Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1 – By Lev.

On the eve of the next Operation Stellar Network, a major event occurred in the Light Forces ground crew. On May 8, 2021, aspects of Archangel Michael and his twin flame Archea Vera were incorporated into their collective Logos.

What does that mean?

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It means that both Higher Light Hierarchs are now personally involved in Lightwarriors operations.

Archangel Michael and Archea Vera are the architects of the Universe. The Source uses them to bring Its Projects to fruition.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Archangel Michael And Archea Vera

Archangel Michael And Archea Vera

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

They are cosmic builders and constructors in the service of the Greatest Mind, paving the way to our minds and putting Divine light into us with every effort we make, from the smallest to the largest.

When they are around, they help and purify us through transmutation, filling us with the Light they have accumulated.

This energy support greatly enhances the protection and operational capabilities of all members of the LFs ground group.

The ceremony itself took place at the earthly abode of the Archangel Michael. This is a famous stellar monument Mont Saint-Michel on the northwest coast of France.

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Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

Collective Logos of the ground team was given the planetary Crystal of the Archangels with all their aspects. This is how they indicated that they were among the space curators of the Lightwarriors, who have been monitored for many years in many of the joint ops described in the DNI.

On May 9, 2021, the focal areas of joint actions and the assessment of the situation made by Archangel Michael were announced. Here are His most important theses.

Every day the cosmic flows directed at the Earth are becoming denser.

They are opposed by the energies of the Darks and Grays, with which they try to hold mankind in their power. This is why many people have confusion in their heads because they have not learned to think with the Light.

Today Dark Forces make desperate demarches using robotic and zombified figures in power.

Getting rid of the past on Earth is very difficult. Many Darks’ caches and sources of negative radiation are constantly being discovered.

As a helper, the collective Logos of the ground team is assigned to search out infested places. Through them, we will be able to enter the underground labyrinths and hiding-place of the Darks, where humans cannot penetrate.

My squad will go through all the secret tunnels and channels. Lightwarriors will be guided to the physical, mental, and astral haven of the Dark Forces.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - To Free Enslaved

To Free Enslaved

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

We will suppress the Darks’ attacks. We’ve got orders and Karmic permission to do so. There was still hope that the Dark Forces and their overbearing entourage would change their focus. A merciful exhortation did not help. Well, too bad for them.

Let us heal the Earth, this important part and mechanism of the Universe. We must purify it. The former Anti-Pleroma is deeply rooted here. We have come here to find and eliminate its roots.

Many cosmic races are ready to offer a helping hand to the planet, but just want to be careful not to burn earthlings. We can use high energies, but then all three-dimensional, living things would die and turn to ash.

This is not our goal. The ground crew Logos and the Lightwarriors are tasked with directing the Dark energies from the third dimension into the annihilation fields. We will accompany them so that there will be no leaks and no trouble elsewhere.

Once we have eliminated the energies of the Dark Forces, we will immediately proceed to the next step – the cleansing and healing of the Earth of all their deleterious effects.

Lightwarriors are our eyes and hands, our earthly minesweepers, we are the sappers. Through the ground group, we can see how the Dark energies respond. We will react to them at once. No blue flame will be spared. Lightwarriors won’t be touched by it – they’re covered by my shield.

That’s how we’ll get all the evil ones to come out of their hiding places. We’ll lure them out with our magnet. They can’t get out of it.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Darks' Hiding Place

Darks’ Hiding Place

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

It does not matter that the area of operations and the degree of involvement of the Lightwarriors is narrowed and cannot cover many Earth sites. They are all connected. If to lure one out, others will follow.

The same method, only with less energy, will be applied to every Earth creature.

Clean-up is still only beginning the elemental spheres. As for people, general and individual cleansing will take place in the second and third stages.

Earth creatures are different, so the impact on them will be different…

As instructed by Higher Light Hierarchy, on May 10, 2021, the ground group arrived at a sacred site in one of the southern mountain plateaus for another important ceremony.

On Earth, this place is a territory of intergalactic subjugation. In the distant past, Spiritual representatives from different Galaxies periodically gathered on the plateau. A Ray from the Center of the Super Universe was lowered to this place, and the sacrament of Consecration of Higher Intelligence Forms took place.

Earth then had the status of Perfect Divine Creation and carried within it the primordial aspect of the Source and the Universe’s Perfect State Matrix.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Universe Perfect State Matrix

Universe Perfect State Matrix

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

As they approached the plateau, its Keepers explained to the Lightwarriors that there is only one opening – the Spiritual Entrance. To reach it, man must pass through a kind of gateway, like the one near Mount Kailas in Tibet.

The entrance to the plateau is guarded by megalithic energy guards resembling fairy or mythical animals. When a person comes between them, he is exposed to scanning radiation. If his heart and intentions are pure, access is granted.

On the plateau’s Subtle Plane is one of the holy of holies of the Greater Cosmos – a backup copy of the Universe’s Logos in the form of a crystal, in its primary state when our Local Universe was created.

Not far away, in the field of another sacred mountain, is a copy of all the Logos of the Universe in their original state.

In the same area is stored the Matrix-Mandala of the primary state of planets’ Logos of our Solar System, their reference copies.

Higher Light Hierarchs showed this Matrix to the group. Thirteen planets were on it. For example, Mercury was a satellite of Venus. Nibiru is one of the planets of our Solar System. There was another one between Mars and Jupiter, of which now only an asteroid belt is left.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Nibiru


Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

At the direction of the Higher Light Hierarchs, the two leaders of the ground team each incorporated one backup copy of the Logos of the two planets into their multidimensional Subtle Bodies and Monads.

Then, Lightwarriors synchronized their collective Logos with the Logos of the Local Universe and were filled with incredible energy.

Lifting the Earth to a new vibrational orbit 5D, within which the planet will gradually be raised to nine cascading stages (frequency levels), upgrade of interaction with the ground team and their collective Logos, and Operation Stellar Network – all this is in line with the next joint work with Galactic Committee.

Its purpose: to restore and activate stellar formations on Earth as a vital element in the new vibes’ conditions.

The work to be done is enormous because for centuries the Dark Forces have been consistently and purposefully destroying the Earth’s energy system by forcing it into the 3D.

It is not a metaphor. Hundreds of erased known and unknown stellar objects, from entire cities to walls and other infrastructure are an example of this.

All “stars” are territorially bound to the Earth’s crystal grid. They draw energy for their work at the places where the planet’s nodal crystals exit to the surface.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Earth Crystal Grid

Earth Crystal Grid

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

By destroying the “stars”, the Archons destroyed the crystals that played a vital role in the given locations.

If the stellar structure survived, the crystals are weakened, and in this mode, they work without fully performing their functions.

It’s not just the energy supply. The map below depicts part of a global transportation system based on the energy channels of star formations. These channels carried cargo and passenger traffic across the planet. Archons destroyed it as well.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Stellar Transportation System

Stellar Transportation System

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

Dark Forces have not spared many “star” cities. Most were wiped out by point nuclear strikes. Traces of cesium-137 and other radioactive fallout in the soil of these places remain to this day. Others were rebuilt under the pretext of beautification.

Western Europe in particular has many such cities.

The total structural volume of one such “star” around a major city is often equal to the construction volume of the city itself. Millions of handling earth’s cubic meters and millions of building stone’s cubic meters. Moreover, the stone is filigree processed by machine industrial method.

The fortification functions of “stars” can be questioned because there are many markers that make those functions meaningless.

Implementing the principle “Divide and Conquer” DFs diligently erased the “stars” from the face of the globe. It was done to tear the unified architectural field of the planet so that the modern population would not guess that the world was already global and unified before.

All these wars were more like a punitive sweep of the remnants of former civilizations and the creation of occupation administrations on the planet.

Obviously, without total military-technical superiority during the Cosmic Night, it was impossible to realize such a large-scale remaking of world order.

The nineteenth-century albums with drawings and plans describing the construction of these mysterious, not even structures, but rather formations, are crude forgeries.

Man has little to do with the creation of star forts, at least, a man of the current civilization.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Elvas Star Fortress, Portugal

Elvas Star Fortress, Portugal

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

There is much evidence for it. The first and most convincing is the number of “stars” scattered over all the continents.

Even the construction of one of them requires enormous resources and time. And if to add up all the “stars”, it would take millions of man-hours of work to create them.

Construction on such a scale simply did not make sense, and information about it could not fail to keep safe in history. But nothing has safeguarded. And what was preserved is more of a reconstruction or modification.

For example, most of the forts that have survived in Europe have an ennobled appearance. They were clad in stone, and the underground rooms were built in brick.

At the same time with these perfect constructions, even from the point of view of modern fortification, there is an unaccountable number of fortresses in the form of ordinary earth ramparts.

Many of them are known, but most of these fortresses are a puzzle not only to historians, but even to people who live in their immediate vicinity, and even directly on them.

Such “stars” began to be discovered on a massive scale due to the widespread use of aerial photographs and satellite images of the Earth’s surface.

It turns out that star forts exist in the most unexpected places, where historians claim nothing ever existed at all. Some are on the cemeteries, stadiums, and athletic fields.

And there are hundreds of thousands of them scattered all over the world. Could man have built them? Very possibly, but not terrestrial.

First, it did not have sufficient resources for such work. Second, to build such forts it was needed hundreds of thousands of skilled workers, ingenious engineers, planners, surveyors, and design institutes.

And they also required the most complex calculations, which we learned to do only in the nineteenth century.

In this situation the question is pertinent: if we see the highest level of construction of forts, why not assume that the earth ramparts under them could also have been built by the same genius builders?

There are several other circumstances directly indicating that man had nothing to do with the appearance of the star fortresses on Earth.

The most important of these is that “stars” continue to appear where they did not exist before. For example, in Draaibrug and Aardenburg in Holland.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Draaibrug Before And After (2013)
Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Draaibrug Before And After (2013)

Draaibrug Before And After (2013)

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

There are hundreds of such examples, not just one or two. It convincingly proves that no construction took place, but the “stars” form themselves! This is a fact from which there is no escaping.

So society doesn’t know something very important about our world. Man is not surprised by the shape of snowflakes, which fall from the sky. But why not assume that similar formations can also arise on earth in a way whose mechanism modern science does not yet understand.

A clue may lie in so-called Chladni figures. Such figures appear from loose materials on a surface that is subjected to vibrations of varying frequency and amplitude.

It does not matter how these vibrations are created, acoustic or vibration, the main thing is to set the required ones. And by changing the vibrations, you can create any stars, from the simplest four-beam to complex fractals.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Chladni Figures

Chladni Figures

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

So how was the Stellar Network created and operated?


Unscheduled Update From Siriusians’ Fleet As Of May 19, 2021

Earth is successfully led through the light-reflecting dipole barrier in the third 5D Membrane filter. Around the planet, the background radiation will increase. It is desirable to monitor the state of health, to limit the stay in the Sun.

Large-scale work is currently being planned in the Earth’s atmosphere to retrieve the accumulated volume of plasma.

Compression of the force fields begins with the transformation of the plasma nuclei collected in its accumulators that distort the incoming energies.

Under the control of Siriusians’ ships, the communication center with the planet’s core is turned on to purify and control the dimensionality change.

Energy output through the Giza pyramids is directed to create new field structures of 4-dimensional space.

Interplanetary crystal is tuned into the programs of forming a new fractal from the directed energy of the Oryx Star’s Hologram through plasmoid emissions from the 4th dimension.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

Weather changes on Earth will be insignificant, but the movement of large volumes of air masses can affect the differences in atmospheric pressure. Such differences affect the cardiovascular system.

Take care of the resource supply and the state of your body. Try to react calmly to incoming energy flows. Your inner positive harmony will help you.

Keep an eye on the immune system. The third Membrane is complex and has the delineation of different levels of meridians within its cellular structure.

Passing through the frequency levels of the new 5D vibrational orbit our ship will regulate the step load on all terrestrial living organisms.

The realignment of systems and organs must recode the DNA and RNA codes to higher vibrations. This will lead to faster adaptation to the new high-frequency 5D space.

A desire for changes in the influence of energies is controlled as the planetary background changes. Its upgrade will bring tremendous shifts in space and the world around.

Seeking to affect change through mind manipulation will not be successful. Any such attempts will be suppressed and reoriented.

Operation Stellar Network Part 2 - Space Fleet

Space Fleet

Operation Stellar Network Part 2-1

Insanity grows only among people under the control of the possessors. Obsession reveals the true nature of these figures.

Remain vigilant. To many, high-frequency energies are painful. Fire energies cleanse the planet, exposing all flaws in the human psyche.

We are watching all the processes of the planet and human civilization with even greater attention. The shifts in people’s consciousness are beginning to bear fruit, which means that the Source Plans are being implemented much more quickly.

Quality will replace quantity. This is the only way to change the current civilization on Earth.


(To be continued)

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