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Operations In Peru - Part 1 - Lev

Light Forces Operations In Peru Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Light Forces Operations In Peru Part 1 – By Lev

All Lightwarriors operations in Peru were related to space. Galacom instructed the ground team to restore the integrity of the Logos and the Sun Monad, as well as the interrupted part of the Galactic Project in the Nasca area.

From the Nazca Plateau LFs team and began the tasks.

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Operations In Peru - Peru On Map

Peru On Map

Operations In Peru

​Already on the distant approach to the Plateau Lightwarriors felt a strong energetic contact with new, extraterrestrial energies and information.

It turned out that it was Co-Creators who had started injecting parts of some energy-information Matrices into their DNA. The Hierarchs warned not to worry, as it was related to the upcoming operation.

The loading had exhausted the team members energetically, and they simply zonked out for a while. Everyone felt a strong burning in the throat and heart, and the body was tumescent due to manifestations of their Monads.

The first part of the Nazca-related op was the work with its Geoglyphs. What was their purpose?

Operations In Peru - Plateau Nazca

Plateau Nazca

Operations In Peru

The Nazca Plateau and adjacent territories represent a giant map, kilometer-long landmarks, super-accurately oriented along the sides of the world. And at the same time, it is Geomandala, created by friendly space races.

In the distant past, Galactic Committee began another evolutionary project on Earth. Pleiadians were the initiators, and other extraterrestrial civilizations later joined in.

What was their goal?

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There are different forms of Intelligence in the Greater Cosmos – Monadic, Galactic, and other Star Families. There are several levels of civilizations – Highest, First, Second, Third, and so on.

Geoglyphs in Peru, centered on the Nazca Plateau, depict monkeys, dogs, fish, birds, animals, spiders, there are also humanoid faces. All of these are representatives of extraterrestrial Intelligence of the Third Level, most of which are not yet aware of the need for self-improvement.

Operations In Peru - Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines

Operations In Peru

If the form does not have the level of Spirituality to realize this, then it can be attempted to be perfected by the creators.

The purpose of the Nazca Galactic project was to allow Third level entities to evolve for a time on Earth, among humans – a more perfect form of Intelligence – and gain the missing evolutionary and Spiritual experience.

It could help adjust their creation Matrix and refine these life forms with the prospect of upgrading to a higher level.

For each was supposed to create a separate, personal Logoic Matrix and its incarnational Portal for embodiment and disembodiment. Nasca was chosen as the localization of the Portals.

Geoglyphs are images of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, which were allowed to incarnate on Earth in strictly limited numbers for a strictly defined period.

Operations In Peru - Incarnate In Limited Numbers

Incarnate In Limited Numbers

Operations In Peru

How were the drawings done?

From the air, applying not so advanced but still extraterrestrial technology.

Imprints in the wave-forms broadcasted to Earth directly from the maternal creation Matrixes in the Local Universe. The flight vehicles received the signal and imprinted, traced the Matrixes as copies on the surface.

Then they were turned into drawings with a simple device, similar to an ordinary plow, exactly along the lines of a copy.

This work was done by the Nazca Indians. It was their evolutionary task to “paint” the desert, fulfilling part of the higher Galactic Plan.

Operations In Peru - By Ordinary Plow

By Ordinary Plow

Operations In Peru

In the future, after the activation of all Matrices on Earth, Galacom planned to combine all forms of Intelligence represented in the Nazca and create on their basis the unified structure.

The project was not terminated. Galacom abandoned it halfway through. Apart from the drawings, nothing more was done. And there were very serious reasons for that.

There was a real threat of capture and enslavement by the Dark Hierarchy of all Intelligence forms scheduled for incarnation.

Following the Geoglyphs, evolutionary graphic vita-Matrices, build-up, Black Archons began to create huge graveyards nearby.

It’s easy to imagine what would happen if they managed to pump the vita-Matrixes with necro-energy. And that was the Darkies’ plan.

Now their power on Earth is coming to an end, and Galactic Committee has decided to return to the project and continue it. But with updated and expanded evolutionary goals and objectives.

At the beginning of the operation, as mentioned above, the Lightwarriors’ DNA was loaded with fragments of the energy-information Matrices of all forms of Intelligence whose images are in the area adjacent to the Nazca, except for the Plateau itself.

Then, in a small Nazca Airlines plane, the group flew over the entire area. For 30 minutes, while the Lightwarriors flew over the desert, Co-Creators loaded previously un-introduced pieces of the vita-Matrices into their DNA.

Operations In Peru - Flying Over Nazca

Flying Over Nazca

Operations In Peru

Technically, the loading went like this.

When team members flew over a particular drawing, they were between them and their higher projections from the Local Universe. The fragments loaded into Lightwarriors were activated and acted as an antenna that attracted the waves of the maternal creation Matrix. A resonance with Lightwarriors’ DNA took place, and the Matrix was copied into it in full form.

In Nasca, there are pictures of such Intelligence and life forms as Ray beings. Their Matrices were also inserted into the Lightwarriors’ DNA.

This part of the op was a success. Lightwarriors came out of the plane, though happy, but feeling very bad.

Everyone felt very nauseous. After the intense and huge downloading into their DNA and interaction with extraterrestrial energies, there was no more strength left.

The hearts were very painful and swollen. The high vibration made the whole body burn and could barely cope with the pressure spikes.

Soon the discomfort was over. During the next twenty-four hours, all Lightwarriors’ Matrices were assembled into one and temporarily put into sleep mode.

The next morning, the group flew by Peruvian Airlines to Cuzco, the capital of the former Inca Empire. All other ops in Peru were tied only to Incas.

Operations In Peru - Cuzco


Operations In Peru

What was the Galactic Committee’s intent concerning them in the distant past?

The Inca civilization was founded by a Higher Intelligence, namely the Sun. It sent its Supreme Hierarchs to Earth to establish new humanity, to prepare the birth of a higher form of Intelligence – the Solar Man (Homo Solaris).

First, it was necessary to build the infrastructure and the basis for the State, to prepare the mentality of people and the Portals for the incarnation of the Solar Race representatives.

In Galactic Committee many were more realistic and had no illusions about this project. They were well aware that all previous attempts had failed miserably, including Ancient Egypt, despite their best efforts.

It was planned to create the Universal Man (Homo Universum) based on the Solar Man. This project was also actively promoted by Pleiadians. The Pleiades were the second most important object of worship for Incas after the Sun and the Moon.

Homo Universum was to become a full-fledged Microcosm, containing in its DNA and Monad aspects of all the Logos of the Galaxy, and then of the Local Universe.

Lightwarriors found the Incan temple where the Matrix Homo Solaris-Universum was created but never activated. This is the Ollantaytambo fortress in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco.

Operations In Peru - Ollantaytambo Fortress

Ollantaytambo Fortress

Operations In Peru

And yet the main mission of Incas was to transfer the aspect of the Solar Logos to Earth. Its maternal aspect of the planetary Logos has been transmitted to the earthlings many times before, but each time it was desecrated or almost taken over by Black Archons.

The first Inca, Manco Capac, and his dipole, came to Earth through the Incarnational Portal located at the bottom of Lake Titicaca.

Subsequently, only his direct descendants could be the supreme rulers of the Incas. As in Ancient Egypt, their marriages were only between them, that is, between brothers and sisters.

The mixing of the blood of a ruler and an ordinary person was not allowed. If it happened, such a child could not become a ruler. The purity of DNA was kept one hundred percent.

But marriages with simple Incas ensured the introduction of Solar DNA into their genetic code, and sooner or later to create the earthly race of Homo Solaris.

In addition to keeping the aspect of the Solar Logos, the Incas had another important mission – restoring the wholeness of divided Monads.

Operations In Peru - Manco Capac

Manco Capac

Operations In Peru

Manco Capac with his dipole brought with him (or rather, in himself) the sacred aspect of the Solar Logos entrusted to him. He materialized it and placed it in the Qurikancha Sun Temple in Cuzco.

The first Incas created the Solar Mandala. Its core was the materialized aspect of the Solar Logos, put in the Golden Altar of the Qurikancha Temple.

During the Inca Empire, this Temple was the main shrine erected for the Sun God Inti. The walls and floors were entirely covered with golden slabs, and the inner courtyard was decorated with golden statues.

The Spaniards, when they came to Cuzco, were staggered of the Temple, calling it a true “wealth beyond imagination”.

But gold did not serve as a symbol of wealth and power. The Incas, like many cosmic races, used this metal purely utilitarian – as an ideal superconductor of energy.

From the Altar, which was connected to the core of the Solar Logos, its beams (seke) were diverging like the Sun rays.

Seke was anchored to the other Solar Temples, the waka. There were 333 of them. Together they formed a Mandala, a giant repeater antenna. It directed the Sun’s energy to Earth and transmitted the planetary spent energy to the Sun.

In the center of the Temple was a disc of pure gold, many meters long, a symbol of the Sun God. In this disc resided the materialized aspect of the Solar Logos.

Operations In Peru - Spaniards In Cuzco

Spaniards In Cuzco

Operations In Peru

Operations In Peru - Golden Ceiling In Qurikancha Temple

Golden Ceiling In Qurikancha Temple

Operations In Peru

Each waka also had a Solar aspect, but it was already a daughter’s one to the main Logic aspect placed in the Qurikancha.

All the Temples served as transducers-repeaters, which, acting in a unified system, were connected to the Solar Disk in Qurikancha.

Thanks to this, the Primary Vibration of the Solar Logos could be constantly maintained in it and only in the Solar Disc on the Altar.

It is how the preservation of the Sun’s Reference Vibration was created. Qurikancha was transformed into a planetary repository of the Solar Logos Ideal State Matrix.

It could be used to restore it if anything happened to it, or to make corrections, returning it to its original ideal state, if such a need arose.

The importance of this place was enormous, and many of the Black Archons wanted to get their hands on it.

After all, whoever possesses the Solar Matrix can control the Sun.

By Galacom’s plans, the future Homo Solaris was to be born as a carrier of a copy of the Solar Logos aspect in his Monad and DNA, and the vibration emitted by his DNA was to match the reference primary vibration of the Sun.

Operations In Peru - Homo Solaris

Homo Solaris

Operations In Peru

Operations In Peru - To Decimate From Within

To Decimate From Within

Operations In Peru

Thus, the Perfect Homo Solaris on Earth would be a “walking Sun,” whose Monad and DNA would be a living backup of the Solar Logos.

All this together was necessary to realize another evolutionary task of the Incas – to unite the fields (bodies of manifestation) of the Sun and Earth.

The plans were grandiose. All necessary infrastructure was in place.

What happened next?

Black Archons and the Dark Hierarchy could not tolerate the implementation of the Co-Creators’ plan. It posed a direct threat to them, for the Perfect Man was dangerous to them by their imperfection.

Darkies have developed their plan, which has repeatedly proven its high effectiveness, to destroy the Co-Creators and Light Forces’ projects.

The plan was very simple: to morally decimate the Incas from within, at least some part of them.

They managed to distort the Incarnation Portal and the genetics of the Incas embodied on Earth.

Black Archons managed to destroy the hereditary succession of the Supreme Incas. The child who later became their Highest Hierarch was of the Black Archon who took the Incas Ruler’s image during conception.

Bastard from the Dark Entity carried his genetics, that put an end to the Co-Creators’ program.

Dark Forces succeeded in infusing their branch into the Incas, which morally and genetically corrupted society.

All this led to the Inca Empire’s rites of sacrifice. Spiritually it finally fell when the first ritual murder took place.

Subsequently, mass sacrifices were performed on every holiday, of which there were a lot in the Incan calendar.

Operations In Peru - Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

Operations In Peru

During these atrocities, thousands of people were killed on the Altars of the Gods. The blood flowed first in streams and then in rivers.

Depravity and the fall of Spirituality, the substitution of Divine values, like rust, ate society and the Empire from the inside.

As a result of the mass sacrifices, an aspect of the Solar Logos was desecrated and infected with necro-energy. Through this aspect, Dark Hierarchy tried to use human Souls to capture or gain access to the Solar Logos.

Fortunately, Co-Creators prevented it. But they could not stop the Spiritual and evolutionary degradation of Incas. The Homo Solaris and Homo Universum project failed.

The Spanish conquistadors with cruelty and evil stopped the cruelty and evil of the last generations of the Incas, preventing them from finally defiling the Sun. In full accordance with the Karma Laws, some butchers destroyed other butchers.

Since then, the Higher Light Hierarchy has repeatedly sanitized the Solar aspect and evacuated the sacrificed human Souls. However, the aspect was never returned to the Sun due to the incompleteness of this work.

As designated by Galacom, Lightworriors had to gather, purify and revive in their Monads an aspect of the Solar Logos.

In fact, after being desecrated by the blood of the sacrifices, it became illiquid, and in such a state could not be returned to the Sun. The integrity of the Solar Logos was violated.

It was a complete analogy with man and his Monad. If karma appears in the causal body, it is impossible to mobilize (fold into self) its bodies of manifestation and restore integrity.

The execution of Galacom’s assignment began as Lightwarriors arrived in Peru. Already in the first-night Co-Creators and Solar Hierarchs took the fragments from team members’ Monads.

Operations In Peru - Sacsayhuaman


Operations In Peru

Then they assembled these parts and formed an independent dipole Monadic whole. The same night the Sun Monadic aspect was installed into it.

It was of the Monad, not of the Solar Logos. The latter is only a body of the Sun’s Monad’s manifestation which is superior and causal to it.

Lightwarriors could barely stand the procedure. They experienced severe heart pain, a high fever, and could not get out of bed in the morning due to weakness.

But during the day, Co-Creators helped them fully recover and continue the operation at Sacsayhuaman, one of the main Inca shrines.

(To be continued)

More by Lev

Light Forces Operations In Israel – Part 2

Light Forces Operations In Israel – Part 2

Along with the operation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Light Forces’ ground team was assigned to conduct several more operations in Israel. Their goal was to eliminate karmic burial grounds, repositories of the incarnation Matrices of the Black Archons, restore the Portals they captured, and revive the Light Islands around them. All this was combined under the code name First Autogenic (i.e. self-generated) Incarnation Oasis in a Subtle Plane above this region.

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition

Path To Multidimensionality – The Great Quantum Transition

The Great Quantum Transition is in full swing, and all of us – Star Soul, myself, and others – are already living in a new dimension of the combined 3D-4D-5D Eon. Even official science, despite the Dark Forces’ ban and strong opposition, found the courage to declare it publicly. The planet without warning already lives in another dimension…

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

The main problem of the Black Archons was and still is the inability to create a viable human. To maintain their power on the planet, they need a Homo sapiens that exists by generating its life energy, and not parasitizing, as they do, on the vital power of others.
For hundreds of thousands of years, the Dark Hierarchs have been experimenting with the human genome. They changed their structure. Made animal and vegetable inserts into it. Blocked 10 of the 12 strands of DNA to cut it off the Source’s energy. Created a lot of hybrids. It will take a long time to list all gruesome experiments…

Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops

Earth Heart Portal Operation – The Light Forces Ops

On September 6, 2020, the Light Forces conducted the second stage of the operation near the Earth Heart Portal. The objective of the first stage of the operation was the extraction and destruction of an energy harpoon by which the Dark Hierarchs on 11-12 August 2020 have tried to strike a fatal blow to the Earth’s Core (Heart) in its Portal localization near Bald Mountain. The harpoon was an extension of the Demonic Worlds Axis created by the Archons during the Cosmic Night.

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

Operation Loch Ness – The site of the next operation of the Light Forces’ ground team was Drumnadrochit and Lewiston near Loch Ness and the nearby mountain, which is a pyramid. This area was once the Earth’s base of civilization from the Vega star in the Lyra constellation. Among other things, Vegans conducted experiments here for creating new molecular biological life forms. The research was strictly following Space Law and the necessary safety standards were observed.

England And Scotland Operations – Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition

England And Scotland Operations – Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition

The operation began in London. Already in Calais, France, the team encountered a powerful energy barrier. It was a real barrage of the karmic fence. Strong undulating injection of vibrations. One of the team members was incarnated in England during the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This was a key factor in the entire operation. By the decision of the Karma Lords in our Local Universe, he was assigned to annihilate some of the negative energy of the English egregor accumulated at that time.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

Why was Alexandria chosen for the Light Forces ground team’s operation in Egypt? Initially, the projection of this territory (with localization on the island of Pharos) coincided with a Single Information Portal of our planet. There were an information transit server and a control room for the global information exchange of the Earth Logos with the entire Cosmos. A sort of government communication link, a point of direct access to the Galactic Logos Information Database.

Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1

Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1

The Light Forces’ ground team conducted an important campaign in Egypt. It consisted of several operations and stages. Its task was to destroy the energy infrastructure of the Dark Hierarchs on the Subtle Plane, clear, restore and restart the Portals they had captured, and eliminate the channels of energy supply of the Demonic Worlds in the Local Universe at the expense of and through Earth. Our planet is the 606th inhabited world located in one of the Constellations of the Local System. There are one hundred Local Systems in each Constellation. And the entire Local Universe includes one hundred Constellations.

Black Archons Matrix – Great Quantum Transition Part 4

Black Archons Matrix – Great Quantum Transition Part 4

Operation the Great Quantum Transition is progressing successfully on all fronts. For all the importance of battles on Earth and the Solar system, the decisive events for the entire Local Universe are now taking place on the Subtle Planes. Here is the latest information coming through a Single Hierarchical Channel. The Higher Light Hierarchy is preparing an upgraded field of the New Earth 3D. It syncs and links with the fields of Earth 4D and 5D, forming a Single Reality of Earth 3-4-5D.

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