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The Great Quantum Transition - Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Ops In Georgia And Armenia

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Ops In Georgia And Armenia – By Lev

On 5 May 2024, Co-Creators passed an interim point in another ops’ series. Started in Georgia and Armenia, and carried out by stages, it had two main aims. The first was the removal of retro-karma, remained in the Earth’s field after the crucifixion of Christ. The second was the construction of new channels on a Subtle Plane and, through them, anchoring of infrastructural energies 3.85-3.9D, 4D and 5D on the planet (see – To Whom It Concerns, DNI, 5 May 2024). They also cause the powerful Solar flares of X-Class, which occur almost daily and sometimes several times within 24 hours. Maybe it’ll be necessary to introduce an even higher level or few.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - X-Class Flares

X-Class Flares

Ops In Georgia And Armenia

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Briefly about retro-karma, the problems it caused, and why Co-Creators chosen Georgia and Armenia for operations. Recall that Christ took upon Self all the karma of humanity at that time to work out and free from it the Souls, which incarnated on 3D Earth. For the complete success of the mission, Mary Magdalene, His wife and dipole, joined Him, ready to share the fate with husband. But when found out about her second pregnancy, she scared. Not for own life, but for the child. In this situation, Christ came to rescue. He started annihilating karma not only of men, but also of all women.

Then, the following happened. Annulment began with the first blows of the whip, lasted the entire crucession and reached its highest intensity after nailing the Savior to the cross and staying on it. The deleting of the super poisonous substance didn’t stop for a second. It was not only a human negativity, but also a mutated Perfect Light, from which the Christ’s brother, who betrayed the Source, built his Anti-Universe of Dark and Gray eons, which included Earth and earthlings, on whom they dumped their karmic dirt.

To recycle such a gigantic volume and turn it back into Perfect Light required time. Crist could not, had no right to die until completed His mission. At the height of suffering, the Savior lost consciousness and even in this state continued to destroy karma. In a while, the Roman soldiers broke the shins of the other two crucified so that they would die faster, because didn’t want to wait long and decided to leave. They did not the same to Christ, thinking He was already dead.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Crucifixion


Ops In Georgia And Armenia

But Christ woke up and consciously continued His torments. Seeing them, the legionary Gaius Cassius Longinus couldn’t stand this and struck a Mercy Blow, piercing the Savior with a spear, which killed Him. Thus, His mission was interrupted. He only managed to almost completely annihilate the men’s karma, but a huge amount of women’s remained. At the moment of the Savior’s death, Karma Lords instantly collected the remnants of both substances and sealed in the Earth’s Causal Body. Some stayed on Christ’s wave DNA, His Holy Coat, the Crown of Thorns, the Cup of Blood (the Grail Cup), Nails, fragments of the Cross and the Spear of Longinus.

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To remove retro-karma, Co-Creators and their ground team conducted many operations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, about which Disclosure News narrated a lot and in great details. Ops in Georgia and Armenia were especially important not only because of the unique structures of these countries on a Subtle Plane. At the beginning of the 4th century of the new era, they were the first to convert to Christianity, saved the Savior’s relics and their peculiar energy field, which had to be cleansed and reinforced.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Georgia And Armenia On The Map

Georgia And Armenia On The Map

Ops In Georgia And Armenia

The operations kicked off in Mtskheta, in Iberia, which was the first Earthly Domain of Holy Mother. In this region, by Her Wish, St. Andrew and St. Simon preached and helped the Christian faith gradually took root and from 319 CE become the dominant religion in the territory of present-day Georgia. A clairvoyant scan of the Subtle Plane confirmed the Co-Creators’ info about the uniqueness of the environment. Here, between the mountain ranges, at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers, two bearing faces of the Earth’s crystal lattice join, and the Portal of the Universe’s Life Energy is located. This node is directly connected to the planet’s equilibrium point on the Hawaiian island of Lanai (about it, see – Light Forces Operation in Hawaii, Part 1, DNI, 22 October 2020).

Their main work Lightwarriors carried out in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, where Chiton of the Lord was burred. The soldiers, who crucified Jesus, didn’t divide Tunic after His death, because It was woven in one piece, without seam. Rabbi Elias bought the Holy Robe from them and, arriving in Mtskheta, handed over to his sister Sidonia. When she heard about the execution of the Savior, she died of anguish with the shrine in her hands. The Chiton couldn’t be released from her embrace, and she was buried with It. A large cedar tree grew on her grave, which became healing and sacred to the residents of the city, and where today the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral stands.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Ops In Georgia And Armenia

Before the operation in it, Lightwarriors made two preps. As mentioned above, the Portal and the node of the Earth’s crystal lattice are located between two mountain ranges. From a Monastery at the top of one, the ground team built on the Subtle Plane an Axis of the Monads and projected it on one of the grid’s edge. Then, from the Temple on neighboring mountain peak, they assembled Axis of Logos and focused it on another facet.

The final work was carried out in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral on the spot of Holy Robe, which emanates powerful Divine energy. Lightwarriors connected Axes, drew into them Monads and Logos, damaged by karma, and after cleansing, anchored both in the lattice. The toxic substance was so huge and acid that made its processing very hard. The team members’ blood pressure jumped, the entire body ached and burned, the temperature rose, and the throats were so tight that they could barely breathe. Everyone was shaking with fever, and tears were pouring out of eyes. This lasted from dusk to dawn, the night of their karmic “crucifixion”. Later, Co-Creators explained that Lightwarriors passed another important Spiritual exam, which all earthlings will go through in many variants and at different times.

The site of the next operation was the monastery complex Echmiadzin in the city Vagarshapat, Armenia. In the cathedral treasury are stored particles of the Cross of Christ, the Crown of Thorns and the spear of Longinus, the relics of St. John the Baptist and St. Stephen, Saints Thaddeus, Bartholomew, Andrew, Thomas, and St. Gregory the Illuminator.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Echmiadzin


Ops In Georgia And Armenia

All the work in Echmiadzin took upon selves the team heads, husband and wife, most experienced in deleting retro-karma separately. Lightwarrior did it from the Monastery’s Altar, on which a fraction of the Holy Cross is placed and in the underground store – the spear of Longinus. To clean them, the group leader put their field into own Monad and prepared for the worst. But to his surprise, discovered not men’s retro-karma, but the active aspect of the Savior, which during centuries continued to retain and annihilate the toxic substance. It was only necessary to put an end to this process, which was done.

Lightwarrioress faced much harder challenge. Co-Creators placed the rest of the entire women’s retro-karma in her Monad, and its processing went in the toughest mode, through the strong pains in the heart, where this substance was burned out. The group couldn’t help her in any way, except for moral support. But this work was also successfully completed.

After that, the group headed to Gokht gorge, where the Geghardavank (Monastery of the Spear), the first repository of the shrine, is located. Viewed by clairvoyance, Lightwarriors saw numerous space Portals, a multidimensional info-energy Mandala, projections of World Tree and Amrita Cup (Universe’s Life Energy), Gateway Earth’s core-Central Spiritual Sun. It was a perfect place for the next very complex and important operation.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Geghardavank


Ops In Georgia And Armenia

It was so high-up that Co-Creators tested the ground team again to ensure its ability and readiness to handle the task. For this, the group members, first, rebooted their Monads. Then, ascended into the creative Logos, from it, through their Pleromic Body, entered into an Absolutes’ 14D eon, next, into the non-manifested Absolutes, and dissolved into Them. Once outside, they carried in self Their Aspects to materialize in 3D without even the slightest distortion. All Lightwarriors passed the exam brilliantly for starting the new op. What was it?

From the mightiest Power Place in Geghardavankh, the group withdrew from all Monads’ cores the combined Aspect of the Pleroma’s two Supreme Hierarchs and returned it to Them. For about 12 hours, all earthlings were without any support from above, which backs them since birth. But the very next day, at the same spot, the ground team conducted a reverse op. In the Matrix of all people’s Monads, was uploaded the united Aspect of four Supreme Hierarchs, who re-adopted all men’s Souls, seeing them as equals.

The second important work in Geghardavank was the creation of a new Christian Logos (to replace the lower-level old egregore, which over two millennia split into many parts). Firstly, Lightwarriors took in selves its prototype for testing, and after making sure of its viability, sent back into the Pleroma. There, four Supreme Hierarchs downloaded in it the new soft and via team members’ Monads anchored Logos’ core on 3D Earth. It was symbolic that the birth took place in Armenia, the first country where Christianity was adopted at the State level in 301 CE.

Having completed an op in Geghardavank, the group went to the Khor Virap Monastery located in the Ararat Plain, near the border with Turkey. In ancient times, there was city Artashat, one of the capitals of Armenia, and the royal prison Deep Dungeon. Translated from Armenian, “khor” means “deep”, “virap” means “pit”. Special prisoners were thrown into a well filled with poisonous snakes and insects. In it, over 14 years, Gregory the Illuminator, the founder of Christianity in Armenia, suffered his torments.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Khor Virap And Mount Ararat

Khor Virap And Mount Ararat

Ops In Georgia And Armenia

The first thing that Lightwarriors felt inside the Monastery was very dense and mixed energy. On the one hand, the might prayed field, and on the other, a necrosis of reality, caused by former prison and mass executions in it. Co-Creators gave the group more details. For all 14 years in the dungeon, Gregory the Illuminator dosed out retro-karma, which, due to the interrupted mission, Christ didn’t annihilated in full. Some of the toxic substance was also eliminated by people who, for spreading Christianity, were killed in Khor Virap. It turned into Portal through which the karma of Crucifixion and Deicide was processed. Many Souls worked it out, following the example of the Apostles, martyred for the Savior.

The group decided to clear the Monastery field from the pit in which St. Gregory was imprisoned. A 6-meter iron staircase leads into it. The descent wasn’t pleasant. Finished the work, Lightwarriors immediately started the next – anchoring the new Christian Logos into the former dungeon. After Khor Virap, they continued linking Logos in other monasteries – Noravank, Tatev, Saint Gayane Church near Jermuk, Echmiadzin, and returned to Georgia, did the same in Shavnabada Monastery near Tbilisi and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Noravank


Ops In Georgia And Armenia

In addition to this op in the Cathedral, Lightwarriors again formed by their Monads a channel, through which, and Holy Chiton as magnet, Co-Creators installed in the Earth’s crystal grid a single Aspect of the Pleroma’s two Supreme Hierarchs. Then, stretched it globally, so far as the Divine layer that later will transform into the new, 5D Earth’s Radiant Body.

The final operation in Georgia was carried out in Kakheti, at the Church of the Archangels, 175 kilometers east of Tbilisi. For two days, they conducted a complex activation of vital synthesis in the collective core of the new Monadic Tree of the Local Universe, and earthling’s Monads. It restored their capacity to independently generate the Life Energy and emit own Light. Earlier, only Highest Monads had this ability, for example, those born in the Pleroma and Absolutized. In the same Church, the group also anchored a new Christian Logos.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Church Of The Archangels

Church Of The Archangels

Ops In Georgia And Armenia

Lightwarriors worked with the Crist’s energy so efficiently that Co-Creators trusted them the next, more responsible op, which ended on 5 May 2024. It concerned the assembly of the Absolutes’ dipole according to a fundamentally new scheme based on Masculine and Feminine Foundations. Recall that previously our Absolute carried in Self both of them, but prevailed the second. Not long ago, “She” got the “male” half, became dipole and passed to the third rank in the Divine Hierarchy (for more about it, see – Operation 4th Universe, Part 8-2, DNI, 19 September 2022). From this time, the two halves individually manifested Their Primary Aspects. Soon, it became clear that these processes must be upgraded by merging into a single one.

To determine whether this apgrade is workable, it was tested on dipole of two ground team leaders. The Absolutes’ masculine half put Its Aspect by four big segments into Lightwarriors’ Monad up to their partial fusion. Recently, it was field-proven during joint op on the Adam’s Peak on Ceylon (see – Ops In Sri Lanka, Part 2, DNI, 21 March 2024). On the night of May 4-5, the procedure was successfully terminated.

Ops In Georgia & Armenia - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Fusion


Ops In Georgia And Armenia

It was different with Lightwarrioress. The Absolutes’ feminine half inserted Its Aspect all at once with metered pulses, or, more precisely, thrusts. It was like the birth of a child: slowly, Aspect got out of the Absolutes’ womb and entered the Monad of surrogate mother, through which manifested in our 3D. It took about a week. For the physical body of the Lightwarrioress, this was an ordeal. The pressure was kept at 180-120, and pulse 110-120. With medications, the former was lowered to 160-170 and 100-110, and the latter to 90-100, and didn’t go down. Sometimes she fell into a comatose sleep, usually during the day, otherwise couldn’t stand a contact. And after waking up, everything started again through the heart chakra, despite frequent Solar X-class flares, G-level magnetic storms, etc.

By the evening of May 4, both team leaders assimilated the Absolutes’ Primary Aspects, but not activated. Their light up was launched at midnight, at the beginning of the Christ Channel descent and spreading over Earth, and the next day reached the peak, bursting into a bright glow. By Absolutes’ request, their Aspects were settled in the ground team’s Logos, where fully fused into integral whole. Previously, its core housed aspects of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, Primary Light Archons, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Logos of Galaxies and the Local Universe, which energetically supported the operation. Thus, a MICROABSOLUTE was born to participate in higher ops not only in the Greater Cosmos, but also on Earth.

More By Lev

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