Operation Moulinet - New Galactic Ops Part 13

Operation Moulinet

New Galactic Ops Part 13

April 2021

Operation Moulinet – The Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

On April 15, 2021, the 25D Siriusian space fleet in near-Earth space completed the next phase of Operation Moulinet. They are conducting it in conjunction with the Galactic Committee and other friendly races.

Operation Moulinet is aimed at clearing the Earth’s four-dimensional field of energy dirt. It is brought into this transit space from the 3D Matrix that Galacom is currently dismantling, despite all Archons’ attacks.

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This Siriusians’ Operation directly affects many other ops of the Higher Light Hierarchy which will be partially described below.

To carry it out, the Siriusians’ trauelevator spaceship was used. Its field is so powerful that allows unhindered passage of spacecraft, planets, and even Stars endowed with Intelligence, through Black and White Holes.

Operation Moulinet - On The Earth"S Orbit

On The Earth”S Orbit

Operation Moulinet

To take up the position required for Operation Moulinet, the trauelevator left the field of orange energy ERKADO which by impulses forms the Matrix time programs and entered the channel leading to an important Portal in Earth orbit.

This is a very interesting channel.

It is a continuation of the eighth spiral (12 in total) of energy flows from the center of the Milky Way.

The channel is filled with orange ERKADO energy.

The channel is surrounded by reflective light violet GLERUS energy and violet GRASIMO energy (both used by Siriusians for primary cleaning of space from unnecessary impurities), as well as by green FEASK energy, which stabilizes the Intelligence plasma.

The channel of the eighth spiral (as well as the other eleven) is not just a transport conduit but a complex quantum mechanism of action and interaction of energies that Galacom directs to Earth through it.

The farthest from Earth part of the channel is filled with lilac GLEZIS energy with which Siriusians condense l-gamma particles in space and create energy structures from them.

DNit Telegram Channel

After crossing the GLEZIS, the energies of the trauelevator spaceship and the Earth came into interaction with our planet’s magnetic fields.

What are these fields and how are they used?

By the magnetic field of the blue color FIRSCO, Siriusians purify, stabilize and guide the mental development of mankind.

Operation Moulinet - Firsco Energy

Firsco Energy

Operation Moulinet

They help the emergence of new thought-forms by the light green FEARO field.

The magnetic radiation field of dark yellow FUARO energy creates new matter in the mineral, plant, and biological worlds.

Between the magnetic fields of FEARO and FUARO, the filtering violet energy GRASIMO enters the eighth spiral’s range.

It allows the shifting of magnetic fields to form a space of red-pink ERLAGO energy from which the Earth’s new information field is created.

When ERLAGO energy enters the magnetic field of the dark yellow energy FUARO, they form together with a powerful catalyst for the birth of new matter in the realm of minerals, plants, and animals.

The passage channel through which the Siriusians’ trauelevator entered near-Earth space is remotely reminiscent of the reaction columns used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Only it does not process matter but quantum energies.

Operation Moulinet - Passage Channel

Passage Channel

Operation Moulinet

The channel extends into the outer space of the purifying energy GRASIMO. There it is filled with blue FIADO energy which stimulates human mental development.

In the channel, the FIADO energy mixes with the magnetic field of two other energies, the blue FIRSCO, and the light blue FEARO. With this cocktail, the Siriusians purify the earthlings’ consciousness, raising it to a new level.

At the same time, the energy of the lemon color FERGO removes unnecessary and obsolete knowledge from matter.

Even closer to Earth, in the channel, streams of blue FIADO energy pass through the burgundy BARO catalyst field and form various plasma formations in the atmosphere with it.

Operation Moulinet - Blue Fiado And Burgundy Baro Energies

Blue Fiado And Burgundy Baro Energies

Operation Moulinet

The channel is further narrowed by two energies. One is pink SLAGO, which forms the information field of space. The other is the sea lagoon color energy GRISAGO, which creates the life support structures of our planet in 5D.

Along the narrowed section, the blue energy FEARO passes through the cream-colored FERUS field. Using their mixture, Syriusians correct planetary development programs.

In its next section, the channel tapers off by two other energies. This is the red-yellow ERBINO which serves as a receiver of signals emitted during the formation of new matter. The second is the brown and lilac mixture of GLASSO and GLEZIS energies which absorb knowledge from previous stages of civilization.

By the interaction of all four energies (FEARO, ERBINO, GLASSO, and GLEZIS), Siriusians compact Intelligence l-gamma particles in Earth space and create from the various structures in the planet’s field.

Even closer to the Earth, the channel narrows even more. Here the streams of blue FEARO pass through the LIBRESSO light-salad field.

LIBRESSO is the energy of small fluctuations. Carries out the transition of development to a higher stage of evolution, promotes the vital centers upgrading of the animal and plant world. It helps to stabilize the pulses and fluctuations of magnetic fields.

By combining the impulses of both energies, Siriusians raise the evolution of animal and plant life to a higher level, as well as controlling magnetic waves and the climate.

All magnetic fields of the planet are periodically switched off and on with new properties.

Operation Moulinet - Moulinet Scheme

Moulinet Scheme

Operation Moulinet

After passing through the channel, the Siriusians’ trauelevator spaceship took the initial position for Operation Moulinet in EKSPAZ space. This is an energy structure in the near-Earth room that has a shape similar to a moulinet (see scheme).

Moulinet changes the 4D and dissects it into separate LOBDARI field vectors. These are infrasound fields that Siriusians use to transform the surrounding space with yellow SFAS energy and white ASTEMO energy.

Using the latter, Siriusians form the Intelligence plasma from new information flows, combine with it the entire spectrum of energies and correct the Hologram’s work.

On Earth, fluctuations of LOBDARI fields manifest themselves in the form of strong low-frequency stresses on the atmosphere and resonance basis of matter.

As a rule, it is accompanied by large emissions of negative energy. In such cases, we need to be especially careful not to overburden ourselves, try to remain calm, and not react to the aggressiveness of the world around us.

With LOBDARI energy, Siriusians restructure matter, compressing and splitting plasma. New molecular formations are concentrated at specific points on the planet.

From this condensate, Siriusians, using neutrino fields, form structural compounds of new bodies, solid and liquid forms of chemical elements.

EKSPAZ has its own Portal. Through it, Siriusians direct and program energy flows to Earth for specific tasks.

The Portal was built on the base of two energies – yellow SFAS (helps adaptation to change fields) and yellow-green FERGO (removes outdated Intelligence and knowledge).

Operation Moulinet - Fergo Energy

Fergo Energy

Operation Moulinet

The Portal emits four energies. These are ERMA’s red rays (form Matrices, energy structures, and matter) with FERGO’s lemon-colored energy spheres; FIRSO’s blue rays (purify and develop Intelligence), and SLESURIS’s dark pink energy spheres (form and preserve plasma).

There are two bounding rings inside the Portal (see scheme).

The first ring of lilac (GLEZIS) has a system of light blue rays (FEARO) with lilac-colored energy spheres (GLEZIS), and dark pink rays (SLESURIS) with azure (FIARSCO) and blue (FIADO), also with blue rays (FIARSCO) and dark pink energy spheres (SLESURIS).

The second ring of blue energy (FIADO) closes the entire Portal’s inner system.

On the planet, during the passage of the EKSPAS system, the thermal converter PARS of the split stored 3D energy works. Siriusians’ spaceships remove this energy from Earth 24/7.

Operation Moulinet includes another important job. In the course of it, Siriusians collect, purify, program, and direct the flows of different plasma that the Earth emits.

How does Siriusians do it?

All plasma clots first pass through the purifying space of purple energy GRASIMO.

Operation Moulinet - Plasma Clots

Plasma Clots

Operation Moulinet

From the plasma removed from Earth, Siriusians make cocktails that consist of the following energies’ spectra.

Salad with yellow in the white spectrum FERUS-SFAS-ASTRO.

This plasma changes programs of planetary structure development, facilitates adaptation to the new quantum environment, forms Intelligence space with its saturation by necessary information.

By KARBIUS lilac-pink spectrum plasma Siriusians compact l-gamma particles in the Earth’s Hologram structures.

the yellow-blue plasma in the white spectrum of SFAS-FIRSCO-ASTRO they perform purification and stabilization of people’s mental development, as well as adaptation to the new Source’s radiations sent to Earth.

Using the yellow-red plasma in the white spectrum of SFAS-ERMA-ASTRO Siriusians build Matrices 4D and 5D, and their energy structures, as well as matter by changing magnetic medium.

Operation Moulinet - Yellow-Red Plasma

Yellow-Red Plasma

Operation Moulinet

By the beige CHERGO plasma is accumulating the energy of the Earth’s particles evaporation.

By the yellow and emerald-colored plasma in the white spectrum of SFAS-KEGINO-ASTRO Siriusians regulate adaptation to new wave impulses, and change the matter’s structure with help of magnetic fields.

Using the yellow plasma in the white SFAS-ASTRO spectrum, Siriusians help people withstand the space saturated with high-frequency quantum energy. This plasma is also utilizing to create new kinds of matter processed by magnetic radiation.

All of the above plasma types are directed by Siriusian ships into an energy spiral of the nacreous spectrum which moves counterclockwise.

Operation Moulinet - Nacreous Spiral

Nacreous Spiral

Operation Moulinet

After passing this spiral, the processed energy of each plasma type enters the red-white energy ERMA-ASTRO space. In it, Siriusians build Matrices 4D and 5D, their energy structures and matter.

Thus, the cosmic friendly race, under the Galacom guidance, transforms the plasma released by the Earth into the energy form of the Local Universe’s matter.

Breaking News April 18, 2021

Riding The Storm - New

On April 18, 2021 at 4:50 pm CET the Light Forces Ground Team issued the following statement:

Friends and like-minded fellows,

As of late and right now the last armageddon is taking place in the local universe. The dark forces are battling the light forces. They have succeeded in re-emerging the antipleroma, this powerful demonic hotbed of resistance to the Light.

Due to this, the cumulative entropy exceeds the critical level of self-liquidation of the Local Universe.

Therefore, all higher mind-forms of the light forces, the constructive vector of the universe, have now risen to its protection.

Operation Moulinet - Space War Is Going On

Space War Is Going On

Operation Moulinet

On our steem, we all together, as a unit, contain the critical growth of entropy by ourselves, our monads, subtle and physical bodies.

The collective logos of our group is on the front lines. So everyone, especially those working with monadic cores, is holding on. For now, we just have to hold out.

Now is the moment of truth for all of us, our individual, personal, and most important battle.

So help us, God! “


(To be continued)

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Armageddon Chronicle – The Great Quantum Transition

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