Operation Plasma - New Galactic Ops Part 11 April 2021

Operation Plasma

New Galactic Ops Part 11 – April 2021

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation Plasma – By Lev.

Galactic Committee ships that entered near-Earth space on April 2, 2021, continue to clear negative plasma, transform the upper atmosphere and correct the Hologram network (see – Fight For Hologram And Matrix – New Galactic Ops Part 10, April 2021 Disclosure News, April 5, 2021).

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Operation Plasma - Galacom Fleet

Galacom Fleet

Operation Plasma

On April 5, to pump out the accumulated negativity, crafts of 25D Siriusians moved into geostationary orbit over the Mediterranean, Devil’s Sea, and Bermuda Triangle which together form the planet’s Quasitron (see – The Matrix Of The Absolute – New Galactic Ops, Part 9-2, Disclosure News, April 1, 2021).

After loading the next volume of dirty plasma, the Siriusians’ space modules leave, and immediately new ones come in to pump out the next bulk.

The work of cleansing the planet of chyrons (Evil particles) takes place in an active mode every day. There is a lot of Evil on the planet, and it will take some time to purify it without the participation of the people.

We can feel the strain on our body due to the intense energy exchange between Earth and Galacom cosmic fleet and the low-frequency energy taking by transporter modules. Our cells, our entire body, react to this with bouts of tension.

Higher Light Hierarchs rid earthlings and Gaia of all the heaviest and unnecessary. They intensively clear debris created by the Archons, leveling the Earth’s energy.

Together with Siriusians, a squadron of 23D race from the Canis Major constellation is involved.

Work with plasma is not limited to this. By it, Galacom changes the entire space, saturating the Hologram and the Earth’s Matrix with new content.

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Operation Plasma - Plasma


Operation Plasma

What is plasma? Why have the Galactic Committee and friendly space races now stepped up their operations with it as well?

Plasma is an intermediate state between energy and matter. Plasma makes up the Matrix, an energy layer that stores all data relating to our planet, its development, every particle, every element, as well as the data of all systems, radiant, field, and others, all necessary codes and programs.

Plasma formations are clots of materialized energy. Plasmoids, itaplasmoids, plasmoid formations are intelligent. Any plasma carries intelligence in the form of l-gamma particles.

In 5D, water, minerals, and other primary elements exist only in the form of plasma. Also in the form of plasma (as very complex quantum programs), there are plants in 6D, animals in 7D, and humans from 8D up to and including 40D. It is through plasma that Co-Creators develop and populate planets. It was also the case with the Earth.

Human plasma was brought to Earth millions of years ago by the aforementioned 25D Siriusian race, saving intelligent substances from death on planets in the Sirius Constellation.

Gaia was then in 1D and was energetically weak but more suited by development to human plasma settlement.

For Earth to accept it, the necessary conditions of life support were created.

A relay satellite, the Moon, was brought into near-Earth space from another Galaxy. Through it, the entire Solar System now began to give energy to Earth as a single maternal organism.

Operation Plasma - Moon Base

Moon Base

Operation Plasma

Siriusians installed receivers in the form of tall steles in various places on the planet. Through them, the plants’ plasma began to be pumped from near-Earth orbit.

Out of it was born the civilization of the forests. It could quickly perceive energy, accumulate it, and then give it back to humans simply and reliably. The best accumulator and donor were cedars and eucalyptus trees.

In those areas where trees stood out brightly and lushly from the general massif, conditions of field influence on the soil were created. Thanks to it, the roots of the trees absorbed the energy of the planet more intensively, which contributed to the rapid development of consciousness.

After the plant world formed 2D Earth, Siriusians repeated the operation with animal plasma. It was an important element in preparing the planet for the transition to 3D.

Only after that did Siriusians begin to place human plasma on Earth, triggering the mechanism of forming earthlings’ bodies and intelligence.

To manage and accelerate this process, Siriusians and other friendly races have created a gigantic infrastructure in the Solar System and on Earth.

What exactly was each planet’s role in it? It has not changed over millions of years and remains the same today.

Mercury, staying at the 1D stage, is a source of energy that, by materializing and transforming, creates spiritual plasma for Earth and the other planets of the Solar System.

Operation Plasma - Mercury


Operation Plasma

Venus accumulates highly intelligent plasma and beams it into Solar System space from where it arrives on Earth.

Moon maintains a constant exchange of energy plasma with the Earth. It allows our Souls to incarnate on the planet in physical bodies.

The Soul’s plasma first inserts in minerals, then in plants, single-celled organisms, insects, and animals. And only then the Soul sufficiently learned and nurtured, enters the human body to receive the next stage of education.

Mars is developing a 4-dimensional world. It is one of the generators of the red energy ERMA which forms Matrixes, energy structures, and matter.

This planet contributes to the selection of intelligent plasma ready for incarnation on Earth. It is released from the bowels of Mars in the form of spheroids, spherical energy clots, and taken beyond it to the places where it is most needed. This is how the energy exchange with the Earth is maintained.

Satellites of Mars – Phobos, and Deimos are also actively used by Galacom. Phobos serves as a rheostat (regulating) unit to control red energy. It, in its turn, nucleates life matter with various potentials of Intelligence and dimension development.

Deimos picks up sound frequencies corresponding to transient moments. Under their influence, multidimensional worlds, bringing energy to vital matter, create the finished plasma.

Operation Plasma - Mars Phobos Deimos

Mars, Phobos, Deimos

Operation Plasma

The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter divides the Solar System into two parts. The inner one includes Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, i.e. four planets and their three moons. The outer part includes all the other planets and their satellites.

This separation strengthens the circulation of energy-information flows and vital plasma in the Solar System. Without it, there can be no development of Intelligence. Otherwise, a stagnant swamp with rotting processes of decomposition arises.

Jupiter accumulates and moves human plasma to a new – Galactic – stage of development, helps to adapt to more complex life conditions.

Operation Plasma - Jupiter


Operation Plasma

Saturn is a retransmitter of finished plasma, energy flows, and a regulator of interaction between the planets of the Solar System.

Uranus binds the magnetic fields of the planets affecting the orbital velocity of the Earth and other cosmic bodies. It is a transducer (rheostat block) of stellar energies.

The rheostat block energy store cleans the upper layers of our and other planets’ atmospheres, forms their environment, and teleports intelligent plasma to the Earth.

Operation Plasma - Saturn


Operation Plasma

Neptune moves plasma l-gamma particles to Earth. This planet accumulates energy-information flows to be downloaded into human subconsciousness. Its satellites Triton, Nereid, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Halimede, Psamathe, Neso, Sao, and Laomedeia disseminate this information through power channels of the Solar System for the nucleation of vital matter.

Pluto serves as a ray transducer for a new humanity and rheostatic storage unit for transporting intelligent plasma.

Siriusians have placed a station on the Moon to monitor and control these flows to Earth (in 2020 another one was added to it). Observations of the plasma and humanity’s development have been carried out for more than a million years.

Within each Galaxy, there is a life tracking station for the life-supporting planets. They are all connected to the communication centers between the Galaxies.

The information, compiled, compressed into energy flows, goes to the Galactic tracking station, which is located in interstellar space.

The new function of the Galaxy is not to grow Intelligence itself but only to concentrate the intelligence’s l-gamma plasma and Love energy. Then, to transport it to those Galaxies and Star Clusters that need it.

To maintain and control the necessary energy mode, 144,000 pyramids have been built on Earth, which is periodically turned on to receive and return the received energy from the 12 Constellations (see – New Galactic Ops Part 2, Disclosure News, 13 March 2021).

From the first days of their existence, the pyramids worked at full power, pumping into the planet’s core the pure energy of the cosmos, Intelligence, and Love, as well as the knowledge that was to bring man to a new level of development.

Operation Plasma - Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy

Operation Plasma

And today the multicolor energies coming into the pyramids have many functions. Each spectrum corresponds to a specific program. Galactic Committee controls their movement with ultrasound or infrasound impulses.

By these energies, Galacom first of all changes the programs of the Matrix, thereby developing the matter of the planet.

In addition to these two power tools, there is another one. It is the activation of the programs of numerical codes of space synchronization. Galacom brought these codes into our lives as physical and chemical properties of matter – weight, pressure, viscosity, density, valence, and many more.

The pyramids played a very important role in the formation of human civilization, of all Five Races. Now the megaliths are being reactivated to form a new, Sixth Race.

Even in ancient times people intuitively felt the strong power emanating from the pyramids when the Sun was at its zenith. They heard the sounds emanating from them.

Sometimes the sounds reached thundering force and then the pyramids began to vibrate. The fire stream flowing down from the sky on planes of pyramids into the bowels of the Earth became visible.

After sunset, the pyramids calmed down. People, being near them, absorbed their energy.

They brought seriously ill and dying people to the pyramids and laid them on the bases of the megaliths at sunset. People already knew that it was at this time that special healing currents flowed from the structures.

At this time of day, the pyramids emitted a bright yellow SFIRO beams. This energy contains spiritual and intelligent plasma. Unconsciously absorbing it, a man learned to live in the society of the same people, learned to make himself, to create a human destiny.

Operation Plasma - Sfiro Energy Of Plasma

Sfiro Energy Of Plasma

Operation Plasma

Gaia was too young then, lacking the necessary energy to withstand an ever-increasing human population. The pyramids helped her accumulate the missing power.

The planet’s core was changing. The flow of SFIRO and green ERGINO energies alternately transmitted to the Earth’s Crystal through the pyramids changed its structure.

ERGINO vibrancy awakened the life forces of matter, leveled the planet’s energy, and ensured the stability of the climate and the Hologram’s work.

Whatever form the Earth’s core took it always concentrated the main vital force. And out of it, was emanated the energy of movement capable to transform into the Love energy. Thus in the depths of the Earth were born energy reservoirs, which functioned as souls’ pantries.

As time passed, more and more powerful streams of energy were drawn into the planet’s energy storages. The souls’ selection program became even more active. This created favorable conditions for the reincarnation and development of Intelligence plasma.

Later, Gaia’s energy field began to stratify into layers. Parallel worlds matured, from the mineral and plants to the biological one. Human plasma, carrying Intelligence, was formed and accumulated over a while, up to a specific moment.

These moments have been prepared for many millennia. There needed to be a certain voltage inside the energy stores. When it reached the necessary level, the Higher Light Hierarchs took the best human and other plasma into Space to create new, more powerful energy storages in the Galaxy and other parts of the Local Universe.

Thus, step by step, the evolving plasma acquired form which after epochs became the building material of new worlds, new life forms in the Local Universe.

Operation Plasma - Local Universe

Local Universe

Operation Plasma

These stages on our planet have been repeated many times, selecting and sorting grains of valuable building material, grains of sand of future worlds.

An important step for the development of the first civilizations was the formation of the Earth’s orbital power field. On the Subtle Plane, it looks like an energy network.

In the beginning, it was still a widely spaced grid and far away from the planet surface. But it immediately allowed Earth and humanity to receive Intelligence plasma in the form of l-gamma particles from space via tracking stations in the Galaxy and on the Moon.

To create and control plasma flows, Higher Light Hierarchy built the Quasitron on the base of the Devil’s Sea, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Mediterranean (see – above).

The plasma generator on our planet is the equatorial zone. Here the temperature and other conditions for the transformation of plasma into the matter are constant.

This zone occupies the space from the equator line to 36 degrees north latitude and 36 degrees south latitude. In height, it rises into the atmosphere to the level of the Matrix – above the ozone layer.

In this belt, there are the well-known pyramids, which, like all the others, automatically work to receive energy and to emit it. It is where the weather of the planet is formed.

The belt accumulates plasma which enters it from Solaris that combines 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D. The plasma, reaching the surface of the planet’s crust, is transformed into the matter to nurture the Intelligence in it which will then be sent to the Greater Cosmos.

Now, on the planet, Galactic Committee is selecting Intelligence plasma for the development of the Sixth Race with new abilities. As an example, we are given communication with Indigo and Crystalline kids.

Operation Plasma - Indigo Kid

Indigo Kid

Operation Plasma

The humanity that has grown out of its cradle is picked up, again as the energy plasma, and placed on other planets for further evolution.

In intergalactic space, this plasma is accumulated in space blocks. These energy formations serve to move plasma from one state to another.

Plasma flows, coming repeatedly through interspace blocks, change their polarity in certain magnetic environments. This possibility of changing and flowing gives stability to the world’s evolution in the Universe.

Protuberant plasma motions have different velocities and forces. Such protuberances create mixtures and swirls of plasma, similar to a whirlpool, in outer space and on many planets, intensifying the circulation.

The interspace plasma block has the form of a multi-channel tube-shaped structure. Through it, plasma streams of different nature and density flow from one environment to another.

In these blocks, there are many accumulators. In them, other similar space-feeding blocks are forming.

The plasma emanating from them, spreading out through space, curdling into clots, forms dwarf stars, which can absorb energy from the environment.

Plasma accumulators are very convenient for the Galactic Committee. It can withdraw plasma from them little by little and feed it to planets, Stars, and Galaxies so that they can develop more intensively. Without such recharge, motion in cosmic systems falters, life stops, processes die.

All this is monitored by the 29D and 38D civilizations. 25D Siriusians, who take care of Earth, act as an ambulance for humanity.

Operation Plasma - Monitoring Of Earth

Monitoring Of Earth

Operation Plasma

Unfortunately, the Light Forces are not the only ones using inter-dimensional plasma flows and accumulators. In the era of duality and cosmic wars in our Local Universe, the Black Archons and their civilizations actively used plasma to take over and enslave planets.

This is what happened to Earth in the days of late Atlantis. In the course of another space war, the Black Archons’ ships launched a powerful plasma salvo into the Solar System.

The main part of the Black Plasma through the embedding beam targeted Saturn. Siriusians’ tracking station was unable to intercept the ray. All that remained was to wait to see how events would unfold.

Siriusians’ space squadron positioned in a semicircle near the Milky Way and prepared for any development in the Solar System.

The ships gathered the necessary energy for the intervention, scanned the entire planetary system again and again, and made calculations.

Two Siriusians’ crafts set up a separating energy shield between Saturn and Earth. It was impossible to install a protective sphere because then the important flow of life-giving plasma to Earth would be interrupted.

As the work was coming to an end, Siriusians’ monitoring channel detected a flash of a small spark-drop. It was enough: the penetration of the Black Archons’ vital plasma to the Earth happened. The moment was lost. The Dark civilization had managed to silt through.

The Fourth Race was actively developing on Earth. The plasma of the Black Archons had a direct channel into the planet’s energy store, and from there it began to seep to the surface. Mixing with human plasma, it created the civilization of late Atlantis.

Energy storms raged on the planet. Earth resisted the introduction of alien energy. Its energy storage pulses gave out new and new portions of plasma to be born.

Operation Plasma - Former Atlantis Territory

Former Atlantis Territory

Operation Plasma

The bowl of the Mediterranean, which then occupied a small part of the land, worked hard, spewing out not only magma but also human souls, saturated with the new plasma of the Dark Atlanteans.

Women gave birth to very large babies. During childbirth, most mothers could not withstand the energetic strain and died, leaving their tots in the care of relatives.

These children had tremendous stamina, extraordinary abilities, and developed quickly. As they grew up, they became God-men to other peoples of the planet.

Sensing their superiority and strength, these Atlanteans acquired the character traits of the Archons. They created their hierarchy which later formed a powerful technogenic civilization.

The lifespan of Atlanteans was two and a half times longer than that of ordinary humans. Their brains could receive and accumulate large volumes of Intelligence plasma. As a result, their intellectual level was much higher than that of neighboring peoples.

Atlanteans themselves posed no particular threat to humanity’s development. But their handlers, the Black Archons, had an energy potential a hundred times greater than that of their wards.

The mechanism created by the Archons to inject their plasma had the right results. Yes, a considerable part of female Atlanteans died in childbirth. But the strongest women were selected from their midst capable of giving birth to weans with the qualities and potential the Black Archons needed.

Only in such human bodies Archons were inhabited and incarnated through their plasma. It is how Dark Atlanteans came out in droves that were fully in possession of the Subtle energy technology but did not know their purpose and had no morals. Their abilities and bodies were used by those who infiltrated them.

The goal of the Archons was to take over the entire Earth, multiply, and advance further through the Greater Cosmos. The Space Coalition of the Light Forces passed a special law forbidding them to take over planets in this way and, having enslaved the local population, to do their thing without taking into account Universe’s Intelligence Laws.

Operation Plasma - Archons


Operation Plasma

Black Archons defiantly ignored the law. It was necessary to destroy Atlantis as quickly as possible, to save the part of the population that had managed to escape from the Dark Atlanteans’ power.

Otherwise, Higher Light Hierarchy could lose the entire planet, and with it, the opportunity to stop the further expansion of the Archons in the Local Universe.

That was the background to the further events described in On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Disclosure News March 13, 2021.

The humanity that survived the destruction of Atlantis continued to evolve as the Fifth Race. But for thousands of years, the planet never could get rid of the Dark Atlanteans, the Archons, and their Dark and Gray civilizations.

They continued to incarnate on 3D Earth from the astral and etheric planes. Throughout the subsequent history of mankind in different countries were constantly born those who carry in them the Dark Atlanteans and Archons’ traits of aggressiveness, greed, power-hunger, and deep contempt for people.

But nothing lasts forever under the Moon. Earth’s emergence from the Cosmic Night and the era of duality, the coming of the New Galactic Year, the accelerating Great Quantum Transition which every day saturates the planet with more and more powerful high-frequency radiation and plasma of Source – all this and much more left the Archons no chance.

Despite all Darks’ resistance, Galacom, Siriusians, and other friendly races continue to transform the Earth, humanity, and Hologram and Matrix programs at an accelerated tempo.

As of April 8, 2021, the situation is as follows.

Siriusians are accumulating processed plant and human plasma as radiation in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

The potential of the human plasma is upgrading, and its Galacom’s control through the Hologram is corrected.

The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea are working at their limits and in different modes, releasing new energy, with new rhythms and new sonic vibrations.

Operation Plasma - Over Mediterranean

Over Mediterranean

Operation Plasma

The chyrons (Evil particles) emitted in Quasitron and the Mediterranean Sea are blocked by the force fields of Siriusians’ ships and removed from the planet to avoid penetration into biological bodies.

Using the Intelligence l-gamma particles, Galacom forms new matter on Earth. Its molecular structure is morphed to receive and accumulate new energies which change the properties of elements and cells.

Every cell in our body carries a huge amount of information. Each l-gamma particle of Intelligence can hold an infinite amount of data.

This info in a free state is inert. But by receiving certain, step-by-step programs for the development of matter, it can produce millions of millions of species of matter possessing Intelligence.

The high-frequency vibration energy is channeled into the 4D/5D life support system being formed. Siriusians continue to intensely purify the entire Earth’s space by PURZH purple energy.

With the help of this energy, they change Earth’s field structures, concentrate plasma formations, increase the human perception of new info, and rearrange the entire nucleic chains. It stimulates rapid growth and eases the transition to the 5D and new Time programs.

By managing energy fields from the communication centers in the Galaxy and on the Moon, the Galactic Committee alters the Hologram’s radiations. By them, Galacom blocks and removes Archons’ programs from the Matrix.

Using the condensed plasma in the information field, Higher Light Hierarchs load new programs and knowledge into the subconsciousness and consciousness of earthlings.

The energy envelope of the planet is transformed. Plasma thickens in open Portals, accelerating the Earth’s transition from 3D to 4D/5D.

Operation Plasma - Earth Energy Envelope

Earth Energy Envelope

Operation Plasma

Many of us have begun to notice that our bodies are already able to pass through larger amounts of energy and are acquiring higher frequency qualities than before. Our consciousness is being cleared of old and blocking 3D programs.

Old habits are forgotten. New reactions appear following the state of our souls. More and more often we remember and think about the Divine nature of man for whom the highest values are the main in life.

We are now standing on the threshold of a New World. For many, these are difficult times. The world is changing dramatically. The old foundations of the System are crumbling.

Everything we need to know we now get directly, past the Archons. Our awareness increases, and so does our responsibility.

Only such people can build the New World with a pure mind and heart, living according to the Source, looking at the world with a wide view, with an open consciousness.

Operation Plasma - To Renewed Earth

Renewed Earth

Operation Plasma

The Higher Light Hierarchs give us knowledge and understanding of what is happening to the planet and us. From those who can accept and understand them, Galacom now needs help in communicating information about the building of the New World.

While its foundations are being laid, our main task is to keep our inner peace and conduct the energies to change civilization through us while the planet is undergoing a general cleansing and transformation.


(To be continued)

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Armageddon Chronicle – The Great Quantum Transition

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