a couple of days. They started dragging me around clinics, from neurologist to psychotherapist. I’ve had a lot of tests, up to a brain tomogram. But the doctors didn’t find anything and came to the conclusion that I just hadn’t had a rest for a long time, and prescribed a bunch of sedatives, a whole bag.

Others Minds - Even Tomogram...

Even Tomogram…

Others Minds

After the second pill, I realized that it would not bring relief in any way, and no one but only myself could help me, and I stopped taking everything. After that, for a whole month there were endless thoughts and tears, I became very vulnerable. When I came to my parents, I said that I was not living right (these were my feelings), thanked them for what they are. They were stunned, and all my friends and acquaintances couldn’t understand how this case could have such an impact. For me, everything became somehow vain and insignificant. Resentments and disappointments were perceived as stupidity and quickly gone.

Something has changed dramatically in me. I began to think about my life, my loved ones, why I was here, why I was born in this family and country… Nature also began to seem somehow different… Before that, I didn’t bother myself with it at all, everything went as it went. Now, there is a constant feeling that everyone around is suffering terribly.

All the time, I was mentally talking to the parents of that boy, calming them down, and feeling their terrible state. Then, I started looking for information on the Internet, in books, became interested in esotericism, spiritual practices. I stopped eating meat, switched to a vegan diet. I began to notice that I see repeating numbers on the clock. One night I can wake up at 3.33 and the next at 4.44. Friends laugh, they say, buy a mechanical alarm clock. There are also strange dreams. I’m probably telling a very confused story? What’s wrong with me? I don’t want to repeat such situations…

Today, similar stories happen to many people. Thus, with the opening of 4D/5D space, empathy wakes up in us; the ability to feel the world and everyone around us is much deeper and subtly than it was before. At the same time, capacity to run our reality, clairvoyance and clairaudience, contact with higher aspects and memory of past incarnations are activated.

Others Minds - New Space

New Space

Others Minds

We used to think that all our thoughts belong only to us. That’s not so. Our brain is a receiver-transmitter and continuously reads the consciousness and feelings of other people from common Subtle Plane. If we are attuned to dark thoughts or problems, they will constantly come to our mind. The Power Pyramid effectively use it, deliberately hammering us down by them 24/7, throwing up more and more through TV, the Internet, mass media and other channels. The System does not tolerate thinking people, so it will in every way lambaste them under the pretext that they are wrong, went not right way, etc.

When our Soul wakes up and consciousness expands, they became hunger for other thoughts. We intuitively want something bigger, cleaner, and feel the attention of Co-Creators and Guardians. But the System constantly sets information traps, sucking us into apathy, chagrin, disappointment, depression, etc., and keeps us in the lower vibrational spectrum, on which the entire 3D reality exists. Instead of emanations of love and joy, we are FORCED to live in fear, anger and despair.

These states do not always coincide with our true desires and settings. Our consciousness is a sieve. Pebbles are constantly sifted through it, and each one is a thought or an emotion. The larger the mesh of the sieve, the fewer pebbles will get stuck in it. Smaller stones are minor household problems, and larger ones are serious troubles. If we cling to every cobblestone, our sieve will fill up quickly, and we simply will not stand the weight of the accumulated problems.

Allow your sieve to expand the cells, pass through it all the troubles, bad moods and problems. Many of them are beyond our control, we cannot change them, and they rarely concern us personally. This doesn’t mean that we must not sympathize with those who suffer, but to saddle ourselves with all the ills of the world is also not worth it.

Others Minds - Get In Over The Head

Get In Over The Head

Others Minds

A similar example could be a sail and a wind. If the sail is made of dense matter, then a strong squall will tear it off or crash the mast. If the canvas is less dense, the wind will fly freely through it, and the sail will carry us further. Of course, it all depends on the strength of the wind and the purpose of the sail – whether we want to move the boat slowly and keep a steady course, or quickly rush through the waves without controlling the speed. Tightening and untightening the fabric of our sail as needed, adapting it to the winds of change, we will always keep the ship of our Spirit under control, and the journey will be calm and safe.

This is exactly what is happening to us now. The transforming winds and energy flows are getting stronger, and our sails are not adapted to the new situation. They break, although everything could be different if we stopped and thought more deeply about what is going on, and looked for answers inside ourselves.

Today, irreversible processes have acquired global dimensions. There is a sharp jump in vibrations, which the sleeping consciousness perceives painfully. Depression, loss of old friends, work, health problems, change of tastes and desires, etc. occur more frequently.

Others Minds - Occurs More Frequently

Occurs More Frequently

Others Minds

To middlebrow, this is not normal, but from the point of view of the cosmic consciousness that we are, this process from the very first was supposed in our program of incarnation here on Earth. Therefore, we do not need to be afraid, transitional periods are always perceived with stress. This is comparable to sobering up. In the beginning, it can be very bad for both body and Soul, but then they recover and return to normal when all the toxins leave our body.

For many, such states are the test or the processing task, and can be very painful, because we rarely realize and remember that our habitat and especially people close to us are our frequency copies (like attracts like). If we honestly answer ourselves hard-nosed questions (why exactly is this lesson being taught to me? where do I allow slack and attach too much importance? what does the Universe want to tell me through this event and a specific person?), we begin to understand our lessons and the signals constantly given to us. In this case, the study is painless, because acceptance and awareness of mistakes means successful test, getting rid of the hooks of karma and the System.

The above is unlikely to happen again in the future if we maintain internal balance, remove negative thoughts, freely passing them through our sieve. The System intentionally loads suck brains and other toxic stuff into us to keep under its iron heel, turning everyone into a little downtrodden and obedient man. It feeds at his expense, so such a person will be bullied on the pretext that he is wrong, went not the right way, etc. The System doesn’t tolerate people who think.

We resonate only with the vibes that we emit ourselves, and our life always moves us towards our strongest thoughts and emotions. If there is aggression inside, we will always be attacked. If we have an inner desire to fight, we will get rivals. If we have a constant sense of guilt, life will find a way to punish us. If we have a grudge inside, we will get reasons to be offended even more. Until we change, we will attract the same circumstances and people.

Others Minds - Outside Is As Inside

Outside Is As Inside

Others Minds

When we focus on what is happening in the outside world, we program ourselves to despair, because the information, by which the System is feeding us, cooked up in such a way, that we never get out of this state. Staying in it, we do not make logical decisions, but only emotional ones. And the System continues to milk us for its survival so that we react only in this way.

Trying to bury us as deep as possible, the System doesn’t know that we are seeds and, by germinating, we hasten its end. Therefore, do not fall for its tricks; do not save it with your emotions and thoughts. Go your own way, continue to explore the world and expand your horizons. It is for this purpose that we came here, to this 3D planet.

Others Minds - Germinating


Others Minds

Help others in self-awareness if they asked for assistance. When we are perceived as “not like everyone else”, it is not out of whack. We are no longer who we were before, and it is difficult for even our loved ones to accept us when we begin to think with an expanded consciousness and heart, rather than with generally accepted patterns. This incompatibility is also normal. Sooner or later, each will go through this and, perhaps, it also will be painful for them. All in its proper time.

Play it cool and don’t listen who say that something is wrong with you. And even more so, stay away from medicines. Chemistry will work against us in any case, and the body may stop physically accepting it. In nutrition, it is important to stick to the body. It is much smarter than us and will demand what corpus needs. No sense in sudden transitions to a new self, it’s better to move slowly, but constantly.

For many millennia, the System has honed the skill of influence to the limit and acts very sophisticated. Often we cannot distinguish which thoughts are ours and which are embedded by MSM or read by our subconscious from a common and extremely dirty info field. In addition to perpetual offers to take a loan, buy, patriotic slogans and bubblegum music, thought forms about suicide, murders, etc. pop up in heads every now and then.

Of course, not all thought forms filling the space are negative or destructive, but there are many cases when empaths heard such clear voice commands when they were:

– Driving: “what a lovely tree ahead, what about to drive into it now” or “look, there’s a girl walking with a stroller, don’t want to knock it down?”;

– In the subway: “a good station to throw self under the train” or “what a crush in the stuffy car, it’s time to get out of this country”;

– At the airport at passport control: “I’m tired of crowding here with these IDs, better to put a chip in my arm, it’s more convenient”;

– In the supermarket, where a huge number of batches are scattered in the mental field creating an artificial feeling of hunger, alluring smells, desires and temptations.

Others Minds - Chipped In Arm

Chipped In Arm

Others Minds

Another example… Three relatives of a man died in a short time, and this is what starts happening to him:

“Sometimes,” he narrates, “I sit, and literally out of nowhere on the soul becomes sadly sad, and such a strong sense of guilt that it burns everything inside, and thoughts begin to climb into the head, literally: “You are so disgusting … yes, I am disgusting. There is such grief in the family, and there are no emotions in you… yes, there are no emotions in me, I am terrible. Where is your sense of guilt, do you think you are not to blame for this? … Yes, I am guilty of this and disgusting. Why don’t you suffer? After all, it’s normal to suffer in such situations… and it’s true, why don’t I suffer? You’re just an insensitive geek… yes, I’m an insensitive geek. People like you don’t deserve to live… yes, I don’t deserve to live.”

And all these thoughts and feelings just came crashing down on me. And at some point I say to myself: “STOP, where did I get these feelings, I really have nothing to experience them for. Yes, they come from such thoughts, but I never think like that, I have no reason to think that way, these are not my thoughts.” And when I twigged on to a situation, it becomes wildly funny to me, and I say: “No, guys, I refuse to rise to the bait! I forbid you to do this!” And everything fades away instantly.”

To distinguish between “mine/not mine”, it is important to monitor and listen to our feelings and thoughts that cause strange emotions in us. If they are not comfortable and suspicious, it often means that it is not our thoughts, although, of course, much depends on the receiver’s settings (mind). This applies to everything, which contradicts our principles or decisions.

The high-frequency transformation of the space around us is constantly going on, then, slowing down, then, speeding up, and alternating with pauses. The specifics of our perception are such that too slow processes we take as stagnation, and too fast – as sharp jump. This also creates internal discomfort.

Others Minds - It Goes Non-Stop

It Goes Non-Stop

Others Minds

Thoughts are easily distinguished from each other by the quality of vibrations, by the reaction of our Subtle Bodies – physical, etheric (storage of vital forces), astral (emotions and desires) and mental (thoughts, ideas and dreams). If we feel that something is contracting inside us, up to the spasms of some muscle group, it means that our consciousness does not accept some thought or other vibration, and resists it.

The body is a single automatically configurable structure. Any external influence directly and indirectly affects our dense and Subtle Bodies. And if we trust their reaction to a particular thought or desire more, learn to notice and reckon with them, then we can find that the physical corpus is beginning to conduct higher frequencies of the Subtle Plane better and better, which is often called the wisdom of the body.

The simplest physical reaction to external vibration is compression or relaxation of some muscle group. Everything works very simply if we understand the basic principle: not only perception, but also physiology are controlled by our Subtle Bodies and Soul.

When we don’t go through a lesson, sooner or later it comes back in a tougher version, and exactly when we have absolutely no time and no strength, and it’s inconvenient to deal with it right now. But it comes back in this form precisely so that we finally pay attention to this lesson, understand and learn it. To make us realize it faster, our Higher Self and the Guardians sharpen and strengthen our perception, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They are teachers, and their task is to reach us in all possible and impossible ways to remind what for we came here.

Others Minds - For What Purpose?

For What Purpose?

Others Minds

It happens that we feel a vague worry, and it is unpleasant to us, but we can’t get rid of it. Here it is necessary to understand whether it is ours or not, especially if it is intrusive, and we’re getting more and more excited with each passing moment. As a result, we can bring ourselves to a hysterical state, just from nothing.

Usually such things cling to WHAT IS INSIDE US, and we ourselves hype up. This is another way to draw our attention to our weak points or flaws so that we eliminate them. If we monitor and control our actions, thoughts, emotions, and learn to stop inner dialogue, then, everything will become much simpler and clearer. It requires our readiness, the desire to master this, faith in our strength, and perseverance.

It’s always difficult at first, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. This is the only way we can get on the right path of comprehension and transforming of ourselves, and through this – the space around us. If we believe that we can change, then, we will change. And when our inner world changes, the outer one follows.

Therefore, we don’t have to wait for the Event, but create it ourselves. When it seems that everything in our life is collapsing, it’s better to think about what to build on the freed-up place. The Creator always gives us not what we want, but what we need. Accordingly, it does not make sense to constantly lament: “Why?” It worth to wonder: “For what purpose?”

More by Lev

Karma Infection – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Karma Infection – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Ground team shared their personal technique of how they are cleansing from karma infection and prevent its new forming in selves. Perhaps their experience and hints will be useful to someone.

Our Past – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our Past – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

What to do when we willy-nilly receive someone else’s karma, which infects us directly or through Earth, when we become single whole with it. That is, we received a code for direct access to the planetary Causal Matrix, participate in the rehabilitation in its reality, and inevitably take into ourselves ALL karmic stuffing into its field of people and inhumans.

Counterattack – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Counterattack – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On the night 10-11 September 2023, Dracos and Reptiloids, an alliance of the most irreconcilable NAA, inflicted a series of powerful blows on the new Earth’sy Logos, Al-Terra-Gaia, with which Co-Creators replaced the destroyed old one.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Ops In Syria And Lebanon – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The main objectives of Lightwarriors’ ops in Syria and Lebanon were the removal on their Subtle Plane of the negative legacy of the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator, his son Yaltabaoth and their Hierarchy, when they run Earth and earthlings. At the global level, Higher Light Hierarchs and their ground team will need a lot more time and efforts to stamp out the things of 3D past.

Timing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Timing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Four months have passed since through the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Portal on 05/05 at 05:05:05 the new Earth’s Logos was activated. 08.08 at 08:08:08 through Liongate’s Portal, Co-Creators syncrinized Al-Terra-Gaia’s Logos in 14D with Local Universe’s Logos core.

Ops In Egypt – Part 3-1 – Lev

Ops In Egypt – Part 3-1 – Lev

Operations described below are parts of others. The new ones were unique in many ways. They struck at the roots of modern Black Nobility that go back to the distant past of this State, Atlantis and the Local Universe. The failure of one Co-Creators’ project helped the success of another, no less important – the Egyptian egregore’s restoring.

Armor – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Armor – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

How to behave with these entities? Best armor, not to be afraid (they feed solely on our emotions). Secondly, when we feel the presence of someone on the Subtle Plane, simply ask who it is.

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