Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Lev

Operation Stellar Network Part 1

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 – By Lev.

Alongside with Galactic Committee and friendly races continued operations in space and from near-Earth space, the Light Forces’ ground teams carry out their ops on the surface.

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Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Friendly Race's Spaceship

Friendly Race’s Spaceship

Operation Stellar Network

In agreement with Galacom, on May 6, 2021, Lightwarriors reported their next objectives:

  • Complete the previously started hematite op (see – DNI, Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation – Part 1 and 2);
  • Final dismantlement of the Matrixes that form the planetary parasitic system. Co-working with its creators – Reptiloids – is planned;
  • Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation linked to the Pyramids of Egypt (see DNI, Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation – New Galactic Ops Part 6);
  • A full sweep of Hell’s Portals on Earth. During the Armageddon and the destruction of the Anti-Pleroma, 99% of them were eliminated. But 1% remained, and they are on our planet.
  • Comprehensive work with Stellar Network, the Earth Logos causal Matrix, and its crystal lattice.
Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Earth's Crystalline Grid

Earth’s Crystalline Grid

Operation Stellar Network

On May 7, 2021, the first phase of the operation with the “star” structures was reported. What does it consist of?

The little historical digression…

The last two cosmic wars in 109,806 B.C. and 11,008 B.C. resulted in catastrophic consequences on Earth.

Destruction and falling on the planet of two of its three moons, changes in rotation axis angle and Earth’s position in orbit around the Sun, the Poles’ shift with the onset of the Ice Age and Cosmic Night, made the situation of Gaia threatening.

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Like other planets, Earth is a crystal, an octahedron that makes up its skeleton. It is a crystal that grows. More precisely, that is trying to grow.

After everything that happened to the planet during the space wars and its takeover by the Black Archons, the causal Matrix of 3D Earth’s Logos has turned into an asymmetrical, skewed, non-fractal octahedron.

If a person has a broken bone that has not healed properly, it will not grow back to anything good, because it will not shape up properly. Eventually, it will have to be broken. So it is with the 3D Earth, whose crystalline skeleton is not growing well after the catastrophe of millennia ago.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Octahedron


Operation Stellar Network

This led to a weakening of the Light vibrations coming from the Galactic Ray, of the Life Energy inflow, the worsening of climatic, social, and other conditions on the planet, the downward spiraling of human evolution and life quality, and man’s genetics.

Our planet, its Logos, has become unlivable. 3D Earth began to slowly die.

To stop the Earth’s destruction and disintegration, Higher Light Hierarchy and the Galactic Coalition of many Logos and cosmic races urgently intervened.

Light Hierarchs arrived on Earth to provide mankind with practical help. A plan to save the planet was developed and began to be actively implemented.

It included reanimating the damaged Logos and the Earth’s core, balancing, and restoring the planet’s crystalline and magnetic lattice.

An important part of the mission was the creation of an additional planetary crystal grid and a global support network and restoration of the Earth’s core.

Thus two planetary infrastructures emerged: a system of 144,000 pyramids and hundreds of “star” objects in the form of city walls, fortresses, bastion forts, etc.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Fort Vesting Bourtange, Netherlands

Fort Vesting Bourtange, Netherlands

Operation Stellar Network

They served as the main systems. There were also many auxiliary ones – seitas, cromlechs, geoglyphs, labyrinths (surads). The surads were designed to compensate for the lost power of the Galactic Ray coming to the Earth. All of them were part of a single energy structure to save the Earth.

Almost all Earth’s major pyramids are octahedrons. Its upper part, on the physical plane, is a pyramid in the proportion of the golden section. And on a Subtle Plane, it is the same octahedron, with a mirror lower part.

It is a geometric copy of the causal Matrix of the Earth’s Logos.

Pyramids are located in groups on certain parts of the planet. The main ones were built on localizations of vertices, edges, faces of the Earth octahedron projection on its surface.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Pyramids, Egypt

Pyramids, Egypt

Operation Stellar Network

Each pyramid is like a small artificial extra pole of the Earth, like the World Mountain of Meru in miniature.

One of the world pyramids’ tasks is to energetically support, reanimate the Earth’s core (Crystal) by restoring its form and infusing the cosmic Life Energy.

Pyramids, due to their form effect, cemented, strengthened the planet’s structure, inhibiting and stopping its critical decay.

A world network of “stellar” constructions was built for the same purposes. Genuine (not copies) “star” objects are projections of specific space Logos as energy donors. That is, either a direct channel or an aspect of this or that planetary Logos is introduced into Earth’s Subtle Body.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Stellar Network Map

Stellar Network Map

Operation Stellar Network

Different configurations of “stars” (4-beam, 8-beam, 12-beam, etc.) correspond to different types of planetary Logos. They are classified by the form of their causal Matrix.

The more rays, the more levels of Creation from which the impact comes, and the flow of Life Energy are given.

Stellar Network thus created an additional energy frame of the planet, an auxiliary layer of its crystal lattice, corresponding to the reference configuration.

All authentic “stars” are located strictly at the projection points of the Earth crystal grid’s nodes.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Citadel of Quebec, in Quebec City

Citadel of Quebec, in Quebec City

Operation Stellar Network

This grid of aspects and direct projections of other planets-donors was “thrown” over the main Earth’s crystal lattice, served as its “coupler”, “glued” it.

As a result, the decay of Gaia’s body was slowed down and almost stopped. This process led to disruption of the entire planet’s energy, imbalance of the magnetic field, acceleration of the Earth’s surface rupture (continents running apart), and so on.

“Stars” are like droppers of the Life Energy substance injected into the Gaia’s body to support its disturbing vitality.

The nodal points of the crystal grid are similar to the acupuncture points of the human body. One can say that the creation of the Stellar Network is acupuncture treatment of the Earth, an acupuncture session to harmonize, balance its energy field.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Capetown On The Former Fortress Place

Capetown On The Former Fortress Place

Operation Stellar Network

In the very center of the “stars,” in an area of about one meter by one meter, the energy field is completely different than outside of it. By clairvoyance, one can see and feel an energy vortex, a channel, like a tornado, directed from top to bottom, from the outside to inner Earth.

Outwardly it looks like a drill, a self-tapping screwdriver screwed into the Earth’s Body. Or like a drip needle.

Authentic “star” buildings are difficult to distinguish from remade fortresses. In the latter, a similar feeling arises solely as a result of the shape effect, the “star” configuration.

Their resemblance to snowflakes is striking. A snowflake is a frozen water. A water crystal is a carrier of Life Energy.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Snowflake


Operation Stellar Network

Pyramids’ system and Stellar Network were activated at the same time – about 10500 years B.C. That is, before the deep Cosmic Night and full capture of the Earth by the Black Archons.

Both of these world systems, with varying degrees of effectiveness, are still performing their functions today.

All this is about primary, authentic “stellar” formations.

Now on the Internet one can find entire Atlases of star-shaped forts. However, there is no logic, no system in the location of many of them.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Fort Mchenry, Baltimore, Maryland, US

Fort Mchenry, Baltimore, Maryland, US

Operation Stellar Network

It is important to distinguish the types of “star” objects. They include:

  • Stars’ Mandalas;
  • Seals, facsimiles of space civilizations outlining their zone of influence, interests, experiments;
  • Experimental laboratories, energy installations, Inter-space travel portals;
  • Fortifications;
  • Cities of Light;
  • Localities.

That is, each “star” must be examined separately, which category it belongs to.

Authentic Stellar Network is built on Earth in a strict sequence, conforming to sacred geometry. There is no similar thing in other cases.

Thus, star forts are fortifications located at strategically important points from a military, defensive point of view on high ground, isthmus, and coast.

Such are, for example, fortresses in Africa and India. They are 99% bastion forts, not sacred mandalas.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Karnataka Fort, India

Karnataka Fort, India

Operation Stellar Network

The well-known Atlas of Star Forts includes 600 stellar constructions of all categories. But the vast majority of the authentic ones have simply not come down to us. Floods, wars, ice ages…

Although in some cases, modern replicas were subsequently built in their place – cities, forts, fortresses, etheric energy generators, etc. Sometimes they were simply reconstructed or restored. Or something new was erected in their place based on the stellar form.

Yes, star formations can be embodied in a fortress format, why not, as long as this form is an effective model of a fortification object… Medieval military strategists, to whom the authorship of the Stellar Network is attributed, are not its builders but are at best its explorers.

If to create a star formation on the nodal point of the Earth’s crystal lattice, one will get an etheric generator, an inexhaustible source of energy. More precisely, it is not a generator, but a receiver, collector, and amplifier of cosmic flows.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Goryokaku, Hakodate, Japan

Goryokaku, Hakodate, Japan

Operation Stellar Network

These places are also natural inter-dimensional Portals. They can be used as points of travel to other worlds.

Let’s take a look at the drawings of early star fortress explorers. For example, at the sketches of Professor Leonhard Christoph Sturm in his manuscript “Architectura Militaris Hypothetico-Eclectica, Oder Gründliche Anleitung zu der Kriegs-Baukunst. Nürnberg. 1720).

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Leonhard Christoph Sturm

Leonhard Christoph Sturm

Operation Stellar Network

The question arises: isn’t the blueprint for a fortress bastion too complicated? How much human labor and resources are needed to build them? And above all, to what purpose?

But if one wanted to build an energy “snowflake”, this is just what is needed, a detailed scheme…

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Snowflake Fortress (From L.C.Sturm Book)

Snowflake Fortress (From L.C.Sturm Book)

So, all earlier actions taken on the Earth’s Logos, its format, and its crystal lattice were only a temporary solution to the problem, a “pill”, a counteraction to the symptoms.

The time has come to solve the cause of the problem. Gaia began to implement her transformation plan on the level of the causal Matrix of the planetary Logos, the crystalline lattice, the framework of the Earth, introducing new systemic energies and forms of matter (elements) into every cell.

Each cell of the body is a potential beam to the Universe. Each ray is the Portal of the cosmic neural network.

The Universe is developed just as the human body is created. When a cell knows at its level that it is part of the whole, it becomes a beam of light and energy, connecting the body with the Deep Space.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Cell And Universe

Cell And Universe

Operation Stellar Network

The more rays, the more contact with the Universe. Ideally, all cells of the body should become rays. Then man, like the entire planet, becomes a fully luminous being, a collectively conscious microcosm.

With the transition from 3D to 5D, all transformation processes are simultaneously accelerated.

But many people live in anabiosis and inhibit the acceleration of the Earth, bringing dissonance with the changing general field of the planet.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - From ISS: Earth At Night

Our Light

Operation Stellar Network

It is about a crystalline grid of conductors whose crystals are tuned to each other and amplify the overall vibrations.

As the night city lights up one by one, the crystals around the Earth begin to glow. More and more of them, envelop the planet evenly.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - From ISS: Earth At Night

From ISS: Earth At Night

Operation Stellar Network

They light up synchronously from different poles. The crystalline field grows evenly. This is a very important point, there should be no skew.

The crystals begin to shimmer and sparkle, with everything spinning in all directions, a very beautiful sight.

Carriers of crystals are not only people. They are also dolphins, animals, plants, mollusks, stones, physical crystals themselves, even water and air.

By returning the Earth to its former glow, we return health to its entire body, including our own, through this acupuncture treatment.

The unclouded glow of crystals is a perfect unfolding of events. Crystals have a living consciousness, but they are embedded in us and therefore subject to our influence.

They need to be cleaned, and regularly. It is like hygiene of body and mind.

Crystals have the properties of stars – emission of waves, and accumulation of information.

But their main property is that they are Portals to any world. Through crystals, we can receive information and vibration codes from other dimensions.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Human Body Crystals

Human Body Crystals

Operation Stellar Network

Crystals have a common consciousness and attract carriers of the same crystals. Connecting with Earth’s core, crystals of earthlings together form a huge crystal cluster, the most powerful.

The more earthlings activate their crystals, the faster the planet’s core deformations and all the negative consequences associated with this anomaly will be eliminated.

A cell can be restored, and much work has already been done. But restoring the integrity of the cell excludes Ego, any kind of selectivity, advancement, etc.

“I am more conscious than you” – this postulate holds back our cellular recovery. Comparison is the poison of our consciousness.

To see in every being of the universe not just a friend, a brother, or a reflection of oneself, but one’s self, that is the level of holistic being.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Brotherhood


Operation Stellar Network

True Portals are not only at key energy points on the planet. They are everywhere, including inside our physical bodies.

Using the crystals of our physical and the Subtle Bodies, we can connect to the Thin-Material crystals known to us as “ether”, thus becoming one with the environment, literally merging our consciousness with space and matter. It is like the merging of a drop with the ocean.

The experiments and machines that Nikola Tesla built, for example, were largely managed by him through telepathic communication with the crystals of the planet through their beams. It was how he controlled lightning, and his neighbors were very unhappy about energy discharges under their feet.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Tesla And Lightning

Tesla And Lightning

Operation Stellar Network

Pure energy finds its way into materialization (manifestation in our physical reality) through the ethereal crystals and moves through their Portals, creating a quantum flow.

How do we work with the crystals inside our bodies?

Open them with our purity. Send them Love and gratitude. Everything will be opened as the general changes take place. It is important to emphasize – general changes.

If the cells of our body have realized they are part of it, they become Portals because they are connected to the Stars. By sending Love into our body, washing our cells with pure consciousness, we open Portals to all worlds.

But the crystalline structure of the Earth, which is fueled by Stellar Network and the Pyramids, affects more than just people.

Complex crystal projections on the planet’s surface have special properties. Magnetic, gravitational, tectonic, and other anomalies correspond to the vertices and edges of these figures.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Projection Of Earth Crystal On The Surface

Projection Of Earth Crystal On The Surface

Operation Stellar Network

With their nodes are associated the origin and development of human civilizations: the Tibetan-Chinese; the area of the Two Rivers; the ancient Egypt; the center of South America.

Permanent areas of hurricanes genesis coincide with the nodes: the Bahamas; the Arabian Sea; the Devil’s Sea, north of New Zealand; the archipelagos of Tuamotu and Tahiti.

Giant swirling ocean currents also act around the nodes of the system, often coinciding with the centers of atmospheric pressure.

Birds migrate south to the hubs of the system – west and south of Africa, Pakistan, Cambodia, and north and west Australia.

Sea animals, fish, and plankton accumulate in the nodes. Whales and tunas migrate from node to node along the grid ribs.

These are just the basic vertices. Between them countless more rays can be drawn, that forms one of the layers of the crystal lattice.

Earth is a transformer on a cosmic scale, as is the Sun, the Galaxy, man himself, and in general – any particle of consciousness, from quanta to Super Universes.

Operation Stellar Network Part 1 - Earth In The Light Of The Universe

Earth In The Light Of The Universe

Operation Stellar Network

We all refract the currents of Source consciousness, reflecting Its Rays of Attention through our prism, running them through our coil with varying resistance degrees.

Just as there are no linear processes in cosmic energy, there are none here on Earth. The flow is constantly changing, bringing new winds of change.

What has become of the Stellar Network today?

Many of its “stars” were wiped out in the nuclear bombings that went on up to and throughout the nineteenth century.

The whole system was jammed, there was no one to repair it, and much of it was simply stolen for others’ needs. The few Portals that functioned, the Archons destroyed, leaving only theirs to exit to the Anti-Pleroma and Black eons.

Now a Lightwarriors ground team has begun clearing this debris.


(To be continued)

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There are TWO realities. One is reflected 24/7 by mass media according to which humanity will die before our eyes if it is not urgently and universally vaccinated. Another reality confirms that mortality remains at the level of natural population decline due to chronic diseases and age.

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Operation Stellar Network Part 4 – The Great Quantum Transition

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Siriusians And Galacom Updates – The Great Quantum Transition

Siriusians And Galacom Updates – The Great Quantum Transition

The following are the next operational updates from the 25D Siriusian space fleet Command dated May 31st, 2021, 09:57 PM CET, and Galactic Committee message dated May 30, 2021, 06.13 AM CET assessing the current situation. Here is the highlight of the 25D Siriusians’ message. Siriusians’ space squadron successfully continues to put Earth into a new 5D vibrational orbit. Soon it will approach 50% of its planned route.

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