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TY Montana Geology for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

TY Montana Geology for the Financial Energy ❤️❤️❤️

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The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition – Ops Critical Mass Part 3 – By Lev


But these were definitely not the deals!! And who the hell is changing the cards on the table, without asking us anything?! What happened to evolution, 5D, ascension, and other such talk?? And then, we didn’t come to Earth and then stay in a jar somewhere in the Cosmos waiting for what?? It was said that we will pass with our physical body renewed and revived in 4D-5D and now you tell us that the Earth Gaia must be empty or almost for a change of chickens??That is, the one who also wants NAA or NWO!!?

Do you at least have the dignity to no longer tell us lies like a priests in church! They also decided to consciously sacrifice Lightwarriors, the only ones who ever did something for Earth and earthlings!! So it is true that the Galactic Federation is in business with the NAA and F. O.!! So Taygetians and Urmah are right not to trust the Federation since they are not the new ones to harm and destroy. But is it ever possible that in the Universe and in the Galaxy are similar to terrestrial governments, a crap?? Why did the Starseeds come to Earth?! Why then a Worlds Council??!?! It washes its hands like Pontius Pilate??! NO! It can’t be like this and it won’t be like this!


27/01/2024 at 17:49, Ops Critical Mass Part 3

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“The more my soul awakes, the less resonance I feel with his info”. This is completely normal, considering that each one of us actually “is” a whole parallel reality of ourselves. This is what “we are all one” means. If Lev’s stories (or Cobra’s, or anybody else’s) don’t resonate anymore, nothing wrong with moving on.

JR Mendes

25/01/2024 at 22:17, Ops Critical Mass Part 3

If there are ten stages of awakening, 1-10, the earliest stage reflects the most basic awareness of one’s own existence. 5 is the awareness that the System, the Matrix, the collective expressions, are not as they appear. This stage is the “I know better than you” stage, which has the main hallmark of telling everyone else how wrong they are – to no avail as it falls on deaf ears for a reason. Not a single human souled being on earth wants to be told how wrong they are, and that manner of interaction is the foundation of the system, the matrix, the collective control complex, as belittling and demeaning is how the system was designed to work.

6-10 might include all manner of details depending on where one is at, but within that set is the inevitable conclusion that screaming about who is right and who is wrong is not only pointless, but counterproductive to one’s own path. One should see when the desire to scream “up yours idiot, you’re wrong” arises it means there is a very deep seeded insecurity within the one who needs to scream, not the one who is pointing it out.
10+ will be unique to each his own path, as those manage their way into Individuation Within Unity, something that decidedly excludes name calling, barking, screaming, demanding, fear, panic, rage, anger and all the things stages 1-5 were supposed to reveal as out of alignment.

The common mistake I see in folks 1-6 is this: They convince themselves that their personal journey is inhibited by the inability of the rest of the world to see what they see and accept it as the only truth. The fact that said individual is poor, lonely, not transcended to the 5D la la land is SOUL’ely the direct result of stupid people not getting it, for if everyone got it, the world would be the oyster as they say.
The oddest thing about today in our time is we see every level of awakening on the personal level in the social media world, the stage 1 folks, the stage 6 folks, but the stage 10+ rarely speaks for a reason, which gives us a very remarkable moment in time for those who listen carefully. February sets the stage for March…


25/01/2024 at 21:32, Ops Critical Mass Part 3


On 24, 26 and 27 January 2024, via Single Hierarchical Channel, came new info about the Co-Creators’ ops to solve the terrestrial mass deficit issue (see – Ops Critical Mass, Part 1 and Part 2, DNI, 10 and 13 January 2024). This problem is still VERY serious. As Disclosure News reported, when the new, 14D, Logos (Al-Terra-Gaia) took over a three-dimensional Earth, it was and still is in horrifying condition that can be compared to a person in a wheelchair, with multiple fractures, displacement of limbs, spine and individual vertebrae (see – Brainstorming, DNI, 19 January 2024) and continuously sucked out blood (oil). Moreover, NAA repeatedly scalped our unfortunate planet, and from its bodies cut off giant, kilometer-thick pieces of “skin”, leaving thousands of scars, abandoned quarries and deserts on the surface.

DNit Telegram Channel


The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Scares


Ops Critical Mass Part 3

From the removed ground, NAA extracted everything precious – humus, crystals, ordinary and rare earth metals and etc., but first and foremost gold. Its stripping and removal not only increased the Earth’s mass loss, but also caused devastating karmic consequences that last till today. Every year, tons of this metal is smuggled from our planet by Dracos, Reptiloids, and other Dark and Gray ETs. What for?

To answer, it’s necessary to recall how gold is formed and what properties it has. Earlier, Disclosure News described one of the processes on Earth (see – New Matrix, Part 5-1, 21 May 2023). Another, more powerful gold formation occurs as a result of the fusion of neutron stars in the Greater Cosmos. The amount of gold produced and ejected into space during the merger may amount to more than 10 Lunar masses. A significant part of it came to Earth as a result of asteroid bombardments in ancient times after the solidification of the planet’s crust.

This gold is a manifestation of the Central Spiritual Sun of the Local Universe and Galaxy, contains the materialized substances of their Logos’ cores, as well as an aspect of our Sun, which participated in the Earth’s birth. The special uniqueness of this gold lies in its ability to accumulate and retransmit huge amount of spiritualizing, life-giving energy. But it is highly appreciated in the Great Cosmos also for other unusual properties. Which ones exactly?

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Life-Giving Energy

Life-Giving Energy

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

Aurum (Au) directs energy flows from the outside into the internal organs of organisms and the core of the planets. Activates the programs of the mineral, plant and animal worlds. Under certain conditions, it accelerates the destruction of biological bodies and materializes thoughts. This is an extraordinary activator for creating new shapes. It has a special structure that can penetrate everywhere and helps access other spaces and dimensions. For example, into 6D, 7D and 8D, where the structures of the future five-dimensional Earth are currently being built. The network of connecting Portals between them is tightly threaded with golden threads. If to take the ethereal energy of 8D and combine it with the terrestrial primary gold, the metal radiation strengthens the ethereal substance, and the gold itself can purify everything better than any absorbent.

Who started taking gold off our planet and when? As noted above, many parasitic NAA, Dark, Gray and technogeek races, which were on the verge of extinction due to lack or complete loss of vital energy, did it to save selves. To accumulate life power, they built giant shells around their planets and pyramids on the surface, using the Earth’s gold, and combined them into a single network that helped to survive.

They began mining terrestrial gold on an industrial scale during the First (1500-1100 thousand years BC) and Third Atlantis (400-10 thousand years BC) and at first, in a lawful and civil manner. But soon, NAA diggers began to empty the bowels on a monstrous extent, with the full connivance of the corrupt Higher Priests who had gone over to the Dark Side. After the death of Atlantis, looting continued on even larger amounts in its former exclaves in the territories of modern North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Mining Terrestrial Gold

Mining Terrestrial Gold

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

Everyone behaved like insatiable predators, and especially Anunnaks. They committed a huge number of crimes against humanity, and many had to stay here for generations to work off karmic debts. When they arrived on Earth during the time of Atlantis, they, like other ET, behaved rather restrainedly and mined the ores they needed in small areas in exchange for space technologies. But when Atlantis died, Anunnaks decided that on the planet, technologically, no one is more powerful than them. They took earthlings as animals, never bothered to teach them something important, and used only for genetic experiments, as slaves for gold mining, sex dolls for pleasure and a renewable source of vital energy. Other NAA behaved the same way.

When gold mines began to run out somewhere, NAA created egregores in these places and, through them, consumed people’s life energy. At the same time, by their proxies, they initiated endless wars to take gold and new slaves for its extraction in other places where different culture and attitude to this metal reigned. First of all, it was treated as an element of the Solar System, accumulating the Sun’s energy for many purposes, including for space communications.

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - In Everyday Usage

In Everyday Usage

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

There were many gold items in everyday usage – tableware, jewelry, combs, buckles, head ornaments, animal masks and figurines and other artifacts. Ingots, balls, tiles of gold, were everywhere, not only in homes, but also in public places, and worked as batteries. Large balls of ideal shape evenly distributed vibrations and radiated energy, which then went to various needs. The same balls were placed in pyramids and Portals for exits and contacts in other dimensions. Later, Darks used programmed gold plates for the same purposes, which were placed in the skulls of mummies to produce and run parasitic egregores through the same pyramids and ziggurats (see – Ops in Turkey, Part 1, DNI, 29 November 2023).

Gold was a common material, like stone, and in the same abundance, until its global robbing and export from the planet began. This has been going on for millennia and till today, only in more hidden and sophisticated forms. If oil is the blood of Earth, then primary gold is the neural network and acupuncture system through which the energy of the Spiritual Suns and their Logos circulates. But there is very little such metal left on the planet, and to protect it against looting, Co-Creators completely blocked access to it.

The admission remained only to deposits that NAA and Darks have rewired with the help of their egregores. But this gold has different quality. It cannot penetrate everywhere, because, unlike the primary one, doesn’t have the Logos’ pure light consciousness. Instead, it’s loaded with a parasitic Matrix and software to run the global financial and banking system and economy, the entire cultural, mental and emotional sphere of our civilization. How does it work?

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Money Egregores

Money Egregores

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

After Darks moved from Rigel (in Orion constellation) thousands of years ago and monetary relations were introduced on Earth, for a long time loans were issued either in gold or in currencies secured by it. As soon as a person took out a loan, he was immediately plugged-in to egregore, which automatically began syphon out and run all thoughts and desires, related to the use of the funds received.

The energy intake became so large that the borrower had no strength left for anything other than constant care about paying off the debt. Pumping volumes increased exponentially with each new re-crediting. After the abolition of the gold standard, the egregores of money and financial instruments with all their derivatives began to suck vital energy from countries and their populations even more aggressively, taking hostage many generations to come.

The nominal value of some notes is expressed in digits over two and even three thousand zeroes. Millions of debt instruments are secured by all existing on the planet tangible and intangible assets, including every earthling as living goods and collaterals. It’s enshrined by birth certificates and passports drowned up as warehouse waybills strictly in accordance with UCC form, i.e. in capitalized Latin letters, regardless of the national written language.

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Whose Energies' Carriers?

Whose Energies’ Carriers?

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

In many nations was introduced a custom by which girls from the age of 16 should start wearing gold jewelry, formally, to activate the wife-family program, but in fact, to plug-in to parasitic egregore of material values. The same thing happens when, by parents’ decision, their two or three year old girls start wear gold earrings, and on their next birthdays get gold trinkets as a manifestation of adults’ love. But no one thinks about who and what kind of energy these knick knackeries accumulate. It also applies to the use of monoatomic gold in the form of colloidal solutions and nano-powders to rejuvenate and prolong life. For example, Saint-Germain, who actively used this substance during incarnations on Earth, after death was stuck on the astral plane in 4D for centuries and cannot move higher.

To date, the volumes of only gold stolen and smuggled from Earth are so huge that they increased the planet’s mass deficit and karma (i.e. inability to receive and retransmit without distortion the Absolutes and the Source’s Light). Earth and we have been robbed of a huge supply of spiritualizing and life-giving energy, which is extremely important for further transforming and transition into 5D.

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Saint-Germain


Ops Critical Mass Part 3

Such is background of the new updates that Co-Creators released on 26 January at 15:53 UT. Once again, they warned about the widespread illusion that one miraculous day everyone will wake up and see a New World and a Golden Age outside the windows. Of course, it will be, but only after the complete healing and transformation of the planet. Co-Creators informed that the updated incarnation protocol that they introduced in the Earth’s Causal Matrix is not only an events’ scenario (see – Brainstorming, DNI, 19 January 2024), but a global evolutionary program for the ENTIRE transition period.

Any planetary Logos, man and civilization have development goals and objectives that are deeply and tightly intertwined and are parts of a single whole. For the Earth’s Logos, the ultimate goal is to move to a higher level, to turn into a Star, something that, at the present time, Jupiter is preparing for. But simpler problems are being solved for the transition period. A similar scenario for us is to continue evolution in other, higher dimensions, but everyone’s starting positions are different, purely individual.

There are people whose Soul and Monad are deeply involved in terrestrial transforming. Their individual incarnation Matrices are located very close to the core of the Earth’s Logos Causal Matrix. Such people are one with planet, feeling its earthquakes, cataclysms, sunstrokes, pain and joy. They feel each other and help each other. Earth is their home.

But there are also a huge number of people with a crippled Soul or lost it, phantoms, clones, bio-robots, possessed by Dracos, Reptiloids and other entities. Their incarnation Matrices are located at the maximum distance from the core of the Earth’s Causal Matrix. They do not feel the planet, it is for them a temporary place of residence, not their own, alien, which can be robbed and killed. They are in sync with Kali Yuga program tails “be fertile and multiply”, strive for power, money, and deification during life, parasitism and exploitation of others.

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - Into Human Body

Into Human Body

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

Given these poles, Co-Creators have elevated the status of the incarnation protocol to the level of a short-term global program General Cleaning And Healing of Earth. Many embodied Souls plunged into deep depression, unwilling to do anything and communicate with anyone. The malaise is due to zeroing and erasing the old evolutionary programs, when the new LONG-TERM one has not yet been loaded into the terrestrial Causal Matrix. Our subconscious instinctively reacts to this by not understanding why and for what it is here.

Such is the peculiarity of transitional periods. With this in mind, we go through it consciously, on the faith of our heart and the strength of our Spirit. Moreover, Co-Creators and the ground team are actively continuing all their operations. On 24 January, they disclosed new details of the critical mass ops. They fully blocked the precious metal smuggling from the planet and, using the Universe’s Gold Matrix, started regeneration and growing of its primary substance in needed amounts in the Earth’s bowels. In parallel, all involved, including earth, water, fire, air and ether elements, restore primary gold aspects in the planet’s Causal and Subtle Bodies, and through them, maximize the saturation of the terrestrial field and our Souls by the highest Spiritual energies.

The Great Quantum Transition - Ops Critical Mass Part 3 - By Highest Spiritual Energies

By Highest Spiritual Energies

Ops Critical Mass Part 3

On 27 January at 18:50 UT, Co-Creators added the new info via a Single Hierarchical Channel. Starting from 23 March, the loading of the world events scenario into the Causal Matrix of the Earth’s Logos will be carried out in the format of four months’ put ins during the spring-autumn equinoxes and winter-summer solstices. This will reduce the information load on the Causal Matrix and the psyche of deeply involved Souls. In addition, such a regime will increase the ability to quickly change and adjust world and national events, if necessary. Previously, such downloads were for 3.5 years, and the last one (now canceled) – until 09 August 2027.

In addition, Co-Creators upload batches of files, pics, and images of the future 5D planet into the terrestrial Causal Matrix. This will help to relieve stress and support those Souls who are most involved the Earth upgrading, strengthen their desire, motivation and strive for creativity, Service, participation in the Light works of Higher Forces, and transformation of the planet and selves.

More By Lev

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