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Operation Stellar Network Part 3 The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 – By Lev.

As reported in Parts 1 and 2-3 of Operation Stellar Network, Light Forces’ ground team has begun a series of new ops with the Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs in several important “star” objects.

At the same time, 25D Siriusians’ fleet was working on behalf of the Galactic Committee on their program in Earth orbit.

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On May 21, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. local time, the LFs group conducted the first of its scheduled “stellar” operations at the famous “star” Monastery. Its name and location are not disclosed for security reasons.

It is the nodal point of the Earth’s crystal grid, an authentic “star” formation. The Monastery is the only Portal on the planet through which the two Highest Hierarchs of Pleroma performed a new Act of Spiritualization of the Earth, introducing Their Aspects into its crystal network.

The operation of the ground group was to act as a living energy channel for the installation of the Mandala Absolute Amrita into the Earth crystal lattice.

The ancient “star” Monastery was the ideal place for this. On the Pleroma side, were involved and led the operation Amrita, Gaia, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe who returned to the Light, and the two Highest Hierarchs of Pleroma.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Mandala Absolute Amrita

Mandala Absolute Amrita

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

It is important to remind that Amrita is tied to Life Goddess, who is the personification of the Source of the Universal Life Energy in the Local Universe.

Amrita is not a name, but a position. It is held by Zoya, the female dipole of El Moria. Amrita and Zoya are the same Supreme Light Being.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - El Moria And Zoya

Before the start of the operation, the leader of the ground group once again clarified its technique:

“1. At 6:00 p.m., we enter in the high vibrational state of Absolute Love. Connect with our Higher Selves. Ground well.

2. Unite into Spiritual oneness, send each other Light and Love.

3. Tune in and synchronize with the Monastery and the Earth’s Crystal, greet the Keepers.

4. Tune in to Goddess Amrita, Gaia, and the three Highest Hierarchs of Pleroma, send Them Light and Love, accept Theirs in return.

5. Tune in and synchronize with the Mandala Absolute Amrita.

6. Receive the Absolute Amrita Mandala from Goddess Amrita and through a single channel with the Hierarchs of Pleroma and Gaia, introduce it through the Monastery into Earth’s crystal lattice, distributing the Mandala throughout it.

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7. Hold Absolute Amrita in the crystal grid by consciousness for some time. Stay in these energies as long as necessary.

8. Thank Goddess Amrita, Gaia, and Pleroma’s Hierarchs for the work.

9. Send Light and Love to all, thank all participants of work.”

The operation began at precisely the appointed time. Some Lightwarriors took their place directly in the “star,” while others participated remotely from different regions and countries.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Tuning And Synchronizing

Tuning And Synchronizing

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

The success exceeded all expectations. The floor – to the team members:

Ellen: “It was tremendous! The energies went on and on. A wide channel opened heat in the heart and the whole body. Felt the state of oneness, joy, and euphoria. Earth all shone! Send my Light, Love, and Gratitude to all for such invaluable experience.”

Natalie: “Powerful energies are still coming. It was hot. The crystal lattice first glowed goldenly, then blue. It began to change, the connections to the nodes began to transform.”

Elena: “The heat went right away. The Earth’s crystal grid glowed with golden light. There was Absolute Amrita in every node and the core. I do not know how much our participation is in all this, but still, it was great! I’m so eager to help Earth to clean up.”

Marina: “The glow of golden light and small iridescent droplets went on and on. A fiery golden daisy glowed. I realized that it was the Earth’s core and the petals diverging from it were grating nets. Favorable energies were calming, pulling me to sleep, relaxation. I couldn’t keep from smiling. I shined too!”

Nadine: “The work was carried out according to the indicated scheme. It was a pleasure to tune in again and meet Co-Creators and Light Hierarchs in working together and their energies.

Mandala Absolute Amrita took the form of a sphere, the center of which moved to Earth’s core, and its rays went through all the channels of the planet’s energy grid.”

Anastasia: “These energies and states were incomparable. It’s something magical, it took your breath away with love and the subsequent renewal of the planet and all life. The flow of life-giving energy went through all bodies. Thank you! I thank my Life, my dear Christ, and all other Gods for this Miracle and great joy. May the Earth and all who live on it, be blessed. How happy I am for our beloved Gaia.”

Irina: “Mandala Absolute Amrita burst out of the Earth’s core with fireworks of sparks, and they scattered all over its surface… And I was rocked, like in a cradle, in a powerful stream of warm, gentle, loving Light. My heart, my head, and my palms throbbed. You wouldn’t feel that in normal life.”

Elite: “The work was very powerful, the vibrations are the highest, and I still can’t let go. I love and thank all the Higher Light Beings, the participants of the operation. May everything be for the good of the Earth and all living thing.”

Valentine: “At first I felt five hugs at once! From the outside, our action looked like creating a blooming flower of extraordinary beauty. In the center was Goddess Amrita with the Mandala Absolute Amrita. The group around her looked like the stamens of a flower. Amrita’s fragrant energy was flowing out in all directions. Co-Creators and Gaia standing outside formed the petals of the flower and directed Amrita into Earth’s crystal lattice. The golden glow went in all directions at once.

After a while, a hologram appeared. I saw a man spinning a ball on his finger. Only the hand was big and glowing, and there was a planet spinning on the finger. One could see the life-giving Amrita spreading evenly across the Earth. But still, in some places there were gaps, so there was active resistance… But the whole planet was covered in a golden net of Amrita!

Even the Sun is shining with gold this morning. And there are golden sparks in the air…”

On May 22, 2021, Co-Creators made the first comments. Having praised the joint operation, the Supreme Hierarchs warned about its possible negative consequences.

Under the influence of Amrita’s energy, destructive forces began to surface.

Just two or three hours later, there was a strong earthquake of about 7 on the Richter scale in the Western part of China.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Earthquake In China

Earthquake In China

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

It was at this time that some Lightwarriors felt their higher aspects switch off.

As it was later explained to them, Co-Creators used their aspects to neutralize the energy breaches, as well as the Darks Force blockade running from their underground bases.

On May 23, 2021, a breakthrough of destructive energies was reported in the vicinity of the “star” fortress in another city, where the next ground team’s operation was scheduled to take place.

A fuller explanation came from Gaia’s Logos. Here is what was reported.

Logos, together with all the participants of the operation on Earth and in space, purposefully directed the destructive energies that had accumulated in the planet’s grid to certain places for their accumulation and elimination.

Some of these places were China, the “stars,” and areas in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, the Philippines, Indonesia, and dozens of other countries. In all, there were more than 130 big and small earthquakes.

Each place concentrated a certain type of energy coming to the surface. New releases and destruction of the old 3D Matrix energies will follow.

It happens in all spheres, including political, economic, financial, social, inter-ethnic, and others.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Connflicts Eruptions

Connflicts Eruptions

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

What is accumulated in the causal, mental and astral bodies of people is manifested in the Subtle Bodies of the planet, states, egregores, and each individual.

This is a necessary and manageable descent of the karmic avalanche, the removal on the physical plane of karmic energies during the transformation and reboot of the Earth into the fifth dimension.

Co-Creators, Light Forces’ ground teams, and friendly space races are very actively transforming the Earth’s entire grid complex for the 5D right now. Operation Stellar Network is an important but only part of these efforts.

Our planet is enveloped by several energy grids. Each one transmits a certain type of energy to the Earth.

The formation of another, new energy lattice has recently been completed and is now connecting to the planet’s core.

A multitude of transparent, silver-colored beams emanates from the node points of the grid. All of them, penetrating through space, enter into the Earth’s interior, and there, already around the planet’s core, an energy network is formed exactly like the outermost one above the Earth’s surface.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Earth Outer Grid

Earth Outer Grid

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

The rays weaved an openwork cocoon around the core. It looks like lace but it is very strong, like a diamond.

The cocoon protects the planet’s core from the destruction to which it is bombarded by negative energy coming into the planet’s interior. This is the toxic plasma of people dumping their negativity there, and the sludge from all the negative energy processes on the Earth’s surface.

During the transition to the new 5D vibrational orbit, our planet suffered great energy losses. Its internal reserves were depleted. The core has lost its former stability, and its surface has become loose, covered with cracks.

This is because the planet released an energy substance from itself which served as a protective shell for the Earth and all life on it during the transition from 3D to 4D and 5D.

Now, Light Forces in space and on the ground are actively restoring and reconfiguring the core for the transition to the new reality, protecting it from negative influences from the outside.

When the lattice around the core is fully formed, the outer Archons’ 3D lattice will cease emitting rays and people will stop being exposed to them as they are now.

On the Subtle Plane, we can see these rays that look like ice needles from the sky to the ground. They do not radiate or absorb, but they reflect and change color depending on the surrounding energy.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Ice Needles

Ice Needles

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

As these rays pass through us, we may experience strange and incomprehensible sensations. Inner shivering, hot flashes, or cold touches, suddenly out of the blue, our breathing stops, or our heartbeat is disturbed.

It can appear suddenly, very abruptly, in an even place, and immediately disappear. The fact is that the rays are not static; they are constantly in motion, moving through space. And passing through people, they can cause such and other reactions of the body.

The purpose of the new grid is that destructive energy that is and will continue to enter the Earth’s interior when it reaches this grid and under its influence, changes its directions and returns.

Humanity will no longer be able to recharge directly from the Earth’s core and suck its toxic energy from it. Everything that comes from each of us in the form of energy exchange with Gaia, everything that we used to dump on it, will come back to us.

We must finally become independent and self-sufficient beings in every sense of the word, including in our energy supply.

For now, Earth continues to help us all. But it has already stopped sponsoring us with its energy from its inner source, as well as disposing of our dirt.

The new 5D space, new opportunities, and also new responsibilities are already beginning to enter our lives. Everything is radically changing and restructuring. Even if we don’t notice it and don’t see the dramatic changes, they are still happening.

We should thank Co-Creators for the fact that our adaptation and integration into the new cosmic and energetic space they conduct smoothly and more or less comfortably for all life on Earth.

Those of us who see their Subtle Bodies have probably noticed that in addition to various glows in our field there are golden, blue, green, iridescent, etc. meshes consisting of pulsating polyhedrons, crystals, and symbols.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Crystal Meshes

Crystal Meshes

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

The meshes are usually multi-layered, and they float and manifest themselves as one unfocused his/her attention. Planets, Stars, Galaxies, and Universes have the same meshes based on the principle of fractality.

This is our multidimensional DNA wrapping different layers of energy cocoons, and it is now unfolding more widely.

The spiral of our DNA in multidimensionality unfolds into these very meshes, some of which we used to think of as a crystal lattice, not fully understanding its meaning.

To be more precise, the net is curled into a spiral in the physical body FROM multidimensionality. After all, our Subtle Bodies and the physical are the ones.

Meshes are the antennae of perception, the conductors through which the currents of our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions pulsate.

The more antennas are deployed, the more we perceive reality. The brighter and more symmetrical meshes are, the more saturated, joyful, and multifaceted our life is.

The darker, less holistic, and symmetrical they are, the less energy, joy, health, integrity, and creativity we have.

Each mesh has its meaning and function. For example, the gold one holds the framework of our Light Channel and is viewed at all levels of the Subtle Bodies.

The meshes are the instrument, the strings, and they filter and concentrate the work on each of our organs and the entire body. These strings connect our hearts and chakras to the Source, keeping the fire of Its Spark alive in our Souls.

All beings have a set of such meshes. And one of the most important tasks of the Operation Stellar Network, as well as all of us now, is to patch up the holes, gaps, and disruptions in the entire energy infrastructure to which we belong as a part.

Its damage is not only caused by the incessant attacks of the Archons and Dark Forces. It is a consequence of our thought activity.

The more anger, aggression, fears, anger, apathy, resentment, jealousy, and even routine, the less coherent our vibrational geometric pattern becomes.

Part of the cleaning and restoration process is automatic. But it is not enough. We must multiply the help to ourselves.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Solar Halo

Solar Halo

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

The solar halo so often observed now is done by the Higher Light Hierarchy not only to draw our attention to the activation of new programs of our Star.

So they remind all of us that it is time to shine from within, and with this inner Light restore our wholeness, filling ourselves with the emotions of joy, creativity, and inspiration. After all, they are the fuel for Life.

As noted in previous parts of Operation Stellar Network, an integral element in European “star” cities and not only were pyramids.

Some of them in the 17th-19th centuries were depicted in paintings by artists, then destroyed and forgotten. Later, some of them were rediscovered and inventoried.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Hubert Robert (1733-1808). "Roman Ruins"

Hubert Robert (1733-1808). “Roman Ruins”

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

Now the lists include 43 stepped stone pyramids in Sicily; dozens of pyramids in the Canary Islands; 16 pyramids in Greece; 5 pyramid complexes in Italy (Montevecchia pyramids); Bosnian pyramid of the Sun; a pyramid in Languedoc-Roussillon province, France (pictured below), and many others only in Europe.

Unfortunately, not all pyramids in France had a happy fate. So the pyramid of Saint-Andre. in the northeast of Nice was completely demolished. Its construction dated back to 4000 B.C.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Pyramid In Languedoc-Russillon

Pyramid In Languedoc-Russillon

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Pyramid Of St. Andre

Pyramid Of St. Andre

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

It was dismantled and the material was used to build a highway. Now there is a road junction at the place of the pyramid (on the photo).

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Road Junction

Road Junction

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

Now Higher Light Hierarchy and its ground teams are restoring and re-activating many pyramids not only in Europe to rebuild and control the entire energy infrastructure of Earth.

One example is the pyramid located at the North Pole. Siriusians turned it from a static state to an active one.

The pyramid opens on the Subtle Plane like a lotus with golden petals, then, it twists and turns together with the petals in different directions.

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Lotus On Physical And Subtle Plane

A Lotus On Physical And Subtle Plane

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

A column of golden light enters from above. It is directed by Siriusians’ ships directly from the Sun. The purifying GRASIMO blue energy ball that was on top of the pyramid came down, transformed into a cloud, and began to suck in and recycle the negative energy of the planetary grid.

The pyramid now looks like a fully opened lotus. From the middle of the flower, golden orbs emerge like pollen into space and fly around the surface, soaking up the negativity.

Siriusians space fleet’s modules collect and evacuate these orbs for further clean up from clots of chyron (Evil particles).

Operation Stellar Network Part 3 - Grasimo Energy

Grasimo Energy

Operation Stellar Network Part 3

It is no coincidence that Buddhism associates the appearance of the lotus with the beginning of a new cosmic era.

The time of all-encompassing haze is coming to an end, and Operation Stellar Network, along with other ops, is quickly approaching its finale.


(To be continued)

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