Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Lev

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 – By Lev

The final stage in the great series of Stellar Network Operations was the upgrading of the Earth’s Causal Matrix, as DNI has already mentioned (see – Operation Bottleneck Part 3, DNI, July 17th, 2021).

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On an assignment and with the support of the Galactic Committee, the Light Forces’ ground team participated in the transformation of the Earth’s Crystal Grid.

The main task of the operation was to modify the sacral-geometric form of the Earth’s causal Matrix. Namely: to morph its configuration and content from tetrahedral to icosahedral. That is to restore the original perfect Matrix that existed in Satya Yuga.


The brief digression.

The ideal form of the Matrix or core is a sphere. In this form the Pleroma exists in 14D.

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Pleroma


Operation Stellar Network Part 6

The spherical configuration provides maximum power, vibrations, and the best conduction of energy and information. It allows for the full evolutionary potential of all Intelligence forms.

Unfolding from 14D into denser lower dimensions, it, adapting, changes its configuration: from a sphere to complex and then to the simplest forms of polyhedrons (a faceted sphere).

The lower is a dimensionality – the simpler is a structure of the Matrix, planetary grid, crystals, and atoms’ frame as polyhedrons. And the smaller is the area of Source radiation reception.

When a sphere is defragmented into a polyhedron, zoning, unevenness of voltage, magnetization, conductivity, etc. appear in it. Inhomogeneity arises, leading to distortion.

Any polyhedron or crystal is a polyhedral Merkaba. Any ball is a perfect spherical Merkaba.

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Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Polyhedral Merkaba

Polyhedral Merkaba

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

The analogy with Man is pertinent. Previously, in the past Satya Yuga, earthlings had an Etheric Body in the form of a sphere. It had maximum energy and Life Force. People lived for 1,000 years or more.

Then, during the Maha Yuga cycles, the single energy center broke up into segments (chakras). At first, there were 24 of them, then 12, now there are 7.

The same thing happened to our planet. After the icosahedral Merkaba in Satya Yuga, we degraded to the octahedral Merkaba in Kali Yuga. The single energy center of the Earth disintegrated into chakras and sub-chakras.

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Earth's Chakras

Earth’s Chakras

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

How did it happen?

When Co-Creators approved Earth’s evolutionary project, known to us as Maha Yuga, we entered the list of planets with similar programs.

The essence of Maha Yuga is a succession of eras, beginning with ideal conditions (Satya Yuga or the Golden Age) and ending with an extreme, most unfavorable environment (Kali Yuga).

Souls and higher forms of Intelligence are interested in such a Disneyland for many reasons.

Incarnating in different Yuga, or in all of them, but in stages, they gain tremendous experience, knowledge, feelings, and the potential for rapid growth in the future. It is why trillions of Souls rush here from all Universes.

The mechanism of Maha Yuga is multi-vector. It involves a weakening of the vibrations of Light after Satya Yuga, turning off the Galactic Ray and the inflow of the Life Energy, deterioration of climatic, social, and other conditions on the planet.

The result is the degradation of man and his genetics. Life expectancy shortened from thousands of years in Satya Yuga to 70-80 years in Kali Yuga. Plus, activated diseases, pandemics, etc.

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

Maha Yuga has another peculiarity. After the installation of this Program into the Causal Matrix of the planetary Logos core, it accordingly changes it depending on the epoch.

In Satya Yuga, the sacral-geometric Mandala of the Earth’s Logos is an icosahedron, in Treta Yuga – a dodecahedron, in Dvapara Yuga – a hexahedron, in Kali Yuga – an octahedron.

We live in the most extreme conditions when the facets of the Causal Matrix of the planetary Logos core have been reduced to a minimum. If trimmed more, the Logos cannot exist.

The same is true of human DNA. For each Maha Yuga era, exists a wave genetic Matrix and DNA Matrix pattern. The number of physical strands of DNA is reduced from 12 in Satya Yuga to 2 in Kali Yuga.

Combined with Cosmic Night, Kali Yuga has become the darkest, most destructive, toxic, and aggressive era for us. There is nowhere else like it in the entire Local Universe.

But nothing lasts forever. Cosmic Night and Kali Yuga are over. Satya Yuga is coming. On all planes of the Subtle and physical world, the old 3D Matrix is being dismantled and a new one of 5D is actively built.

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Satya Yuga Is Coming

Satya Yuga Is Coming

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

The global transformation of the Earth’s energy body continues. Eventually, it will become a unified field of a higher order than it was at the time of its creation.

An important step in this work was Operation Stellar Network and its final part – the restoration of the Earth Logos Core’s Causal Matrix, corresponding to Satya Yuga.

It brings to our planet a lot of things. Specifically: increase of vibrations, dimensionality, transition to spherical Time, more perfect Portals of inter-dimensional transitions, new energies, etc.

For this purpose, it was necessary to carry out a planet-wide increase of the vibration frequency of the entire Earth’s crystal lattice. More specifically, to ignite global acceleration through nodal and acupuncture points of the planet’s Merkaba.

After consultation with Galacom, they choose one of the European Star bastion as an op’s spot.

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Star Bastion

Star Bastion

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

From its center, Lightwarriors with a group of Absolute’s Hierarchs and Gaia conducted the operation.

Energetically united, they generated powerful waves of Light and channeled them into the cellular system of all planetary Star formations, both authentic and artificial.

It caused their hurricane reactivation that dramatically raised the vibrations of the crystal grid and the Earth’s core.

For the first time in history, both parallel infrastructures successfully worked in unison.

The next day, from another Stellar formation, where the nodal Crystal is located, the Lightwarriors continued the op together with the High Hierarchs, Gaia, and The Keepers of this place.

By joint efforts, they transferred the perfect Matrix in the form of a star-shaped icosahedron from Pleromical Earth in 13D and descended it through Gaia’s Absolutoverse to 3D.

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Gaia Absolutoverse

Gaia’s Absolutoverse

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

On the entire trajectory from 13D to 3D, in each reality, the Matrix left its particle, separated from the 13D Earth Logos aspect. Entering in each Logos, the particle complemented it. On our 3D Earth, the icosahedral Matrix was activated.

It is how all the Causal Matrices of the planetary Logos of the Absolutoverse of Gaia were faceted from 12D to 3D.

In each dimension, the facet differed in shape and number of polygon faces and vertices. In 12 Earth Matrix core has the maximum number of facets, in our 3D – the minimum.

Higher Light Hierarchs showed the ground team the pattern by which the further faceting of the Earth’s Causal Matrix core will be done.

Its form is two nested star-shaped polyhedrons. Each has 56 or 58 faces. In the end, in the future, there will be 108 or 144 of them.

In the beginning, Earth’s Causal Matrix and all the nodal points of the planet’s crystal grid will be an icosahedron with 20 faces (below).

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - 20 Faced Causal Matrix

20-Faced Causal Matrix

Operation Stellar Network Part 6

But an ideal configuration for Satya Yuga is an echidnahedron – the last form of an icosahedron (below).

Operation Stellar Network Part 6 - Echidnahedron


Operation Stellar Network Part 6

The old tetrahedral configuration already is not coping with the growing energetic and vibrational load, flows, and waves of Light energy, the transmission of which to the Earth is increasing every day.

The new icosahedral Matrix will allow the planet and us to radically magnify the assimilation of Source’s radiation for our transition to 5D.

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