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Operations In China - Part 1 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operations In China – Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Operations In China – Part 1 – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev

The Lightwarriors’ operations in China consisted of three phases. The first and third were devoted to the restoration and activation of Pleroma structures on Earth.

On the second, in Tibet, the ground team was destroying the Black Archons’ infrastructure on the Subtle Plane. In doing so, the team had to resist their fierce attacks.

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Operations In China - Tibet On The World Map

Tibet On The World Map

Operations In China

The main task of the Tibetan op with Higher Light Hierarchy was the joint liquidation of Anti-Shambhala.

About what was it, a little later but first – how the core of its Matrix was destroyed.

The operation began when Lightwarriors by train left Macau for Beijing via Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Higher Light Hierarchs, Shambhala’s Mahatmas, and the ground team’s leader united their Monads, synchronized, and began its initial joint acceleration.

Then, during the night, the unified Monadic Entity produced a collective inner explosion.

The blast formed a black hole that consumed and destroyed the core of the Anti-Shambhala’s Matrix hidden under Jomolungma.

What happened was unparalleled in the Local Universe.

There was simply nothing to compare it to. It resembled a collective suicide, but a suicide that was controlled and self-resurrecting.

The degree of risk was exceptionally high. The explosion of the Monad was similar to the rupture of a heart.

The group members saw what was happening to their leader at this time.

Operations In China - From Macao To Beijing

From Macao To Beijing

Operations In China

Operations In China - Jomolungma


Operations In China

DNit Telegram Channel

Aquadea - Crystal, Implosion, Vortex and Torus - Click for more info!

He almost lost consciousness from severe heart pain and cardiac arrest at the moment of the blast.

Everyone thought a heart attack had occurred.

The team helped as best they could to support his heart. In clairvoyant viewing, there was almost nothing left of Lightwarrior on the Subtle Plane.

His Monad and its manifestation bodies were torn to shreds in an all-consuming explosion.

Only the physical body survived, living by inertia. In the morning he could not get out of bed due to the continuing pain. Every cell of the body ached.

Throughout the day, the restoration and reassembly of the torn Monads and the rebirth of their intra-Monadic dipole synthesis took place.

Operations In China - Monad's Manifestation Bodies

Monad’s Manifestation Bodies

Operations In China

The joint operation eliminated not only the core of the Anti-Shambhala’s Matrix but also the remnants of the Anti-World built by the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe from the primary differentiated matter of the Absolute…

It was only the beginning. Further events turned out to be no less dramatic.

Two days later, in the evening, Lightwarriors arrived in Lhasa. Here Co-Creators assigned them an operation related to the Tibetan egregore.

Operations In China - Lhasa


Operations In China

It was formed from the primary Bon religion that originated in this territory. In time, after the intervention of the Dark Forces, it divided into two parts, Light Bon and Dark Bon-Po, whose priests were the Dugpas, the Black Mages of Tibet.

They are often confused with Drukpa that is fundamentally wrong. Drukpa is a school, a movement that arose in 1205 for the revival in original purity of the Ancient Chinese egregore, directly connected with the Draconian civilization of the Constellation of the same name. “Druk” means “dragon”.

The localization point of the Light Bon’s egregore is the Potala Palace in Lhasa, and the Dark Bon-Po is the Rongbuk monastery at the foot of Jomolungma. The Keepers of the former are the Dalai Lamas, and of the latter are the Supreme Dugpas.

Operations In China - Potala Palace, Lhasa

Potala Palace, Lhasa

Operations In China

The religious groups Red Hats and Yellow Hats also represent opposing forces in Tibet. The first serve the Dark Bon-Po, the second the Light Bon.

The symbol of the Light egregore is the right-twisted swastika (Power of Life) and the Dark egregore is the left-twisted swastika (Power of Death) used by Hitler.

Operations In China - Power Of Life

Power Of Life

Operations In China

Operations In China - Power Of Death

Power Of Death

Operations In China

Lightwarriors have visited many Red and Yellow Hats monasteries. They are strikingly different energetically. In the first one, there is an atmosphere of high Spiritual vibrations and purity, in the second one the team wanted to leave as soon as possible.

The team members began to work on the Light egregore while still on the Beijing-Lhasa train. Co-Creators placed a Light Bon’s core into the team leader’s Monad to saturate it with the Highest Mandalas.

It continued from Beijing to the capital of Tibet and proceeded very hard. Especially when combined with acclimatization. The group leader’s head ached as if a large landmine had been shoved into it and exploded. A similar thing was going on with his heart, which was aching and was giving out rhythm failures.

Operations In China - From Beijing To Lhasa

From Beijing To Lhasa

Operations In China

Two days later the group arrived in Lhasa. That same morning, Lightwarrior’s Monad began to reboot together with the Light egregore’s core in it.

This was an extraordinary situation. Previously it was believed that the human Monad could reload only if it was one hundred percent intact. That is, rebooting is impossible in the absence of at least one Monadic aspect, as well as in the presence of an extra (alien) part.

What happened with Lightwarrior’s Monad in Lhasa revealed its new property.

It turned out that under extreme conditions the human Monad is capable of a “heavy reset” – with alien Monad or Logos aspects. In this case, with the egregore’s core.

Certainly, it’s a great achievement, opening up new, truly limitless possibilities for the Perfect Man.

After a short rest in the hotel, the group went to the Potala Palace, where, as mentioned above, is the localization point of the Light egregore.

On the Subtle Plane, it looks like a pluripetalous lotus.

Operations In China - Pluripetalous Lotus

Pluripetalous Lotus

Operations In China

The Palace is connected by energy-information channels with sacral mountain Potala, as well as Kailas, the abode of Shambhala, and its Mahatmas.

At Potala, the team’s head understood why Co-Creators chose him to do the main work associated with Bon. Far, Lightwarrior was incarnated as one of the Dalai Lamas, whose Soul ceded its body to him.

From the Potala Palace, the group by combined efforts ascended and loaded the Light-saturated egregore’s core back into its abode. During the setup and synchronization with it, the team members had an aspect exchange with a core.

Operations In China - Light Egregore

Light Egregore

Operations In China

In the evening of the same day, Higher Light Hierarchs speeded it up to the Absolute Light emanation. The luminosity of the egregore became even brighter and more stable. Thus, the ground team and Co-Creators got a powerful ally and an instrument for their further operations.

But there was still the Dark egregore of Bon-Po…

The second night in Lhasa was very hard for all group members. Their Monads were rebooted, merged with the Monads of Light Hierarchs, and the inter-Monadic synthesis was carried out.

As a result, a substance similar to the primary differentiated matter of the Absolute was produced in a large volume. In the morning, Co-Creators eliminated by this substance the remnants of Anti-World through Anti-Shambhala.

The op’s participants suffered from an incredibly strong burning of the body. Many had a high fever. The next day, the group leader felt so bad that he could not get up and was even going to stay in Lhasa.

Fortunately, the group postponed their departure by a few hours. Lightwarrior could recover somewhat and, albeit with difficulty, get on the bus.

That day they had to make a tiring seven-hour drive to Gyantse (270km) on a high mountain road with several passes, the top of which was at an altitude of 5100m.

Operations In China - Gyantse


Operations In China

Late in the evening, they reached their destination. Everyone was very tired and wanted to rest, but instead, this night turned into a nightmare. Everyone was hit by strong negative energy.

At dawn, after a clairvoyant viewing and analysis of the situation, the group discovered a small but active local Dark egregore. It was fueled by ritual sacrifices of yaks from which the Dugpas extracted vitality.

Lightwarriors could not pass by such an outrage. In the afternoon, while visiting Pelkor Chode Monastery and the Kumbum Stupa in Gyantse, they identified the point of localization of the Dark egregore and eliminated it on the Subtle Plane, replacing it with an Absolute Light Matrix.

The next day the team left for Shigatse. This second most important city of Tibet is the birthplace of the Ascended Masters El Moria and Kuthumi.

Here they were born and spent their childhood.

From Shigatse, the group went to Tingri, a tiny village, the last seat of civilization before Jomolungma.

Here, in Tingri, the Lightwarriors spent the night.

The next morning they had the most important and main operation, which they had to carry out from the foot of the highest mountain on the planet – Jomolungma.

Operations In China - Shigatse


Operations In China

Operations In China - Tingri


Operations In China

For a better understanding of the op, a small digression into history is needed.

After the betrayal of the Source, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, who had access to everything Higher, decided to mold his the Matter Ordering Crystal.

With its help, he planned to build and arrange his eons. He placed this Crystal under Jomolungma.

However, everything the Black Hierarch created turned out to be a hell stew. When he tried to give birth to Perfect Man, he got an unviable parasitic version of the human Monad (the 66th Monadic family). Instead of Absolute-like eons, – the Anti-World, run by Sataniel.

The ruler of the Black eons was one of Yaltabaoth’s sons – Jehovah. He is also the planetary Hierarch of Saturn. The other son, Yahweh, was given control of the Solar System and Earth.

Operations In China - Jehovah And Yahweh

Jehovah And Yahweh

Operations In China

During the operation on Jomolungma, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors planned to produce a copy of the Primary Matter Ordering Crystal of the Absolute and install it in place of the eliminated core of the Anti-Shambhala’s Matrix (or the Matter Ordering Crystal version made by the Supreme Black Hierarch).

The whole night before the operation the team was actively preparing for it. But the unexpected happened.

Learned of the upcoming ops, the Black Dugpas, made a powerful energy attack on the members of the group on the Subtle Plane. The main blows fell on the leader.

After tracing their trajectory, Lightwarriors discovered that the attacks were carried out from the Rongbuk Monastery at the foot of Jomolungma, a localization of Bon-Po’s Dark egregore.

Operations In China - Rongbuk Monastery

Rongbuk Monastery

Operations In China

The team hastily, in the middle of the night, reconvened and struck back with Perfect Light impulses, suppressing the attack source.

But as it turned out, the assailment was a distraction, just an imitation of an attack and a set-up of a false, secondary target.

Of course, the main Red Hats monastery in Rongbuk is far from secondary.

But it has been sacrificed to fulfill a more terrible plan.

As it fell out later, in addition to the Anti-World’s core, the Higher Black Hierarchs hid their self-resurrection Matrices in Tibet.

Operations In China - Red Hats

Red Hats

Operations In China

Having diverted the Lightwarriors’ attention to a false target, Archons conducted a so-called shard assembly of the Dark Bon-Po’s egregore, the core of which was the aforementioned Matrices.

A shared assembly is an assembly of the egregore’s body of separate, carefully disguised fragments, the existence of which no one even guessed.

For centuries, the Dugpas could convince the Pleroma’s Hierarchy that their main egregore is in Rongbuk.

Its location and shard assembly site was the Devil’s Heart stone (Portal) in Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon.

Operations In China - Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon

Operations In China

The finished Matrices were sent to the Subtle Plane under Jomolungma for fertilization with the World Mother’s aspect that was there initially from the Earth’s creation.

It was a complete surprise. No one was aware of the impending threat to the Universe, but the time to make a decision was counting down in seconds.

In this situation, the Monad of the team leader rushed to intercept the Higher Darkies’ self-resurrection Matrices flying to Jomolungma and absorbed them into self.

Then, Lightwarrior’s Monad produced an inner blast, exploding its core along with the Matrices, destroying them.

Operations In China - Monad's Blast

Monad’s Blast

Operations In China

The explosion was so strong that the core of the Monad simply disappeared. The Monad’s body withstood, did not shatter into pieces but cracked in several places.

If the Monad had not survived, Lightwarrior’s physical body would have died, as his Monad did not possess the self-repairing properties that the Absolute-like Monad is endowed with.

At the moment of the explosion, the team leader went into cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma. He was brought back to consciousness by a strong shot to the heart muscle, after which his pulse raced.

In a few minutes, the rhythm normalized, but for another twenty-four hours, his heart still ached like tachycardia. He never found out who resuscitated his heart: his Higher Self or Co-Creators.

Later, after a detailed analysis of what had happened, Ascended Masters informed the group that the monstrous project of the self-resurrection of the Black Hierarchs in the female hypostasis had been revealed and thwarted that night.

The calculation was simple. If the manifestation of Darkis’ bodies took place on the World Mother aspect, a dipole uniting the Female and Male Fundamentals, they automatically would acquire omnipotence and invulnerability.

The plan was to work at the peak of the Quantum Transition, or shortly before it. So they were going to become masters of the Local Universe and prevent other entities from manifesting on the Light Side.

The cloven hoof was thwarted because the Black Hierarchs had to reveal themselves, otherwise, the joint op of Co-Creators and Lightwarriors on Jomolungma would have put an end to them.

Operations In China - World Mother

World Mother

Operations In China

So, Darkis decided to act ahead of the curve. Fortunately, their path was blocked by the group leader’s Monad…

After what happened, there could be no question of any next job for Lightwarrior. He passed out completely and couldn’t even get out of bed. Therefore, the rest of the group went to Jomolungma without him.

Had a long march on a hard, grueling road, the team reached the main Red Hats’ monastery in Rongbuk. This place made a most grievous impression on the Lightwarriors.

The space was filled with low-frequency vibes and a general toxic background due to the altars located around the monastery, where bloody sacrifices had been performed for thousands of years.

Operations In China - Bon-Po


Operations In China

But the main source was the Dark egregore of Bon-Po which was located in the monastery, the exact opposite of the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

In Rongbuk, team members terminated the op they had started earlier. In a fierce fight, they unleashed a hail of powerful Absolute Light blows on Bon-Po, keeping him from coming to senses.

Bon-Po tried to resist but began to weaken rapidly.

Light egregore put the lid on the matter, absorbing the rival and restoring its own former integrity.

Simultaneously, from another country, a support group, acting remotely from one of the sacred mountains, eliminated all the Black Hierarchs’ Matrices under Jomolungma.

And now, about the Anti-Shambhala… Initially, when our planet was perfect, aspects of the Pleroma’s Creators were put into Earth Logos Matrix.

On the physical plane, these were the Kailas (for Male Foundation) and the Jomolungma (for Female Foundation).

They were to become the basis for the formation of the Light Hierarchy in our Local Universe and the creation of matter for eons’ construction.

Operations In China - Eons


Operations In China

Co-Creators planned to use World Order Crystal and Matrix of Universal Life Principle (Swastika) as working tools.

However, the plans did not come true. Archons and their civilizations landed on Earth, including in the area of Tibet. They captured Kailas and Jomolungma.

To destroy the eons of Light, the Dark Forces were going to use both mountains as huge energy guns, firing the Swastika, spun counterclockwise, for bringing death and destruction.

Operations In China - Energy Gun

Energy Gun

Operations In China

The Pleroma’s Hierarchs could not accept it. Throughout Earth’s history, there have been fierce battles over Tibet and its Subtle Plan.

As a result, the Light Forces regained full control of Kailas (the abodes of the Shambhala’s Mahatmas) and partly of Jomolungma (for some Ascended Masters, predominantly Female).

However, this has not prevented the existence of Anti-Shambhala foci and centers in and near it. Why do many still confuse Shambhala and Anti-Shambhala?

The main “credit” for this goes to the Dark Hierarchy which has worked hard to defile and discredit Shambhala.

It is known with what fervor Hitler sought an alliance with the Anti-Shambhala. He wanted to enter into a pact with the King of Terror and receive unlimited power and authority in return. The King of Terror was the Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe and his viceroy on Earth, Yahweh. As of today, both are the former.

Operations In China - For The Deal

For The Deal

Operations In China

The Hypostases of the Black Hierarchs that Ascended Masters had discovered in the sacred field of Jomolungma were the clone embryos necessary for the full resurrection of Supreme Darkis.

The food for self-maintenance and development of embryos was the Monadic life energy of people, not ordinary – only those who have read The Devil’s Book. This is not a metaphor at all, but quite a concrete contract.

In return for selling their souls, they received enormous benefits and unlimited power.

One of those who made such a pact with the devil was Hitler. However, it lasted for a very short time. After the death of the Monads, such people were simply devoured, fed to the embryos in Tibet.

Operations In China - Monads-Eaters


Operations In China

And it’s not an allegory either. Monads were injected into an embryo, which consumed their life force.

Naturally, a person after that died at the Monad’s level, i.e. completely and irrevocably.

As noted above, Lightwarriors’ support group, acting remotely from another country, destroyed all the embryos (hypostases’ Matrices) of the Black Hierarchs.

Returned to Lhasa, team members continued their operation with the Tibetan egregore.

They inserted its segments into the Casual Bodies and Monads – theirs and those of Ascended Masters for further transformation and lifting into the Logos.

Operations In China - Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Operations In China

It required from the op’s participants huge energy inputs and was very hard for the physical bodies.

The next day, on the sacred mountain near the Drepung Monastery, Lightwarriors combined the segments of the future Tibet Logos installed in them with the segments placed in Ascended Masters.

And at night global fiery sterilization and purification of Tibet which is Earth’s Heart Chakra, began on all levels of the Subtle and physical plan.

Foci and hereditary Keepers of the Dark egregore and Dugpas were annihilated.

Another day later, in the evening, the group set out for Potala Palace.

Operations In China - Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery

Operations In China

At its walls, under the astonished gazes of the locals, Lightwarriors, Ascended Masters and Co-Creators took up in Pleroma the new core of the unified Tibetan Logos.

It was then returned to Earth and projected to its permanent localization point on top of the sacred mountain and the Potala Palace.

Thus, was completed a complex and long operation of unification and rebirth of the Tibetan egregore, its purification from the black magical karmic abomination and transformation into the Logos of Future.

When the work was over, some elderly Tibetan woman ran up to Lightwarriors and began to say something loud and excitedly.

Operations In China - Ascension in Pleroma

Ascension in Pleroma

Operations In China

At first, the group thought it was another beggar and wanted to give her money to leave them alone.

But she surprisingly firmly refused.

She soon left, and only then did the group members realize that she was just thanking them for the work they had done.

She was clairvoyant and could see everything well that was going on in the Subtle Plane.


(To be continued)

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