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The Great Quantum Transition - Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition – Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After the break, Lightwarriors resumed unveiling their operations in three Asian countries that lasted up to the spring equinox and beyond. The site of the first op on Ceylon was at Pudurangala Rock. Co-Creators chose it for launching the primary gold regeneration, as well as building of Aurumville on the Subtle Plane and a technical Portal leading to it (see Ops In Sri Lanka Part 1, DNI, 14 March 2024).

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Pidurangala


Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

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Translated from Sinhalese, Pidurangala means Donated Golden Rock and appears in many local legends. But as often happens, they are based on real events from the distant past. On a Subtle Plane, the Rock indeed resembles a golden nugget, serving as one of the technical Portals, through which Co-Creators brought the Universe’s Golden Matrix on Earth.

Arrived at the op’s site, Lightwarriors again scanned the mountain on the physical and Subtle Plane. The first thing they noticed were the traces of colossal impact on the Rock clearly melted. It was obvious that here, like in many places on Earth, technology was used to soften stone (of any size) and give it the desired form. There are also a lot of such examples in Sri Lanka, including Pidurangala and neighboring mount Sigiria. The latter was rounded and cut off the top, the former – shaped like a pyramid with a flat surface at an angle, sort of a giant parabolic mirror, reflector or landing pad.

Lightwarriors also noted numerous damage tracks, also man-made, not natural. Multiple boulders randomly scattered below Pidurangula indicated the use of point vacuum or other energy weapons during space wars to control Earth.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Sigiria


Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

From the top of Pidurangala, the ground team started constructing the Aurumville on the Subtle Plane. It wasn’t Light City in usual version as projection of Higher Realms’ segments, or of Supreme Being, or of Divine Phenomena (see – Light Cities – New Galactic Ops, Part 5 and Part 5-2Part 5-2, 26 February and 1 March 2021). Instead, it was created as an interface and channel to fill the defect of the gold mass due to the total looting of Earth by Negative Alien Archons (NAA), Dracos, Reptiloids, technogeeks and other parasitic space races.

First, ground team sync the maternal Gold Causal Matrix with the Earth’s core, then, tuned both into Pidurangala Rock. After that, all three were tethered to the Galactic Central Spiritual Sun. Completed the unified energy structure, Lightwarriors used it to remove the current Casual Matrix of planetary gold, which Darks rewired for their purposes, and in its place, installed the new one as primary reference standard.

With its help, the group fully restored, on the Earth’s Causal Plane, the energy aspect of the original Aurum to start the gradual reproducing of physical metal in terrestrial bowls. They also fulfilled one of the conditions for the freeing Guan Yin and Yang Bao from commitments, when they took a large slice of karma, accumulated by earthlings, so that they and the planet could move into 5D (see – Whipsaw, Part 7, DNI, 30 April 2023). Now, their karmic obligations were canceled.

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Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Yang Bao And Guan Yin

Yang Bao And Guan Yin

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

This procedure was carried out at the next operation site – on Adam’s Peak, but not limited to it. There, Co-Creators assigned the team to terminate one of the key ops that they jointly conducted earlier in the Southern European Mountains (see – Black Pyramid, DNI, 13 November 2023). Recall its main episodes.

As Disclosure News narrated, Co-Creators and Galacom instructed the group to eliminate the Black Crystal of NAA, preserved in the local sacred peak. Its history goes back to the time of the Earth’s birth. For the planet’s evolution, Co-Creators installed in its core the Causal Matrix with a special energy Crystal, which generated a substance of Ideal Reality, consisting of four elementals. Via a network of 144 Portals, pyramid-shaped mountains, inside which copies of the Crystal were placed, the substance was evenly distributed throughout the globe by pulses from the terrestrial core. On the surface, it was consumed and sucked back into the waste form, where it was cleaned, and then jetted out again.

Seized Earth, NAA quickly established all localities of such Portals. This gave unlimited opportunities to use the energy of the elementals, to parasitize on them, incarnate into human bodies and control Earth. The most valuable in these sactums were embryos-carriers of their DNA that gave birth to a considerable part of the Earth’s today elite and their offspring. Thus, for millennia, the above mentioned Black Pyramid pumped out of Earth the purest energy of Ideal Reality, which Dracos and Repts partially consumed on the spot, and partially redirected to other planets, owns and their space allies.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Baregnawn Earth

Baregnawn Earth

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

In November 2023, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors returned that Portals under their strict control. They installed in the Pyramid a new Ideal Reality Crystal, consisting of previously fully cleansed from karma the elementals of earth, water, air and fire, and activated mechanism to full capacity. Recall that it was one of the auxiliary Gateways, interfaces, serving the main energy installation, also called the Black Pyramid. It was located on Ceylon, the Pleroma’s direct exclave, and known as Adam’s Peak. Now the time came for dismantling its parasites’ nest.

72 hours before the operation, Co-Creators announced that all NAA and ETs should evacuate en masse from the op’s site. As in other Power Places, they freely entered here and did what they wanted: from the producing of new living substances to many hybrids, half-breeds, clones, biorobots, etc., which then “seeded” entire countries throughout the Earth’s history. Now, they had to cut and run. As a warning, Co-Creators pre-activated the Absolute Annihilation Code. It worked well, and majority of NAA quickly left their bases with all inhabitants, pet projects and artifacts. But some, the outright evil, remained, and turned into elementary particles in the subsequent toughest cleansing of the entire location.

After that, Co-Creators and Karma Lords officially discharged Yang Bao and Guan Yin from their karmic obligations. For collateral, 33% of their multidimensional bodies were blocked in the Ceylonese Black Pyramid’s field. To free them, the Higher Light Forces and the ground team intensively removed the remnants of the karma, caused by sacrifices, abortions, suicides, radioactive contamination, Annunaks, the planet’s and primary gold’s mass’ looting and other crimes.

Now, after fulfilling all the terms, the team members began the final part of this op, which they conducted from the eastern foot of Adam’s Peak. After high-frequency tuning into its field and setting up on Yang Bao and Guan Yin, two group’s heads, Lightwarrior and Lightwarrioress, took in selves the freed Subtle Bodies’ segments and, by powerful impulses, returned to the Owners, restoring Their Divine integrity. Immediately after this, Co-Creators kicked off the self-cleaning and recovering of the entire Portal. Then, the Pleroma folded its manifestation body there, leaving a vacuum cavity, which the team instantly filled with healing substances of Perfect Light and Life Energy.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Pleroma


Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

Next day, Co-Creators conducted the main op’s part – the Portal’s reloading and activation. Lightwarriors assisted it from the Adam’s Peak western foot. They diffusely merged with the Absolutes, put in selves Their Aspects, and via that channel, settled in the renewed Gateway the energy Crystal with upgraded soft and codes. All in a breath, they anchored in the Portal substance of the Pleroma’s core and Christ’s DNA. What was that for?

On the 5D Earth, humanity will have a different Monad and genetic code. Instead of the current one, created by Yaltabaoth, it will be the genes of a Perfect Man. And its Matrix in the primary reference state will henceforth be in the Adam’s Peak field. To protect it, on its Subtle Plane, two new Light Cities were built, united in a single one, – the Pleroma’s Ville and Absolutes’ Center. Very quickly, they reached their design capacity, becoming the new Spiritual Sun of the Universe, thanks to sync and stable radiant synthesis between their four cores – Aspects of the Absolutes’ Dipole, the Pleroma, the Perfect Man’s Matrix and the updated Element Periodic Table (see – Ops in Maldives, Part 1 and Part 2, DNI, 26 June and 27 June 2022).

The next operation took place at the foot of the highest point of Ceylon – Mount Pidurutalangala. Here, the Absolutes placed Their Dipole Aspect into Lightwarriors’ collective Logos. That permits it to interact with all highest Intelligence forms in any parts and dimensions of the Local Universe, including the Pleroma and the Absolutes’ Abode, bringing on Earth new energies.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Pidurutalangala


Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

The last ops’ spot was Pasekudah, from where Lightwarriors distantly carried out the final tunings of entire Light Cities’ complex above Adam’s Peak. On 18 February, they synchronized with its core the Christ’s DNA and Perfect Man Matrix. On 19 February, with Co-Creators assistance built axis (energies channel) Adam’s Peak-Local Universe’s core-the Pleroma’s nucleus-Absolutes. On 21 February, the complex’ and the Pleroma’s cores additional synching. On 22 February, the updated Element Periodic Table locked in the Light Cities’ core for the Earth’s new matter generation.

On February 23, the ground team began the conclusive setting up and synchronizing the complex with Absolutes’ dipole. From early morning to late evening, the space weather provided favorable conditions for work. What stelliums’ energies helped the team?

04:18 AM GMT. Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus ginned up a strong energy flow, which boosted intuition, sharpened taking and reaction (under impact of Lunar high freqs in a fiery sign), and gave the group the necessary strength to carry out a space operation (Uranus’ impact in a earth sign). By uniting, they helped Lightwarriors during work.

06:29 AM GMT. Moon in Leo bi-quintile Neptune in Pisces captured and amplified the Spiritual energies of the Universe, creating a powerful positive background not only at the site of the operation, but also throughout the entire planet.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Pasikudah


Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

06:35 PM GMT. Moon in Leo quincunx Neptune in Pisces eased the Lightwarriors’ fine-tune into the transformative lunar radiation (amplified in fiery sign) and the high frequencies of Neptune, which availed the op. At the same time, on a global scale, quincunx’s energies highlighted the foci of the main disharmony between Earth and space, forcing to focus on the aspects of the past that are especially significant for people and the planet today.

09:30 PM GMT. Mercury in Pisces semi-sextile Pluto in Aquarius displayed the changes of the Local Universe’s and Earth’s karma, and how they differ at the present time. This allowed team members to sync better with Co-Creators in their joint cleansing from negativity the op’s spot.

11:37 PM GMT. Mercury in Pisces semi-square Ascending Lunar Node in Aries formed the strongest aspect of the day, which allowed Lightwarriors to succeed by using the features of the Aries-Libra axis. How exactly? This power channel materializes intentions. In it, the initial impulse of the Alpha Aries’ action, sent to the Omega Libra space, returns as a condensed energy clot. Then, it saturates with the next programs, accumulates a charge, stabilizes, balances, and again directs outward to new goals. In the Universe, this is the energy that lies at the heart of all life forms, constantly moving and evolving, allowing to create and accomplish great things. It initiates radical change and accelerates the pace of evolution, bringing about new worlds.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 - Nodes Impact

Nodes Impact

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2

The Aries-Libra axis emits very powerful vibrations. They have a lot of dynamism, determination and speed, as fire and air give special strength to creative energy seeking realization. Since both zodiacs belong to the signs of the cardinal cross, they always generate fundamentally new solutions and changes, aimed at the future, and actively dismantle the established order.

Mercury in the water sign, forming a quadrature with North Node, created a tension that needed to be skillfully run. In this configuration, the mind (Mercury) and Soul energy (the North Node) interacted well that helped Lightwarriors to terminate a difficult operation. For that, on 23 February, Co-Creators generated a powerful Solar flare of X6.4 intensity in different spectral ranges that acted as an additional powerful propulsive force.

All this together provided the full unfolding of the renewed Absolutes-Pleroma’s exclave on Ceylon. It favored the automatic re-setting of the Earth’s Causal Matrix at the vernal equinox on 20 March 2024. Earlier, the Local Universe’s Logos officially registered and incorporated in self the entire Light Cities complex. The following joint operations were carried out by Co-Creators and their ground team in the Maldives and the most dramatic in Azerbaijan.

(To be continued)

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