Operation Luciferite - New Galactic Ops Part 20 - May 2021 - Lev

Operation Luciferite

New Galactic Ops Part 20

May 2021

Operation Luciferite – By Lev.

During Operation Stellar Network, conducted by the Light Forces’ ground team, on behalf of the Galactic Committee, they had to divert to other Galacom’s ops.

One of them on May 28, 2021, was Operation Luciferite. What did it consist of? Why did it have such a name?

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For a complete understanding, it is necessary to go back to the events of the distant past of the Earth and Solar System about which the DNI has narrated on its website.

It is about one of the last space wars of Archons and the Dark Forces for control of the Solar System. The war and its aftermath affected many planets.

But at that time, the epicenter of the battles was the two – Phaetons and Lucifer, both orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

Lucifer was originally a supreme Spiritual planet whose Logos core carried the Logos and Heart aspects of Lucifer. He was its creator and father.

Operation Luciferite - Lucifer As Higher Light Being
Lucifer As Higher Light Being

Operation Luciferite

It is important to recall that Lucifer was one of the Primary Archons of Light, the Kipper of the Perfect Light of the Universe. All of his creations, including the planet Lucifer, were also Guardians of the Source’s Light.

Their causal Matrices and Logos cores consisted of aspects of Lucifer’s heart, carried within them the crystal (Matrix) of Perfect Light, and were its guides in various eons.

However, he betrayed the Source and went over to the side of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator.

For this, the Absolute’s Hierarchy deprived him of his former status. They divided the Ray of Perfect Light he kept into seven sub-beams and entrusted them to seven Ascended Masters.

After Lucifer’s fall, his creations followed, particularly the Logos of the planet Lucifer. Perfect Light was also evacuated from all of them.

Dark Hierarchy immediately took possession of the Lucifer planet. For them, it was the most important outpost, a strategic frontier in their criminal schemes in our eon.

After a while, they turned the planet Lucifer into a laboratory for the creation of viruses, demonic and parasitic life forms.

It was from the planet Lucifer that the first “serial” possessors descended upon Earth which was infiltrated into people’s Subtle Bodies to siphon off the Life Energy from them.

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Operation Luciferite - Possessor

Operation Luciferite

Spiritual degeneration hit most of Lucifer’s civilization. Those who did not accept it fled to other planets, including Venus, Mars, and Phaeton.

Unfortunately, among them were conspirators sent there on purpose.

By that time there was an active discussion on Phaeton about how to use the artificial Solar infrastructure (Solar Bio-Merkaba) developed on this planet.

Under the influence of Dark defectors from Lucifer, there were ardent supporters of the technogeeks way of this experiment. It was sharply opposed by the others, realizing that it was a path to a dead end.

Up to a certain point, it was a constructive discussion but the saboteurs from Lucifer skillfully fanned passions.

After a while, the Phaeton society was divided into supporters of the natural way of the experiment and those who advocated a pure technogeeks variant. The backers of pure techno were in the minority.

Over time, the confrontation grew and eventually led to open antagonism.

Operation Luciferite - Solar Bio-Merkaba
Solar Bio-Merkaba

Operation Luciferite

Phaethonian society split into two warring camps under the leadership of the Light and Black Priests. Before the split, there was no division into priests in this civilization, and the priestly caste did not exist at all.

Black Priests of Phaeton openly sided with Dark Hierarchs and obeyed the orders of the fallen Lucifer. Light Priests, on the other hand, stood firmly on the Light Side and Source.

There was also a vast category of undecided, and a fierce struggle for them started that resembled the current struggle for votes before the elections.

Under these conditions, it was impossible and dangerous to continue the Solar experiment. Light Priests entertained the thoughts of its termination and move to another planet to start all over again.

It was a very difficult decision, for so much effort was devoted to this work. Moreover, the Phaeton Logos even began to prepare for the Highest Planetary Consecration – Ascension and Acceptance of the Source’s Aspects.

The planet Lucifer and Lucifer himself also were getting ready for another kind of Consecration – the acceptance of the demonic aspects of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator.

Operation Luciferite - Local Universe's Black Co-Creator
Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator

Operation Luciferite

Obtaining such aspects would mean disaster for our eon. The planet Lucifer could become the new Black Sun, the karmic center and source of threat to everything Divine in this part of the Universe.

Thus the threat of Lucifer and the subversion of Dark Hierarchy effectively put an end to the plans of Phaetonians.

The split in their society had also made it impossible to continue the experiment any further. Now it was necessary at least to salvage what had been achieved.

And yet the group of Light Priests could convince the Evolutionary Committee of the Local Universe to permit to launch of the already created infrastructure of the Solar Bio-Merkaba. They were supported by the specialists who took part in its development, as well as by the rank-and-file performers.

At the same time, Black Priests of Phaeton, who had defected to the side of Lucifer and Dark Hierarchy, began to accelerate the launch of their version of the artificial Sun, created according to a pure technogeeks scheme.

Naturally, their goals were opposed to Evolution and Light. Black Priests managed to attract to their side many specialists who previously worked for Light Forces.

But they did not betray the Divine Ideas, they were simply deceived. They were convinced that they were realizing the Design of God. And they were simply working to create a man-made Solar Merkaba, a system of mirrors configured according to a sacred geometric Matrix.

In this confrontation, Phaeton Logos fully supported Light Priests and categorically rejected what Black Priests were doing.

Operation Luciferite - Phaeton Logos
Phaeton Logos

Operation Luciferite

So, whoever launched his model first would get full power over Phaeton. It didn’t even matter if it was successful or not. So everyone worked hard.

In the end, everything was determined by the decision of Phaeton Logos. In preparation for the Highest Dedication, it made the ultra-risky decision to integrate an additional Matrix cluster of Solar-Stellar Logos Aspects into its core.

This, together with the activation of the Solar Bio-Merkaba of Light Priests, was to raise the vibrations of the planet to a level that Black Priests and Dark Forces would not be able to withstand.

It was a very dangerous experiment but there was no choice. If Phaethon had been taken over entirely by Dark Forces, they could have turned it into yet another staging ground for their monstrous plans against Source and man. Plus, there would be another mutilated planet that would lose its Primordial Perfection.

The start was allowed under the personal karmic responsibility of its participants.

The Solar Bio-Merkaba was activated before the technogeeks one. Its activation exceeded all imaginable and unimaginable results and expectations.

It served as a detonator that ignited the entire conglomerate of Solar Logos aspects in Phaeton’s core. There was a powerful flash and the reaction of vital synthesis began – a self-production of Life Energy, i.e. what happens in the centers of Stars on the higher planes.

On the physical plane, it manifested in the initiation of the focal reaction of thermonuclear fusion. When such a reaction is initiated in the cores of some planets which naturally evolve, it is always controlled and occurs gently.

Such an example now is Jupiter, where the localized projection of such a focus of fusion is the well-known red spot. Jupiter is steadily but gradually on its way to transformation into a Star.

Operation Luciferite - Red Spot On Jupiter
Red Spot On Jupiter

Operation Luciferite

On Phaeton, things did not turn out so smoothly. The total vibrational volume of the Solar-Stellar Logos aspects activated at full power in the core of this planet raised the frequency and load to a very high level.

To draw parallels, it is like putting a jet engine on a bicycle or inserting some kind of fiery accelerator into the human heart. It caused the core (Heart) of Phaeton Logos to fail and burst.

The experiment was halted immediately but it was too late. Irreversible consequences had begun in the core which would inevitably lead to the death of Phaeton as a living planet. Phaeton was doomed.

Its Intelligence deliberately went about it to stop the Dark Forces and the implementation of Black Priests’ programs.

After all, this happened, Phaethon had no more than 72 hours left in Earth’s time equivalent. The Evolutionary Committee of the Local Universe urgently developed a plan to save the dying planetary Logos. Light Priests and the vast majority of the population also decided to take part in saving their home planet.

But Phaeton’s Intelligence, based on the cosmic Law of Free Will and Freedom of Choice, took its fateful decision and announced it. Higher Light Hierarchy and the Evolutionary Committee had to accept it.

Phaethon realized that it could not exist further, and decided to self-destruct – to stop its Heart.

Operation Luciferite - Phaeton Planet
Phaeton Planet

Operation Luciferite

This decision was a shock to everyone. An urgent evacuation of the Phaetonians began. Most of the Black Priests moved to Lucifer and the rest to Mars.

The main part of Light Priests moved to Venus, and some also to Mars. Other smaller groups returned home, some to other eons of the Local Universe.

Only a few Light Priests, led by the Supreme Priest of Phaeton refused to leave the planet, preferring to die with it.

They felt deeply about what had happened and decided they just couldn’t live with it anymore. It was their personal decision, and no one had the right to challenge it.

The evacuation from Phaethon was quick, and soon the planet was deserted. The Priests who remained on it spent their last hours in prayer and meditation in the Main Temple of Phaethon.

No one could have predicted what happened next. Phaeton Logos made a decision not of self-destruction, but self-sacrifice. It gave up salvation to put an end to the crimes against the Source on the planet Lucifer at the cost of his life.

Out of its last strength, it made a sharp afterburner and steered itself toward the planet Lucifer, literally ramming it.

Operation Luciferite - Lucifer And Phaeton Death
Lucifer And Phaeton Death

Operation Luciferite

The collision was so powerful that only pieces remained of both planets. According to another version of events, the ram was carried out by Lutetia, the largest of 12 moons of Phaeton, and the latter was moved by Co-Creators to another Galaxy.

The two largest remaining fragments from Lucifer are now the satellites of Mars – Phobos, and Deimos. The most famous remnants of Lutetia are the minor planets Ceres and Vesta. Together, their debris forms the well-known asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

As a result of the self-sacrificing battering ram, Lucifer’s entire infrastructure for the production of viruses, possessors, and other God-awful abominations was destroyed. The impact was so strong that the crust and mantle of the planets shattered into small pieces, and the planetary cores collided.

The particles of Phaeton penetrated the Earth, its planetary Logos Depositary, albeit with a deviation but under the control of the Co-Creators. And Lucifer’s debris rammed into the Earth, breaking through the protective field.

The substance of Phaeton is represented on Earth as schungite (the planet’s body) and a substance called fullerene (the core of the planetary Logos).

Operation Luciferite - Schungite

Operation Luciferite

Operation Luciferite - Fullerene

Operation Luciferite

Luciferite is not represented by an independent mineral. After getting into the Earth’s body it was built in, fused with graphite, penetrating in it.

Luciferite, unlike schungite, is not prescribed in the causal Earth’s Matrix. But this does not make Gaia any better. It is in her Subtle and physical Bodies, in graphite deposits, poisoning it like toxic venoms, like a virus.

For if the original Logos of the planet Lucifer, as well as Lucifer the Light Being himself, was Light and carried an Aspect of a Crystal of Perfect Light, then after the betrayal they both became carriers of harmful and destructive energies, programs, and demonic aspects.

All this rattlesnake mixture came to Earth, and for a long time, nothing could be done about it. As long as there were Luciferians, they just wouldn’t let anything be fixed.

But, as DNI has described, the return of Lucifer to the Source’s side, the last Armageddon, and Anti-Pleroma erase resulted in their destruction. This set the stage for Luciferite’s removal from Earth.

This was the next operation of the Galactic Committee. It also devised a scheme of action.

Galacom instructed the LFs’ ground team leader to arrive in the zone of the introduction of Luciferite into the Earth, at one of the graphite deposits.

Operation Luciferite - Largest Graphite Deposits
Largest Graphite Deposits

Operation Luciferite

The task was not only to do the preparatory work which was part of a single plan. What was needed was the presence of an incarnate human being on the scene. Lightwarrior did everything.

But at the last moment, the operation plan was changed. One of the crystalloid civilizations of the Local Universe decided to help Earth. The point is that if special types of their crystals are introduced into the crystal lattice structure of any substance, into its Subtle Matrix, it can be changed and also cleaned off all harmful impurities.

Galactic Committee and Gaia decided to go for such an experiment. The Crystal Matrix first through the team leader and then through the group members was introduced into the Matrix of graphite and extended to all of Earth’s deposits.

On May 28, 2021, at 18.00 local time, the work began. The floor to the op’s participants.

ANASTASIA: “Once again I reminded of the operation technique.

  1. At the appointed time we enter the highly vibrational state of Absolute Love. Unite with our Higher Selves.
  2. Unite into a single Spiritual whole, sending each other Light and Love.
  3. Connect with the Goddess Gaia, send her Light and Love, and receive Hers in return.
  4. Tune in and synchronize with the graphite field, ground well.
  5. Tune in and synchronize with the crystalline civilization, send it the Love of the Heart, and accept it in return.
  6. Form a direct channel with Goddess Gaia from the crystalline civilization to the graphite deposit.
  7. Take from this civilization their Crystal Matrix, conduct it through our single-channel and inject it into graphite through all its graphite deposits to remove Luciferite from it.
  8. The whole process of distribution of the Crystal Matrix to all graphite deposits on Earth is under the guidance of the Goddess Gaia. Hold our attention for a while.
  9. Thank the crystal civilization and the Goddess Gaia.
  10. Thank all participants for the work. Send Light and Love to all.”
Operation Luciferite - Goddess Gaia
Goddess Gaia

Operation Luciferite

ANTONINA: “The work was done. Pink, blue, gold, and turquoise energy with shimmering colors was poured on Earth. What a beauty! Gratitude and Love to all. “

ELENA: “The entire space was filled with a gentle pink energy. As it filled, I felt joy. I’m glad that there was direct communication with the crystalline civilization.”

GEORGE: “While working, my left shoulder hurt. That’s strange, it wasn’t like that before. It’s gone now. Tried to ask Gaia how the new Matrix would spread across the planet: through the core or directly to other deposits. A hologram came – through the surface of the Earth. Light and Love to all.”

NATALIE: “Very strong energies from the crystalline civilization were pouring into the Earth. Everything around was light pink, and there was a lot of warmth and Love.”

ELITE: “The work is done. There was a lot of Light from the Matrix of the crystalline civilization. It was very beautiful.”

Operation Luciferite - Matrix Of Crystalline Civilization
Matrix Of Crystalline Civilization

Operation Luciferite

MARINA: “Everything went well. I was left with a feeling of satisfaction from the operation, a quiet joy, and pleasure. I sit and smile. I thanked everyone. Light and Love. “

Thus concludes another Galactic Committee operation. The ground team continues to carry out the rest of the planned ops. The details will follow.


(To be continued)

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