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Operation In Japan – Part 1


Operation In Japan – Part 1 – By Lev.

The Light Forces’ ground team Operation in Japan began a month earlier than planned. At this time, the group was performing a task of the Higher Light Hierarchy in India (about it will be a separate post).

Late in the evening, in the hotel, preparing for the flight from Delhi, the head of the group suddenly felt very bad. It was feeling of strong negative impact. The Lightwarrior’s throat, the fifth chakra started to hurt. Severe cough began. It was s almost suffocating. The whole body burned.

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His Monad immediately self-accelerated to the vibration of Absolute Synthesis generating Absolute Light. It can burn any negative substance in any volume.

The bronchi first turned cold, as if a piece of ice had been shoved into them, and after a few hours, they began to burn, as if they had been doused with gasoline and set on fire. They, along with the throat, were very sore from constant coughing. Then a heart attack followed…

From experience, the head of the LFs ground team knew that these were signs of an attack by a very strong and extremely dangerous negative entity. It has already happened in a karmic duel with one of the Black Archons. But it’s never been as tough as this time.

It was an attack by the Black Archon of Radiation.

In its way, it was a masterpiece created by the Higher Dark Hierarchy.

First, he possessed an extremely powerful Super Monad.

Second, the Monad was dual-cored. In one was the Logos Aspect of the Local Universe, i.e., substance of which the Universe was created.

Third, the Super Monad was a backup Matrix of radioactive decay with constant direct access to the Local Universe’s Logos. In other words, the Black Archon of Radiation was an entity of the highest level.

Fourth, the second core of its Super Monade consisted of Monads of people who were turned into shadows by Light radiation during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

Operation In Japan - Hiroshima Bombing

Hiroshima Bombing

Operation In Japan

This made him an almost invulnerable monster. Anyone who wanted to destroy it would have to kill the remnants of the human Monads, which is also used as hostages. But that’s not all…

At that time, the ground group commander did not know that the karmic duel would be the hardest and longest in his life. It will last for more than a month.

Lightwarrior and Black Arkhon collided on the physical and on the Subtle Plane. The group leader’s Monad and the Black Archon Monad’s first core shattered into pieces after the collision.

Lightwarrior’s Monad, having a wide experience of regeneration after the destruction of, quickly recovered. It captured the remnants of the Archon Monad’s first core.

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However, the substance of a Super Monad has an order of magnitude greater vibration than an ordinary Monad. So Lightwarrior can’t just annihilate it.

It had to do something else. The Lightwarrior’s Higher Self kept the captured pieces in his Monad and gradually, by small portions placed in its core. There they were annihilated by inner Light explosions.

The liquidation was very difficult. Strong negativity’s waves covered the Lightwarrior. His throat felt tight. A choking cough started…

There was no other way to do it. The volume of toxic segments of the Archon’s Super Monade was so large that it was impossible to destroy it immediately. Lightwarrior’s Monad just would have died with him.

The karmic duel dragged on for more than a month. It was one of the most difficult in the life of the commander. After all, the segments were in the past part of the Local Universe’s Logos core!

Throughout this time, the Lightwarrior had a sense of contact with radiation. He saw all its symptoms and signs. The Black Archon was made up of radiation.

Operation In Japan - Karma


Operation In Japan

Only on the eve of the operation in Japan, all segments of the Archon’s Super Monad were destroyed. It was the end of the karmic duel and complete victory in it. With the first Super Monad’s core was eliminated backup Matrix of radioactive decay.

The duel damaged the integrity of the Local Universe’s Logos. But the Higher Light Hierarchy artificially grew the new parts and installed them in the damaged places.

There was still a second Monad’s core of the Black Archon, consisting of human Monads. He was no longer active and stayed in a coma.

It was necessary to finish him off completely. The Higher Light Hierarchy assigned the LFs’ ground team to do this in Japan.

The operation in this country had other reasons.

Long before it – on March 11, 2011 – there was the most powerful and destructive earthquake in the history of Japan with a magnitude of 9 points. It was accompanied by an unprecedented tsunami. By its strength, it is the sixth in the history of mankind.

Later, its man-made causes were revealed and widely covered in detail. Some ins and outs were left in the shadows.

An additional force to the disaster was given by the movement of the magnetic pole.

Another reason was the powerful energy field in the area of the Devil’s Belt and the Dragon’s Triangle.

Operation In Japan - Fukusima Tsunami Impact

Fukusima Tsunami Impact

Operation In Japan

The Devil’s Belt is five equidistant large anomalous zones located along 30 degrees North latitude: the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea, the Gibraltar wedge, the Afghan anomalous zone, and the Hawaiian anomaly.

The zones are separated from each other by 72 degrees. This water area, located in the Pacific Ocean between Japan, the Northern part of the Philippines, and the island of Guam, is similar to the Bermuda Triangle. There are also lost ships on the water and in the sky. This region is one of the points of the Devil’s Pentagram that forms the Devil’s Belt.

The outer border of the Dragon Triangle or, more correctly, the Dragon Hexagon is the Japan East coast. Just where the epicenter of the March 2011 earthquake has happened.

The disaster was a gift for the comatose but still alive Black Archon of Radiation. He used this chance to mobilize and break out where he was blocked for destruction.

The closest thing to the epicenter was the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Archon took advantage of the accident, which was accompanied by a huge radiation leak.

He was able to activate the sources of radiation on the Subtle Plane and radioactive karmic burial grounds. They began dropping the radioactive substance to Earth through a Portal located in the Mariana trench.

The Earth was hit by a powerful bombardment of radioactive nuclei and clots. Undercover of the bombing, the Black Archon tried to break through the field of the emergency power unit of the Fukushima-1 plant.

The Higher Light Hierarchs and Spiritual people all over the planet did not allow the Archon to leave the Earth. In his agony, he fiercely struck back. Many Light Hierarchs lacked defensive resources. They had to cover the Earth with their Subtle Bodies.

In those days, many people on the planet had a sore throat, attacks of chakra cough, and symptoms of radiation poisoning. But together the Light Forces managed to protect the Earth and prevent the Archon from breaking through the radiation Portal in Fukushima (any active nuclear reactor is a radiation Portal).

There was a big battle going on for Fukushima. At the most critical moments, when the radioactive bombardment from the Subtle Plan reached its peak, single strikes on Fukushima and other Japanese nuclear power plants affected by the earthquake reached the targets.

Operation In Japan - Hiroshima Bombing

Hiroshima Bombing

Operation In Japan

At these moments, explosions and radiation emissions occurred at the nuclear power plant. The LFs’ ground team was on the other side of the planet, but they felt very well all the events in Fukushima. When the group members waked up at night in a cold sweat, by an attack of choking cough, they knew that another explosion had occurred in Fukushima.

The reasons for the LFs’ ground team operation were not limited to these. Many other factors led to the growth of Earth’s radioactive karma to a critical level. They accumulated hundreds of thousands of years. Namely:

  • Extensive use of nuclear weapons during the Archon invasion of our Local Universe, and numerous wars in various Constellations and planetary systems;
  • The first nuclear explosion on Earth – a mountain peak on the site of the current Mariana trench in Lemuria during the Third Race (see Part 2);
  • Beginning of the planetary Logos infection with the radioactive decay virus;
  • Mutation and the formation of the natural radioactive elements;
  • Harnessing the energy of the split atom and discovering cold fusion in the First Atlantis during the Fourth Race age;
  • Use of nuclear and hydrogen weapons in the Third Atlantis during the started then space and ground wars;
  • Discovery of radioactivity in the current Fifth Race;
  • Nuclear fission by Rutherford, using natural radioactive radiation from alpha particles, in the early twentieth century;
  • Slitting of the atom by Cockfort using artificial radiation in 1932;
  • Discovery and application of artificial radioactive elements in 1934;
  • Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945;
  • Creation of the first nuclear power plant at Calder Hall in 1946;
  • Testing of the world’s first hydrogen bomb in the 50s of the twentieth century;
  • March 28, 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the largest in U.S. history;
  • Chernobyl accident on April 26, 1986…
Operation In Japan - Three Miles Island Emergency Team

Three Miles Island Emergency Team

Operation In Japan

It is how the radioactive karma of the Earth and the Black Archon of Radiation was formed for thousands of years.

Radioactive karma was very complex. It consisted of the Earth’s karma (the virus of decay in the Planetary Logos, the mutation of elements, and the formation of radioactive elements in nature) and the humanity’s karma (the splitting of the atom, nuclear weapons, the creation of artificially radioactive substances).

Over time, the situation with radioactive decay led to the spontaneous appearance of what can be called the collective mind of radiation, and then the Atomic Consciousness being or Atomic Jinni. The Black Archon of Radiation was an aspect of its manifestation.

The Dark Hierarchy always tried to use radioactivity and radiation to harm the Earth, humanity, and the Local Universe. The birth of the Atomic Jinni gave great opportunities for it.

The Jinni’s Atomic Body was the mass of split atoms of uranium and plutonium, which the planetary Logos collected in single storage in the Earth’s Crystal. This was done to protect the vital field of the planet and people on the Subtle Plane.

The existence of the Atomic Jinni, its uncontrollability, and aggressiveness was a real threat to the Earth and humanity. Therefore, the Higher Light Hierarchy did everything to prevent it.

They, the Ascended Masters, as well as members of many LFs’ ground groups simultaneously pulled on different doses of radioactive atoms that make up the the Atomic Jinni’s body. It broke his integrity and temporarily paralyzed him.

Despite the counter-measures taken by the Higher Light Hierarchy, the Black Archons managed to capture some of the radioactive substances from the Earth’s Crystal and create a new cosmic virus based on it. It was called the triple decay virus. This virus, as a result of a massive energy attack, was introduced by the Black Archons into some planetary Logos of the Solar System.

Only volunteers participated in the emergency measures of the Higher Light Hierarchy to eliminate the deadly virus. Realizing that the source of the infection was on our planet, the ground teams volunteered to take part in this work.

Operation In Japan - Chernobyl Disaster

Chernobyl Disaster

Operation In Japan

The operation took three days. The turning point came when the Light Forces coalition stopped the chain reaction of the disintegration of the infected planetary Logos. For it, they extracted aspects from their causal bodies and formed a single Light Crystal. It was introduced to infected Logos as an antivirus. After a few days, the cores of these planets were completely cleared.

In this activity, the Lightwarriors had direct contact with the virus of radioactive decay. Despite that they were trained for several years to work with radiation, their Subtle Bodies could not resist contamination (they did not have Radiant Bodies at that time).

The decay virus, like cancer cells, struck the Subtle Bodies and began to quickly gobble them. It mutated and ate away at the causal shells and Monads.

The Higher Light Hierarchy immediately came to help the Lightwarriors. During recovery, their physical bodies were subjected to terrible overloads. Blood pressure was 80 over 0 at first, then changed abruptly to 90 over 100. The temperature was first 35.5 and then jumped to 40.2. The pulse was first 45, then 170 beats per minute.

What they had to go through the Ascended Teachers called the baptism by death.

Thus the end of the first stage of the Earth’s radioactive karma the rehabilitation.

By the second stage, the Lightwarriors had already formed Radiant Bodies. They could withstand radiation is incomparably greater, and the heavy karmic load.

A new stage of rehabilitation of the Earth’s radioactive karma began with the creation of Anti-Radioactive Karmic Reactors and an Anti-Radiation High-Energy Matrix. The Higher Light Hierarchy introduced this Matrix in the Ligtwarriors’ causal bodies.

For some time, the Matrix matured in their causal structures, as in an incubator. It was necessary for its adaptation and sync with Earth’s energy field.

Then, under the guidance of Higher Light Hierarchs, ground team members cloned the matured Matrices and placed them in the Subtle Plane on all of the planet’s nuclear reactors. There are about 430 of them in the world, not counting military reactors.

The crucial day of activation of the entire anti-radiation structure has come. The Absolute’s Diamond Flame was brought into the created Mother Matrix.

This infrastructure glued together the atoms split in the reactor on a Subtle Plane, restoring their integrity. The Higher Light Hierarchy thus minimized the destructive radioactive karma impact. 

The programmed protective system now switches on automatically when a new source of radioactive decay appears. The Mother Matrix clones a Subtle Anti-Radioactive Reactor and covers the source of radioactive decay with it.

An Anti-Radiation Crystal was installed in the Atomic Jinni’s body (the storage of split atoms on the Subtle Plane). It was implanted into the Earth’s core as well through the Subtle Body of one Lightwarrior.

Transformed into a sarcophagus the Anti-Radiation Crystal absorbed the entire volume of atomic nuclei ever split on Earth. This Anti-Karmic Reactor restored all the split nuclei on the Subtle plane. They were pre-prepared by the joint work of the Higher Light Hierarchy and its embodied employees.

The reduction of atomic nuclei occurred as a result of a direct projection of the Absolute’s Diamond Flame – part of Its Perfect Light – into the active zone of the Anti-Radiation Crystal. Everything it comes in contact with returns to its ideal original state.

Lightwarriors captured the Diamond Flame and redirected it in the Crystal. At the same time, they acted as part of the reactor, coming into direct contact with radiation. They didn’t feel it this time. Their Radiant Bodies served as reliable armor.

The final act of the atomic karma rehabilitation of the Earth and humanity was the reset of all atomic nuclei and their return to their places in nature to restore the integrity of the planetary Logos, which was disrupted by radioactive decay.

Operation In Japan - Chernobyl Disaster


Operation In Japan

The operation was carried out simultaneously from a Subtle Plan and a Power Place in a Temple on one of the sacred mountains. At exactly 01.11 local times, the Light Hierarchs sent a high-frequency energy pulse through the Temple, as if through a laser installation. In six minutes, it completely restored the destroyed atoms.

Lightwarriors were ordered to immediately leave the Temple, from which flowed the stream of recovered atoms. It was like starting an eruption of a powerful volcano.

The Source directed the released atoms according to a strictly ordered scheme to their places in nature.

Thus, the rehabilitation of radioactive karma was completed. It restored the atomic balance in nature.

Today, all atomic nuclei that are split by nuclear power plants are retrieved on the Subtle Plane using an anti-radioactive Matrix. The karma is not formed, since the broken integrity of the atom is restored. The energy released as a result of its splitting falls under the Laws of the Energy Cycle in the Universe and the conservation of Energy and Information.


Operation In Japan – Part 1

(To be continued)

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