Operation Polyhedron - New Galactic Ops Part 12 - April 2021

Operation Polyhedron

New Galactic Ops Part 12

April 2021

Operation Polyhedron – By Lev.

Operation Polyhedron is another op that 25D Siriusians launched on April 13, 2021, together with the Galactic Committee and friendly space races.

It is being conducted simultaneously with other operations that DNI has already described (see – Fight For Hologram And Matrix, Part 10, Disclosure News, April 5, 2021; Operation Plasma, Parts 11-1, and 11-2, April 09 and 12, 2021).

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Operation Polyhedron - Ops Are Going On

Ops Are Going On

Operation Polyhedron

What energies within Operation Polyhedron are directing to Earth now? What tasks are Siriusians are solving with their help?

By the dark lilac energy GLEGES, the Siriusians’ ships purify near-Earth space from the negative energy radiated by humanity and use their crafts’ power systems to fill it with new plasma.

With the participation of Galacom, Earth’s five-dimensional wave-space is created, using the white energy of ASTEMO.

ASTEMO forms Intelligence plasma from the l-gamma particles that saturate the quantum waves coming to Earth from the Source.

It also integrates the entire spectrum of incoming energies and maintains the planet’s 5D field. Clairvoyantly, it looks like a huge transparent sphere.

Operation Polyhedron - 5D Sphere Of Earth

5D Sphere Of Earth

Operation Polyhedron

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The sphere is reliably protected from the attacks of the Archons who are still trying to resist Galacom and do not stop their sabotage.

The Earth Crystal’s power is increasing so that it produces more new plasma from the Source energy sent to it. Siriusians’ cosmic squadron distributes this plasma throughout terrestrial and near-Earth space.

They control these streams with the energy KAROS, a dark purple color. It condenses the particles, and as space is cleansed, new life forms are created from them.

Operation Polyhedron - Lobe Energy

Lobe Energy

Operation Polyhedron

The golden energy LOBE forms the time programs and the signal system of the planet. It also removes spent energies from Earth.

5D force field itself operates on wave information energy channeled into the planetary Crystal.

With the white beam SLEMO, the Siriusians combine the full spectrum of incoming energies and adjust the operation of the entire system through the Earth’s Crystal.

The surface of the 5D sphere consists of light blue and silver BLISCO energy. It is used to load into the Hologram the program for the development of the Intelligence and thinking process of earthlings. It has a right-hand rotation and absorbs radiations of the Nature world.

The entire space between the 5D sphere and the planetary Crystal is filled with gray and silver LIBRO energy. It has a left-handed rotation. Siriusians use it to control magnetic fields and Portals to other dimensions.

The 5D sphere is enclosed in a polyhedron with nine faces. Portals to other spaces open through it. They are filled with energies, each of which has its color and programs.

Operation Polyhedron - Polyhedron Scheme

Polyhedron Scheme

Operation Polyhedron

The blue-green FERIDO energy acts with magnetic impulses on people’s brain structures, strengthens Galactic energies coming to Earth.

Mixed-light with a pearlescent shade of MICATRION energy stimulates the muscular and musculoskeletal system of a person, improves his perception of the Hologram.

Rays of red ERMA energy form Matrixes, energy structures, and matter during Earth’s transitions to new Galactic energies of the same color.

Under their influence, the rhythm of Time and its perception by people changes, the human body and the entire biosphere of the planet are transformed.

The light violet energy GLERUS conducts the primary purification of the space.

The light orange FERMAGO cleanses the Hologram of Archons’ programs and saturates it with a new DNA code that develops Intelligence, Love, and Creativity in people. It also regulates the incarnation of Souls on Earth.

The green ERGINO energy acts as a universal catalyst and stabilizer. It awakens and develops the life forces of matter. It accelerates the oscillatory motion of magnetic fields, aligns the energy of the planet, and stabilizes the climate and the Hologram.

Operation Polyhedron - Ergino Energy

Ergino Energy

Operation Polyhedron

The SLEMO white beams unite the total spectrum of energies and correct the work of the entire planetary system.

Black CHERGEN energy strengthens the kidneys through which the human body is cleansed of toxins accumulated due to negative thinking and feelings. At the planetary level, CHERGEN performs the sorting and removal of Evil particles – chyrons.

The polyhedron inside which the 5D sphere is located has nine cone-shaped output channels. Their operation is similar to the way soap bubbles are blown through a straw.

In the same way, the Siriusians, according to the plan agreed with Galacom, withdraw the necessary energies in the form of spheres from the 5D field through the cones of the nine-sided polyhedron and envelop the Earth with them in layers.

All cones are interconnected by the undulating SFARGO yellow energy. It cleanses matter and space of outdated intelligence and helps you adapt to new quantum impulses.

The first cone consists of dark green ARTREM energy which supports the sound wave processing of space. This cone brings out a sphere of GRASIMO purple energy. It synthesizes plasma, neutralizes side effects, and removes obsolete knowledge and false information.

The space it creates is filled with Galactic energies. The dark purple KAROS condenses particles and clears space for their new formations, changing the tension when the matter is compacted.

Operation Polyhedron - Karos Energy

Karos Energy

Operation Polyhedron

The second cone of light orange FERMAGO energy cleanses the Hologram, saturates it with a new DNA code that develops new human abilities, and regulates reincarnation.

This cone draws from the 5D sphere of red-brown energy URBAH which creates all kinds of matter on the planet. The sphere’s space is filled with the Galactic energy of FEARIS of dark salad color which forms the Intelligence layers.

The third cone of the polyhedron consists of the dark lilac energy GLEGES. It cleanses the near-Earth space from negative emanations. The cone brings out a sphere of lilac-colored GLEZIS energy. With it Sirusians compact l-gamma particles in space, and create new structures out of them.

The fourth cone of GLASSO brown energy collects the remnants of knowledge from previous stages of civilization. The cone brings out a sphere of dark blue with silver ERMAGO energy.

This energy affects the brain with Hologram’s rays of vortexes-thoughts and selects people according to the level of consciousness. The change in thinking will be carried out gradually.

Under the action of ERMAGO, the brain will begin to emit the new radiant energy of high Intelligence l-gamma particles. It will completely change a person’s sensations, his vision of the world around him.

The space within this sphere is filled with the Galactic energy of the blue spectrum FIRSCO. It nucleates new life purifies and stabilizes the intellectual development of people.

Operation Polyhedron - Firsco Energy

Firsco Energy

Operation Polyhedron

The fifth cone of BLISCO energy is a soft blue with silver. The Intelligence development program is loaded into the Hologram with it. Through the cone, a FUARO sphere, dark yellow with a brown tinge, is displayed which contributes to the birth of new matter.

The sixth cone of ERFAGO energy of red-golden color changes the timbres of sound flows. It brings out a FERMO sphere of scarlet color. It forms Matrixes with new programs for info fields and new consciousness.

The seventh cone of the SFAS yellow energy helps to adapt to quantum radiations. The cone pushes the sphere of GAROL, the energy of pink and cream color which changes the programs of development of planetary structures. The sphere is filled with Galactic energy FEARO of light green color that stimulates the thought-forms’ formation.

The eighth cone of FEARSCO energy, the color of the sea lagoon, produces new kinds of matter during the purification and stabilization of the next planetary cycles. It brings out a sphere of FEARIS energy, dark salad color, which creates the Intelligence’s layers.

The ninth cone of FARMS energy, ultramarine color, stimulates mental development through new programs with a high level of consciousness. It brings out a sphere of KEGINO energy of emerald green color. It reshapes the structure and development of matter by changing magnetic environments. The sphere is filled with Galactic energy SFALIS of light yellow color that changes the thinking process.

The 5D sphere enclosed in the Polyhedron actively interacts with the interplanetary Crystal containing the Hologram (in the center of the scheme).

As noted above, the entire space between them is filled with the energy of BLISCORI, white and blue, which develops mental abilities and contains the total spectrum of energies necessary for it, and the of ASTEMO energy, white spectrum, which forms Intelligence plasma from new information flows and corrects the work of the entire system through Earth’s Crystal.

From Crystal branches off the channels that receive white energy. Every channel has additional crystals that amplify incoming quantum flows.

Operation Polyhedron - Quantum Flows

Quantum Flows

Operation Polyhedron

To form the new information field and matter of the Earth, and to bring the Source’s energy to it, Siriusians connected the crystals’ beams to the planet’s programs uploaded into the Hologram.

The radiating crystals and the rays of different energies work as a single console. Siriusians constantly switch them according to the current situation and the tasks to be solved. Here is the total spectrum once again.

FARMS – bright blue energy (ultramarine) shapes mental development according to new programs and higher levels of consciousness.

FEASK – green energy stabilizes all Intelligence plasma processes, stabilizes magnetic fields and climate.

ERKADO – orange-gold energy forms temporary programs.

SFAS – yellow energy helps adapt to the space filled with high-frequency quantum energy.

BAROUR – dark red energy forms a new Earth’s info field and regulates plasma formations of various kinds and properties in the atmosphere.

Operation Polyhedron - Barour Energy

Barour Energy

Operation Polyhedron

ARTREM – dark green energy retains all sonar space processing parameters.

GLAMO – dark brown energy accumulates the radiations of the Nature worlds.

GAMO – bright pink energy with yellow flecks with which Siriusians build new information structures.

FIRSCO – the energy of the blue spectrum clears and stabilizes people’s mental development.

ERMIGO – brown energy with a yellow hue transforms spent and negative energies.

ASTRO – white energy forms Intelligence plasma which Siriusians saturate with the necessary information, and then place in the planet’s space.

FERMO – scarlet color energy by which Siriusians create Matrixes with new programs for info fields and human consciousness.

FEARIS – dark salad color energy increases the Intelligence layers.

GLEMAR – synthesis of light violet and lilac energies; it is used to build new structures and purify incoming information flows.

Operation Polyhedron - Glemar Energy

Glemar Energy

Operation Polyhedron

CARBIUS – pink-lilac energy condenses Intelligence l-gamma particles in the Hologram’s structures.

Siriusians are now adjusting the entire interplanetary crystal system to switch the 4D energies to the six-dimensional level. It is in 6D that the Matrix and the matter of the 5D Earth are formed today.

A few days ago, dramatically increased quantum fluxes from the Source which Galacom redirects to Earth caused a malfunction in the Earth’s receiving core (Crystal).

The urgent intervention was required by the 25D Siriusians. They replaced several old blocks in Crystal and added new ones. It stabilized the core and greatly increased (by a large margin) its power and conductivity.

The operation was carried out by the crew of one of the Siriusians’ space cruisers. Three other spacecraft under the guidance of their captains supervised and backed up this complex operation.

Another cause of the malfunction was the Earth’s axial channel through which the cosmic energy enters the core. It turned out that it, like a rusty pipe, in many cases is clogged with negative energy’s clots.

Operation Polyhedron - Earth Axial Channel

Earth Axial Channel

Operation Polyhedron

On April 11, 2021, under the Galacom’s guidance, one of the Light Forces’ ground team began cleaning it up. The energy directed inside the channel, rotating counterclockwise like a pipe cleaner’s brush, removes the growths which slip down into the core where they were annihilated.

Now it is possible to disclose info about another energy structure that the Higher Light Hierarchs have built on the planet.

It is about a partially hidden dense network of Antennas of Light that remove the negative energy of people. Unfortunately, they continue to radiate and accumulate it in enormous volumes.

The Antennas are Thin-Material rods extending out of the Earth. They have cells on them, similar in shape to hornets’ nests. The energy flows spin the cells counterclockwise and tears of black clots – substances of fear, hatred, anger, aggression, despondency, etc. – from the Subtle Bodies of man.

The rods are then cleaned by quantum flux. Some rise above the surface, others just peek out, and others are hidden deep in the ground.

They can also be called tuning antennas. If a person is attuned to the Light, his or her Subtle Body glows and the tuning rod points skyward. If a person is not ready to switch to the Light Side or is undecided, the tuning rod is barely visible or does not extend out of the surface.

Operation Polyhedron - Antenna Of Light

Antenna Of Light

Operation Polyhedron

From the other breaking news as of April 14, 2021

The other day another Light Forces’ ground team conducted a series of important operations at sacred sites in one of the southern mountain ranges.

During the main op, the Lightwarriors made a mutual aspect exchange with two Galactioms. These are the Highest Light Beings, born by the Logos of our Galaxy.

They are the godparents of the Milky Way and are now actively involved in Galactic Committee’s ops on Earth and the Solar System.

There, on one of the sacred mountains, Galactioms installed into the LFs’ ground team’s collective Logos an aspect of the Logos of our Galaxy, i.e. a micro-copy of the Milky Way’s core. It tremendously increased the capacity and capability of Lightwarriors for the next Galacom’s operations.

Then, by joint efforts, the Light Axis was built from the third to the thirteenth dimensions of the Earth’s field. The Logos of the group was integrated into this Gaia’s Absolutoverse.

Operation Polyhedron - From 3D To 13D

From 3D To 13D

Operation Polyhedron

This operation is necessary for the next very important joint experiment. Namely, to create based on the LFs’ ground team’s Logos a backup technical counterpart of the Earth’s Logos.

On one of the bald mountains in the shape of a natural pyramid, the Lightwarriors discovered a thoroughly camouflaged Black saurians’ base on the Subtle and physical planes.

It was once the site of one of Gaia’s sacred Portals, part of the Earth’s Womb Portal infrastructure. The Reptiloids turned it into an incubator for the cultivation of the Absolute Virus, using the Gaia aspect as its host.

As the Lightwarriors approached the base, the Reptiloids’ robots guarding it began to deliver the strongest energy blasts to the group. The group had to retreat.

The Higher Light Hierarchs immediately intervened with the participation of Archangel Michael, who carried out a massive sweep of the Black saurians’ nest.

Back on top of the bald mountain the next day, the Lightwarriors once again cleansed by Absolute Light the former Reptiloids’ base and erased the remnants of the field structures for the virus-producing.


(To be continued)

Operation Polyhedron - Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Operation Polyhedron

More by Lev

The Global Crystals Operation — Part 3

The Global Crystals Operation — Part 3

During the Global Crystals Operation other Lemurian crystals were also activated. These include Sananda, Svetloyar, Edelweiss, and Elmari. The Crystal Light Being Sananda is the Ray of Jesus Sananda. One of its main aims is to combine the matter of dense dimensions with higher ones.

The Global Crystals Operation – Part 2

The Global Crystals Operation – Part 2

In the Physical and Multidimensional Plans, it is jointly conducted by the civilizations of Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Lyra, and from other constellations. The purpose of the joint Global Crystals Operation is to fully activate the entire crystal network of the Earth. During the Cosmic Night and the Archons’ invasion, it was partially mothballed or worked at a minimum level.

The Global Crystals Operation – The Great Quantum Transition

The Global Crystals Operation – The Great Quantum Transition

On September 26-29, 2020, the Light Forces ground team conducted the new operation. Its main task was to restore one of the most important crystalline structures on Earth, to create a planetary Matrix and Space Axis on its basis. What was the reason for this need? Why did the High Light Hierarchy put on the group to do the Global Crystals Operation? To answer this question, it’s necessary to go back to the events of Cosmic Night again.

At The Multidimensional Door  |  Q&A With Lev

At The Multidimensional Door | Q&A With Lev

We are not only a physical body. We are the energy for our bodies. Thoughts, memory, consciousness, soul, spirit, all this is us. What happens to us when the heart stops and the flesh dies?

The Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition

The Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 2 – Great Quantum Transition

Even on the way to Tulum the Light Forces’ the ground team sensed what a terrible place they would have to conduct a new operation. Some of them became hysterical and had severe heart pain. Others shed tears… The reasons became clear on the spot… Tulum will forever remain in the memory of the team members as one of the most terrible places on Earth where they conducted their operations. It was through Tulum that many Black Archons were incarnated.

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

Light Forces Ops In Mexico – Part 1

One of the most important operations of the Light Forces’ ground team was the destruction of the Black Archons’ infrastructure in Chichen Itza. From there, the DFs were going to seize power in the Local Universe and to eliminate its Co-Creators. The core of the combat infrastructure was the Mayan pyramid system. With this complex turned into giant vibration cannon, the Dark Hierarchy planned to first deliver a fatal blow to the Local Universe’s Logos.

Helping Alpha Centaurians – Great Quantum Transition

Helping Alpha Centaurians – Great Quantum Transition

Here is information about the Light Forces’ ground team’s new operation on September 19-22, 2020. For security reasons, the terms are the same – localization and names are not disclosed. Brief background about the location of the operation… Before the invasion of Earth by the Black Archons and reptilians’ space fleets 12 thousand years ago, in this place was the Intergalactic City of Light.

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix

Archons are low-vibrating entities that often take the form of thought-forms. When they move into a person with the same freqs’ emotions and thinking, they completely take over his/her consciousness and behavior. They give their victim, their creative imagination, the freedom to choose what they create, think, and say. But always within the strict limits of the Archons’ needs. The problem is that people are not in control of their thoughts and therefore are creating a reality that is more of a home to a bunch of Archonic parasites than it is a paradise for human beings and other forms of sentient life.

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 1: To The Black Archons’ Matrix

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 1: To The Black Archons’ Matrix

The entire space of our Super Universe is filled with energy waves – longitudinal, transverse, and spiral. These waves create elementary particles. Particles are part of a wave in compressed form. They are formed by the vortex rotations of the waves. As a result of changing the vortices’ parameters, different types of matter are formed. One of them is invisible dark plasma. It fills the Super Universe by 95% and is predominant in it.

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