Operation Stellar Network Part 2-3

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-3

The Great Quantum Transition


Operation Stellar Network Part 2-3 – By Lev.

Stellar Network on Earth had another very important part. It was a key element of the entire global infrastructure.

Expansion of cities required more and more energy. The wave energy of the grid was of little use for household and public needs.

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Electro-magnetic energy produced by “stars” was not transmitted outside. Wires were not used then, it was transferred only by flows, creating and connecting ether energy fields (see Part 2-2).

The need for lighting was also increasing. The resonators provided light, but it was not enough even for normal illumination of the central area inside the “star” fortress. Local light fixtures were not effective at all.

The “star” technology of the Higher Light Hierarchs solved this problem by using domes on buildings.

Operation Stellar Network - Hippodrome

Operation Stellar Network

The superstructure in the form of a dome and spire with a resonator produced electromagnetic energy more efficiently but worse – the wave energy and it did not come into a single network at all.

Using the architecture of the building, the energy was immediately distributed in needed directions due to the rigidity of the waveguides created by the naves and narthexes.

The dome also gave a stable multi-subscriber connection, if to place flotation tanks or isolation tanks (now they are called sarcophagi and thought of as graves) directly under the dome on the floor. In this tank, a man could tune himself to the subscriber by the rose of directions, which is depicted on the floor surface.

Operation Stellar Network - Tuning Rose In St.Peter Cathedral, Rome
Tuning Rose In St.Peter Cathedral, Rome

Operation Stellar Network

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The flotation tanks’ technology used elements from the most advanced energy-information stations of the Higher Light Hierarchy. They were assembled from natural materials, as was done in the Egyptian pyramids, but much more compact.
Operation Stellar Network - Flotation Tanks

Flotation Tanks

Operation Stellar Network

Another technology used by the Co-Creators was etheric toroids. They required great skill and extreme caution.

Toroid worked on the principle of a vacuum cleaner with antimatter function. It could absorb anything it came close to and was therefore very difficult to handle.

But the toroid gave light in the solar range, drawing energy from the ether which is what it was mainly used for, except for laying tunnels and channels. Without much experience and skill in driving the toroid on the “leash”, no one was allowed to work with it.

Operation Stellar Network - Dome In Section
Dome In Section

Operation Stellar Network

Usually, toroidal domes were built on public buildings.

Even in remote regions and small settlements, administrations had domes with lighting.

How was the dome designed and operated?

Cross on the dome was a resonator.

The small sphere at its base was the primary RAW (Routing and Assignment of Wavelength) energy scavenger and accumulator.

The small hemisphere below was an information-energy reservoir.

A small column up to the dome was a communication energy converter.

The outer large dome was the main energy reservoir, a chamber for the ether toroid, equipped with light windows.

The inner dome was the main energy conversion drum (coil).

The inner plafond was a light reflector.

Operation Stellar Network - Toroid

Operation Stellar Network

Under normal conditions, it was very problematic to keep an etheric toroid in place. One side of the torus, working to absorb matter with insignificant emission of fire, in the process of suction created an impulse of motion in the opposite direction to the suction, while the other side emitted light. It could be immobilized only in a statically charged field.

The source of such a field was the dome. The working zone of the dome was its outer surface. Inside, energy was accumulated in a different spatial phase and transformed by the sub-dome drums which also used only the outer side for this purpose.

Inside the dome was a chamber with a reflector, where the etheric toroid was placed, sensitive to the dome currents. Below, windows were made to illuminate the entire building.

In addition to lighting, the toroid also fed the energy circuits coming from the dome, transmitting the excess directly to the drum, thus compensating for the transformation losses.

The chamber was built in such a way that the ether toroid, placed in the geometrical center of the main storage, was close enough to the light windows and not closer than three meters to the ceiling of the chamber, so as not to destroy it.

Toroid was installed in the building by a trained person using a special instrument resembling a cross on a long pole. With this tool the operator impacted the ether which attracted the toroid to him, simultaneously turning it with the light side down.

Since at a distance of one to three meters, depending on its size, the toroid could absorb anything during transportation, very high doors and arcs were made to bring it into the building, or a removable pediment was inserted at the top of the entrance arch. Sometimes removable stained glass windows were used for entry/exit.

Operation Stellar Network - High Arcs In St.Peter Cathedral, Rome

High Arcs In St.Peter Cathedral, Rome

Operation Stellar Network

After passing through the high entrance, the “toroid-driver” had to carefully reach the platform under the dome, stand in the center of the communication directions rose depicted there, and disconnect the “chaser stick”. Then the toroid itself took a place under the dome.

It was more difficult to remove the toroid, for example, when repairing a building. In this case, it had to be disintegrated.

It took at least three “shepherds” with crosses on sticks and a temporary hoist to smoothly lower the operators together with the “bomb” to get the toroid tearing up out of the dome and out through large doors or windows into the street.

Another variant of holding the etheric toroid was wave condensers. As a rule, they were built in the form of a circular colonnade.

Operation Stellar Network - Saint Peter Square In Rome

Saint Peter Square In Rome

Operation Stellar Network

Along the colonnade, as in a particle accelerator, wave energies were launched. They did not let the toroid move further than the top of an imaginary cone with an angle of inclination of the surface to the axis of about 6 degrees, resting at its base on the colonnade.

Earlier on the colonnade in place of the statues, there were tanks with mercury – ether condensers. The obelisk (with a cross resonator and an ether storage sphere on the top) in the center of the square corrected the toroid’s centering.

Two fountains with a pair of hemispheres served as feeders for the accelerator-colonnade (similar spheres were used by Nikola Tesla in his energy installations).

The large dome of the Cathedral was the main and the two on the sides were auxiliary energy-information sources.

This allowed the etheric toroid to be suspended over the city and give light similar to sunlight over a large area around the clock.

A more revolutionary wave condenser was the X-shaped colonnade, which, unfortunately, has not survived (see plan below).

Operation Stellar Network - X-Shaped Colonnade

X-Shaped Colonnade

Operation Stellar Network

Such an open accelerator didn’t need a power source to keep it running, because it used the energy of the planet. In addition, it also fed energy into the distribution network.

The dome in the center of the intersection of the half circles of the colonnade only performed the balancing, transformation of the accelerator’s energy, and tying the point of placement of the toroid.

The toroid itself, when so tethered, hung in the stratosphere and, because of its enormous size, covered all the surrounding territory with light, and from afar served as a beacon for caravans and galleys.

In the Stellar Network, Higher Light Hierarchy made extensive use of crystal technology. The rays of the “stars” are the rays of crystals. Crystals themselves are multidimensional and have a plasma nature. This is Intelligence creating plasma.

Such technologies involved not only the accumulation and retransmission of etheric energy but also the control of the planet’s Crystal (computer) at the level of the source code, with ascending and descending streams, where the “stars” on surface worked as resonators in the horizontal plane.

“Star” formations were usually built on Power Places – points of exit of the rays of the Earth’s core (Crystal) to the surface, strengthening them, or attaching additional rays, as the pyramids do.

Earth itself is a growing multidimensional crystal. Its energy has always actively influenced the development of human civilization.

Operation Stellar Network - Earth - Multidimentional Crystal

Earth – Multidimentional Crystal

Operation Stellar Network

Our forefathers chose the most convenient places for their settlements, taking into account not only geographical but also geophysical factors. First of all, it was a place of constant energy flows that stimulate both the physical and mental development of people.

The Earth’s energy awakened psychic abilities in many.

Some of them became visionaries who helped rulers make the only right decision that contributed to the prosperity of the community.

Others were famous healers, saving the inhabitants of fast-growing cities from individual diseases. Or epidemics triggered by Black Archons during Cosmic Night and later, killing tens of thousands of people and turning entire provinces into desolate cemeteries.

The fourth showed itself in science or art, leaving for posterity unparalleled masterpieces of architecture or unexpected discoveries that baffle modern scientists.

Around the holy groves, healing springs gradually formed settlements. Sometimes they disappeared for some reason.

Tens of years, sometimes centuries, passed, and new peoples came to the desolate wastelands. They rediscovered these holy groves and life-giving springs and built their settlements over the former cities.

But everything in the Universe is a crystal or tends to assume an ordered crystal structure. Spontaneous natural processes are in fact processes of regular restructuring of invisible ordered-crystalline networks.

Operation Stellar Network - Everything Is Crystal

Everything Is Crystal

Operation Stellar Network

There are both related and antagonistic crystal fields. In their interaction in nature the processes of synthesis and analysis, construction, and destruction manifest.

What we think of as temples and “stars” today are destroyed or put on hold Portals for crossing from one dimension to another, storing and emitting energy, and communicating.

In temples, icons served as a Skype of those times. The same role was played by dolmens inside which the interlocutor and the events discussed were holographically reproduced during the communication session.

That is, in our current perception, they were telegraph offices, train stations, and power plants like the one unified structure. And as in any war, such places were the first to be seized by the Dark Forces.

They also have “stars,” but the technology is different, more multi-dimensional, supporting more channels of communication

Crystals are fractal copies of the Source spark, and in our planetary system, the Sun. It, too, is a Portal that conducts the energies of the Galaxy to Earth.

The cathedrals’ crosses also originally worked as crystals (a direct link to the sacred geometry of space). Dark Forces mutilated them, depriving them of their multidimensionality.

Operation Stellar Network - Cross As Crystal
Operation Stellar Network - Crystal As Cross

Cross As Crystal And Crystal As Cross

Operation Stellar Network

By some miracle, reference copies of some are still intact.

On the Subtle Plane, the Earth is also a Star or rather a multidimensional/multi-beam crystal.

It has not only the most powerful consciousness but also the Portal characteristics for transition to other worlds, like our Sun and other stars.

The commonplace notion of “star” to us is as much a particle of Consciousness as any other living organism in the Universe, from amoebas to Meta-Galaxies.

It is because of such a device that souls from many different worlds can incarnate on Earth. It is on these rays that the crystal lattice holding the entire Stellar Network together holds.

There are many networks and they are found and work with different dimensions.

The same crystal properties have not only the planet but also a man.

Operation Stellar Network - Reference Cross

Reference Cross

Operation Stellar Network

Operation Stellar Network - Earth Is Star

Earth Is Star

Operation Stellar Network

In us, the chakras are Portals. They draw energy from the Earth and its layered Subtle Planes, allowing them to conduct their energy into the physical world and transform ourselves for transition into the 5D.

The “stars”-crystals are located in the chakras, cells, and organs of our body. “Stars” are Portals of the smallest invisible nerve endings.

All our cells are connected. Some are synchronous and communicate with each other over a very long distance. What one cell knows, the other cell knows too.

Operation Stellar Network - Man Multidimensional Crystal

Man Multidimensional Crystal

Operation Stellar Network

If we damage one, the other gets damaged; if we cure one, the other gets better.

All cells are connected to our spine and brain.

Our nervous system is a neural network that acts as an antenna and is linked to the solar plexus which is where our central crystal, Solar, is located.

Every intention we have has a crystalline form on the Subtle Plane. It structures the world under itself if the intention is very strong.

It turns out that we are constantly building such a Subtle Crystal around ourselves, and space is forming. This is how we get what we want because we find ourselves inside that crystal.

Unfortunately, many of us, by crystallizing the space around us, only clog it, creating the worst crystal quality.

When we come into contact with each other, the faces of the crystals, like honeycombs, detach or attract, unite, rearrange.

Our intentions resonate with the intentions of others as one common organism, one pulse of creation.

This is how the multidimensional crystal structure of the family, society, and civilization is formed on the Subtle Plane.

Operation Stellar Network - We Are Linked By Our Crystals

We Are Linked By Our Crystals

Operation Stellar Network

The Archons and Dark Forces have subjugated this mechanism to their interests, almost destroying it. They have imposed on man desires, thoughts, and aspirations built on the lowest vibrations, feeding on them.

Yes, we are united by the same facets. But those facets that are responsible for the higher aspects are hardly involved in many of us.

The former multidimensional crystal of the Light civilization darkened. Its upper part cracked and crumbled, and the lower part melted into a dense black crystal.

Only we can transform it back into a Crystal of Life and Light – with our feelings, thoughts, and deeds. This is what the Co-Creators are waiting for from us, clearing the planet for us and transferring it to 5D.

The same happened with the temples, the “star” formations. They too are organs or chakras in the body of Ci-vilization (Ci = Qi = Prana = Life Energy), connected in a single network, the center of which is the Earth Crystal.

Now, Higher Light Hierarchy and its ground teams are actively engaged in restoring the ruins. One such operation is being conducted, these days, at the famous “star” monastery.

This is the nodal point of the Earth’s crystal lattice, an authentic stellar formation. It is the only Portal on the planet through which the two Pleroma’s Highest Hierarchs have performed a new Act of Spiritualization of the Earth, introducing into its crystal lattice Their Aspects.

The details will be in the following posts.

Siriusians Fleet’s Latest Update As Of May 23, 2021

In the new 5D vibrational orbit, our ships took the Earth through some of the time-lines that deflect the supernovae of the Galaxy’s Central Sun.

Passing through this area will be accompanied by the momentary emission of gamma rays on the Earth’s surface. The bursts of high-frequency vibrations can affect terrestrial technology.

We are on the lookout and control the flow of incoming radiation and block its negative effects on the super-powered energy discs in the North Pole area.


Operation Stellar Network - On The Lookout


The Polar disks’ work is stable. We amplify the rheostat voltage of the interplanetary Crystal.

The division into Time streams is intensifying. The changes taking place in human civilization are approaching a climax.

Be attentive to the events taking place. Attempts to influence the situation go against the Co-Creators’ Plan and will inevitably aggravate all internal contradictions.

Don’t believe the lies that are pouring out of the TV screens. The seedlings of a new reality are beginning to emerge. Anything unsustainable will be removed from your world.

Understand, all who help the Source see a very different picture of the Universe and planet Earth. It is very different from the scenario of a world that is passing away in which actors play their final roles, vanishing without a trace.

(To be continued)

More by Lev

Operations In Central Asia – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operations In Central Asia – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

From October 17 to November 14, 2022, under the Co-Creators’ run, the Lightwarriors’ ground team conducted a series of important operations in Central Asia. They eliminated some consequences, remained after of the Pleroma’s split the shadowy past (see DNI, Operation 4th Universe, Parts 1-10), and the restored its structures on our planet for transition to 5D.

Argorians Update 18 November 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Argorians Update 18 November 2022 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On 18th, 2022, at 9:42 AM CET, Argorians’ space fleet and Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D conveyed the following Earth’s monitoring data: “On the plateau of the pyramids of Giza, the intensive movement of the brown GASIG energy continues destroying 3D structures and prepares space for 5D. The orange-gold ERCADO discharges give an impulse of power contractions and forms temporary programs.

Speeding Up Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Speeding Up Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Our consciousness is run not by the events themselves, but by how they are presented. It often develops by media, sites, bloggers, opinion leaders, etc., who share their “important” point of view. Each of us who feels sorry for selves or our loved ones in what is happening and wants “world peace” is also vulnerable, as is anyone who attacks Reptilians, Dracos, Nazis, Xi, Biden, Trump, Macron, Putin and so on.

Speeding Up – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Speeding Up – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

In November, all events on the physical and Subtle Plane accelerated dramatically. This is especially noticeable in our daily life. The problem of static electricity has worsened. We get discharges from almost everything. Mostly it is metal, less often rubber.

Operations In Jordan Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operations In Jordan Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

On the way to the Dead Sea, Lightwarriors stopped in Bethany (or Al-Magtas in Arabic), where Co-Creators assigned them to carry out two important operations. Bethany beyond the Jordan (this is full name of the place) is sacred for all Christians. John the Baptist lived here, Jesus Christ was baptized and Elijah the Prophet ascended.

Operations In Jordan Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operations In Jordan Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition – Lev

The Lightwarriors ground team’s operations in Jordan were focused on solving the Earth’s cosmo-energy, inherited from the past. These days, they still pose serious obstacles for the Transition to 4D/5D. Additionally, on the instructions of Co-Creators, Lightwarriors conducted a number of local ops. One of them was the revival of the Jordan’s national egregore.

Accelerants Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Accelerants Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Taking into account the space weather in November and the transfer of Earth into a short controlled chaos, Argorians changed the scheme of the quantum flows impact on Earth and Earthlings. On November 4th, 2022, at 9:21 AM CET, the command of the Argorians’ space fleet conveyed and explained how a new pattern now works on a planet’s Subtle Plan.

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