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Ops In Syria And Lebanon - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

The Great Quantum Transition

Ops In Syria And Lebanon – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev

The main objectives of Lightwarriors’ ops in Syria and Lebanon were the removal on their Subtle Plane of the negative legacy of the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator, his son Yaltabaoth and their Hierarchy, when they run Earth and earthlings. At the global level, Higher Light Hierarchs and their ground team will need a lot more time and efforts to stamp out the things of 3D past. Specifically, the ops in these countries were targeted at the rehabilitation of the genetic code of humanity, assistance in the ascension of Souls that for various reasons remained blocked on Earth, purification from karma, restoration and activation of the sacred space infrastructure for transition into 5D.

The first operation Lightwarriors carried out in Al-Zabadani, one of the picturesque places of Syria, about 50 kilometers from Damascus, in the Nabi Habil mosque, where Abel’s grave is located. Here, on Co-Creators’ assignment, the group worked on his DNA and Monad, which were preserved in the burial field. What was the job?

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Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Al-Zabadani


Ops In Syria And Lebanon

Incarnated on Earth, Soul, depending on the purposes of embodiment and their frequencies, end up in two main streams or branches of humanity, the progenitors of which at different times were Cain and Seth. In turn, the Causal Matrices of these flows, forming a single Tree of Life, served as the basis of numerous ethnic groups, inhabiting our planet.

Abel had no offspring, but was one of the carriers of the main, Primary Branch of humanity. He was born by Adam and Eve as a Perfect Man, unlike his brother Cain, the forbearer of this stream, who was born as a result of Eve’s adultery with Yaltabaoth, appeared to her under Samael’s mask. The Abel’s murder, staged by Black Co-Creator, caused the human race fall into a karmic trap (see – Operation Cain, Parts 1 and 2, 17 and 19 September 2021).

On the Subtle Plane, Abel’s grave was an incarnation Portal, through which very rarely, only in case of extreme necessity, Higher Light Entities came on our 3D planet. The Abel’s Monad and DNA served as a core of this gateway. The ground team’s members had to take into selves the Matrix of the Primary Branch and purify it from karma in their Causal Bodies. It was necessary for the gradual rehabilitation and uprooting of the old Tree of Life and its replacement with a new, Absolutized one.

The group was lucky, there was no one else around the grave while they were working, and could focus entirely on the op. Approaching the seven-meter sarcophagus of green and white marble, they felt powerful vibrations of Absolute Love, emanating from the DNA and Soul of Abel. Their waves mixed with ambergris coming out of three holes in the end plane of the sarcophagus, and brought Lightwarriors into such a Grace that tears poured from their eyes.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Abel's Sarcophagus

Abel’s Sarcophagus

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

DNit Telegram Channel


From the information-wave field of Abel’s DNA, Co-Creators put into the Causal Bodies of the team members the Primary Branch Matrix, and its core – into the Monad of the group leader for cleansing. While working, they tuned in to Abel’s Soul, and again felt the Divine vibration of His Heart. Generated a powerful energy impulse, they helped Soul to leave the incarnation field of Earth, where He had never embodied after the murder. He refused this, as well as the ascension, until the earthlings would begin to return to their original state of an Ideal Men. And that’s exactly what he saw in Lightwarriors.

The next day, they went to Lebanon to do the same work on Causal Matrix of the second Primary Branch of humanity, which Seth was the founder, and to carry out other planned operations.

Seth’s grave is located in the mosque of the small village of Al-Nabi Shayth in Bekaa Valley. And team members again were lucky: there was no one while they were working. Here, Co-Creators disclosed new details about the third son of Adam and Eve. His wife-dipole was Higher Light Being, named Azura, who helped him in everything and after death was buried in the same sarcophagus. Lightwarriors clairvoyantly scanned it and found that several DNA are emanating from inside, which indicates that the remains of at least two people rest there.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Mosque of Al-Nabi Shayth

Mosque Of Al-Nabi Shayth

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

According to the Adam and Eve’s plan, Seth was supposed to revive a new, second Primary Branch after the murder of Abel and further tragic events. To do this, at one time, a functioning Portal was built from Seth’s DNA, Causal Body and Monad. But Matrix of this Branch was also contaminated with karma. And by that reason, He refused incarnate until people remedy situation. Lightwarriors did their job, after which helped Seth to ascend.

Then, their way lay to Baalbek, in the south-east of Lebanon, where the Temple of Jupiter is located. It was built in the Roman era on Power Place of an older sanctuary, where, in the distant past, Co-Creators erected the Earth’s Temple, accumulating Pleroma’s energy of the Masculine Foundation.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Temple of Jupiter In The Past

Temple of Jupiter In The Past

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

The second one, Gaia’s Temple, which captured the vibrations of the Feminine Foundation, was in Delphi (Greece). Until now, both are connected by a powerful single field. Later, Co-Creators used this cosmic infrastructure to construct a Temple of Planetary Reality, which stored the Causal Information Matrix of four elementals – earth, water, fire and air that Lightwarriors now actively upgrade (see – Timing, DNI, 2 September 2023).

After the invasion of the Negative Alien Archons (NAA) and the seizure of our planet, Black and Gray Hierarchs used that Temple for their purposes, appointing Yahweh to run it. The rituals and rites performed there are striking in cruelty and bloodthirstiness. The sanctuary has become the center of all methods and tools of murder, sexual perversion and other crimes. The agony and energy of tortured bodies and Souls were fed by Yahweh, Jehovah, Yaltabaoth, Black Co-Creator, and entire parasitic Hierarchy.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Jehovah And Yahweh

Jehovah And Yahweh

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

They added two more parts to the elementals’ Matrix – of thunder and sky, turning it into a hexagon. Yaltabaoth plugged in it the DNA’s fragment that was a materialized projection of his Monad. This construct was linked by an energy channel with a same hexagram of Jehovah at Saturn’s pole, which remains the Black Archons’ stronghold and place of their internment in the Solar System (see – Operation Saturn, DNI, 5 July 2022).

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Hexagram Of Jehovah At Saturn's Pole

Hexagram Of Jehovah At Saturn’s Pole

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

Higher Light Forces repeatedly tried to return things back, but it brought only a short-term result, because Yahweh was still the Earth’s ruler. At one time, Alexander the Great destroyed the Temple and built the Sun City (Helipolis) in its place. In all ancient history, this was the most significant attempt of Co-Creators to restore the sacred Baalbek with the help of Solar Logos, which aspect they introduced here through Alexander and made a colossal cleaning of the entire locality. But soon, it was filled with negativity again, as the Souls of the sacrificed people remained in captivity of Yahweh, Yaltabaoth and other Darks.

Gaia also many times attempted to destroy their lair with strong quakes. Their epicenter has always been in two altars where people were tortured and killed. All Archons were well aware that they had no future, so were obsessed with the idea of immortality at the expense of the vital power of others, and constantly looked for means of protection against Co-Creators and guarantees of own inviolability. And the best option was men, who, as hostages, could be used for blackmail and a source of Life Energy, and on whom they dumped their karma.

For example, Yahweh made for self an invulnerable manifestation body, which consisted of elementals, human Souls and Causal Bodies, that is, indestructible components. If Co-Creators decided to destroy him, they would have to destroy hundreds of thousands of Souls. He knew that after sacrifice they were blocked in the Earth’s infernal reality, and couldn’t ascend and merge with Monads. Therefore, Darks created many cults, in which men’s death is obligatory.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Darks' Blood Rite

Darks’ Blood Rite

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

But the Lightwarriors’ new op had another important objective. Previously, Souls could incarnate on Earth up to 777 times. This was ensured by the symbiosis of two factors – the Personal Logos Matrix and the Earth’s Causal Matrix. The first one is given to a person for one embodiment and recording all evolutionary data and karma on his Causal Body. The second Matrix helps people during their stay in the planet’s incarnation field, supported by Earth’s Logos.

Initially, before NAA’s takeover of Earth and man, the latter was immortal, because the matter didn’t wear out, and Personal Logos Matrix served forever. But after the invasion of Darks and karma emergence, that Matrix could support no more than 777 lives due to accumulated negativity. However, in practice, everything was much worse: no Monad carrier could achieve so many incarnations.

With the help of Yaltabaoth, Yahweh installed a very smart trap for human Souls. He changed the Earth’s Causal Matrix in such a way that a person with karma could incarnate no more than 666 times. What happened when this threshold was reached? There were not so many such Monad carriers, only several hundred thousand. However, each of them is a human Soul, and the embodiment’s return period depended on the amount of karma. The more negativity, the less time between incarnations, and Soul had to get the physical body again and again to work off karma. But in 3D, it only increased, and Soul sank deeper into a karmic swamp from which it could not escape.

It didn’t have a chance. If reached the 666th incarnation, Yahweh, Jehovah, Yaltabaoth and Black Co-Creator captured Soul and divided its vital energy between themselves and their Hierarchy, and each used this inexhaustible stream. After the loss of its Causal Body, the Monad was unable to maintain its integrity and fell into a coma. It could survive only thanks to the Keepers of Monadic families, many its members were saved from death (for more details on the topic see – Our Monad, Parts 1-3, DNI, 11, 26 and 31 May 2022).

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Monad


Ops In Syria And Lebanon

In the course of ops in different countries, about which Disclosure News narrated earlier, Lightwarriors helped to free from karmic captivity and restore a huge amount of Souls, crippled by Darks and their bloody rituals. However, even today remain the big groups of Souls that require a lot of efforts for their survival. And the ground team did such work in Baalbek, on the Temple of Jupiter, which Black Archons turned into a spot of tortures, executions and sacrifices.

Lightwarriors couldn’t quickly free all the Souls captured by Yahweh, because they had already become part of his manifestation body. Therefore, Co-Creators developed another plan, according to which, a few days before arriving in Baalbek, the ground team conducted a forced exchange of aspects with these Souls after obtaining the consent of their Higher Selves. That is, group members took in a part of the victims’ Causal Bodies, and gave them part of their own.

The followed op looked like tearing out the Yahweh’s manifestation body. And of course, the aspects, which Lightwarriors extracted, were highly polluted by his karma. Therefore, the team had to purify them with Absolute Light, though it was very difficult due to concentration of accumulated negativity. Hierarch also used the Causal Bodies of the murdered people as a cesspool into which he dumped his karma.

Aspect grappling decided the outcome of the whole work. Lightwariors seized the Yahweh’s manifestation body and held it rigidly, not giving the slightest chance to escape, while a surgical operation was performed on it, first, on one Temple of Jupiter’s Altar, then, on the other, where sacrifices and capture of Souls took place. Co-Creators carried out the main op’s part, pulling on this spot all the Souls who incarnated 666 times and were used as hostages by Dark Hierarchy. The ground team was tasked with creating a single Portal for their recovery, ascension and merging with Monads. By the Karmic Board’s decision, all accumulated negativity was written off and burned in a special Karma Lords’ Crystal.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Altar Of The Temple Of Jupiter

Altar Of The Temple Of Jupiter

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

On the second Altar, Lightwarriors performed a similar operation with Souls, exploited by Yahweh. From the victims’ Causal Bodies, team members singled out the cores and placed in the infrastructure, in which a new human gene pool is forming today. Although the process is not complete, what has already been created was enough for the Souls’ restoring.

The next Lightwarriors’ op in Baalbek was to prepare the restoration of the destroyed space complex around the former Earth’s Temple so that it could receive Absolute’s energy again. For that, they put a copy of the Pleroma’s Crystal into Matrix of elements that quickly returned it to its original shape. Of course, it will take a lot of time and effort to revive the entire Temple infrastructure, but Co-Creators and their ground team did the main things – freed the Souls, cleaned and rebooted the sacral Portal in Baalbek.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Pleroma's Crystal

Pleroma’s Crystal

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

In the evening of the same day, the group returned to Beirut, where they spent the night. The next morning, at 07:07 GMT, from the top of Mountain Harissa, the main Power Place of Lebanese capital, Lightwarriors helped the Souls, recaptured from Yahweh, and those that reached 666 embodiments, ascend from the Earth’s incarnation field to their Monads. Currently, Co-Creators prep them for full recovery and further evolution.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Mountain Harissa

Mountain Harissa

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

The site of the group’s next operation was El Karak village in the Zahle District of the Bekaa Governorate in eastern Lebanon, where Noah’s Grave is located in domestic mosque. The entrance to it was open, no one was inside, and the Lightwarriors could calmly concentrate on their work. First, they clairvoyantly scanned the 32-meter sarcophagus and found that the remains of three people were inside. Highly likely, it could be the patriarch’s wife or children.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - El Karak

El Karak

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

Then, before the planned op, the group members started to tune in to Noah’s Soul and enter into frequency resonance with it. One of the Lightwarrioress had it so strong that burst into tears. As it turned out, she incarnated as a relative of Noah, and was with him in the Ark during the flood…

Having calmed down a little, she and the others got ready to do the main job for which they came to El Karak. Co-Creators installed in them some object that was very contaminated with karma. All the collective efforts and energy of Lightwarriors’ hearts went into its purification. It was a Matrix of Life, distorted by Yaltabaoth, and imprinted on the mutated DNA and Causal Body of Noah. After all three structures were restored, and Noah’s Soul could ascend to his Monad.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Noah's Sarcophagus

Noah’s Sarcophagus

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

During operation, the group members had a lot of questions that they did not know the answers to, and turned to Co-Creators for help. The received info deeply shocked Lightwarriors.

They were reminded that the first Primary Branch of humanity is the descendants of Cain (the Children of Yaltabaoth), and the second is the scions of Seth (the Children of the True God). In the process of evolution, representatives of both streams mixed with each other that gradually led to mutation of their genome and DNA. However, on the Higher Planes, the Seth’s progeny remained as pure as before. This categorically did not suit Yahweh, Yaltabaoth, Black Co-Creator and their Hierarchs. And they figured out how to turn this branch into a kind of Cain.

For this, they warned Noah about the flood, which they also staged. On their advice, he built an Ark for his closest men, the samples of the Absolutized gene pool and the Earth’s flora and fauna. The events described in the Old Testament do not mention that the flood didn’t occur on the entire planet, and not all people died. Many were saved on the peaks of the mountains, and part – in the second Ark, in which Yaltabaoth placed representatives of the Cain’s Branch.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

When Noah and his family stayed in their Ark, Darks simply broken and turned them into degenerates. Their DNA, physical and wave, and Causal Bodies were mutilated, into which Black Archons put their plug-ins. Therefore, after 40 days, completely different people came out of Noah’s Ark, not as Seth’s Absolutized descendants, but as carriers of the Darks’ genes. To this day, representatives of both Branches not differ from each other.

We are used to thinking that our DNA is something Divine, Godlike, pure and bright, believing a lot of channelers, with which the Internet is stuffed. In fact, the DNA of modern man is not made by Absolute, Pleroma or Co-Creators, but by Gray and Black cosmic races. Not as a store of Light and Knowledge, but as a garbage dump. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality.

Therefore, raising our vibrations, and by them cleansing and Absolutizing our DNA, rebooting it and taking in an upgraded evolution soft and Source’s Codes is the most important task today. Then and only then, we could leave 3D forever and enter a new, fifth density. We must understand that DNA (or deoxyribonucleic acid) is a solely physical bio-substance, a three-dimensional manifestation of our Monad’s Matrix. And the wave, causal DNA is a projection of its Matrix into the Greater Cosmos’ infinity, in all its dimensions and spaces. This is what we have remembered in our inner work…

In the evening, the group returned to Damascus, and the next day went to the new operation spot, this time, in Palmyra. In the distant past, there was a space complex that worked with Pleroma. And just like the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Grays and Darks turned it into a place of torture, executions and mass sacrifices, which resumed with renewed vigor when ISIS seized this place.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Temple Of Baal Destroyed By ISIS

Temple Of Baal Destroyed By ISIS

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

The epicenter of the crimes was the Temple of Bel (or Baal). From the ritual altars, where people were killed, stone-paved channels, along which blood flowed, formed a Black-magic Mandala. The main conduit went to another part of the Temple Square, where a blood collection tank was built, to which only the Dark Priests had access, running the cruel rites. There, nowadays’ Darks on the Subtle Plane with the IS militants’ help on the surface, syphoned off the life force from captured victims.

Staying in the Temple of Baal, Lightwarriors cleansed this place from karmic dirt. Then, they installed in the sanctum field a copy of the Pleroma’s Matrix, formed by their hearts’ aspects. This work marked the beginning of slow energetic restoration of the entire local territory for its transition into 5D.

And a day later, the ground team conducted the final operation, the site of which was the Cave of the Blood, or Magharat al-Dam, where Cain killed Abel (and not in the field as the Bible described). It is located in the middle of Mount Qasioun, towering over modern Damascus. Now, like other holy places, it is inside the mosque. The Keepers are appointed for life and transfers their powers by inheritance through the male line.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Damascus And Mount Qasioun In The Background

Damascus And Mount Qasioun In The Background

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

The Cave of the Blood was identical with karmic Portal on the Temple Mount in today’s Jerusalem, where once, Yaltabaoth defiled Eve. But the karma of Eve as a result of adultery is in no way comparable to the karma of the first murder, committed by Cain. After that, Mount Qasioun became a channel, through which Black and Gray Archons actively dumped their karma on Earth and earthlings.

At various times, Elijah, Moses, Jacob, Abraham, Lot, Job, Melchizedek, and Jesus Christ visited and purified this place that testifies to its importance. They also cleared the karmic labyrinth under the Cave, linked with the former Black eons and Saturn.

Co-Creators entrusted Lightwarriors to carry out the culminating op together with the Spiritual Presence and participation of all Higher Beings who worked in the Cave of the Blood. For about a day before it started, the ground team tuned in and sync with their Monads. Then, they united and formed a single collective Heart. Through it, Co-Creators put copies of the Crystals of Pleroma and Absolute Light into the karmic labyrinth and Cave. After that, by collective efforts, they, all together, pulled out the karmic anchor, to which Cain, by his actions, pinned the entire humanity for millennia.

Ops In Syria And Lebanon - Cave Of The Blood

Cave Of The Blood

Ops In Syria And Lebanon

This is how Lightwarriors’ operations in Syria and Lebanon ended, another episode in the big and difficult prep of the Earth’s transition into 5D. But there is still a lot of work ahead for Co-Creators, their ground team and us on our personal level. On 09.09 at 09:09 AM UT, via a Single Hierarchical Channel, came update, concerning how karma would be weighted after the Earth’s new Logos’ activation.

Today, the main negativity is accumulated in the “wilds” of pedigrees. Karma is dosed on people, who incarnated to fully clean up their Family Trees. This process is coming to the finish line, because the time before the transition into 5D is shortening, and before that we need to cleanse our gens COMPLETELY.

In the second half of 2023, for transitioning into 4D, the karma forming acts will be considered any deeds, which result in a REALITY’S DISTORTION. That is, many new actions will be added to the list of causes. For example, our mental and emotional reactions and states, which earlier didn’t lead to the karma’s increase. And for working it out, we’ll have to restore the distorted space, or instantly get a knockout blow from the damaged field.

And another novelty. If we completely cleared our Causal Body (on which karma concentrates), we’ll no longer need it. Its functions (accumulation of events’ energy) will move to other levels of our multidimensional body, where negativity simply has nowhere to anchor. The level of our responsibility, awareness and self-control should rise to the highest. So we’ll have to control selves to stay alive.

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