Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

The Great Quantum Transition

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 – By Lev

On Co-Creators and the Galactic Committee’s asignment, Lightwarriors conducted an important operation in the Carpathians (western Ukraine).

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - The Carpathians

The Carpathians

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

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Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Carpathians On The Map

Carpathians On The Map

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

They destroyed another parasitic infrastructure of Black Archons on the Subtle Plane and restored the exchange of cosmic energy between the Galactic Center and this place of the planet that was very important for the Earth’s Transition to 5D.

The venue of the op was the neighborhood of Yaremche city in Nadvirna region, Ivano-Frankivsk province.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Yaremche


Operations In Ukraine Part 5

As usual, first the ground team had to thoroughly study the situation on the spot, and then draw up a detailed action plan for Co-Creators’ approval.

The group met problems immediately upon arrival in Yaremche: they could not stay anywhere, neither in hotels, nor hostels, nor in private houses.

Evening came. Lightwarriors stood on the darkening street and ate their last sandwiches, not knowing where to go. They asked Co-Creators for an advice. Immediately, an man appeared out of the thickening twilight and asked: “Hi, nowhere to spend the night?”

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Mentally thanking Co-Creators, Lightwarriors went where a good fellow took them. He really turned out to be kind, just like his wife.

Over a modest dinner, the host immediately began to tell that Yaremche is very famous for its National Natural Park. Every year it is visited by many tourists, local and foreign, including presidents and ministers.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Carpathian National Nature Park

Carpathian National Nature Park

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

The members of the group listened with interest and continued to wonder inwardly: it was in this Park that Co-Creators instructed them to find a suitable place for the operation.

When they went to the Park the next morning, they immediately felt very uncomfortable.

It started about 30 minutes before the bus arrived at the desired stop.

A strongest energy channel opened in all team members. 

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Energy Channel

Energy Channel

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

They became so hot that it was hard to breathe, although the temperature on the bus was almost the same as outside.

Lightwarriors suggested that their co-tuning with the Subtle Plan of the Carpathians had begun. It has often happened to them in other operations. According to another version, their personal protection system was activated, automatically raising the auric frequency. Later, it turned out that both had taken place.

The energy tension was growing, so in the first days, Lightwarriors tried to rest more and not start active actions. Nothing came of it. Every minute it became clear to them that Co-Creators had pointed out this place for a reason, and they needed to pay attention to all the details and nuances, summarizing and analyzing events, feelings, etc.

In a few days (or rather nights) Lightwarriors noted a strange phenomenon: the energy of the Carpathians changes dramatically depending on the time of day.

Of course, it was not surprising but the force field of the Carpathians affected them in a special way. The first half of the night everyone had very good dreams, and starting at four o’clock in the morning, they were replaced by nightmares or delirium. It happened instantly.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Nightmare


Operations In Ukraine Part 5

When Lightwarriors went outside before dawn, on the physical plane, they clearly saw black eruption columns rising from the ground.

Many men around were ordinary during the day and behaved differently at night.

Besides, there was a Full Moon, and all the local negativity intensified.

A week later, the group left for the mountainous part of the National Nature Park to continue the search for the operation site.

On the aerial lift, they noticed that almost all the Carpathian peaks have a pyramidal shape.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Carpathian Pyramids

Carpathian Pyramids

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Mount Khomyak

Mount Khomyak

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

Having reached the Mount Khomyak and the highest peak of the Carpathians – Goverla, Lightwarriors clairvoyantly scanned their energy-information exchange.

It turned out that it is exactly the same as in the pyramids.

But this concerned only the flows from the surface.

The underground part was something incongruous.

The energy coming from space through any Power Place must enter the Earth’s Crystal (core), and then reversibly (ascendently) return back to space.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Goverla Pyramid

Goverla Pyramid

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

Lightwarriors examined all the mountains of the National Nature Park, and the same thing occurred everywhere.

Those of a pyramidal shape perfectly attracted energy but it did not reach the Earth’ core.

Further investigation revealed that cosmic energy is being absorbed by someone or something underground.

This prompted the group to think about the existence of the Black Carpathian underside.

Soon, this was not only confirmed, but also further developed.

Co-Creators gave Lightwarriors a hint.

They informed that the team is in the Territory of Distorted Reality.

Here they should not rely on logic or clairvoyance but only on their HEART because absolutely everything is obfuscated in this place.

For the group members, the Carpathian op became another exam for knowing selves, the Heart and trust in it.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

To understand everything, it was necessary to feel by Heart the most subtle vibrations of the Truth.

They asked themselves: “If the Park is an anomalous zone, then what causes the distortion?” In this direction, the team focused their further searches.

They began feature the situation. In that case, featuring meant a complex set of actions: logical, intuitive, factorial, communicative, superconscious and analysis by Heart.

To compile a complete picture, Lightwarriors questioned local residents and conducted telepathic sessions with the inhabitants of the Subtle Plane.

On the latter, they were pushed by the following events. One night, they noticed strange noises in the room. Doors began to slam loudly by themselves, hangers fell and other outrages were happening.

The group realized that someone was persistently trying to attract their attention. They made telepathic contact with the entity that was making noise at night. It turned out to be lubber fiend.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Lubber Fiend

Lubber Fiend

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

He was very happy about the communication. It turned out that his name was Oprishka, and he was more than once embodied in members of an ancient family of Carpathian fighters for freedom and independence. Oprishka is the name of the collective being that exists in many inhabitants of the local Subtle Plane, including lubber fiends.

The next night, Lightwarriors agreed with him that he would guard their sleep in exchange for bringing him milk. On the second night, the group prepared a series of questions which he willingly answered.

The team, first of all, was interested in how many people in the Carpathians are engaged in Black Magic. Lubber fiend’s literal answer was: “Every second.” Interestingly, the hostess of the house gave the answer to the same question: “Through one.”

Lubber fiend said that he, to his best, cleanses from Black energy the houses in which he lives, and asked the group to help him, and they immediately did it.

Soon, Lightwarriors gathered enough information to make a complete and detailed picture of the theater operation.

They found that the Carpathian Mountains are an ordered SYSTEM of natural pyramids.

Together, they form a giant multi-faceted mirror which in the distant past Co-Creators built to maintain the Gaia’s energy.

After the invasion of Earth, Archons rebuilt the complex to suit their needs, and to serve it, give birth to the Black egregore.

To keep the cosmic flows feeding Gaia, Higher Light Hierarchy changed the energy exchange of this zone with the Galactic Center.

Using the shape effect of polyhedral triangular reflection, they created a new scheme of circulation of the Carpathian power streams.

In ancient times, people knew that with the right mathematical and geometric layout, one can save energy indefinitely.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Black Magic

Black Magic

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Black Egregore

Black Egregore

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

Recently, scientists managed to record in the Pyramid of Cheops a conversation between two priests that took place several thousand years ago.

The design of the Pyramid constantly reflects the sound vibration in such a way that it does not fade for millennia.

Co-Creators applied a similar scheme of energy accumulation in the Carpathians.

Part of the energy coming from space skirted the Black Carpathian underside and directly closed on the mountains.

As a result of multiple triangular reflections, Gaia stored energy in space (range) from the Earth’s surface to the top of mountain peaks.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Pyramid Of Cheops

Pyramid Of Cheops

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

But all the same, the cosmic flows were distorted, since Earth only absorbed energy and did not return it completely back to the Galactic Center.

This led to the energy-information imbalance between the planet and the cosmos, and increased the Earth’s karma. For, according to the Cosmic Law, the amount of energy given must equal the amount of energy returned.

According to the Law, during the day our planet receives cosmic energy, and at night it gives it back. All this is done through Power Places, planetary chakras, Pyramids, Dolmens, Portals, etc.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Galaxy-Earth Energy Exchange

Galaxy-Earth Energy Exchange

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

In the Carpathians, any detail of the landscape is not just a lake, a tree or a mountain.

They are also emitters and energy storage devices. There are a lot of large free-standing stones – sending transducers. All these objects suck up energy at certain hours, and distribute it at other times.

Mountains with steep slopes and a sharp peak perfectly collect cosmic energy and emit it with a sharp beam or through protruding edges.

Mountains with a cut-off top eject, more powerfully and softer, a wide “cloud”, covering a significant area with its field.

Flat mountains capture space energy less well but radiate a lot of underground energy.

Exactly the same emitters, only located horizontally are rivers, and mountain streams in the Carpathians. Long and narrow have the strongest energy potential but it covers only a small narrow strip along the entire course of the river. Lakes emanate much more widely.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Radiating Mountains

Radiating Mountains

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

One mountain emits a powerful energy field, the other dissipates excess energy, that destabilizes the entire structure, and the low ones equalize their work, preventing an extraneous energy flow from disrupting this work. The stream flowing here also maintains this balance and removes energy dirt.

However, the main problem was that at night, the Black Carpathian underside threw out huge amounts of negativity. If it mixed with the pure energy of the aboveground part, it would poison the entire surrounding Cosmos.

On the diagram of the Carpathian Crystal, Lightwarriors drew mountains with dots and connected them into triangles. 

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Carpathian Crystal - The System Of Pyramidal Mirrors

Carpathian Crystal – The System Of Pyramidal Mirrors

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

The result was a simplified structure of energy reflection in the National Nature Park. It was carried out by pyramids which are mirrors at the same time.

The Carpathian mountain mirrors do not reflect Time, as, for example, Kailas, but cosmic energy. In its zone, the vibrations of the human brain are refracted, and the phenomenon of distorted perception of the surrounding reality arises.

That’s why Lightwarriors couldn’t rely on clairvoyance. Here, indeed, everything was skewed, as in the kingdom of crooked mirrors.

According to Co-Creators and the Akashic Chronicles, the Carpathian pyramids should play one of the key roles in the Great Quantum Transition.

For millennia, this infrastructure has been accumulating Pleromic energy for the Earth’s Ascension in 5D.

However, the Dark Hierarchy not only rebuilt the complex but turned it into a karmic time bomb. And the saddest thing is that it was done by men’s hands.

It’s no secret that since ancient times, among the inhabitants of the Carpathians, Archons planted bloody cults and Black Magic practice. Over time, all this led to the worst – the birth of the Black egregore.

For centuries, the egregore grown, developed, and strengthened. It consisted of aspects of sorcerers, witches and other followers of the blood rites.

This Subtle entity lived under the Carpathian Mountains and parasitized the attracted cosmic energy and vital power of people.

There were several entrances to the underground habitat of the Black egregore, and Lightwarriors discovered one of them. It was a deep funnel at the waterfall Proboy.

Its depth reached 70 meters, and there are several such craters in the Carpathians.

They were the Portals of the parasite which was activating at night.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Waterfall Proboy

Waterfall Proboy

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

After analyzing the whole situation, Lightwarriors decided to postpone the destruction of the Black egregore for a while. It was impossible to eliminate it with one energy blow, since it consisted of aspects of people, living and dead.

The proportion of deceased witches and sorcerers in the egregore was quite impressive, that explained its strong necrotic connection with the world of the dead.

In fairness, it should be noted that there is also a Carpathian Light egregore which did everything to resist the Black counterpart.

But it was impossible to eradicate the monster immediately and completely. The Black Magic in this region of Ukraine has turned into a kind of folk tradition, inherited.

This is considered part of the local culture but no one even thinks about the karmic consequences.

The small chapels with icons and plaster figures of Our Lady and Jesus Christ stand almost at every hut.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Chapel In Vorohta, Carpathians

Chapel In Vorohta, Carpathians

Operations In Ukraine Part 5

In all villages there is a church, or even several. During the day, people pray and serve God, and at night – the Devil (not all, of course, but many). How this can be, Lightwarriors could not understand.

After taking a time-out, the group once again carefully analyzed the situation and developed a new action plan, which Co-Creators immediately approved. To implement it, the team went to a sacred place in one of the mountainous regions.

Arriving at the site of the op, Lightwarriors, in accordance with the plan, began the global cleansing of the Black Carpathian underside and the elimination of the egregore.

During the first stage, they blocked the space under the National Nature Park with two Universe’s Antahkarana Rays, carefully divided the frequency fields of people and the egregore, closing the parasite on itself with them.

Operations In Ukraine Part 5 - Antahkarana


Operations In Ukraine Part 5

As a result, it began to choke on its own energy dirt and toxicity. Then, the group annihilated Black egregore with the help of the same Antahkarana and powerful pulses of Light from the Local Universe’s Centre.

The original functionality of the Carpathian mountain complex as a powerful collector and a channel of Pleromic energy was completely restored.

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