Operation In Germany Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operation In Germany Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation In Germany Part 2 – By Lev

Having terminated the operation in Berghof (see – DNI, 30 November 2021), from Munich, Lightwarriors departed to Northern Germany, towards the island of Rugen.

Along the way – and it’s over 1000 kilometers – Co-Creators tasked the ground team with dismantling the Archons’ facilities on the Subtle Plane and rebuilding the Pleroma structures at some places.

One of them was near Goseck, on the famous Goseck Circle, in the Burgenlandkreis district in Saxony-Anhalt.

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Operation In Germany Part 2 - Goseck On The Map

Goseck On The Map

Operation In Germany Part 2

The Circle consists of several concentric ditches with a diameter of 75 meters and two rings of wooden fence with three gates, directed to the south-east, south-west, and north. In the photo yellow lines indicate the direction of sunrise and sunset during the Winter Solstice, and the vertical line – the astronomical meridian.

The Goseck Circle was used for astronomical observations, namely for compiling the Lunar calendar. Magical rituals and human sacrifices were also performed there.

As in other similar constructions in the world, a clear alignment along the sacred celestial coordinates was required for Archons to broadcast the necro-energy of sacrifices either outward, to their planets in the Local Universe, or vice versa. What was the purpose of it?

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Goseck Circle

Goseck Circle

Operation In Germany Part 2

After the betrayal of the Source, in the former Co-Creator of the Local Universe, the envy and thirst for power caused mutation of the Divine Substance of Light, from which he was created. Thus, a primary cell of karma and Death was born in him and began to rapidly multiply.

After scrutinizing what was happening, the fallen Co-Creator decided to use it as a weapon to take over Pleroma.

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The initial cell of karma, as well as all of its derivatives, contains a program of finitude, decay, and disintegration of its host, and the entire Universe. Therefore, when we allow the formation of karma in us, we are copying, recreating in ourselves the karma and Death’s germ cells.

With the manifestation of this mutated substance in him, Co-Creator also lost his original immortality. He began to grow old, to decompose, and this process went on increasing.

Realizing it, he began feverishly searching for tools to restore lost immortality. All of them, of course, could only be artificial, for they did not touch the root cause.

What is the loss of immortality? It is either complete cessation of the vital synthesis (auto-generation of the Life Energy) or its attenuation to the level, which is not able to satisfy the organism’s needs.

Any intensity of vital synthesis less than 100% means the technical impossibility of immortality because the organism does not fully supply itself with Life Energy.

Accordingly, the higher the intensity of vital synthesis, the longer the organism can live. But it is erroneous to think that only this is the main cause. It is also influenced by the state of the Monad, DNA, the Causal Body, the presence or absence of the unified Light Body, etc.

The loss of immortality drove Black Co-Creator mad. He became insane at the thought because he no longer could reproduce his own Life Energy. Where could he take it? Out of his creations? But made in his image, they generated only karma, not vital energy.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Black Co-Creator Of The Local Universe

Black Co-Creator Of The Local Universe

Operation In Germany Part 2

There was only one way left: to find and milk those who had such energy. This milch cow was a man carrying the Source’s Spark and the Life Force particle of the World Mother Sophia.

But to stop dying, Black Co-creator needed billions of Monads, Causal and Subtle Bodies, from which he could draw life-saving energy. And not only for himself but also for the energy-dependent Archons and Dark races he created.

That is why they were so ardently trying to split the human Monad – to get instantly all of its Life Energy, which was being devoured in them by the karma and multiplying death cells in it.

That is why they planted the principle: “be fruitful and multiply”. Just as nowadays people breed cattle to be eaten, so the Higher Black Hierarchs bred mankind to feed on its Subtle energy. And they invented many tools of taking it away.

One of them was the Goseck Circle, which was used to siphon vital energy from the victims of bloody rituals for sustaining the life of negative races in the Dark eons and on Earth.

The plans and locations of such structures were indicated by Archons and Dark Hierarchs. Men only built and maintained these facilities.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

Operation In Germany Part 2

For the same aims, Archons repurposed a planetary Temple of the World Egg (a captured aspect of the Local Universe’s Logos), stretching over a vast area from Pyrennes to the Urals, with its center on the island of Khortitsa (Ukraine).

The World Egg (aka Cosmic Egg, Mundane Egg) is a part of the cosmogony of many Proto-Indo-European and other cultures and civilizations: Vedic, Zoroastrian, Greek, Egyptian, Phoenician, Chinese, Scandinavian, Polynesian, Dogon, and so on.

The World Egg was regarded as the beginning of the Universe, and all entities come into being by “hatching” from the “egg”. 

The Temple of the World Egg infrastructure consisted of thousands of megalithic constructions built by the Higher Light Hierarchy on the unitary project. They all had orientation along the sides of the world, according to the Solstice points. And everywhere, after capturing them, Archons performed the human sacrifices.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - World Egg Symbol

World Egg Symbol

Operation In Germany Part 2

What did Lightwarriors discover at Goseck Circle? Standing in the middle of it, they immediately noted the phenomenal acoustics of the place.

Even in the center, words echoed as they were spoken.

But what can the sound bounce off if there were no obstacles other than a wooden fence?

Lightwarriors viewed the spot with clairvoyance and understood why this was happening. It turned out that on the Subtle Plane the Goseck Circle was covered by a perfect energy sphere.

And it wasn’t natural but built by some space race to block negative energy from flowing outside.

It seemed that this civilization, respecting the cosmic Law of Non-Interference, did not cleanse the place but conserved it until people themselves did so.

The technology by which the Goseck dome was created was unique. In addition to its ideal proportions, it demonstrated how Subtle Plane impacts matter. Visually, nothing was seen but its effect felt like a sound echo reflected from the inner surface of the cupola.

As part of the Co-Creators’ assignment, Lightwarriers cleansed the complex of accumulated negativity with Absolute Light and dismantled the dome which had become redundant.

By clairvoyance, the group discovered that aspects of the Solar Logos and the Moon were embedded in the Subtle structure of the Goseck Circle. Originally, it was a natural Power Place that Co-Creators transformed into one of the Earth’s Solar-Moon Portals. There are many such Portals on our planet. All of them provide the energy and information exchange of Earth with the Sun and the Moon.

Like the others, the Goseck Portal was taken over by Black Archons and used for their purposes, as was the entire network of the global Temple of the World Egg. But instead of Light, it now pumped Earth with the necrotic energy of martyrs who were brutally tortured and killed during the sacrifices.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Portal


Operation In Germany Part 2

The worst thing is that aspects of the Sun and Moon by their power supported all bloody rituals. This is how they were used for Evil.

Lightwarriors discovered that the Portal was not operational, but mothballed. It could not be used for any purpose because it was covered by a dome, not poisoning the environment. But inside, the entire space was very toxic. Everyone who stepped in was exposed to strong contamination.

In fulfilling the task of Co-Creators, Lightwarriors removed aspects of the Solar Logos and Moon from the Portal and placed them in their Monads for complete purification.

After a few days, they returned them to the Solar Logos and the Moon. Then, the team cleared the Portal with the energies of Absolute Light and Pleroma. After that, it immediately started working as a powerful fountain of Light energy, a very beautiful sight on the Subtle Plane.

Not far from Goseck is Nebra town, known for the famous Nebra Sky Disc that was found there.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Nebra


Operation In Germany Part 2

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Nebra Disk

Nebra Disk

Operation In Germany Part 2

The Nebra Disk is a bronze artifact 30 cm in diameter. It is covered with aquamarine patina, gold inlays depicting the Sun, Moon, and 32 stars, including the Pleiades cluster. From an artistic and archaeological point of view, it’s a unicum.

To get to the bottom of the true purpose of the Nebra Disc, Lightwarriors drove to the hill where it was discovered.

There, they understood the error of the generally accepted deciphering of the Nebra Disk – the Pleiades are not depicted on it. The stars do not even remotely correspond to the configuration of this Constellation.

At the top of Nebra Hill is indeed a unique Power Place, one of the most sacred on Earth, an analog of which Lightwarriors have never seen before.

This is the Adoptive Parents’ Portal of Earth and Humanity. It contains the aspects of various Cosmic Logos and Monad’s aspects of cosmic races who in the past gave their genes to create the human’s DNA.

The main DNA donor was Pleiadians. So the analogy with them on the Nebra Disc is right. But after everything that happened to Earth after it was taken over by Black Archons, our planetary Logos could no longer act as a home for higher-level Monads.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Nebra Hill Where The Disk Was Found

Nebra Hill Where The Disk Was Found

Operation In Germany Part 2

The act of creation of Monads is similar to the birth of much small fish from eggs. The fertilized and born “eggs” – embryos of future Monads – mature in the maternal Matrix, and then erupt outwards.

In the act of creation of Monads, their births are not singular, but collective. They are born in groups or families.

Monadic Families are similar to the Earth’s ones. They are engendering at different times and in different places of the Greater Cosmos, but live together and sometimes become relatives through marriages.

Each Monad, born in a single Matrix, consists of several billions of human Souls, that are seeded on suitable planets, and then through multiple embodiments move to a higher stage of development.

Originally, Perfect Man also had a single Logic Matrix. When the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe betrayed the Source and switched to the Dark Side, he tried to capture and subjugate Perfect Man, the most precious being the Absolute had, to his diabolical plans.

To prevent it, and to give men a chance for survival and salvation, Higher Light Hierarchs splat the single Matrix into 108 separate and autonomous Logos Matrixes. And only the last, 108th, remained the Perfect.

It means that currently, all representatives of the Universal Intelligence in a humanoid form of manifestation belong to one of the 108 Monadic Streams (Families). There is also the so-called Pre-Monadic Family to which the 144,000 born in Pleroma belong.

Each Monadic Family has its “homeland-essence”. It is the maternal Logos through which manifestation of Monad-bearers of this or that Stream takes place.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - Monadic Stream

Monadic Stream

Operation In Germany Part 2

After the Black Archons’ takeover of Earth, Higher Light Forces were forced to evacuate many shrines from the planet. Among them was the Matrix of the 108th Monadic Family of the Perfect Man.

Originally, Earth’s role in our Universe was the greatest. Its Logos was ideal as home to the Perfect Man. And what we see now is the rebirth by Co-Creators and all friendly cosmic races of the lost ideality of Man and the entire Local Universe.

Unlike other Streams, representatives of the 108th Monadic Family were created and manifested already as Perfect. Their main evolutionary task was not to lose, but to preserve their Perfection.

Monad-bearers of all other Families required a long evolution to achieve such a level. Usually, they start from the “lowest floor” – from the atom, successively passing through all stages and realms: mineral, plant, animal, human, Planetary, Stellar, Constellation, Galactic, Universal…

This scheme is fully justified. It allowed seeing and developing the Divine Potential of Perfection in a man.

The dismal situation we see now is caused by the humiliation and degradation of man as a Divine Creation. It happened as a result of a chain of tragic events and circumstances, inspired by the Archons and Dark Hierarchs, apostasy, and mass betrayals of the Source.

Of particular note is the creation of the Anti-Pleroma, the split of the unified Monadic Family, and the ensuing degradation of all Five Races and Earth. The DNI narrates extensively on it in its publications.

The Perfect Man turned out to be abandoned. Exiled from Earth, the representatives of the 108th Monadic Family were accepted by different Higher Logos of the Universe. They adopted them, becoming Adoptive Parents.

They gave them shelter and a part of themselves, providing the possibility of further evolution. As a rule, each Monadic Stream has its Logos or a group of Logos – of the Planets, Stars, Constellations, or even Galaxies.

Operation In Germany Part 2 - They Gave Thier Genes

They Gave Thier Genes

Operation In Germany Part 2

The Nebra Disc depicts 32 Adoptive Parents in the form of stars, including our Sun.

Their temple on Nebra Hill was heavily polluted with negative energy due to the bloody human sacrifices performed there. But it was functioning, and there was no blockage on it. And yet all aspects of the Star Logos were still in it. Quite the opposite of the Goseck Portal.

Co-Creators instructed Lightwarriors to cleanse the Temple on the Subtle Plane that was immediately done. But, at the request of the Higher Light Hierarchs, the group did not evacuate the Logos aspects from there. In Pleroma, it was decided to preserve and revive the planetary Temple of Adoptive Parents of Earth and Humanity as soon as the conditions would be favorable.

After the operation in Nebra, Lightwarriors continued on their way towards Rügen, where Co-Creators had tasked them with even larger and more difficult ops.


(To be continued)

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