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Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - New Galactic Ops - April 2021

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

New Galactic Ops – April 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 – By Lev.

The overall goal of Operation Plasma which the Galactic Committee is conducting these days along with the 25D Siriusians and other friendly races is to reshape the entire Earth’s physical and Subtle Plane.

Galacom uses the planet’s quantum rheostat as one of its main tools to control plasma flows on Earth.

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Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Sun Plasma Flows To Earth

Sun Plasma Flows To Earth

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

The quantum rheostat is built around the Earth’s core in five-dimensional space. By it, Siriusians regulate the movement of plasma and energies through the pyramids, the Devil’s Sea, the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean, and the equatorial belt (see – Operation Plasma – New Galactic Ops, Part 11, Disclosure News, 9 April 2021).

What kind of energies are these? How does the planet’s quantum rheostat work?

The principle of its operation is the same as that of an ordinary rheostat. By this quantum construction, Siriusians increase or decrease the strength and voltage of the energy flow entering the Earth’s core and the plasma coming out of it.

Quantum rheostat works in multifunctional mode. Each energy stream passed through it is aimed not only at its own, specific task (about that – below). Combining flows into a single whole, Siriusians use them, as a stone crusher, to demolish the remnants of the Archon’s 3D Matrix on the Subtle Plane.

Removing everything created by Dark Forces and clearing the way to 4D and 5D, Galacom fills made space, as well as people’s subconscious and consciousness, with plasma created in the rheostat by the energy flows. They saturate it with new programs, codes, properties, and information (knowledge).

Disclosure News has reported on these energies more than once in recent weeks. In the planet’s rheostat block, they work in previous and new combinations necessary to accelerate the transition to 5D.

What combinations are these? What tasks do Siriusians solve with them?

The figure below shows the general scheme of the Earth’s quantum rheostat. The colors of its parts stand for the blocks through which the energies of the corresponding spectrum are channeled.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Quantum Rheostat Scheme

Quantum Rheostat Scheme

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

Black verticals on the right and left are the RIR energy that holds the overall contour of the quantum setup. These energy walls separate the rheostat in the 5D from the fourth dimension inside the Earth.

Nature worlds are saturated with the yellow energy ERMIGO that removes the products of recycling.

Crimson with gold energy MIRO creates new biological species with an altered molecule. Their plasma is transported to the upper atmosphere where it is condensed, purified, and sorted. On Earth’s surface, Siriusians by MIRO stimulates plant growth and natural selection in the animal kingdom.

The Matrix, energy structures, and matter on Earth are being reshaped by the red energy ERMA.

From the dark brown GLAMO emitted by the Nature worlds, the rheostat forms plasma to create new life forms.

The lilac GLEZIS compacts Intelligence l-gamma particles in space and builds new energy structures from them.

DNit Telegram Channel

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Glezis Energy

Glezis Energy

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

The light beige BLEIK re-forms Earth’s vapor particles to produce red energy.

The dark purple KAROS condenses the particles and clears the space for new formations.

The wavelike structure of yellow energy SFAS helps to adapt to new quantum flows.

Two vertical platforms (in the middle) counter-directed violet energy GRASIMO synthesize plasma, neutralize side effects, and remove unnecessary knowledge.

The left platform emits green-brown FEARZIC energy that alters magnetic fields and destroys spent structures. It also broadcasts gray-blue BLIKGOR, regulating the magnetic interaction of the planet’s air layers with it.

The right platform performs the interaction of magnetic fields using gray-silver LIBRO energy. Also, the platform emits blue-green FERIDO which by magnetic impulses restructures people’s brain work.

This platform produces plasma clots with which the Siriusians reshape humanity’s consciousness, regulate the Hologram and Matrix, stabilize the planet’s core, and dissipate and remove negative energy.

The potential of the Earth’s rheostat block is increased by pumping FARMS blue energy into it. With its help, Siriusians stimulate the mental development of people according to new programs and levels of consciousness.

The unit runs on SLESURIS quantum energy, dark pink, which forms Matrix plasma structures and contributes to its preservation.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Slesuris Energy

Slesuris Energy

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

Rheostat translates the black energy CHEGREN, producing the sorting and removal of chyrons (Evil particles).

By GELUS lilac energy, Siriusians make measurements of made Intelligence plasma, determine the strength of resistance to the external influence of protein molecules, as well as the strength of wave quantum impulses broadcast to Earth.

Installed in the rheostat, the 3D crystal-converter of light orange FERMAGO energy cleanses the Hologram from the Archons’ programs, saturating it with a new DNA code that develops Intelligence, Love, and the desire to create. By this energy, Galacom controls reincarnation on the planet.

Sphere of SLESURIS energy, dark pink in color, forms the Matrix structures of plasma and contributes to its preservation.

This sphere is held in place by the dark-brown GLAMO streams which are emitted by the Nature worlds.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Glamo Energy

Glamo Energy

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

Rheostat block receives dark purple KAROS energy that compacts particles and clears the space for new formations.

By cherry energy MIROSSA, Siriusians treat the upper atmosphere through emissions in geopathogenic zones.

The blue FIADO radiations stabilize the mental development of mankind.

The white energy ASTEMO forms Intelligence plasma and saturates Earth space with it.

The light pink SLES broadcasts the energy of thoughts and thought-forms, preserving and conserving Intelligence plasma.

The wave energy FEARIS, light green color, forms Intelligence layers in the Earth’s field.

With the help of LOBE’s golden energy, temporary programs and the planet’s control system are created, and harmful radiation is removed.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Lobe Energy

Lobe Energy

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

The planet’s rheostat block also forms plasma from the following four energies. These are:

The red-brown URBAH stimulates the development of all matter on the planet;

The dark blue GRICADO creates life support structures for 4D and 5D Earth;

The orange LECAS loads temporary programs to form new matter;

The green ARTREM processes and cleans by sound waves the planet’s fields.

This is how the Earth’s 5D rheostat distributes and regulates core radiation, plasma, and quantum fluxes that saturate the cortical layer and the atmosphere.

Many of us consciously and unconsciously feel these radiations and energies when adapting to four-dimensional space.

With our physical body and bio-field, we react to the change of old energy constructs. It is as if we are trying on new clothes corresponding to 4D.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Old Energy Construct

Old Energy Construct

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

The outdated, worn-out rags of the 3D Matrix and its imposed patterns are being removed from our lives and consciousness.

Galacom operations on the Subtle Plane directly affect all Spiritually developed people, stimulating and accelerating their return to Source.

They are at the forefront of the 3D shift of consciousness, actively mastering the new conditions of being in the 4D Matrix on their way to the 5D. They set the rhythm of Spiritual growth for others awakening from the reality created by the Archons.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Archons Reality

Archons’ Reality

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

Everyone goes through the rebuilding of the plasma and energy exchange fields on Earth by Galacom in their way. Its guided vibrations transform our physical and Subtle bodies, raising our consciousness to the 4th dimension and beyond.

Today, the transformation affects not only thinking people who fully aware of what is going on. Quantum pulses also affect those who unconsciously live in the 3D Matrix, whose consciousness has not yet awakened.

It does not affect the speed and scope of quantum rearrangement. In both groups, awake and asleep, Galacom zeroes the 3D consciousness from the Matrix 3D programs and downloads the programs and codes of the 4D Matrix, helping us to adapt to it.

All layers of our consciousness, nervous system and organism as a whole are now undergoing a tremendous structural transformation. For many, it causes an acute inner conflict. This is always the case when changing from the 3D clothing to the Light Body which is necessary for the 4D.

The creation and development of the Light Body are aided by constant and intensive meditation and prayer practice.

What are the signs of its formation?

Our body begins reacting to the energy-exchange intensity by more frequent symptoms of hunger and a desire to quench it as soon as possible.

So the Subtle and physical bodies require additional energy replenishment.

A constant pulsation of the mental field is felt.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Deadly Fatigue

Deadly Fatigue

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

There are sudden mood swings, from calm relaxation and I Am consciousness to unreasonable fits of anger, hatred, intolerance, and aggression toward everyone around.

Often there is a deep depression, a feeling of hopelessness, loss, and deadly fatigue.

This is how DNI regular reader Virginia Fernández Prieto described this condition (on 09/04/2021):

“I take care of people, I have spiritual workgroups and I am also a therapist. Complex family situations with an elderly mother who depends on me and with great closure of heart. I have felt many times performances of Dark Forces towards me through her and other people I attend, this requires me rigor in the work since I do not want to derive in decompensations of any type.

I am exhausted, for a long time I have never lost the connection with the Source, Spiritual work was a decision and being open to the public in this mission, never doubt me or my work, but now the exhaustion is immense and I can’t always bring these programs to fruition.

When will this discomfort improve? I know that I ask the impossible, but I fear these nights where I am exhausted and still at peace, there is something that is disturbing and prevents me from giving myself up to rest. My apologies for this release, but I guess a lot of people who are trying to do work toward the Light will be going through this…

I was initiated in the year 1990 to do the work I do specifically, I never deviated from my commitment, but I never felt as exhausted as now, there is no truce…”

Of course, there can be many reasons for such feelings. But today it is most often related to the fact that on the Subtle Plane, through emotions in our Souls, 3D consciousness is being zeroed out.

It is how Galacom operations bring out of us deep deposits of 3D Matrix patterns, programs, and codes for later removal.

This is followed by the Spiritual inoculation of impartiality and balancing in case we have to face negative and destructive events or low-vibrational people in the future.

As 3rd-dimensional consciousness closes, with the help of quantum rheostat energies and the renewed Matrix and Hologram, Galacom is preparing us for 5D.

How this happens is shown well and in detail by the wonderful new project of Disclosure News – Your Journal, an inspiring daily saga about personal experiences as cosmic energetics steadily unfold their vibrations.

Your Journal

Join in so that we can establish a network of supportive collective consciousness.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - 3D Closed

3D Closed

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

The change from dense to Light clothing goes gradually, as the vibrational frequencies of our chakras grow.

In the chakral system of a person consciously praying or meditating, there is a profound awakening of the subconscious mind from 3D patterns. It is followed by an opening of the heart center and a new, more subtle perception of the color spectrum of the chakral discs.

What physical sensations do people experience when they move to 4D? Here are some.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - 4D Sensations

4D Sensations

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

• During prayer or meditation practice, at arm’s length, a person sees the Subtle mental field around him with his inner vision;

• Feels the movement of currents through the chakras;

• Warmth and heat arise during prayer and meditation;

• Observes his future and key events in the lives of others in the form of pictures, symbols, thought-forms; easily tunes into communication with the Higher Self in the format Question – Answer;

• Modulates future events and manages the scenario of his life in the 4th dimension. Completely gets rid of karma and karmic thoughts, emotions, and actions;

• Sees with a physical vision the fields of the etheric and astral planes, and how the dense world directly intersects with the first astral level;

• Loses interest in earthly life, and, as mentioned above, sometimes experiences fits of irritation or pacification and joy;

• Sees colorful astral-mental dreams in the form of journeys through phantom worlds;

• A favorite job becomes boring. Nervous exhaustion arises when performing it by force.

• Feels other people’s Subtle fields which, if there is a strong vibrational difference, can depress and cause a spasm of the personal bio-field.

• Due to the high vibrations, sleep time is reduced. Sometimes in the morning, there is a strong desire to sleep some more because all the restructuring processes of the body are occurring in sleep. Usually, the vibrations accumulated during the day are dissipated during sleep;

• Misunderstandings arise on the part of relatives with whom one has to continue karmic communication. It is always difficult to tolerate by highly vibrational people;

• Some acquaintances and friends disappear from life forever. It is a manifestation of the separation of the fields between Matrix 3D and 4D;

• All five senses are transformed. The perception of color changes. Hearing intensifies. As if from nowhere, unknown smells appear. The taste buds refine – food gets a new flavor. The skin reacts in a new way to touch, heat and cold. It’s as if a person is born again, and everything is new to him.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Energy Flows

Energy Flows

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

The sensations that happen to the body when prayers are read in the mornings and evenings also change.

Usually, when a person begins to read a prayer, he enters almost immediately into the energy flow coming from Above.

Signs of energy flux are blocked ears, pressure on the head and compression of the temples, or a hot flow into the vertex.

It may be that during prayer, goosebumps run down the skin, heat pours out through blood vessels and feeling of fever.

Sometimes, the prayer text is blurred, as if in a fog. The words are read automatically, from memory, without much attention. But his concentration itself switches to the spoken prayer speech coming from the Soul.

These are the first steps to becoming aware of one’s Light Body. It often happens spontaneously in the most ordinary situation.

A man is lying on the couch listening to his favorite music track on his headphones. Suddenly, in an instant, he feels a flow of energy entering his body.

This sensation can be described as cold, or a clear thought-image of cold water, or an energy clot.

Out of curiosity, a person grabs this clot by his attention and begins to move it over his body from top to bottom, all the way to his heels. A slight tickling or tingling sensation immediately occurs…

So, too, the new plasma gradually, in small portions, enters our bodies.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Plasma Enters The Body

Plasma Enters The Body

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

But the most common symptom of being filled with 4D energies is a reaction to the low-frequency bio-fields of other people. When two auras come into contact, there is a sharp discomfort, unpleasant friction, and sparking between the two energies if they are charged differently.

The average person who does not practice meditation and prayer has minimal low vibrations. He is constantly experiencing energy starvation.

Such hunger is experienced by every soul living without Spiritual development which causes its energy potential to decrease and interest in life to wane.

A Light Body filled with high-frequency plasma can also manifest in other ways.

For example, a person is lying on the couch, listening to meditative music. He starts to feel vibes in his feet. Then he sees his Subtle Body beyond the physical.

Some time passes when suddenly he distinctly hears a falling object on the top floor. The fall is silent, barely audible.

At that moment, he feels his bio-field vibrate in the area of his head, as the aura field begins to pulsate. A colored flash of the fallen object appears.

Thus, one’s consciousness senses the perturbation of external influence on one’s aura. Even to insignificant trifles, its sensitivity and susceptibility increase immeasurably in 4D.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Pulsating Aura

Pulsating Aura

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

This is especially acutely felt by the Spiritually developed man when he is in a crowd with a negatively charged energy field. When different in intensity vibrations collide, they disturb and repel each other.

Ordinary people’s aura and the Subtle Bodies are in an embryonic state. Therefore, their aura is less dense, friable, compared to the aura of a meditating or praying person.

Once near such a person, the high-frequency field behaves like a balloon bouncing off a hard surface, from the low-vibrational energy.

Energy fields that differ in their vibes cannot stay together for a long time. That’s why hermits, holy elders, and monks are so fond of solitude. Especially when communicating with the Source.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Communication With The Source

Communication With The Source

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

For women, due to their natural emotional nature, these processes are much more painful. Especially when filled with a new consciousness, they have to break off relations with the person they love – a husband, a lover, or a friend with low energy. (However, it is the same for men as well).

The beginning of Spiritual development comes with an awakening, with a clear awareness of the impossibility of remaining in a toxic relationship. After realizing her responsibility, the woman begins to actively get out of the addictive ties.

Throughout couplehood, she was destroying her self-esteem, losing herself, and becoming deeply entangled with the other that robbed her of independence.

Personal boundaries ceased to exist. She was afraid of being rejected and abandoned, so she clung to the relationships that were destroying her.

How does her man with low energy usually behave?

Always and everywhere he demonstrates himself from the best side, shows everyone how important, special and valuable he is. At the same time, everyone around him is nobody and nothing.

He talks about his merits and accomplishments and makes up stories about his interesting life to convince that he is a very powerful man and worth being friends with. It’s impossible to find a better one anywhere.

Such a person skillfully exploits, devalues, manipulates, ignores, and controls others.

His purpose is to hook, control, subdue, and feed on someone else’s resource while always keeping his distance. To pull the strings and watch the person agonize with his feelings.

He is indifferent to people’s emotions. He never takes responsibility, always shifting it to others, blaming them for all their sins.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Impossible To Find Better One

Impossible To Find Better One

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

In such cases, the woman’s transformation usually takes place in three stages.

The first: Release from addiction and negative emotions and work with self-esteem.

Withdrawal and craving for old attachments begin to kick in.

One has to work on self every day to be free from the addiction as quickly as possible. Energy ties are severed several times a day, but they remind of themselves again. It takes a long time to finally get rid of them.

When the Soul awakens, she is weeping for the pain that has been overwhelming her for so long. Along with awareness, a past life awakens to recycle all the unlived feelings and free self from the emotions that were once repressed.

There is a sense of dread. In the old, everything is familiar and felt at home but in the new – complete uncertainty. One has to retreat into loneliness and emptiness.

All friends and acquaintances disappear at once, and it is not clear why. In the beginning, it is hard, but then there is a need to be alone.

Everything is for a reason. This time is given to deal with self, with personal feelings, needs, and desires. To become aware of traumas and past behavior that was imposed by manipulation, threats, fear, by the constant provocation of guilt.

All the situations in which a woman offended someone, devalued someone, humiliated someone is brought up. Not because she did it on purpose, but because she did not know how to behave differently. Her soul was asleep, and the consciousness was in an illusion.

Every day she has to analyze a lot of information, forgive and accept herself.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - To Forgive Self

To Forgive Self

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

All interaction with people is now perceived as endless lessons. One has to take responsibility for every painful situation, and this is painful and insulting. It hurts a lot.

The willingness to free self from the old is accompanied by backsliding, now into the old, now into the new. The rollbacks can last for weeks and months.

Freeing self from negative emotions helps to raise self-esteem, strengthen personal boundaries, and get rid of delusions.

At the same time, one has to work with resentment against parents. All problems often originate in childhood. Now it’s needed to remove negative emotions from all the painful situations that were then, with their resentment, guilt, fear, etc. This work also takes a lot of time.

But during this time, the energy starts to change noticeably. Self-esteem becomes stable, and people around begin to notice these changes.

Independence, self-sufficiency, and a conscious desire to stop looking for the causes of personal problems in other people appear. The fear of being alone, suffering, and falling into a state of victimhood and dissatisfaction disappears.

Life is gradually getting better. Simultaneously with the work on self, there is an interest in energy practices, meditation and prayers, and cleaning the subconscious, removing all the blocks from it.

There is the awareness that all situations have a cause-and-effect relationship. Awareness becomes an important criterion when there is a clear understanding of why this or that situation occurs. One should not blame others, but take responsibility for oneself, to learn lessons and move on, knowing that the old life will never come back.

Second stage: Quantum transition. Physical transformation’s symptoms.

At this stage, there is not yet a full understanding of what is happening to the body. The first unpleasant symptoms appear. Wild pain and tightness in the head. Frequent attacks of nausea and dizziness, mood swings, constant ringing in the ears, and an unwillingness to do anything.

The searching begins for information about the causes of the ailment. The answers found are somewhat comforting. But the symptoms intensify again and new ones appear.

Distractedness, forgetfulness, sleepiness. Moments of hyperactivity are abruptly replaced by laziness, apathy, and fatigue.

At rest, one feels a tingling sensation in the legs, especially in the right one. Pain in the heart and chest. Constant heartburn appears. It is how the body is freed from low-frequency vibrations.

The sleep mode changes – it is either very short or long. Dreams are filled with vivid visions. Sometimes they are very heavy, with pictures of physical and psychological violence.

Increased sensitivity to everything that is going on. Intolerance of mass gatherings in large stores and the street crowds. Desire to stay away from any noise.

The diet changes – reluctance to meat, preference for plant foods, and pure water.

The skin of the face improves. It tightens and becomes lighter and softer.

The need for all material fades into the background. There is an urge for the Sublime, Spiritual.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Urge For Sublime

Urge For Sublime

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

Pains all over the body return. Panic and anxiety arise, and pains begin where there were previously health problems. In this way, the internal organs are cleansed of low frequencies, toxins, and impurities.

It is tempting to clean an apartment all the time. Throw out unnecessary junk, things, and old furniture, to get rid of all the past as quickly as possible.

Sometimes appears the foreign-body sensation. When waking up in the morning, one sees self as a different person.

Even without exercise, the body visibly changes, becoming tighter and less dense. A desire comes to spend more time outdoors, in nature, and in contemplation.

The worldview and thinking are filled with positivity. There are more strength and energy, a wish to do whatever one wants, to set and achieve goals. So the transformation continues.

The third stage: The emergence of unconditional Love. Conscious acceptance and forgiveness.

Everyone’s most basic need is Love and attention from birth.

However, many do not receive unconditional love as children. Often, life in the family is built solely on feelings of guilt.

At this stage of transformation, work begins with conscious forgiveness and self-acceptance. Situations and words that have caused guilt since childhood are analyzed.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Operation Plasma Part 11-2

In a day it’s necessary to analyze many lessons that were accompanied by guilt. Step by step, effort by effort, it is replaced by unconditional Love.

The burning and pain in the chest appear again. Thus the heart opens to the flow of Love.

It is a profound transformation of Soul and body, which not only helps to love and accept self but also to reach a new level of high-frequency vibrations, making space for the most important task in life – to return to The Source.

Riding The Storm - New

Latest news as of April 11, 2021

Siriusians replaced elements of the Earth’s rheostat unit with high-energy crystals which have a higher vibration range. It increased the frequency of incoming pulses, incremented the conductivity of the plasma and energy of the planetary core.

Additionally, Galacom installed superconducting platforms for the exiting interplanetary energies.

Standing Schumann waves are transformed into more intense pulses circulating through a system of underground glass-lined tunnels.

The energy release zones have been put under Artificial Intelligence control and computer processing at the Siriusians’ Lunar tracking station.

The energy stress in the cortical layer of the planet is reduced by pulses sent from Galacom’s spacecraft.

Control of the planetary core is strengthened by the Galacom group in Shambhala. Thirty-five crystals are used for this purpose. Their number can be increased depending on the Earth’s energy complex power rise.

Very soon, existing power units throughout the planet will be replaced; energy highways will be rebuilt taking into account the Earth’s landscape; inoperative pyramids will be activated; new complexes and planet control panels will be built and old ones dismantled.

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 - To New Earth

Operation Plasma Part 11-2 – To New Earth

Galacom is planning grandiose general planetary works on Earth. Our planet requires constant improvement of control equipment due to the growth of energy and plasma flows.

An important role in the transformation of the Earth is the synchronization of its energy with the star Oryx in the five-dimensional space of the Gerios Galaxy, controlled by one of the friendly civilizations.

The quantum energy from this Galaxy carries new codes for the 6-dimensional space on Earth in which the construction of the 5D Matrix is being carried out. The steles-receptors installed in different parts of the planet are already receiving the incoming waves.


(To be continued)

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