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Operation Saturn - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operation Saturn

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Saturn – By Lev

The Saturn Operation was tasked to destroy the powerful stronghold of Black Archons and their Dark Hierarchy on this planet and its satellites, from where they run Earth, the Solar System and part of the Milky Way.

Operation Saturn - Milky Way
Milky Way

Operation Saturn

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How they did it?

In the distant past, during the invasion of the Solar System, the Saturn’s Logos was captured by Jehovah (one of the three sons of Yaltabaoth, who turned this planet into his Throne – the gateway to the Black eons, uniting their incarnation fields with Earth.

As a result, streams of possessors, representatives of the 66th Monadic Family, whose homeland was Saturn, poured into our planet. They used Throne as a transit Portal to invade and dump karma, theirs and Black Archons, on Earth and its Logos.

Operation Saturn - Saturn

Operation Saturn

Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchy fully understood how super-complex the Saturn problem was, and what coordinated and selfless work its solution would require from all those who would participate in it.

Such conditions are ripe nowadays. The Lightwarriors’ ground team works a lot and successfully on the surface and Subtle Plane. Their important advantage is not only the vast experience in performing the most difficult and large ops, but also the presence on Earth.

The first part of the op was to eliminate two giant hexagonal Matrices, energy poles that firmly anchored Gaia to two similar structures on Saturn.

On Earth, one of these poles had the shape of two superimposed multidirectional triangles. Since ancient times, it has been a sacred sign symbolizing many dualistic concepts and having different names – the Sign of Vishnu, Duada, Magendavid, the Seal of Solomon (the pentagram is its variant) and others. They are described in detail in the esoteric literature.

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Operation Saturn - Sign Of Vishnu
Sign Of Vishnu

Operation Saturn

Black Archons turned it into a powerful accumulator and repeater of negative energy.

Their entire Hierarchy and creatures on Saturn and Earth fed on it.

And yet this structure had another, more important basis and function – the secret Seal of Jehovah.

It was a created by Black Archons Tree of counterfeit human Monads incarnated on Earth.

It consisted of a portion of Jehovah’s DNA.

Thanks to this Matrix, he had absolute control over people, and could drain all the karmic impurities of the Dark Hierarchs on them.

As it was mentioned above, Jehovah was one of the three sons of Yaltabaoth, who entrusted him the Solar System.

The second, Yahweh, run Earth.

The third, Sabaoth, crossed over to the Light Side and his name today is El Moria.
Operation Saturn - Jehovah And Yahweh
Jehovah And Yahweh

Operation Saturn

Operation Saturn - And El Moria
… And El Moria

Operation Saturn

Black Archons built a unique and truly ingenious system in which the Jehova’s aspect was a part of a man. At the same time, the Tree of counterfeit Monads was deeply embedded in the Earth’s Logos.

Everything was interdependent and inseparably intertwined. This ensured the invulnerability of many Black Archons who, via it, merged with men and Gaia from the astral level.

In such a situation, there was only one way to solve the problem – to gradually demine the Black Matrix with Jehovah’s manifestation body and DNA on Earth’s Subtle Plane. It would also allow destroy it on Saturn.

Co-Creators and Galacom assigned a key role to the ground team head whose Monad was best suited for the op. He had to put the Jehovah’s aspect and DNA into himself piece by piece, then, reassemble and annihilate them in his Monad.

Lightwarrior had no idea how difficult and exhausting the operation would be for him. For more than a week, with the help of Ascended Masters, the substance of Jehovah was gradually uprooted from the energy body of Earth and introduced into his Monad, where it was restored back into hexagon.

There are no words to convey how hard it was all. Each portion caused the strongest stabs in the heart, causing unbearable pain and overloads on the nervous system. Lightwarrior could not sleep, because any movement or a deep sigh sored.

On the last day, Ascended Masters introduced into his Monad the core of the Black Matrix – a Subtle hexagon with a right-sided Anti-Swastika (energy of involution) in the center.

Operation Saturn - Black Matrix
Black Matrix

Operation Saturn

This was a particularly difficult ordeal for Lightwarrior. But the worst was ahead. On the same night, the assembly of the entire Matrix introduced into his Monad began.

What he experienced in those hours cannot be expressed in words at all. He still doesn’t understand how his physical body withstood all this.

At the time of the complete assembly of the Black Matrix, its synchronization with the Maternal six-sided polyhedron on Saturn occurred.

Taking advantage of this, Ascended Masters freed the Earth’s Logos from the Jehovah’s aspect.

Through the sync, they received an access to the Saturn’s core. While they prepared the next stage of the operation, Lightwarrior kept the Black Matrix in himself for a day. Only the next night, his Monad began to split it by vibrations of Absolute Light.
Operation Saturn - Maternal Six-Sided Polyhedron On Saturn
Maternal Six-Sided Polyhedron On Saturn

Operation Saturn

But suddenly the inexplicable happened. Inside the Matrix, something began to crystallize. It soon became clear that this something was of a Higher Nature, for it could manifest itself only in the vibration of Absolute Light.

After some more time, an indescribably beautiful Mandala – an Aspect of one of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch – emerged. In the distant past, He gave it in the form of a Matrix to Yaltabaoth (son of World Mother Sophia and Black Co-Creator of Local Universe) to create a man on 3D Earth. It would be better than if he created men himself beastlike.

As a result, the Matrix ended up with Jehovah who used it to create a Black analogue on the Earth’s Subtle Plane.

Upon completion of crystallization in the Lightwarrior’s Monad, he returned the Aspect to its Owner in Pleroma.

It wasn’t over yet. A day later, quite unexpectedly for everyone, the Supreme Hierarch returned to Earth his Aspect in the form of the same Matrix. He integrated it into the Lightwarrior’s Monad, and a copy – into the planetary Logos to help people Transition to 5D.

Operation Saturn - Monad

Operation Saturn

The procedure lasted three days. Lightwarrior again had to experience all the heaviest surcharge and pain, as when loading aspects of Jehovah into him.

Further – more. Without slowing down, Co-Creators conducted four experiments with the Absolutized Monad of Lightwarrior.

The first test was targeted to find out whether his Monad could independently produce an Absolutized substance, a “tissue” for its body, similar to the man’s blood transfusion or skin graft.

To the surprise of everyone, such the Lightwarrior’s Monad made such synthesis. Co-Creators created an artificial mass deficit in it and watched in admiration as the Monad itself began to produce its atoms, an Absolutized matter.

Operation Saturn - Blood Transfusion
Blood Transfusion

Operation Saturn

Then the experiment was complicated. They took a portion of Absolutized substance and made a device out of it in the form of a crown. They wanted to know if it could repair damaged human Monads. And is it possible to make their new Tree out of this substance?

Two days later, the “crown” was tested on a person who incarnated on Earth from the 108th Monadic Family (see Operation in Germany, Part 2 for details on this stream).

Unfortunately, as expected, a typical representative of this stream degraded in 3D to such a state that the radiant crown was completely unable to reproduce even the substance of which his Monad consisted, not to mention the Absolutized one. The former simply did not have enough of its energy resources for this.

A day later, Co-Creators conducted a third experiment with the Lightwarrior’s Monad. This time, was tested its ability to clean out the karma clusters introduced by Black Archons into human Monads.

From one such Soul of a deceased man, with the consent of his Higher Self, a karma segment was extracted and placed in the Lightwarrior’s Monad. It was effectively cleansed and returned to its owner.

For the fourth test, a whole damaged human Monad was placed in Lightwarrior. Its cleansing was also successful. This once again confirmed the truly unlimited capacities of the Absolutized version in processing without negatively impact large amounts of karma.

But could the Lightwarrior’s Absolutized Monad destroy the Seal of Jehovah (the Matrix with his DNA and Monadic aspect) on Saturn? To find out, Ascended Masters instructed him to get in direct contact with its Subtle matter and try to annihilate it.

Operation Saturn - Radiant Crown
Radiant Crown

Operation Saturn

Operation Saturn - Seal Of Jehovah
Seal Of Jehovah

Operation Saturn

The contact took place. It confirmed that the substance is the strongest karmic poison capable of killing the entire Local Universe.

The Absolutized Monad of the ground team head could annihilate a small fragment of Jehovah’s substance, but it became clear that he could not cope with the entire Black Matrix on Saturn.

Ascended Masters decided to act differently. With the help of a ground team, which went on their instructions to a sacred place in one of the mountainous regions of Southern Europe, they installed a copy of the Crystal of Absolutized Reality in the Saturn’s Logos.

The Crystal was stored on Earth in the Temple of All the Elements, and from there Lightwarriors continued the operation. Having singled out the manifestation body from their Monads, they transported by it the shrine to Saturn.
Using the Crystal, Ascended Masters began to filter the causal substance of the Saturn’s Logos, purify it from karma and Absolutize it.

At first, everything went well. The Crystal perfectly coped with its function. However, the unexpected soon occurred. Saturn’s Monad began to dump its karma on this planet, into its causal body, where accumulates info-energy that forms the fate of the object.

To understand what happened, recall recent posts in DNI – Our Monad (Parts 1-3).

Each of us has a Monad, and the Monad (depending on the level of development, ours and the Soul) has a manifestation bodies.

Operation Saturn - Crystal of Absolutized Reality
Crystal of Absolutized Reality

Operation Saturn

They can be: Monadic, causal, mental, astral, etheric and physical. The Monadic body can be combined with the causal and physical. Or ideally – as a Monad single body on all levels (dimensions), including 3D.

So it is with the Planetary, Stellar, Galactic and other Logos of the Universe. They have a Monad and manifestation bodies. For example, the Logos of Saturn is a manifestation body of its Monad on the causal plane. And on physical plane, Saturn can be seen in the night sky.

No change of the planetary Logos (i.e., the Monad’s manifestation body) will be stable if the Monad does not agree with it. And since the Saturn’s Monad was also captured by Jehovah, the purification of the Logos stalled. The Monad quickly restored its lower form of manifestation according to its Matrix.

Ascended Masters faced the need to forcibly reboot the Saturn’s Monad. It was the most complex operation that no one has ever performed in the Universe.

However, before that, a number of other tactical tasks had to be solved: first of all, to destroy Monadic Seal of Jehovah on Earth. What is it?

Operation Saturn - Crystal of Absolutized Reality
Subtle Bodies

Operation Saturn

Like his father, Jehovah created several Matrices of self-resurrection of himself, in case he was eliminated. One of them was in the Guardians – 666 Monads, who incarnated on Earth, passing the segments of the Matrix to each other by relay.

These were not ordinary human Monads but possessors created on Saturn by Jehovah, and representatives of the 66th Black Monadic Family.

Operation Saturn - Possessors

Operation Saturn

Both could not independently provide themselves with Life Energy, and existed only as an Intelligence form parasitizing on other people’s Monads.

They were constantly changing donors, so were practically invulnerable. One of their victims was the 108th Monadic Family (see above).

In addition, these 666 Guardians were part of two pairs of poles – on Earth and Saturn, uniting both planets. There was also a third pole – for incarnation. It was based on human Souls captured by Black Archons and transported to Saturn field.

All this looped structure on the Subtle Plane was intended to gobble Earth and its Logos. The Souls held on Saturn were hostages.

The two ground team leaders immediately proceeded to destroy 666 possessors’ Monads. Their annihilation was carried out according to a new scheme. Captured 666 Monads, Lightwarriors produced a singular self-reloading – i.e., a hurricane convolution of manifestation bodies (except physical) and compression of all Monads to a point in which nothing can exist.
Operation Saturn - Convolution

Operation Saturn

Then, was followed the instantaneous restoration of both Absolutized Monads from the singular state, and its unfolding into a single manifestation body but without 666 Black Monads.

Now, it was the turn to deal with Jehovah. But op’s participants got a new surprise. The cunning Jehovah outwitted everyone. They thought he was blocked in Saturn, but he ended up… on Earth. And not just on Earth, but inside the Maternal Matrix of the 108th Monadic Family.

For many, it turned out to be a shock. A brilliant solution fit to Jehovah’s father. Hide self in something that guarantees your invulnerability and undetectability, making everyone think that you are in another place.

For example, when rebooting the creational Matrix of the 108th Monadic Stream, he could temporarily move to 666 possessors, waiting out the reload, after which he calmly and, most importantly, imperceptibly return to Matrix.

It was decided to eliminate this loophole immediately. Lightwarriors urgently returned to the same sacred place in the mountains and together with Ascended Masters reset in full the Maternal Matrix of the 108th Monadic Family. Now Jehovah could no longer hide on Earth.

These actions significantly damaged the energy supply channel of the Saturn’s Monad, weakening it and Jehovah. It allowed proceed to the next part of the op.

One of the ground team leaders captured the Monad in his, and rebooted it. To not harm the Saturn Logos, the other Lightwarriors temporarily supported it with their aspects and vital energy.

At the same time, another leader of the group, with the help of Ascended Masters, captured the Jehovah’s Monad, placed it in self and tried to annihilate it by inner-Monadic blast. It didn’t work out.

Operation Saturn - Inner-Monadic Blast
Inner-Monadic Blast

Operation Saturn

A second explosion followed. The Jehovah’s Monad split into segments, some of which broke through into 3D and hit the physical body of the Lightwarrior. It happened at about 23 o’clock when he was driving a car, returning home.

He suddenly felt a pain and everything went black. Team leader miraculously managed to stop, and for the next hour stood on the road, unable to even get out of the car, being on the verge of losing consciousness.

Then, at home, the most terrible things kicked-off. The nausea became so strong that convulsions began, cold sweat broke out all over the body, and fainting occurred. Thus, aspects of Jehovah’s Monad were annihilated in him. It went on all night. He could only fall asleep in the morning.

Other segments of the Jehovah’s Monad were intercepted piecemeal and annihilated by Ascended Masters. There was also a third part of the fragments, which hit many members of the group, even their kids. But Lightwarriors destroyed shatters as well.

New surprises followed, this time from Titan and other Saturn moons. As it turned out, on them, Black Archons built their main infrastructure. In the planetary Logos was only an auxiliary link to this system.

It was another trick of Jehovah. He made everyone think that everything important is on Saturn, but it was in its satellites. This gave him important advantages in a critical situation.

And it came when the whole operation seemed to be nearing completion. One night, unexpectedly for everyone, the mechanism that activated all the of Saturn’s moons was self-started. On the Subtle Plane, they lined up in a battle ring and formed a single whole. From it followed a blow on Earth, Ascended Masters and Lightwarriors.
Operation Saturn - Then Followed The Blows
Then Followed The Blows

Operation Saturn

Another shocking fact has emerged. All of Saturn’s moons had possessors who used them as their secret hideaway. From there they made brief forays and returning to them like a snail crawls out and hides.

During such sorties, possessors, through the poles described above, freely penetrated to Earth and struck either the embodied helpers of Higher Light Hierarchy, or settled in men’s Monads and Subtle Bodies.

Moreover, they were not just possessors, but Black Archons. Each occupied one of the 66 satellites of Saturn (only 62 satellites are known to modern astronomy).

Operation Saturn - Archons

Operation Saturn

The main sensation was the discovery on Titan… the Matrix of Jehovah’s self-resurrection. This forced Ascended Masters to study him more deeply.

And soon was made a stunning discovery: Jehovah was not the son of Yaltabaoth and Lilith, but a clone of the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe, his clone at the Monad level.

It explained the power and invulnerability of Jehovah. And although Black Co-Creator had already crossed over to the Light Side and became one of the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, his independent clone still existed and was very dangerous.

Operation Saturn - Black Co-Creator

Black Co-Creator

Operation Saturn

It was necessary to do something urgently, and while they were thinking, Black Archons dealt a new blow to the op’s participants. Further delay was like death. Jehovah’s self-resurrection Matrix on Titan could be activated at any moment.

Lightwarriors urgently left for a new Power Place where the Temple of Absolutized Reality was located. From there, they first conducted an extreme reboot of the Saturn’s Logos.

It was performed without prep that was very dangerous. In this format, the entire Logos’ karma is annihilated, and they take it very hard. Then, in the rebooted Saturn’s Logos, the group reintroduced the Crystal of the Absolutized Reality.

The next part was even more difficult and dangerous. Together, Ascended Masters and Lightwarriors had to eliminate the Spirit of Jehovah and the Matrix of his self-resurrection in Titan.

Operation Saturn - Titan

Operation Saturn

Both existed autonomously, even after the elimination of the Jehovah’s Monad. Resetting the Titan’s Monad was impossible because the planets’ moons haven’t them.

At the appointed moment, at the command of Ascended Masters, Lightwarriors introduced the Matrix of Absolutized Reality into the Titan’s core. At the same time, they focused on it a beam from the Galactic Central Spiritual Sun. It was doubled by an impulse from the Pleroma’s core, which was divided into 66 sub-rays and entered in 65 Saturn’s moons.

Thus, all hided Black Archons as possessors were captured. The satellites which for a long time helped them to hide, became their trap and grave.

With the 66th moon – Titan – everything was much more complicated. As it turned out, not Saturn, but this satellite played a key role in the functioning of the Throne of Yaltabaoth and the Gates (Portal) of Black eons.

Operation Saturn - Portal

Operation Saturn

Jehovah and his creator used clever distracting combinations to give the appearance that everything was happening through Saturn. Of course, the latter was not a dummy, but still the main thing in this diabolical scheme was the Titan.

Far back in the past, Black Archons performed micro-sacrifice of Earth, tore out a piece of its Logos core. It happened at the place where the Devil’s Tower is located today, in Wyoming, USA. It was a test balloon to see if it was possible to rip out Gaia’s Heart and move it to Saturn.

Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchs thwarted this plan. But Black Archons preserved the torn segment and implanted it into the Titan’s body. Over time, they turned it into a micro-copy of the Earth’s Logos, nurturing it and feeding by the energy sucked out of people by possessors.

So Archons got remote access to the Earth’s Logos and the ability to control it – an analogue of virtual office programs.

Operation Saturn - Devil's Tower in Wyoming, USA
Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA

Operation Saturn

It explained the phenomenon, which scientists have not been able to get. The Huygens spacecraft, operating on the surface of Titan, recorded low-frequency radiation from the depths of the ocean of liquid methane and ethane. Scientists do not understand what waves are producing.

These waves were the element of Earth and earthlings’ run. And the source of radiation was a micro-copy of Gaia’s Logos.

To eliminate it, Ascended Masters developed a plan which they entrusted to the ground team. From the same Temple of Absolutized Reality, Lightwarriors removed Earth’s Logos micro-copy from Titan and placed it in a reactor, created by the temporary Monadic bodies of the support group, to cleanse it from karma.

Unfortunately, they failed due to non-availability of their Monads. The group leader and Ascended Masters had to complete the work and returned to Gaia her purified aspect.

Operation Saturn - Gaia


Operation Saturn

This was the culmination of the entire Saturn Operation. It freed a part of Earth from the karmic captivity of Black Archons and restored the integrity of Gaia’s Logos.

After more than a month of exhausting work, Lightwarriors were in an extremely depleted state, mentally and physically. But with God’s help, they were restored to participate in the new Co-Creators and Galacom’s ops.

Many perceive them as sci-fi, but Lightwarriors remain aloof about it. They are just doing their job which is out of many men league.

More by Lev

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We stubbornly try to help out humanity, believing that everything is already clear to us, and therefore don’t doubt our rightness. We think that the more strongly we radiate outwards, the better.

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