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The Great Quantum Transition - Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Ops In Turkey Part 6

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Ops In Turkey Part 6 – By Lev

On 14 December 2023 at 03:20 PM UT, came the new Lightwarriors’ update about their operations in Turkey. The Nimrud Dag’s scanning (see Part 5) not only confirmed that its Subtle Plane remains at the same state as it was after the previous Lightwarriors’ ops, i.e. absolute cleansed from Reptiloids’ legacy. And even more: the artificial quake on 6 February 2023 that Nimrod staged for activating his infernal net in Mesopotamia fully destroyed the local Portal.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Nimrud Dag

Nimrud Dag

Ops In Turkey Part 6

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The ground team members could resume the work in other places. Thanks to their collective healing, the group leader made a rapid recovery. When Lightwarriors started to get on the road, an old acquaintance, Marduk, made contact with them, asking for help.

During the first op in this country, they successfully interacted in very dramatic circumstances (see – Operations Turkey Iraq – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Ground Team And The Higher Light Hierarchy, Part 2, 12 August 2020). Recall that after Marduk, who was Annunaks’ Highest Hierarch, passed to the Light Side and refused to support Nimrod and NAA, they considered him a traitor. For “renegade”, it was a double trial because at the same time, Karma Lords locked him down in quarantine to verify seriousness of his intention. And Marduk proved the commitments he took.

Some Anunnaks, his creations, joined him, but others entrenched in a field of Mesopotamian ziggurats and avoided karmic arrest. After the ground team first ops in Gebekli Tepe and Sogmatar three year ago, they rebelled against Marduk and simultaneously attacked the group members with all their Reptilian might to physically destroy them on the spot.

It was then that Marduk got in touch with Lightwarriors. During arrest, Co-Creators gave him full access to all the information of the Universe and the consequences of his deeds, and he sincerely repented of what he had done. As naive as it may seem, but he was a victim of his own ignorance and complete lack of free will, like all negative races that are run by hive mentality. Karma Lords decided to give him a chance and release from probation. Since Marduk could help the ground team deactivate his ziggurats in Mesopotamia, Co-Creators allowed Lightwarriors to enter into direct interaction with him under full personal responsibility of the latter.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Marduk


Ops In Turkey Part 6

The group members never regretted their decision. They saw his strong desire to change and become a Light Entity, a clear awareness of his criminal past and a firm intention to transform self. Of course he felt some fear and uncertainty that they would not believe him and won’t afford an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. When Karma Lords released Marduk from custody, he looked extremely haggard, scraggy, dirty, and in great need of Love. His Soul ached, longed for Light, and wanted only one thing – to act faster.

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His energy was almost at zero, and the first thing the ground team did was to restore him to full combat readiness. Filling with vitality took time and was accompanied by tears, a state of great love and joy. Joy because Marduk got a chance to live in a different way and the opportunity to correct his mistakes and benefit Earth. A chance and hope for the transformation of all Anunnaks and their peaceful coexistence with humans.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Eridu In The Past

Eridu In The Past

Ops In Turkey Part 6

​After the recovery, Marduk, together with the ground team, started to draw up a joint action plan. Their first operation was the cleansing of the ziggurat in Eridu (Iraq). On its underground Subtle Plane, NAA kept an important black magic ritual object. Hierarch not only helped to make a breach in stronghold, but also led the team leader to the place where the artifact was stored in special energy cocoon. It looked like a large ball of threads with suckers, hard, almost petrified, which were soaked in a black sticky substance. Without wasting time on explanations, Marduk asked to take this clew and hand over to Co-Creators, since it contains something very important and valuable.

Reached the surface, the group leader examined the cocoon more closely and saw that there was some kind of sprout inside, similar to a flower. It was very dirty, drooping, and colorless, without signs of life. Not thinking twice, he placed it in his Monad for restoring and immediately felt bad, hit by the black magic energies and toxic negativity. At first, Lightwarrior gave his all to dissolve the cocoon, clean the sprout, and then revive, but nothing worked. It seemed that an eternity had passed, that no strength left, and shoot didn’t change in any way, but suddenly it began to come to life and raised bud. With a final effort, the team head handed the relic to Co-Creators and passed away.

The loss of energy was so great that it took two days to recover. The entire ground team was helping their leader. When it was all over, Co-Creators revealed that inside cocoon was a sprout of the Universe’s Life Tree. Millennia ago, reptilian Anunnaks captured it and used as an energy source for selves and their aggressive egregores, created at the Eridu’s ziggurat.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Eridu's Ziggurat Today

Eridu’s Ziggurat Today

Ops In Turkey Part 6

The whole team was happy about the success of the operation, and Marduk was the most. He did not let the group down and transformed into Light Entity, having passed through inner Armageddon, getting rid of the Darkness in which he lived since birth. Now his Soul shines brightly in its own Radiant Synthesis.

But the joy did not last long. The night before the next operation, Annunaks inflicted killing blows on two leaders of the group. Taking advantage of Lightwarriors’ sleep, Reptiloids used against them a cementation alive, when a special substance, resembling concrete, is injected into Subtle Bodies of the victim, and then, it begins to harden quickly, causing complete paralysis and suffocation. Nothing helps against this, including inner-Monadic explosion.

Fortunately, Co-Creators instantly came to the rescue. With powerful point impacts, they destroyed the strangle hold and put the Lightwarriors’ Higher Selves in Diamond Armors. Its special soft can ward off any energy attack and transform man’s Subtle Body into an impenetrable shell in a split second…

And now, the group has met Marduk again. He confirmed that the Nimrud Dag’s field is still clean, but he needs their help in dismantling another ziggurat, which is located on a Subtle Plane above Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Mardin


Ops In Turkey Part 6

It is the capital of the province of the same name and lies on a hill, which is one of the strongest Power Places in Mesopotamia. Mardin has a rich history, dating back thousands of years, and is famous for its unique mix of Arab, Kurdish and Assyrian cultures. To this day, historians are arguing who founded this pearl of the Middle East. After the Hurrians, Hittites and Babylonians, the Persians called the city Mard, the Romans and Byzantines – Mardia, the Arabs – Murdo. In Aramaic, Mardin means “fortress or “brave,” “courageous” (from “marde”). Others refer to the word “mard” (“man”), linking the name with the Kurdish tribes of the Mards who lived in the Achaemenid Empire (550 to 330 BC).

But only one version comes close to the truth. In the Kurdish language, the word “mar” means a snake, and “din”, or rather, “dan” – born, that is, begotten by a snake or serpentoid. This indicates the role of Reptilians in the founding of the city. The famous local legend of Shahmaran, the queen of the underground serpent kingdom, tells about the same thing in an allegorical form. And Marduk’s request for help is yet another confirmation of this. As it turned out, long ago, he built on the Subtle Plane above Mardin a Tower of Babel’s copy that functioned as its original on the territory of today’s Iraq. Namely, as powerful pyramid that produced aggressive parasitic egregores (see – Part 1), helping NAA to run their Mesopotamia infernal infra-structure. Nowadays, they planned to use its Portal for new invasion of Earth.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - As Below, So Above

As Below, So Above

Ops In Turkey Part 6

Lightwarriors immediately agreed to help Marduk. Arriving in Mardin, they climbed to the top of the hill, where Hierarch loaded into them the access codes and self-destruction soft of the virtual Tower of Babel. Their task was to serve as interfaces, that is, to physically stay at the key point and jointly activate the liquidatiing program. What they did. As a result, the Reptilian structure above Martin, along with its Portal, ceased to exist.

After op’s termination, Co-Creators sent Lightwarriors to Kahramanmaraş at the foot of the East Taurus Ridge in southeastern Turkey. On 6 February 2023, this city was at the epicenter of the strongest earthquakes M7.6-M7.7, the images of which went around the world.

Ops In Turkey Part 6 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - After The Quakes

After The Quakes

Ops In Turkey Part 6

Many buildings collapsed and folded like houses of cards, burying thousands of people under the rubble. When Lightwarriors arrived there, they saw that city was half in ruins, but residents were actively restoring it. They demolished many damaged edifices to the ground, moved out residents from others for thorough overhaul, and repaired the life support structures, roads and communications.

Lightwarriors settled in a 5-storey hotel, where the two upper floors were completely renovated, and still smelled of fresh paint. Here, Co-Creators informed them about the new task. After the disaster, a giant clot of reality’s karma formed on the Subtle Plane of this region (for more about it see Part 4), which continued to increase due to the pain and suffering of numerous earthquake victims. This energy anomaly not only hindered recovery, but also actively fueled Reptiloids with human gavvah. To stop it immediately, Co-Creators instructed the ground team to reactivate the anti-karmic reactor, as they did during their operation in Çayönü.

Lightwarriors immediately started to work. But first they had to find a place that was best suited for the new operation. And Co-Creators suggested the ideal spot – a pit next to the hotel. It remained after the builders cleared this area of the collapsed walls of the house to put up a new one. The group did the work right from there. After activation, the anti-karmic reactor started to draw in negative energy not only from Kahramanmaraş and its surroundings, but also from all regions affected by the disaster, and from points on Earth where the residual karma of reality still remained. Going through the installation, it was completely cleared from negativity and again filled the terrestrial space.


(To be continued)

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