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Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

The Great Quantum Transition

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 – By Lev

These days, became known the details of three other operations of Lightwarriors in Dominicana which were carried out by Co-Creators and Galacom’s assignment in this Republic (see – Ops in Dominicana, Parts 1-3).

One of them was pursued in the Barahona province, in the south-west of the island. This is a peninsula, a significant part of which is occupied by the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park.

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Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Barahona In Dominican

Barahona In Dominicana

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

The choice of this place for the op was explained by several reasons. This territory is a direct Portal of 5D Earth, a single field of three-dimensional and five-dimensional Earth.

An analogue of the 3D-4D-5D all-fractal aeon being created now.

Right there, in the Sierra de Bahoruco mountains, there is the world’s only deposit of Larimar, a sky-blue mineral in which the substance of the 5D of the Earth is materialized.

During one of the previous operations (see Part 1), the Lightwarriors eliminated here the parasitic Anti-Earth and its Portal created by Archons and their Higher Hierarchs on the planet’s Subtle Plane.

At that time, the group could not even imagine that it was only prep for their most important work for which they were again sent to the Dominican Republic, to the Sierra de Bahoruco.

The localization of the op was the canyon Hoyo de Pelempito, a place of particularly dense demonic presence on Earth.

After reaching the end of the road, the Lightwarriors left the car and walked along the trail through the forest to the observation deck, located at an altitude of 1165 meters above sea level.

It is located directly above the Hoyo de Pelempito, from where the entire canyon is at a glance.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Larimar


Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Sierra De Bahoruco

Sierra De Bahoruco

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

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Having viewed his territory with clairvoyance, Lightwarriors experienced a deep shock.

Black Archons turned entire this sacred place into a mechanism for the slow destruction of Earth, made it part of the parasitic-vampiric system in the Local Universe.

In Hoyo de Pelempito there is not only a direct Gaia’s Portal and a projection of 5D Earth.

The canyon has preserved the reference state of matter, more than a thousand species of flora and fauna, a lot of endemics, and in an initial, perfect condition.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Hoyo De Pelempito

Hoyo De Pelempito

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

From there, the unfolding of our planet partially went on.

Archons could not ignore such a tasty morsel. They introduced cancer cells into the planet’s field through their Portal in Hoyo de Pelempito. When cells grew to a giant tumor on the Subtle Plane, their metastases, tentacles and roots began to intensively pump out the life energy from 3D and 5D Earth.

By the time of the operation, the Black Portal was 90% inactive. It turned out that earlier it was blocked by Entities, which today are represented by local Taino Indians, who came to the planet for this very purpose.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Taino Indians

Taino Indians

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

They actually closed the Portal by themselves, preventing the loss of Earth’s energy.

But this tumor remained on her body, causing Gaia great pain.

Lightwarriors discovered that the substance of the vampiric Portal consisted of living cells grouped in the form of a Black Sun Mandala, which the group had already encountered earlier (see – Operation in Germany, Part 1).

With its help, the Archons turned the Star Logos into Black Suns.

In Hoyo de Pelempito, the Archons used the Portal substance as a biological weapon aimed at Intelligence life forms.

Their cells turned into a virus, and were embedded in planetary Logos.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Black Sun Mandala

Black Sun Mandala

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Including the Earth’s Logos, so that it mutates into a copy of the Black Sun, sucking vital energy from the planet.

Higher Light Hierarchs instructed the ground team to eliminate this anomaly on the spot.

With the help of multidirectional four-armed Antahkarana, channeled to 777 primaty energies, Lightwarriors carried out a rough sweep of the entire place, cutting out and processing a cancerous tumor on a Subtle Plane.

Then, another part of the group and the Higher Hierarchs joined in the work, and treated the “wound” with Perfect Light.

In the following days, Lightwarriors groups in other countries conducted a series of remote works for the final cleaning and restoration of this segment of the Earth’s field.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Four-armed Absolute Antahkarana

Four-armed Absolute Antahkarana

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

The objective of the next operation was to form a triune whole-fractal eon of the Earth 3D, 4D and 5D Logos as new unified realities, where civilizations located in different dimensions will evolve in parallel.

In this case, it was a global experiment inside the Gaia’s Absoluteverse – a single body of manifestation of its Monad from 3D to 13D. Its field already has the maximum degree of unity, due to which all possible distortions inside it are minimized.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Multiverse


Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Although the planetary Logos from 3D to 13D inside the Gaia Absoluteverse are in unity with each other, they were still separate, not united. And in the case of the lower eons of the Absoluteverse (5D-4D-3D), it was about creating a SINGLE Logos, as a united hypostatic form in three dimensions.

Such a Logos began to be created a long time ago. Higher Light Hierarchs and the Goddess Gaia have done titanic preparatory work on synchronization and primary fusion of the energy fields of the three planets and their Logos.

Lightwarriors together with other groups participated in this, both in the form of complex work, and in an experimental version from the two Cities of Light created by them in one of the Southern Europe’s region.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - City Of Light

City Of Light

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

And now, by the time of arrival in the Dominican Republic, there were necessary conditions to unite the Logos of 3D-4D-5D Earth.

This became possible technically, after a long preparation, and karmically, following the elimination of the Black Portal in Hoyo de Pelempito and the core of the parasitic-vampiric system in the Local Universe.

This could be done only from the territory of the direct projection of the five-dimensional Earth, that is, from the Sierra de Bahoruco.

Any place on the territory of this national Park was suitable for this op.

But the group was looking for something special, recognizable, image-based for new Gaia’s Portal.

And they found it – a pond with the purest water, marked on the map as a local landmark.

From that point of direct projection of 5D Earth onto our 3D planet, Lightwarriors activated a single whole-fractal eon of all three planets in a common Logos.

It could be compared to the ceremonial cutting of a ribbon when handing over a newly built house; a very important event for the Fifth and Sixth Races.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - New Gaia's Portal

New Gaia’s Portal

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

The second work carried out at this place was the transformation of the substance of 5D Earth, materialized in the Larimar. During mineral’s stay on the 3D planet, large distortions occurred in it, the coefficient of which reached up to 40%. They were expressed in the deformation of the crystal lattice and distorted energy information that Larimar accumulated under the impact of negative events on Earth.

Therefore, Gaia decided to reboot Larimar’s Causal Matrix in the Earth’s Causal Matrix, and this work was carried out through Lightwarriors.

As a result of the op, a new aspect of the new, united Logos entered Larimar and restored in it the original pure substance of 5D Earth, which through its Portal immediately spread to all this mineral’s deposits on the planet.

During the work, which Lightwarriors performed standing right in the pond, local residents, a family arrived: mother, father and kid. Without saying a word, they stood next to the group in the water.

Later, Higher Light Hierarchs explained that this family would be the Guardians of the Portal, although, at the level of consciousness, they do not understand it yet.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

The next operation was the most difficult and severe in terms of symptoms and workload. Lightwarriors felt them in Puerto Plata, where they stopped for a short rest on the way to Mount Isabel de Torres, where the op was planned.

They couldn’t understand what was happening to them. The group was in a pre-infarction state for several days. There was a strong energy load on the heart, mixed with acute pain. It felt like working off, cleaning up something… And then glue and restore.

The state on the verge of losing consciousness did not stop. The whole group just lay in bed, and couldn’t even get up. The team leader tried to go to the store, only 3 km from the hotel but he couldn’t even get to it, he returned. The condition was critical, and no one understood what it was connected with.

Everything became clear on the day of climbing Mount Isabel de Torres, crowned with a copy of the statue of Christ the Savior – a gift from the Brazilian authorities.

It was only when the Lightwarriors reached the top of the mountain in a completely comatose state that they received all the information. Their condition was caused by the global rehabilitation and restoration of Gaia’s Heart Copy.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Mount Isabel De Torres

Mount Isabel De Torres

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

At one time, the Goddess Gaia singled out some of Her Heart-Monadic aspects and formed a copy of Her Heart from them.

She introduced it into the 3D Earth’s Logos for its spiritualization, without which the planet would remain lifeless and empty, to quote the Bible.

The projection of Gaia’s Second Heart focused on the top of Mount Isabel del Torres.

But after installation, it was completely broken by Black Archons into many pieces. That’s why Lightwarriors felt this place so strongly in their hearts, and why it was so bad for them when Co-Creators restored and glued fragments of Gaia’s Heart Copy in them.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Gaia


Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Yaltabaoth


Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Once again, Lightwarriors have passed the heavy test.

At the top of the mountain, they carried out the ascension of the Copy, already healed in their Hearts, into the Gaia’s Super-Monad.

It was another important step towards restoring Her integrity, which she voluntarily sacrificed, allocating a part of Herself here, on 3D Earth, to spiritualize, revive our planet when it was created by Yaltabaoth.

It was Her karma.

Without this, the further development of the 3D-4D-5D whole-fractal eon was impossible at all.

And in conclusion, the summary of the last few days events, unfortunately, unpleasant.

As Disclosure News narrated in the previous parts, during the Ops in the Dominican Republic, the old 3D Matrix and its software, which determines the evolution of humanity and the scenario of world events, were deactivated.

Almost immediately, Co-Creators, with the help of Lightwarriors, activated a new, 5D Matrix and the Earth’s renewal programs loaded into it.

In the sub-program of the old Matrix, the dominant core of the global system was the Reptilian world, supported by corresponding energies, forces, egregores, etc.

The Reptilian influence on Earth ended with the activation of the 5D Matrix, which is a fractal manifestation of the New Equation of the Absolute and a New Evolutionary Program for the entire Local Universe.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Absolutized 5D Grid

Absolutized 5D Grid

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

But something is amiss. The 5D Matrix was activated on the system plan and the old 3D one was deactivated on it. And then it turned out that there are at least two backup Earth’s operating 3D Matrices, however, at lower levels. The presence of two active and simultaneously opposite programs, led to a serious failure of the entire infrastructure on the Subtle Plane.

The inter-Matrix conflict was growing every day, which was reflected in the aggravation of relations West-East in general, and individual countries in particular.

The Dark Forces’ thirst for revenge, the refusal to cooperate in good faith and various other impediments, the destructive vector of the Local Universe, and critical antagonism between the Light and Dark Forces of are growing avalanche-like.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - 3D Grid

3D Grid

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

The Darks are supported by a backup copy of the old Matrix, which has retained enormous strength and capabilities. Through their proxies, Reptilians are ready to do anything, even a nuclear war under a false flag.

The aggravated military conflicts in the Middle East, in African countries and in Ukraine, led to a sharp overstrain of the new, Absolutized 5D crystal grid. It began to deform and disintegrate.

Both Absolutes continued to watch it: whether the lattice would withstand, self-organize and self-repair. The Lightwarriors’ ground teams helped it as much as they could.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Ready To Do Anything

Ready To Do Anything

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

On April 24, 2022, at 02:00 PM CET, they conducted a group work (meditation) to restore the 5D grid, align, harmonize all distorted nodes and conflict zones of the planet.

Each of them was covered with red flashes on a Subtle Plane. The lines of the crystal lattice were deforming in the places of military clashes. The blue-white light from the grid barely covered the entire Earth.

The operation was difficult. At the beginning, the energies were calm, smoothly spreading through the channels, leveling, filling and expanding the conduits of the crystal lattice. Then the energy went stronger: it was the four Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs that joined the op, directing the Light rays to each nodal point.

In a spiral stream, Radiant energy entered the Earth’s core, and then came to the surface, flooding it with golden waves. Here they were picked up by Lightwarriors and immediately passed on to other groups in all time zones of the planet. Many experienced acute pain in the solar plexus …

But the miracle did not happen. After a short recovery, the 5D grid (the new Earth’s Merkaba) began to disintegrate uncontrollably again.

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Inter-Matrix Conflict

Inter-Matrix Conflict

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Ops In Dominicana Part 4 - Stellar Matrix

Stellar Matrix

Ops In Dominicana Part 4

Both Absolutes wanted to get a guaranteed working mechanism, tested in practice by a crash test.

No virtual tests and models could give a similar result. Otherwise, the pitfalls would have surfaced again someday, and no one knows what it will lead to.

The crystal 5D lattice turned out to be viable only under relatively ideal conditions.

As a result, on April 28, 2022, Co-Creators made a difficult, but the only right decision: to carry out a controlled reformatting of the new planet’s Merkaba in accordance with the prevailing circumstances, returning it to a star shape instead of the circular-cellular sphere.

Yes, it was a step back, but there was no other way out.

The stellar structure of the Earth’s energy framework will ensure its stability and resilience in the current situation of hostilities on the surface and on the Subtle Plane, of intensified social, political, economic and natural disasters under the impact of quantum flows that continue to flow from the Galactic Center with increasing power.

Now, we face an existential confrontation between two Forces of the Local Universe, two Systems, two Matrices, two lifestyles, two cultures, and two parts of world civilization. The existential means that only one force, one race, will remain in its result. The third is not given. Everything has gone too far.

More by Lev

Roller Coaster – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Roller Coaster – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The new Earth’s Matrix anchoring in the core of the planet through its Logos gave start to a sinc of entire Multiverse from 3D to Absoluterra in the 13D Pleroma. Next up, will be the link of new Causal Matrix and its full activation. The speed of the processes depends on many factors, including the astro-weather in the coming weeks.

New Matrix Part 7 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 7 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 30 May at 06:12 PM CET, start to come first details of the Co-Creators’ operation to install a new Earth Matrix. They entrusted Lightwarriors the main part of the op: to be a live interface for linking the new structure to the planet’s core. For that, the ground team arrived on Power Place in one of the South Europe’s mountainous regions. Earlier, here, on a Subtle Plane over a picturesque lake, they built their second (of four) City of Light, which was also used as send-receive unit.

New Matrix Part 6 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 6 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

There are many scenarios of the birth and development of planets and their civilizations in the Greater Cosmos. Some Absolutes, belonging to the Supreme Hierarchy, unfold their manifestation bodies from the highest dimensions down to the physical plane.

Matrix Part 5-2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Matrix Part 5-2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

To create 3D Earth’s Matrix, not only elements known to science were used, but also unknown ones. Their names and software were described by Argorians, who, along with other friendly space races, have been closely protecting our planet for a long time. The names sound different in other languages, but this is a secondary factor.

New Matrix Part 5-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 5-1 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The upgraded 3D Earth’s Causal Matrix (OS, soft, codes), Logos (downloading tool), and new planetary Matrix (net) will dramatically activate and enhance ALL energies’ programs, downloaded into EVERY elements that form our physical and Subtle worlds. The soft was set in Noosphere at its creation

New Matrix Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 4 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

What will be the operating system (OS) of the new planetary Matrix? Activation of upgraded Causal Matrix (OS’s carrier) and Earth’s Logos, as downloading tool, accelerated all events. The situation is constantly and unpredictably changing, so Co-Creators are in no hurry to disclose many details.

New Matrix Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

With new Earth’s Causal Matrix and upgraded Logos, the run of the planetary Matrix will change dramatically. Earlier, Disclosure News partially narrated its very complex multilayered structure. These days, Co-Creators have disclosed many additional and important details.

New Matrix Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

New Matrix Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

These days, Earth and those connected to its new Matrix, backed by upgraded Logos and Causal Matrix, are very hard to withstand this contact. The reason is not only that Co-Creators were forced, in addition to the new software, to temporarily save the old 3D one that, due to incompatibility, causes severe overstrain. But there are also other reasons.

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