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Operation In China Part 2 - The Great Quantum Transition - Lev

Operation In China Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition

Operation In China Part 2 – The Great Quantum Transition – By Lev

The next Lightwarriors’ operations in China were not as dramatic as those in Tibet. On assignment of Co-Creators, the ground team was focused on restoring the Pleroma’s structures that had been destroyed by Archons or mothballed before they invaded the planet.

With the transition of Earth into a new 5D vibrational orbit and the fifth dimension, Lightwarriors’ ops help to cleanse and saturate not only individual regions and countries but the entire Earth with high-frequency energies.

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That was their main task on the Putuo Shan Island (or Putuoshan), the planetary abode of Guan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Karma Mistress. Here she lived, incarnated in a physical body, for about nine years.

Operation In China Part 2 - Putuo Shan Island (Putuoshan) On The Map

Putuo Shan Island (Putuoshan) On The Map

Operation In China Part 2 

Guan Yin is a shortened form of Guan Shi-yin, which means “watcher over the sounds of the world”, that is, the deity of compassion, listening to the complaints of people.

On the first day of op on the Island, Lightwarriors had to work without their leader who couldn’t fully recover after previous works and spent almost a day lying in a hotel room.

The rest of the group went to Guan Yin Cave, by a route they called the Guan Yin Arc that led to the summit of Mount Putuo. It starts in one place, runs along the summit, and goes down in another, making an arc.

Operation In China Part 2 - Mount Putuo

Mount Putuo

Operation In China Part 2

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Along the way, they passed Buddhist monasteries and 12 sacred sites associated with Guan Yin. The team conducted ops from four of the most important ones: Stone Xin (the hieroglyph for Heart), Karmic Mercy Portal, the summit of Mount Pantuo (one of the peaks of Mount Putuo Shan – Guan Yin Altar), and the Goddess Cave.

The sacred Stone Xin is a sloping piece of rock on which a monk once engraved a huge hieroglyph of Heart, as a reminder that everyone should listen to it.

In this Power Place is a projection of the Goddess Heart. During the op, the team created here a permanent Portal of Light. It was based on the combined aspects – Hers and Lightwarriors. The Causal Matrix was formed and installed in the Portal field.

The next work was done on the top of Mount Pantuo. This is the place where the Goddess incarnated on Earth.

Operation In China Part 2 - Huge Boulders Left

Huge Boulders Left

Operation In China Part 2

Since then, there left huge boulders that have been thrown by Dark Forces from the bowels to the surface to prevent her embodiment on the planet. At this spot, Lightwarriors made an exchange of Monadic aspects with Guan Yin.

The other op was conducted from the Portal of Two Turtles. This is a megalithic dolmen made of stones resembling terrapins. In its field were imprisoned two Souls (dipole) of Supreme Light Beings which during their life on Earth performed the tasks of Pleroma.

Later, they forgot their mission with which they had been sent to Earth and lost the right to return to Pleroma. Now, the time has come for their penitence and forgiveness, and their Souls have been ascended back to the High Abode through the hearts of Lightwarriors and the Goddess.

The next operation was held from the Guan Yin Cave, where she lived for several of the nine years on Putuo Shan Island. At present, it houses Her Altar.

In the cave, the transfer of the Absolute Life Matrix from the deputy group leader’s heart to the Heart of Guan Yin was carried out.

This is a very important event. Without such a personal and direct transmission it was impossible to complete the formation of an anti-karma reactor.

Operation In China Part 2 - Portal Of Two Turtles

Portal Of Two Turtles

Operation In China Part 2

Operation In China Part 2 - Guan Yin

Guan Yin

Operation In China Part 2

DNI described it in detail earlier (see – Operations in Nepal). As a reminder, it is an energetic structure for complete purification from the karma of people’s Causal and Monad’s bodies.

The Absolute Life Matrix was the missing part whose integration ensured that the anti-karma reactor was fully operational.

In the evening of the same day, its express testing was conducted on the team leader’s Monad. Though there wasn’t karma in it, the proper techniques of the installation were tested.

It turned out to be flawless. Therefore, Co-Creators decided to put the reactor into operation immediately, although still in test mode.

Another Higher creative structure should be mentioned without which complete cleansing from karma and transformation of a person is impossible. This is the Hollisticator. It merges the two halves of the divided Monad, restoring its integrity.

It’s a single process consisting of a person’s primary purification of his Causal and Monad’s karma, the unification with his Monadic half, its cleansing from karma, and the subsequent ascension of the integral Monad.

The Hollisticator’s working model was also tried out the same evening. In its initial test version, it consisted of a combination of the Hearts and Monads of the group leader and Guan Yin.

The Monad of the passed away mother of the team leader was chosen for testing. Karma Lords found on the Subtle Plane half of her Monad and channeled it into the activated Hollisticator.

In it, both halves were united and speeded up to the state of an indivisible whole. In this process, they temporarily lost their individuality and differentiation.

Then, they were manifested again but in a new quality of an integral Monad with a united Mind of two Higher Selves. After that, the Monad was sent to the anti-karma reactor, where it was completely cleared up.

Finally, the Monad was ascended to the highest level of the Subtle Plane. Thus, Co-Creators tested a possible scheme for the future transformation of all human Monads.

Operation In China Part 2 - Monads' Merger

Monads’ Merger

Operation In China Part 2

Operation In China Part 2 - Monad’s Manifestation Bodies

Monad’s Manifestation Bodies

Operation In China Part 2

The head of the group received his share of impressions passing through the anti-karma reactor. It happened during the experiment on controlled coiling and unfolding of his Monad’s manifestation bodies in the accelerated mode.

One night there was a hurricane mobilization of his Monad’s manifestation bodies and its reloading by the energy of the convolution pulse within less than one minute.

Earlier, this process took from several hours to several days. A distinctive feature of hurricane mobilization and reloading is that it is carried out 100 percent at the expense of Monad’s inner resources without any external help.

Technically it looks as follows. Like a released compressed spring, the Monad’s manifestation bodies coil into its core with tremendous acceleration, and, having completely fold, give it the energy impulse necessary for its reloading.

Judging by how hard Lightwarrior endured the procedure, there was great doubt that it could be repeated by someone else who hadn’t done a lot of inner work and preparation beforehand.

Without this, it is difficult to go through the anti-karma reactor where takes place a temporary complete dissolution and reboot of the Monad and its passage through the Life Matrix consisting of Monads of Higher Light Beings.

Terminated all the tests, Lightwarriors gathered again at the sacred Stone Xin (Guan Yin Heart Portal). 

Operation In China Part 2 - Sacred Stone Xin

Sacred Stone Xin

Operation In China Part 2

There they installed, activated, and launched the anti-karma reactor to full power.

The next op was conducted from a place that had previously been identified as a Karma Portal. It turned out that it was one of the Hell Gates through which the capture and captivity of human Souls by Black Archons was performed.

At Her time, Guan Yin closed the Portal. During Earthly sojourn on Putuo Shan Island, she not only sealed it but also transformed Portal into a periodically activated Ascension channel.

Through it, all human Souls were evacuated from Hell, which Lightwarriors could save from there.

A few days later, an event occurred which the Ascended Masters now call “the crushing of the Putuo Shan Hell Gate”, i.e. the complete liquidation of this anti-world’s fragment.

It was a very complicated and complex op that Guan Yin conducted in conjunction with the other Karma Lords.

At the moment of the crushing of Hell Gate, a fantastic event occurred with the two Lightwarriors.

Deep in the night, when they were already falling asleep, suddenly a thunderous crack of broken glass was heard in the bathroom.

Operation In China Part 2 - Hell Gate

Hell Gate

Operation In China Part 2

When they entered it, still not understanding anything, they could not believe their eyes. The floor was strewn with tiny particles of millions of shattered shower glass.

It seemed as if it was either a blow of unimaginable force, or someone had deliberately sat there and crushed this glass for several days.

One should have seen the amazement of the hotel staff who rushed to the room in alarm.

All of this, as the Ascended Masters later explained, occurred during the crushing of the Hell Gate.

Operation In China Part 2 - Guan Yin's Cave

Guan Yin’s Cave

Operation In China Part 2

In the afternoon, through this Portal to the anti-karma reactor was directed the first group of Causal bodies of deceased men. These were people killed in ritual sacrifices in different epochs in different countries. Then, the Souls were ascended to the Higher Planes.

Later, the group leader returned to Guan Yin’s cave. From it, he and Goddess erased the file of karmic statistics of people incarnated on Earth.

Henceforth, the record of karma-forming events and men’s deeds is kept on the memory of the planetary Logos, without entering it into the system file. In other words, it is no longer stored indefinitely but immediately boomerangs to its creators.

The site of Lightwarriors’ next operations was Guilin…

However, before describing it, a few words have to be told about another crash test of the team leader that Co-Creators conducted on the group last night on Putuo Shan Island.

This test was specifically designed to trial the preservation and self-maintenance of the holistic Monad’s inner dipole synthesis.

In the experiment, Co-Creators forcibly stop dipole fusion, and the Monad’s task is to restore it, thereby confirming its invulnerability and ability to self-repair.

The Lightwarrior’s Monad, or rather its female half, failed this crash test with a bang. After stopping the synthesis and separating the halves, she simply died.

Operation In China Part 2 - Monad's Crash Test

Monad’s Crash Test

Operation In China Part 2

Lightwarrior felt the same on the physical plane, and the only thing he had time to do was to grab his wife’s hand and tell her that he was very sick and that he was dying.

The spouse and two Co-Creators reacted instantly, injecting their aspects into the female half of Lightwarrior’s Monad, who was already in a state of clinical death. This saved her from total passing away but she was still in a state of Monadic coma.

The entire Monad was placed in isolation quarantine. The process of her rehabilitation began. At the same time, Co-Creators and Ascended Masters were analyzing the situation.

By the evening a radical solution to bringing the female half of Monad out of the coma had not been found. In this situation, another unforeseen emergency happened. Despite the support, she again went into the state of clinical death.

It threatened to destroy the entire Monad for it was a single whole that meant that the Monad’s halves could not exist without each other.

At the last minute, Co-Creators went to extreme measures. They connected directly to the female half of the Monad and gave a powerful pulse to it from their Hearts which produced a defibrillator effect. It helped to reset the Monad in emergency mode.

The reboot restored her integrity and viability. It was left in a supporting quarantine but the dipole Monadic fusion in it wasn’t restored. How this story ended – a bit later…

Guilin is a location of one of the most powerful energy centers of China, Earth, and our part of the Local Universe.

Operation In China Part 2 - Guilin


Operation In China Part 2

On its territory, there is a huge number of pointed mountain peaks, presumably of reef origin.

The Seven Stars Park is particularly famous for its seven mountains which correspond in their positioning to Ursa Major Constellation. However, what Lightworriers didn’t know at the time was that it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Immediately after arriving in Guilin, the group went to this Park. The team members had their ops in this place.

Operation In China Part 2 - Seven Stars Park

Seven Stars Park

Operation In China Part 2

Operation In China Part 2 - Planets And Stars' Logos Of The Ursa Major

Planets And Stars’ Logos Of The Ursa Major

Operation In China Part 2

One part of them focused on Ursa Major Constellation from whence in the past came the Souls of some team members. They chose the foot of one of the mountain peaks near the waterfall to conduct their work.

It was related to the ascension of Ursa Major’s Logos. It is one of the avant-gardes in the Local Universe, that is, it was in the group of the first to enter one of the overtones of the Pleroma’s body of the manifestation.

However, the Logos itself was not ascended. For that, Lightwarriors gathered together all the Logos of the Planets and Stars comprising the Ursa Major, passed them as a single whole through the Monad’s Transducer, and then lifted it to the Pleroma’s level.

Simultaneously, Higher Light Hierarchs with the help of the group leader conducted the operation named The Universal Man. Its objective was to create a man that can hold in himself the informational Matrix of the Local Universe.

Earlier, Lightwarrior underwent The Galactic Man Program. During it, his tuning, synchronization, and aspect exchange with the Local Universe’s Logos and acceptance of its full-format copy into his Monad were performed.

A copy was installed into Lightwarrior’s Monad as an archive file. All the next night he had aspect exchange with all existing in the Local Universe Logos Intelligence forms, i.e. the Universe DNA was being formed in him.

Operation In China Part 2 - Local Universe's Logos

Local Universe’s Logos

Operation In China Part 2

There are no words to describe all the sensations he was experiencing. To put it succinctly, it was a feeling of presence in every point of the Universe, and the Universe in him. It was real, not meditative.

For the next operation, the group headed to the Seven Stars Cave that is under one of the seven mountains of the Park. In this cave, Lightwarriors anchored the female sub-chakra of Earth (its core chakra is on Jomolungma).

Operation In China Part 2 - Yaltabaoth


Operation In China Part 2

In addition, the team installed an ideal aspect of the Female Foundation from the Ursa Major’s Logos on Earth.

This Logos was the Guardian of the World Mother Throne, the primary aspect of the Pleroma’s Feminine Foundation.

This work initiated the process of global enhancement of women’s role on Earth.

Here, from the cave, the team leader linked the Local Universe’s Logos Matrix.

The next operation was related to Adam and Eve Monads. At one time, Yaltabaoth divided their integral Monad in an attempt to take over the Source’s Spark.

The try failed, but after the loss of integrity, the Monad stopped intra-dipole synthesis and lost its ability to auto-generate Life Energy.

In other words, the Monads of Adam and Eve became mortal because the Life Energy in them became finite.

This, in turn, meant that for their Monads there was a certain period of Life, after which they had to die.

But they are the maternal Monads for all human Monads.

This touches upon a global topic related to the natural (age) death of men’s Monads and entire Monads’ space streams.

Operation In China Part 2 - Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Operation In China Part 2

The work that was done by the team was very long in preparation. Its essence was to support and strengthen Adam and Eve’s Monads with Life Energy. And it was necessary due to the approaching end of their Monads’ life period.

To solve the problem, a single higher structure has been created that combines Hearts and Monads of different Higher Light Beings. With its help, Co-Creators provided temporary energy support to Monads.

It gave the time needed to develop and implement a cardinal solution.


(To be continued)

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Warning – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

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