Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 4

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 – By Lev.

On June 3, 2021, two important pieces of news arrived. According to the first, the secret government of Earth, led by the Black Archons, has left our planet forever.

Galactic Committee which had long and persistently offered this solution in exchange for their lives managed, in the end, to convince them. Now the entire Dark Hierarchy on the surface is finally abandoned and left to its fate.

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The second news: Light Forces’ ground team completed on June 1, 2021, their next Operation Stellar Network. It was conducted on the grave of the monarchs of a European country, rich in its “star” monasteries, bastions, and fortresses.

Two days earlier, on May 29, 2021, the Galactic Committee gave Lightwarriors additional information about the mechanism of the “star” formations and their importance to Earth. It partially reiterated what the DNI had previously reported, but adds some key details.

Church of Our Lady of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium

Church of Our Lady of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium

Operation Stellar Network Part 4



All created original “stars” are an integral part of the crystal grid of our planet. It is similar to the man’s etheric body and performs similar functions.

The Earth’s energy field is structured and segmented. It consists of a network of honeycombs and clusters. Schematically, it looks like this:

Earth's Cellular Network

Earth’s Cellular Network

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


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As shown in the picture, the honeycomb is shaped like an octahedron. That is, they copy, similar in form to the Causal Matrix, the frame of the Earth.

The objects that make up the Crystal lattice are:

– Frame points (octahedron vertices), six of them; theoretically, each can be a magnetic or geographic Pole;

– Node points (they are centers of the honeycomb);

– Acupuncture points (points of honeycomb borders; every honeycomb has four of them).

Centers of the honeycomb are usually represented by mountains, hills, and other elevations on the Earth’s surface. They are conjugated, linked to the corresponding Frame point closest to it. It is like a beacon, a reference point for them.

The Frame point, in turn, is directly linked to the Earth’s core. Thus, the Node points are paired with the Earth Crystal (corresponds to the core of the Causal Matrix) through one of the Frame points, and the Acupuncture points through the Node points.

This, in a simplified form, is how Gaia’s Crystal grid was created. And how does it work, what is its purpose?

The most important characteristic of a Node point of a honeycomb is its spin.

The direction of its rotation periodically changes. During the day it is clockwise, ejecting the spent Life Energy of the Earth outwards.

At night, on the contrary, the spin of rotation is reversed, counterclockwise. This ensures the pumping of vital energy through the Crystal grid to the Earth’s core.

Rotation changes at sunset and dawn. Nodal points act as injectors.

This entire system provides solar power to our planet. If the Galactic Ray energy comes to us through the Poles, the Crystal grid honeycomb receives and drains the spent Sun energy.

Each cell is a parabolic antenna working for reception transmission. And the entire Crystal lattice cellular network is analogous to a solar panel.

Every Node point is a separate parabolic antenna, and rotating, in the form of an octahedron. The upper vertex is conjugated to the Sun, the lower vertex to the Earth’s core.

In this light, “star” formations are nothing more than an artificial micro-cell of the Crystal grid, performing similar functions to the natural energy honeycomb.

They were created to compensate for the Crystal lattice defect that occurred as a result of space wars, the takeover of the planet by the Black Archons and Dark civilizations, and followed global cataclysms.

In many cases, the “stars” were placed on the damaged cells, exactly in the center. In this way, it was possible to at least partially restore their function.

Depending on the specific purpose, “star” formations were created either on the cell itself or at any necessary location. On a planetary scale, the entire network played and still plays the most important role in providing solar power to the Earth.

So why did the artificial honeycombs have a star shape? Why did they have such complex contours?

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Star Contours Rotation

Star Contours Rotation

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


The point is that as the center of the Node point rotates, it unwinds and becomes like a rotor, a blade, like a mill.

The faster the rotation speed, the greater the number of blades, the more honeycomb core blades unfold. Hence, different forms of “stars” have a different number of rays. And the more rays, the more powerful the “star”.

While a natural honeycomb is paired with the Sun and the Earth’s core, an artificial honeycomb is paired with the Earth’s core and its supervising Logos, the center of this or that donor planet. Sometimes they just help to tune the cell to the Sun.

To summarize, “star” formations are not anything other than the artificial active honeycombs of the Earth’s Cristal grid.

Now about Operation Stellar Network itself on June 1, 2021.

It involved members of the ground team on-site and remotely, from various European countries.

Galactic Committee specified op’s location at the necropolis “star” formation on the acupuncture point of the honeycomb. Almost all the monarchs of this country and their family members are buried there. For the reasons given below, and for security reasons, the names are not disclosed.

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Westminster Abbey England

Westminster Abbey, England

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


According to the plan drawn up by Galacom, the operation was to bring a new unified core into the Stellar Network through this burial site, to distribute it to all the damaged, defective and inoperative cores of the Node points of the Crystal grid.

On the part of Pleroma, Gaia and the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, who had returned to the Light Side, were tasked with preparing the necessary number of micro-copies of the single Network’s core.

Ground team members acted as live conduits to deliver the copies to all the locations targeted by Galacom.

On June 1, 2021, the operation was successfully terminated. The entire Stellar Network was renewed. The defects in the planetary grid have been corrected.

This is a very important event for Earth in anticipation of the most important work on this subject.

It seemed that everything planned was done, and Lightwarriors could safely leave the place of operation. But years of experience and intuition suggested that something was left undone, something of great significance…

Group leaders sat on a bench, meditated, thought, and walked around the area.

And soon they got a hint from Galacom. More specifically, it gave them a taste of what was hidden in this burial place.

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Roskilde Cathedral,Denmark

Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


The sensation was like swallowing acid: a sharp interception of the fifth chakra and a chakral cough, tears, choking. Some most poisonous substance. So the Lightwarriors weren’t wrong. They couldn’t leave without taking action.

The same thought, an assumption came to them almost simultaneously and independently of each other.

In the most privileged burial place, the grave of one of the monarchs was strikingly different from the others by its decoration. As if to make his grave recognizable, to mark it somehow, like a barcode.

The conjecture was confirmed by the new information received.

At one time, this monarch was replaced by a reptiloid doppelganger. After his death, a reptilian Portal was created and camouflaged at the burial site.

Lightwarriors began to clairvoyantly view the grave, requesting information, comparing the monarch’s DNA wave patterns at the time of birth and death.


Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Monasterio de El Escorial, Spain

Monasterio de El Escorial, Spain

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


Moreover, a review of the chronological timeline showed that several grave Portals are active. What does this mean?

At certain times, at night, the Souls of the monarchs buried there come through them. For a short time, until dawn, and then they leave the same way.

There are two artifacts in the tomb of the monarch- reptiloid. One was created from DNA in his relics. It belongs to some direct descendant of the ancestor of the reptiloid lineage that incarnated on Earth.

Through this DNA artifact was carried out traffic associated with them, a kind of transport Portal or communication hub. This had the most destructive consequences for Earth.

The second artifact struck Lightwarriors the most. It was something also made of reptiloid matter, the core of the planetary Phobia Crystal. Not the Crystal itself but the control room installed in it, the communications center for controlling the world’s parasitic system.

It was a complete surprise to the ground crew. A decision had to be made as to what to do about it all. The team leaders made official contact with the Absolute Hierarchy and Gaia.

Quite unexpectedly, just after discovering the control center of the parasitic system (and this part of it was responsible for that Earth’s area), one of the main Reptiloids came upon the team leader. The same one with whom he was communicating about helping them evacuate from our planet.

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Basilique Saint-Denis, France

Basilique Saint-Denis, France

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


He immediately expressed his willingness to dismantle, deactivate and evacuate this infrastructure along with them. But without the help of the Lightwarriors, without their presence on-site, the reptiloids themselves could not do this.

There was another problem. The reptiloids who had moved to the Light Side had already attempted to deactivate the center of the world’s parasitic system.

They entered the emergency self-destruct code they had but it didn’t work, proving to be fake. They were simply deceived by their higher masters.

In this situation, the Higher Light Hierarchy together with Gaia decided that it was inexpedient to involve the reptiloids in this work, although their constructive position, determination, and willingness were taken into account.

Absolute’s Hierarchy instructed the Lightwarriors to solve the problem themselves.

It was a collaborative effort between Gaia, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, the two leaders of the ground team, and several of its members.

For annihilation, one Lightwarriors’ leader took a parasitic crystal of this part of Earth into his Monad and its unified body of manifestation, and the other leader took a necro-repto-DNA crystal.

They stood at the tombstone of the false monarch and did the work. The grave Keepers and the Higher Light Hierarchs gave them the access they needed.

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Jeronimos Monastery, Portugal

Jeronimos Monastery, Portugal

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


The consequences of what had been done were felt for two days. The terrible overload and toxicity of the destroyed artifacts burned one leader’s whole body. His heart was racing, and he felt very dizzy.

Lightwarrior could hardly sit behind the wheel, making frequent stops. The first night after the op he woke up several times wet with sweat and severe nausea.

These were the same symptoms as after the inoculation with the substance of wave-repto-DNA he had received before his first meeting with the Supreme Reptiloid Hierarch. Only now it was relatively easier.

The grafting did its job. This means that the burial was related to reptiloids.

The second leader of the group also took the work very hard. On June 2, they both could do nothing and decided to rest for half a day.

The Portal was closed, the artifacts annihilated by a joint effort with Gaia and the Supreme Light Hierarch. One more good example of cooperation.

Operation Stellar Network Part 4 - Divine Cooperation

Divine Cooperation

Operation Stellar Network Part 4


But they have not yet rejoiced. This was far from over.


(To be continued)

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