Operation Third Membrane - New Galactic Ops Part 18

Operation Third Membrane

New Galactic Ops Part 18

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Third Membrane – By Lev.

On May 10, 202 the traueleventator of 25D Siriusians, a spacecraft capable of moving planets and Galaxies, placed Earth on a 5D vibrational orbit in six-dimensional space.

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Operation Third Membrane - 5d Vibrational Orbit
5D Vibrational Orbit

Operation Third Membrane

To enter it, our planet was successfully led through the third Membrane, consisting of black RIR energy in the form of a sphere that separates the fifth and sixth dimensions, where a new Earth Hologram and 5D Matrix are now being formed.

Passage through the second Membrane between 5D and 4D occurred in March 2021. The first Membrane between 4D and the unified 3D, 2D and1D Earth was passed in December 2019.

The most challenging episode was on May 6, 2021, when the assisting squadron of 22D Arcturians helped to guide Earth through the Galactic rings, part of the structure of the Milky Way’s Central Sun.

Beams emanating from it created a zone of high tension within a 45-degree radius south of the Central Sun Portal. 25D Siriusians’ ship controlled the strength of these beams, by leading the whole operation.

Over the entire surface of the Earth, Siriusians turned on a protective field which allowed a relatively painless crossing of the Membrane.

On the technical side, it took quite a long time for the energy from the emitters to reach the Earth’s planetary core.

Operation Third Membrane - Earth Core
Earth Core

Operation Third Membrane

When an additional number of operators were connected, the field became stable.

Gaia successfully moved to a new 5D vibrational orbit. For many earthlings, it proved more difficult.

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To attenuate the sudden change in the vibrations of space, Pleiadians have set up additional energy defenses over certain problematic areas of the planet. The goal is to prevent simmering social, political, and racial conflicts from escalating into a hot war.

One of these territories is Israel.

On May 8, 2021, at 20:00 local time, Pleiadians switched on a time and information channel transducer beam over this territory. Their three emitters which are installed above the Middle East changed the inclination of their axis and focused at a point below the ionosphere.

Operation Third Membrane - Temple Mount
Temple Mount

Operation Third Membrane

From this point, the beam traveled farther and went through the Temple Mount into Jerusalem’s underground space. A sphere of plasma opened over the city.

With this dome of Light, the Galactic Committee has taken the overall situation in the region under control, withdrawing and annihilating the energies of aggression and destructive thought-forms. By the same Light, space is saturated with the energy of peace, tolerance, and cooperation.

To adapt earthlings to the new 5D vibrations, Galacom on May 11, 2021, ignited a fairly strong magnetic storm for five days which can reach 6-7 of the power scale. For this, on May 7 a series of flares was initiated on the Sun.

Thus we have come to new events based on new energies.

Operation Third Membrane - Magnetic Storm
Magnetic Storm

Operation Third Membrane

The planet has gained the ability, being in six-dimensional space, to receive intensely quantum flows of the 5th dimension.

With the Earth’s transfer to the 5D vibrational orbit, the Galactic Committee synchronized all processes of deep planetary transformation on the Subtle and physical planes.

This applies to the Hologram, Matrix, Portals and Spin of Time; the energy spheres and fields within them; matter; the core (Crystal) of the planet; plasma; climate; the air, water, and earthy environment; flora and fauna; the body, mind, and consciousness of people.

All safety measures have been taken. Deviations from the targeted norms are excluded.

What kind of changes does the new vibes orbit bring about in these spheres?

Hologram, Matrix, Portals

By the azure-blue GRISPO energy, Galactic Committee clean up and changes the dimensions of space. The flow of 4D reality into 6D and 3D into 4D is accelerated. Gaia’s gravitational energy fills the planet’s storage bowls with six-dimensional quantum particles.
Operation Third Membrane - Grispo Energy
Grispo Energy

Operation Third Membrane

The 2D channel changes its strength. Through it, the one-dimensional quantum structure is permanently removed from the system.

Siriusians are cleaning the residual emissions of the 3D world with the light violet GLERUS energy.

Operation Third Membrane - Glerus Energy
Glerus Energy

Operation Third Membrane

Force fields are increasing, opening Portals to life in the new 5D dimension. The 5D Hologram and Matrix are activated. Galacom makes necessary adjustments. By the light violet with lilac tint GLEMAR energy, it filters the energy-information flows coming into them.

Programs are loaded into the Hologram 5D by the yellow and red FERIS energy.

Operation Third Membrane - Feris Energy
Feris Energy

Operation Third Membrane

An energy platform is created for transition to another Time-space. The Portals open the exit of the new continuum. The Time spin is switched to the 5D.

Energy Spheres And The Fields Within Them

With the dark brown GASIG energy, the 25D Siriusians’ fleet continues to destroy the energy structures of the Archons and clean up space for new ones built by the Light Forces.
Operation Third Membrane - Gasic Energy
Gasic Energy

Operation Third Membrane

The energy fields affected by the Earth core’s transfer to an enhanced working regime are stabilized.

Energy spheres are modified by the quanta of the new chrono-space and the changing of the Earth’s energy grid.

All of the planet’s energy channels are upgraded and stabilized.

By the bright green ERGINO energy, 25D Siriusians control the magnetic fields and align the planet’s power vibes.

Operation Third Membrane - Ergino Energy
Ergino Energy

Operation Third Membrane

With the same energy, they stimulate the awakening life forces of matter, and regulate the climate and the 5D Hologram.

The field formed by the Earth’s orbital rotation is further compacted.

Every star-planetary system has these fields. Stable energy-information energies of a star’s alpha radiation form a net structure. This lattice pattern is made by energy flows connecting the star’s core and a particular planet.

The net spans all planets of the Solar System and holds each of them at that step of the orbital field to which it corresponds by the physical properties of its matter.

This field determines the mode of the planet’s rotation around its axis and movement on the orbit that also allows it to move from one stage of development to the next.

Operation Third Membrane - Planets Orbits
Orbits Of Planets

Operation Third Membrane

The orbital field holds on to synchronized fluxes of Intelligence l-gamma particles which make up the grid structure of the Sun’s magnetic field.

Encompassing the whole Solar System, this net, interacting with the planets’ cores, forms for each space – its orbital field, meeting the individual consciousness of every planet.

On the Subtle Plane, the orbital field looks like a huge parabolic antenna. It is tuned to receive and retransmit to Earth the widest range of impacts and programs. From pulsar emissions, that reshape magnetic structure, to all evolution programs in the 5D.

The Poles’ discs work also changes. These are energy field structures that regulate the state of the Pole caps. The disks serve as separators of energy radiated from the planet’s axial channel.

They also stratify the chrono-energy flows. What does this mean?

It means that all former interconnected Time programs are no longer interrelated and do not depend on each other. This is how the transition to a new spherical 5D Time is being prepared.

Using the red-pink ERLAGO energy, 25D Siriusians create a new Earth’s information field. With the help of the scarlet FERMO energy, they form Matrices of the 4D/5D/6D info fields and the new consciousness.

Operation Third Membrane - Fermo Energy
Fermo Energy

Operation Third Membrane


Directed by Galacom from the Local Universe and the Milky Way light emerald color KEGIFOR energy changes the properties of matter.

Planetary 3D matter is decomposed. Through opened Portals, the split 3D substance is removed from Earth.

Plasmoids are also involved in this. By their force fields, they split atoms into elements to create new kinds of matter in other parts of the Local Universe.

Managing the dark orange LEKAS energy emitted by the 144,000 pyramids, Galacom accelerates the formation of new 5D matter on Earth.

Siriusians transform biological bodies by life matter, concentrated into Universal high-energy bunches.

Applying the dark green ARTREM energy, Siriusians affect matter, causing it to emit vibrations that condense clots of negative radiation from people. These clots are then destroyed.

Operation Third Membrane - Artrem Energy
Artrem Energy

Operation Third Membrane

The cosmic energy directed from the Earth’s new 5D vibrational orbit activates molecular transformation. Altered matter restructures the entire nucleic strands.

The Work Of Earth Core (Crystal)

After lifting Earth’s to higher vibes orbit, Siriusians are making the necessary adjustments to increase the power of the planet’s Crystal.

As of today, a load of new programs in it reached 70%. The hardware setup has entered the final stage.


Impacting the Earth’s core, Siriusians compact emitted plasma for 5D which is then sent to the upper atmosphere. There it is morphed into life matter in the form of clots of Universal energy.

Siriusians unite 4D and 6-dimensional space with the pulses of the outgoing plasma.

Operation Third Membrane - Plasma

Operation Third Membrane

5D space is filled with new Intelligence plasma. Galacom saturates it with all the necessary information and transforms by it the 3D world.

On the planetary level, by the black CHEGREN energy Siriusians sort out and remove Evil particles from the plasma.

Using the compacted plasma, they increase the wave emissions of the planet’s Crystal, opening the vector for six-dimensional formations.

With a help of an ultrasonic transducer, Siriusians condense plasma at the 2D, 3D, and 4D levels. In the 3D state, the plasma, which includes Intelligence of the same level, is removed from the planet.

All emitted plasma is deeply cleansed. Then through special channels, it is transferred to an energy accumulator. From there, plasma flows through the Portals and creates new thought forms for subsequent materialization.

Applying the dark pink SLESURIS energy, Siriusians build the Matrix structures of plasma and safeguard it as the basis of Universal energy.

Operation Third Membrane - Slesuris Energy
Slesuris Energy

Operation Third Membrane

Climate, Air, Water, And Earthy Environment

After moving Earth into a new 5D vibrational orbit, the friendly space races have forced the cleansing by the dark lilac GLEGES energy the near-Earth space from large-sized fragments of incomplete energy formations.

The Earth’s climate, air, water, and earthy environment are fully controlled by the 25D Siriusians’ space fleet. They are processing and purifying the upper layers of the atmosphere with cherry or dark red MIROSSA energy.

Operation Third Membrane - Mirossa Energy
Mirossa Energy

Operation Third Membrane

Traueleventators, located in the protective field of the atmosphere, regulate the impacts’ range. By reversing the polarity in the matter structures, Siriusians strengthen their energy protection in the planet’s anomalous zones.

Earth’s water environment helps remove chyrons. Water is an excellent accumulator of Evil particles which Siriusians then extract and annihilate.

Clean up of the Earth’s crust is done through spot opening of the ozone layer. For it, Siriusians use a repeater installed in 22D on their Lunar base. From there they send the pinpointed pulses.

Galacom’s energy control unit of the Earth’s core, at the activation points of the crust, changes the molecular basis of the air for 5D.

Sound pulses amplify twice the transmission of cleansing energy. The work of all power units and energy channels of the subcortical environment is activated

Plant And Animal Life

Using the dark blue GRIKADO energy, Galacom builds a new life support system for the 5D planet. For it, the interconnected Nature worlds begin to accumulate the necessary energy.
Operation Third Membrane - Grikado Energy
Grikado Energy

Operation Third Membrane

The dark brown GLAMO energy concentrates the plasma emitted by plants and animals to continue life on the new 5D vibrational orbit.

Earth’s bio-fields are loaded with the 5D time continuum programs.

Applying the crimson and gold-tinted MIRO energy, Siriusians stimulate plant growth and accelerate natural selection in the animal world.

Operation Third Membrane - Miro Energy
Miro Energy

Operation Third Membrane

The Body, Mind, And Consciousness Of Earthlings

New Sixth Race begins to gestate. Galacom accelerates it by the yellow and pink FERMAGO energy impact on human plasma. It saturates the plasma with a new DNA codes to increase Intelligence, Love, and Creativity.

Galactic Committee works hard to adapt earthling’s bodies to the new 5D environment.

During the preparatory period, the Subtle Bodies of man are transformed by radiations into the upper atmosphere produced by the sound transducer. The ability to evolve in the new environment is translated by energy from the planet’s protective field screen.

Operation Third Membrane - Fermago Energy
Fermago Energy

Operation Third Membrane

Merge of 4-dimensional space into 6D through subcortical energy channels stimulates the necessary rearrangement of the nucleic strands.

Energy impacts on the human brain increase its potential. The aura’s colors are changing. At the point where consciousness and sub-consciousness are connected blockages are gradually removing.

Old knowledge is erasing from the magnetic medium sector. In their place, Galacom actively saturates the space with new attainments.

Selection by Intelligence is made by the ozone layer through the exposure of the human body to ultraviolet light.

Incoming energies are increasing, and we feel it. Adaptation is individual for everyone, depending on the inner transformation of consciousness.

Galacom’s scanning confirms a qualitative change in humanity, the beginning of a transition from quantity to quality.

Using the blue FIRSKO energy, Siriusians clean up, stabilize and direct people’s mental energy and development.

Operation Third Membrane - Adapting To 5D Vibes
Adapting To 5D Vibes

Operation Third Membrane

The white-blue BLISCORI energy forms a higher mental capacity, and the full range of energies necessary for this is brought in by Galactic Committee after Earth’s shifting to new 5D vibrations orbit.


(To be continued)

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