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Operations In Peru Part 2 - Lev

Operations In Peru Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Operations In Peru Part 2 – By Lev

Arriving at Sacsayhuaman, Lightwarriors continued the operation assigned to them by Galactic Committee.

The main task of the ground team was to collect into their Monads all aspects of the Sun Logos (main and daughters) damaged and tainted by Black Archons, purify them, reassemble as a single one, and return to their origin, the Sun.

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Operations In Peru Part 2 - Sacsayhuaman Ruins

Sacsayhuaman Ruins

Operations In Peru Part 2

This operation was of great importance to our planet. Full restoration of the Sun’s as a Portal of new high-frequency energies sent by Galacom to Earth during the Quantum Transition was needed.

Sacsayhuaman Sanctuary, one of the main Sun Temples (waka) of Incas, is located on a hill, very similar to a truncated pyramid.

In Peru, nearly all the Sun Temples are pyramids. Incas would take a suitable size mountain and chip it with solar lasers, giving it the desired shape. Then, also using lasers, they “inlaid” it with masonry, giving it the configuration of a sacred-geometric Solar Mandala.

At the top of Sacsayhuaman, as in the rest of the Incas’ Sanctuaries, Lightwarriors extracted the daughter energy-information and causal aspect of the Solar Mandala and loaded it into their Monads.

There it was cleansed by the vibrations of Absolute Light and then joined to the other, already evacuated, sub-aspects of the Mandala for complete assembling.

That same day, the group went to Quenco, an Incas’ ritual area, about three kilometers northwest of Cuzco.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Qenco


Operations In Peru Part 2

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By clairvoyance scanning the complex, Lightwarriors discovered the Power Place – the Portal of Earth Fire’s exit. It acts like a volcano, only not on the physical but on the Subtle Plane.

Incas knew the timing of its eruptions and carried out the sacrifices on the Altar at these moments. They considered it a payment to the Gaia for the use of the Earth’s Fire energy.

Thousands of humans were killed there. The three-stage Altar of Sacrifice was saturated with the necro-energy of tortured people.

Quenco is surrounded by a semicircular inner patio in the shape of an amphitheater. It marked the energetic boundaries of the ritual complex with an idol at its base.

The idol is a very powerful Power Place. It is placed at the Earth energy exit point.

On this spot, Lightwarriors extracted and placed into their Monads another sub-aspect of the Solar Mandala. Like the others, it was energetically very dirty and tainted by ritual murders.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Quenco Idol

Quenco Idol

Operations In Peru Part 2

Meanwhile, Co-Creators decided to complicate the task. The next night, they introduced the Solar Monad aspect (not to be confused with the Solar Logos, the body of the Monad’s manifestation) into Lightwarriors’ Monads.

It caused a state in their Monads comparable to a fire. The highest vibrations scorched Lightwarriors.

They had never experienced such a hard night before. Their bodies were burning with explosive violence. Hearts were racing. Even breathing was hot.

Co-Creators installed the Monadic aspect of the Sun in Lightwarriors as the core of the Incas’ Solar Mandala to be restored in them.

Incas possessed an aspect of only the Solar Logos. Now the core of the new Solar Mandala was made of the Monadic aspect of the Sun which is hierarchically higher.

It meant that the Lightwarriors’ op was not simply a restoration of the Solar Matrix manifested on Earth.

It meant giving the Matrix even more power than before as a receiver-re-transmitter of new quantum energies broadcast by Galacom to Earth via the Sun.

For the next part of the operation, the group arrived at the Qurikancha Sun Temple in Cuzco.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Qurikancha Sun Temple - Cuzco

Qurikancha Sun Temple in Cuzco

Operations In Peru Part 2

Now the Church of St. Dominic stands on top of the Temple that was destroyed by an earthquake. But part of the place where the Solar Altar and the Solar Disc with the aspect of the Solar Logos stood is preserved.

From the site of the Altar, Lightwarriors did the intended work. They fully assembled all aspects of the Inca Solar Mandala, including fragments from places and wakas they hadn’t visited.

The team members energetically pulled aspects to the localization point of the Solar Mandala core at Qurikancha from all the Sun Temples scattered throughout the former Incas Empire.

Aspects’ loading was in Lightwarriors, not in the Solar Disk. The reason is that the main aspect of the Solar Logos in the Qurikancha Temple is long gone. Co-Creators evacuated it to the Sun.

In their Monads, the members of the group fully assembled the Incas’ Solar Mandala, but it was no longer the aspect of the Solar Logos, but the more powerful aspect of the Solar Monad that acted as the core.

It is how a new Monadic Solar Mandala was assembled on Earth. To be more precise, only in Lightwarriors thus far.

At that time it was not a Monadic Mandala of the Sun. From the Monad, there was only its core. The rest of the aspects of the Solar Logos had to be transformed into Monadic ones.

This could be done by sending them to the Solar Logos and rebooting in the Solar Monad. Unfortunately, it was not even theoretically to happen. The full integrity of the Sun was not restored, so rebooting the Solar Monad (folding bodies of manifestation) was impossible.

For the next op’s stage, the group went for two days in Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of Incas.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Urubamba


Operations In Peru Part 2

The team members will remember Urubamba for a long time. Especially, the first night there when Co-Creators transformed installed in Lightwarriors the Logos aspects of the Solar Mandala into the Monadic aspects of the Sun.

It was fantastic. What was possible only as a result of Logos ascension and Monad rebooting only in the Sun, now was carried out far beyond it, artificially, and inside ordinary people. Even though they were energetically prepared.

For upgrading Logos aspects into Monadic ones, Lightwarriors entered in intermonadic dipole synthesis with the Sun. That is a partial merging with it on the Subtle Plane.

By midnight, the group members’ Monads were accelerated to the needed vibration level and connected to the Sun. The artificial reactor started to work.

Logos aspects were passed through the core of the Mandala in Lightwarriors synchronized with the Solar Monad, split and reborn in a new evolutionary quality, corresponding to the high Monadic level.

In other words, the Sun did this work through Lightwarriors, modeling the synthesis that takes place inside the Solar Monad, creating an external, terrestrial, locus of Solar Synthesis.

Thus, for the first time in the Local Universe, through this unique experiment, the Sun did critical work with its aspects outside of self. Moreover, in humans!

For Lightwarriors, the experiment almost cost their lives. The strain on their hearts was super-colossal. They had never had such heartache. They thought that they would not live till morning, and even said goodbye mentally to everyone and each other…

But they survived. And by morning, the first Solar Monadic Matrix was created in the Local Universe. It’s important to emphasize again: artificially! Outside the Sun!

The transformed Matrix Co-Creators immediately synchronized with the core of the Solar Monad.

The success of artificial upgrades involving humans has opened up new, truly fantastic possibilities for the transformation of Star Logos which have illiquid Monadic and other aspects that make them unable to restore their integrity.

And without it, impossible to reboot their Monads and ascend to higher levels of evolution. There are still many of them in our Galaxy and Local Universe.

The next Lightwarriors’ op was in Machu Picchu. On the way there they again visited the Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco. As noted earlier, the formation of the Matrix Homo Solaris and Homo Universum was taking place there (see – Operations In Peru, Part 1, DNI, August 14, 2021).

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Ollantaytambo


Operations In Peru Part 2

In the distant past, in Ollantaytambo was the Temple of the Universe, though unfinished. Incas, as usual, found a suitable mountain, trimmed it, giving it the desired semi-pyramidal shape.

The main curators of the Homo Solaris and Homo Universum project were the Hierarchs of our Sun civilization and the collective Logos of the Pleiades Constellation.

In the sanctuary field, Lightwrriors found the causal Matrix of the Universe. It was only 30% complete.

Matrices of some Constellations and two Galaxies were installed into it.

This Matrix was developing as a basis for the Monad and the DNA of Homo Universum. Another Higher Project failed. But Galacom did not assign the group to complete it.

The Vistadome-class train brought the group to Aguas Calientes. From there Lightwarriors went to Machu Picchu.

At the creation of the Earth, Machu Picchu housed the planet’s main Solar Portal. In its center, in the Sun Pyramid, was the Solar Mandala, the core of which was the aspect of the Sun Monad.

It was a natural Portal for energy-information exchange between the Earth and the Sun.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Aguas Calientes

Aguas Calientes

Operations In Peru Part 2

As representatives of the Solar Hierarchy, Incas chiefs knew it. The place was specially chosen to be inaccessible so that people would not interfere with the functioning of the Portal, which had to be kept in perfect cleanliness.

Co-Creators allowed Incas rulers to find it and build a Sanctuary there, as an additional tool to fulfill their Earth mission.

In a settlement there, only the chosen, pure by Soul and body, could live. The central place of Machu Picchu is the localization point of the core of the Monadic Mandala of the Sun.

At the top of the Sun Pyramid, this point is marked by the Intihuatana Stone or Altar of Inti, the Supreme Hierarch of the Solar civilization.

Before starting an operation, Lightwarriors carefully studied Machu Picchu, walking around its territory and main sanctuaries.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Operations In Peru Part 2

It was raining, and at first, they didn’t felt any energy. But when the group began approaching the Sun Pyramid and the nearby Temple of the Three Windows, (Foundations of the Universe), the feeling changed dramatically.

There, the energy was so powerful that Lightwarriors felt like they were in a microwave oven. The body was instantly covered with sweat. The heart began to vibrate strongly.

It was the Solar Monad’s impact, into a zone of which they entered.

Lightwarriors started to work from the Intihuatana Stone. Through an inter-Monadic dipole fusion between the group and the Sun, the fully completed Solar Monadic Matrix was ascended and integrated into the Solar Monad.

As a result, the integrity of the Sun’s Monad was partially restored. And without similar restoration, no higher Intelligence form (be it the Logos of a planet, a Star, a Constellation or a Galaxy or a human being) can reboot of its Monad and ascend.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Intihuatana Stone

Intihuatana Stone

Operations In Peru Part 2

At the same time, Lightwarriors brought to the Sun the Solar Monadic Matrix which was in Machu Picchu originally, from the creation of the Earth.

It was what the Sun needed. The Matrix was rebooted in the Solar Monad and then returned to its rightful place in the Sun Pyramid.

After completing everything they planned in Machu Picchu, Lightwarriors boarded a train and arrived back in Cuzco in the evening.

At that time, they did not know that their work was so successful and long-awaited that Co-Creators decided not to delay and repeat the operation on a Solar System-wide scale.

It meant the returning to the Sun its Monadic aspects located in all 12 planets of the Solar System in the same way as it was made in Machu Picchu. It would recover the natural work of the entire system.

It also could help to fully restore the Solar Monad’s integrity and reboot it in its Mother Logos, i.e. the collective Logos of the Pleiades Constellation, at the higher level of Creation.

The reason it didn’t happen in Solar System before was the same as in the case of our planet. Some aspects were normal, others extremely polluted. The dirtiest was the aspect of the Solar Monad located in Saturn.

The new operation had begun on the train when Lightwarriors were on their way to Cuzco.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Cuzco


Operations In Peru Part 2

The work with the planets went more or less normally, without excesses. The worst awaited the group ahead. They knew it and were prepared for the hell.

It was about the demonic Saturn, the stronghold of the Grey and the Gate of the former Black eons.

The fears came true. The cleanup of the Solar Monad’s aspect in Saturn was one of the hardest tests in their lives.

Co-Creators introduced it into Lightwarriors on the same night, and immediately the cleansing began.

It is difficult to describe in words the state of the group. From the highest vibration of the Monad, which was accelerated to the Absolute Synthesis, the physical and all the Subtle Bodies were melting. The pain in the heart and its vibrations stopped breathing.

All Lightwarriors plummeted into a deep inner hysteria, an agony. The bodies reacted as if infected by a lethal virus. The heart pressure was beyond critical.

Such vibes were necessary to split the Saturnian aspect of the Sun and then restore it by synthesis with the Sun Monad.

For twenty-four hours, Lightwarriors lay in bed struggling for life. By the evening of the next most difficult day, the Saturnian aspect of the Sun had been completely cleared and, along with the rest of the aspects from the other planets, ascended into the Solar Logos.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Saturn


Operations In Peru Part 2

The aspect that was in Machu Picchu was re-raised because it required the return of ALL the Solar Aspects at the same time.

After the Sun’s integrity was restored, a reboot of the Solar Monad (folding of manifestation bodies) occurred. It happened for the first time since the formation of the Solar System!

But plans for a further reboot (ascension) in the collective Logos of the Pleiades Constellation had to be postponed. The reason is that not everything is still in order in the Pleiades.

So now, Co-Creators are helping Pleiadians solve their problems. They were caused in part by the fact that this friendly race shared its DNA with earthlings.

After the rebooting, the Solar Monad unfolded transformed Solar aspects to all 12 planets.

The next day, still half-dead, Lightwarriors boarded a bus and arrived in the evening in the city of Puno, on Lake Titicaca, and checked into a hotel on its shore.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Puno


Operations In Peru Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, the first Incas, Children of the Sun, came to Earth through the incarnation Portal located at the deepest point of Lake Titicaca.

Immediately upon arrival in Puno, the group leader made contact with the sacred Crystal of Titicaca.

Co-Creators, for reasons he did not understand at the time, inserted this Crystal into his Monad.

They didn’t inject it all at once, but in parts, overnight, so that Lightwarrior, who hadn’t yet recovered from the work with Saturn, wouldn’t have such a hard time.

In the morning, Co-Creators informed him that the Crystal of Titicaca would act as the basis for the assembly of the Crystal of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Nazca.

For this work, two Lightwarriors leaders took a boat on Lake and went to the locals who live on the artificial floating islands Uros.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Floating Islands Uros

Floating Islands Uros

Operations In Peru Part 2

There the missions split up. One did his job, the other did another.

On that day, from the Lake’s water area, the first leader loaded out from self the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Matrix and put it into the Crystal of Titicaca. Then he placed it all to the Portal of the Sun on the Lake bottom.

The Nazcan Matrix immediately began to be filled with real content. After all, it was only a scheme, a blueprint, a set of hyperlinks to the Logos (creation Matrices) of various extraterrestrial civilizations.

The next step was to insert into the Titicaca Crystal active energy-information Matrices, that is, linking them with the Logos of cosmic civilizations, participants of the Nazca Project.

Meanwhile, another group leader successfully activated the incarnation Portal in Lake Titicaca as a permanent for the embodiment on Earth of Higher Entities and representatives of extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Here the mystery of another mission of the Children of the Sun, the first Incas, on Earth was revealed. Their Monads turned out to be incoherent, divided.

Their task on Earth was to create a structure (named the Holistator) that could unite into a whole the divided dipole Monads.

And they created it – the Matrix of the Monads’ Unification. However, when the first Incas evacuated from Earth, they either forgot about this Matrix or were not interested in it.

It remained on the Subtle and causal planes in the depths of Titicaca. The Matrix core consisted of the Sun aspects.

Nevertheless, the second leader did the necessary work. He put Matrix into his Monad and ascended to the Sun. After rebooting the aspects of which it was composed in the Solar Logos, the Holisticator was returned to the Portal at the bottom of Lake Titicaca.

Now, through this Portal, the Higher Entities can incarnate, even if they have divided Monads.

On their last day in Peru, Lightwarriors drove to Lake Umayo, where the ruins of the Sillustani Sanctuary are located. Apart from the cemetery, there is a powerful necro-Portal.

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Lake Umayo

Lake Umayo

Operations In Peru Part 2

Operations In Peru Part 2 - Sillustani Sanctuary

Sillustani Sanctuary

Operations In Peru Part 2

Surprisingly, all the local guides never tire of praising this point of interest, claiming that it is a Power Place where everybody can be charged with energy. All visitors are even offered to lie down on the spot where this energy comes out. But what kind of?

Lightwarriors politely declined the guides’ offer. But closed the necro-Portal and installed the Absolute Light Crystal in its field. It immediately began to clear the entire area.

That was the end of the Galactic Committee’s tasks in Peru. Lightwarriors started preparation for the next.

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